9.22 PBE Cycle

This mega post was last Updated on 10/30 with the 10/30 PBE Update
(With the release of patch 9.21 to live on October 23rd, we started the new 9.22 PBE cycle.)

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Below you will find a comprehensive list of new content, balance changes, and whatever else  is included in the current PBE cycle! Be aware that these changes are extremely tentative, there is a possibility that things you see below will be changed or even reverted prior to the live patch.

 ( Note: As the cycle continues, some images may be outdated! )

(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

Table of Contents

  • Magic Resist: 30
  • MR Per Level: 0.5
  • Base AD: 63
  • AD Per Level: 0 (see passive)
  • Base Armor: 28
  • Armor Per Level: 3.5
  • Base HP: 520
  • HP Per Level: 85
  • HP Regen: 0.7
  • HP Regen Per Level: 0.11
  • Base Mana: 350
  • Mana Per Level: 45
  • Attack Speed Per Level: 2.5
  • Movespeed: 330
  • Attack Range: 600

Ability Icons:

Absolution (Passive)
Senna can attack souls that spawn from dead enemies to absorb their mist. She can also siphon mist from enemy champions she hits twice, dealing [1-16%] of their current health as bonus physical damage (4 second cooldown per target) 
Each stack of mist grants 1 Attack Damage. Every 20 stacks of mist grant 25 attack range and 15% Critical Strike Chance. 35% of excess Critical Strike Chance is converted into Lifesteal. 
Relic CannonSenna's attacks take extra time to fire, deal [20% AD] bonus physical damage on-hit, and briefly grant her [10-20%] of the target's movement speed. 
Senna gains Adaptive Force instead of Ability Power from Spell Thief's Edge and the items it builds into. 
Souls are less likely to spawn from enemies Senna kills, but will always spawn from champions and large minions and monsters. Senna does not gain Attack Damage on level up. Her critical strikes deal 35% less damage

  • % scaling on damage is 1/2/3/4/5/6/8/10/12/14/16 - caps at 16% at level 12
  • Relic cannon speed is 10% at lv 1, 15% at lv 6, & 20% at lvl 10.
  • Stats from mist shown as buff on Senna.

Piercing Darkness (Q) 
70/80/90/100/110 Mana
15 second Cooldown 
Senna shoots a bolt of piercing shadow through an ally or enemy. Enemies hit take 50/80/110/140/170 (+50% bAD) physical damage. Allied champions hit are healed for 40/60/80/100/120 (+25% AP)(+40% bAD) health. 
Basic attacks reduce Piercing Darkness's cooldown by 1 seconds---Piercing Darkness's cast range matches Senna's attack range and its cast time is improved with Attack Speed. It can target anything and applies on-hit effect to enemy champions.

Last Embrace (W)
50/55/60/65/70 Mana
11 Cooldown 
Senna sends forth the black mist, dealing 70/115/160/205/250 (+70% bAD) physical damage to the first enemy hit. After a 1 second delay the target and other nearby enemies are rooted for 1.45/1.65/1.85/2.05/2.25 seconds.

Curse of the Black Mist (E)
70 Mana
26/24.5/23/21.5/20 Cooldown 
Senna dissolves into a cloud of mist for 6/6.5/7/7.5/8 seconds, becoming a wraith. Allied champions who enter the mist are Camouflaged and become wraiths when they leave. Wraiths gain 20% movement speed. They are unselectable and hide their identities as long as no enemy champions are nearby.

Dawning Shadow (R)
100 Mana
160/140/120 Cooldown 
Senna fires a blast of light with global range. Enemy champions hit take 250/375/500 (+ 40% AP)(+100% bAD) physical damage. Allied champions hit in a wider area recieve a shield for 3 seconds that absorbs 120/160/200  (+40% AP)(+ 1.5 per mist) damage. The shields power scales with the amount of mist Senna has collected.


"Cursed from childhood to be haunted by the supernatural Black Mist, Senna joined a sacred order known as the Sentinels of Light, and fiercely fought back -- only to be killed, her soul imprisoned in a lantern by the cruel wraith Thresh. But refusing to lose hope, within the lantern Senna learned to use the Mist, and reemerged to new life, forever changed. Now wielding darkness along with light, Senna seeks to end the Black Mist by turning it against itself - with every blast of her relic weapon, redeeming the souls lost within."
For more on Senna's biography and story, check our her page on Universe.


Senna's full voice over can be found here - it was released early as part of the Senna Community kit.

Check out Senna's special interactions:
  • Choose VO: "No one fights alone in the Mist."
  • Ban VO: "Fine. I don't need more enemies."

Release Skin 

Senna's release skin is True Damage Senna!

True Damage Senna

1350 RP
"Senna rose to fame with her stunning vocal range and iconic sense of style, but when a shady adversary from her past imprisoned her in a restrictive record deal that took away her creative independence, she vanished from the spotlight. After years of living in the shadows, she now emerges as the lead singer of True Damage with her mind set on defining her legacy on her own terms."

Champion Skins

Following the skins trailer & reveal, new True Damage skins have hit the PBE for Akali, Ekko, Qiyana ( + Prestige Edition), Senna, and Yasuo:

True Damage Akali

1350 RP
"After the worldwide success of K/DA, Akali made it her mission to recruit accomplished and up-and-coming artists to form a new supergroup: True Damage. Never before has a crew been comprised of such diverse talent, ranging from natural lyricists to renowned producers to legendary vocalists... all ready to disrupt the music industry."

True Damage Ekko

1820 RP
"A boy genius from the rough streets, Ekko turned to music as a way to express himself. His prodigious lyricism and technological savvy could have bought him a way out, but instead, he chose to stay and uplift his neighborhood. Now, he fiercely resists the temptations of fame and glory, garnering a following among the young and hopeful who see him as an avatar for their own potential."

As a Legendary tier skin, True Damage Ekko has a new voiceover and special interactions:

True Damage Qiyana

1350 RP
"Qiyana is the daughter of Latin music royalty. With her family's esteemed reputation, she has an easy path to superstardom... and yet, she has her eyes set on something grander. With her brash confidence and rebellious persona, she is determined to change the game in not just music, but the entirety of pop culture."

True Damage Qiyana Prestige Edition

"Always a fixture in the spotlight, Qiyana dressed to impress at True Damage's sold-out concert in Paris. While the paparazzi swarmed her with photos and questions, she reveled in the attention, knowing this was only the beginning of her empire of celebrity."
[Images when this skin is available in the store!]

True Damage Yasuo

1350 RP
"As enigmatic as he is skilled, Yasuo is the veteran producer all others turn to for inspiration. His beats transcend genre, painting whole universes with wild textures of sound. Notoriously selective about his collaborations, Yasuo sees True Damage as his platform to revolutionize how society experiences music."


Several chroma for many of the True Damage skins are on the PBE:

True Damage Akali
[7 Chroma]

True Damage Yasuo
[7 Chroma]

True Damage Senna
[7 Chroma]

True Damage Ekko
[7 Chroma]

Summoner Icons

Thirteen new player icons were added to the PBE featuring the True Damage members and Little Legends.

True Damage Akali Border Icon, True Damage Yasuo Border Icon, True Damage Ekko Border Icon

True Damage Senna Border Icon, True Damage Qiyana Border Icon

True Damage Yasuo Chroma Icon, True Damage Senna Chroma Icon, True Damage Akali Chroma Icon

True Damage Ekko Chroma Icon, True Damage Icon

Little Legend Ossia Icon, Little Legend Melisma Icon, Little Legend QiQi Icon

Ward Skin

A new ward skin is now on the PBE:

True Damage Ward


Two new True Damage themed emotes added:

No Sweat!, Animated Unimpressed!

Preseason 2020: Rise of the Elements

[All Preseason 2020 changes have been reverted for now, these will continue testing next cycle for a 9.23 release! More details in the Preseason changes post here!]
Big changes are now on the PBE in prep for Preseason 2020! Check out this post from the Summoner's Rift team for a full rundown on what to expect including new Elemental Rifts, new Dragon related mechanics, new sidelane alcoves & brush, item changes, and more!
"Welcome to Preseason 2020: Rise of the Elements! In our high-level goals blog, we revealed that this year’s preseason would be transformative but left the details hiding in the fog of war. Then we shared a video preview during the 10th Anniversary Edition of Riot Pls. And now, the full reveal is here. 
Elemental Rifts 
GOAL: Every game, Summoner's Rift presents a variety of distinct and memorable environments for players to master. 
Rise of the Elements will bring SR to life as the primal magic of the Elemental Drakes changes the landscape each game. The third drake transforms the Rift before it spawns and after that, its element will be the only one to spawn for the remainder of the game. 
Infernal Rift 
The Infernal Drake sunders the Rift, creating new pathways through buff camps and burning away their brush. In addition, the dragon pit itself becomes the Infernal Drake’s molten domain, crumbling the walls at the mouth of the pit. New paths make opportunities for a quick flank or sidestep that your opponent isn’t expecting. 
Ocean Rift 
The Ocean Drake brings new life to the Rift, causing existing brush to expand, fresh patches of brush to grow around the dragon pit, and the environment to flood with pools of water. In addition, Honeyfruit plants sprout up in each jungle quadrant. Sneak around the jungle or look for a new ambush opportunity. 
Cloud Rift 
The Cloud Drake’s power spawns air currents flowing through the jungle and dragon pit, speeding up champions in the vicinity. Dodge skillshots or make a swift collapse on your enemies trying to sneak a far away objective. 
Mountainous Rift 
The Mountain Drake triggers a seismic shift throughout the Rift. Bluffs of rock erupt from the earth, making for some scary new choke points and ambush locations, most notably across the mouth of the dragon pit itself. Extra tight spaces give opportunities for big AOE wombos and create some interesting new hiding spots with fog of war. 
We wanted to make sure the Elemental Rifts are fair to both teams regardless of whether one team is ahead on drakes. Keeping your head in the game if you fall behind early can be hard enough as-is; we didn't want to make it feel like the map itself was trying to make you lose, too. When creating new layouts for the Rifts, we wanted to make sure each of them would be as exciting and fair as the base SR map. Both teams have the opportunity to exploit and master the new terrain equally, so the outcomes are still in players' hands regardless of which Elemental Rift takes shape. 
Additionally, we wanted to ensure the Rifts feel intuitive, even in your first game. We avoided creating new gameplay mechanics in favor of expanding the SR elements you're already familiar with. We also made sure the changes always occur in the jungle near buff camps and dragon pit so that no matter which element you get, you'll interact with the layout changes around the same areas. 
Elemental Buffs & Dragon Souls 
GOAL: The elemental buffs are more equal in both satisfaction and strength. 
The Elemental Drakes themselves still grant different flavors of permanent, stacking buffs to your team when killed, but some buffs are now a little different.
  • Infernal Might:
    • Gain a percentage increase of Attack Damage and Ability Power.
  • Oceanic Will:
    • Regenerate a percentage of missing health every second.
  • Cloudbringer’s Grace:
    • Gain cooldown reduction for your Ultimate ability.
  • Mountainous Vigor:
    • Gain a percentage increase of Armor and Magic Resistance.
When a team kills their fourth Elemental Drake, instead of stacking their elemental buff, they'll gain a powerful Dragon Soul from the dominant dragon. Dragon Souls persist through death and last the remainder of the game.
  • Infernal Dragon Soul:
    • Every 3 seconds, your next attack or damaging spell creates a small AoE explosion, dealing adaptive damage that scales with bonus attack damage, ability power, and bonus health.
  • Ocean Dragon Soul:
    • Dealing any damage triggers strong health and resource regeneration for 3 seconds.
    • Damage to minions provides less regeneration.
  • Cloud Dragon Soul:
    • Hitting enemies with abilities or attacks lowers the cooldowns of your base abilities.
  • Mountain Dragon Soul:
    • After not taking damage for 5 seconds, gain a shield that lasts until destroyed. The shield’s magnitude scales with bonus attack damage, ability power, and bonus health.
Once one team has claimed a Dragon Soul, it becomes the Elder Dragon's turn to defend the pit—this means only one team can have a Dragon Soul. 
Elder Dragon 
GOAL: Elder buff is more satisfying; Elder buff doesn't favor the team with more dragons. 
Elder Dragon still grants a powerful, short-term combat buff, and we're retooling it to offer teams who failed to claim a Dragon Soul a teamfight-focused hope of getting back into the game. To achieve this, we're removing Elder Dragon's scaling with Elemental Drake buffs (which favors the team that's ahead) and replacing it with a new execution component. If Elder's burn damage affects a low-health enemy champion, they’ll be consumed by a searing Elder Immolation—killing them instantly!

Enemies affected by the Elder burn have a small marker on their health bar, indicating the execution threshold. The execution has a brief wind-up, so with quick reactions, Immolation victims can avoid imminent execution with the usual suite of clutch save abilities or spells (Zhonya’s Hourglass, Kindred’s Ultimate, etc). The threat of Immolation will still be there when they become vulnerable again, so if the Elder buff burn is applied a second time, it’s back to the fountain! 
Side Lane Alcoves & Brush 
GOAL: The side lanes offer greater outplay opportunities by allowing players to turn fights through clever environmental play. 
Aside from the Elemental Rifts and other Dragon changes, we've made some renovations to other parts of Summoner’s Rift. We've created identical alcoves in top and bottom lane. Both alcoves feature three patches of brush on their outer edges and a small space in their center for champions to juke around or hide in. 
We don’t expect alcoves to be used constantly throughout lane phase. But every so often, players may turn a 2v3 into a double kill, or perhaps escape certain death due to the unique layout of an alcove. We look forward to seeing how players make use of them when they hit the Rift. 
Finally, there are two new patches of permanent brush opposite the Baron and Dragon pits. These open areas to the river are high traffic, but lack the map features that create playmaking possibilities. New brush opens up a lot of new strategic and tactical options. 
Other gameplay changes 
But it’s not all about the map! There’s a host of other new features and updates coming in preseason to address common frustration points in League. 
Jungle Path Diversity 
Early jungling currently revolves around Krugs due to their high gold/XP tuning, resulting in pretty one-dimensional pathing and a heavy blue-side advantage due to bot lane's proximity to Krugs. We're making XP and gold changes in order to open up more diverse pathing options and jungle strategies—most significantly, reducing Krugs' value and buffing Gromp's so junglers can hit level 3 off any combination of outer camp (Gromp or Krugs), buff camp, and any third camp. 
We’ve also added respawn timer icons (like you see on red and blue buff) to the minimap for every camp to help all junglers plan their next moves. 
Top Lane Influence 
For a high-stakes solo lane, top hasn’t been able to translate a lane win into an effective mid and late game carry for their team—particularly in higher levels of play. Combined with this preseason's increased focus on Elemental Drakes drawing fights to the bot lane, we're shifting power around to give top laners better opportunities to translate their wins in lane into game wins. 
We’re increasing base minion XP slightly so solo laners level a bit faster, and we’re reducing the amount of bonus XP generated when allies share XP so bot lane levels a bit more slowly. We're also slightly decreasing jungle XP. 
Additionally, to balance out the map objectives a bit, we’re spawning Rift Herald earlier in the game and allowing her to respawn once if she is killed early. 
Support Items 
We're refreshing support choices in the shop. They’ll be less poachable and have an expanded quest system that should be more satisfying overall. We're also reducing the current complexity and rules bloat of the lineup. 
Towards the goal of creating more satisfying items, supports will no longer have to upgrade these starter items in the shop. Instead, the quest system now automatically upgrades items to their second and third tiers when milestones are reached, with the Warding passive baked into those upgrades: 
  • Tier 1 - Starting stats and gold generation passive
  • Tier 2 - Stats improved, 3 wards added
  • Tier 3 - Major stats upgrade, 4 ward capacity, gold generation passive removed
This unlocks supports to begin progressing toward their item builds without having to spend their first 1500g on completing their economy item. These starting support items won’t carry as many stats as before, but we think this is a fair tradeoff for the jump-start supports are getting on their other items. 
The four starting support item options are:
  • High AD + Low HP + Spellthief’s passive
  • High AP + Low HP + Spellthief’s passive
  • Low AD + High HP + Targon's passive
  • Low AP + High HP + Targon's passive
  • (Coin removed) 
When assessing the play patterns of the income passives, Targon’s and Coin both encourage a safer, more sustain-focused playstyle compared to Spellthief’s aggressive one. To simplify the support item system, we’re removing Coin and allowing ranged champions to use the execute element of Targon’s passive. 
Finally, we're adding a new poaching rule that significantly reduces the gold you get from minions if you're farming them consistently. The tuning we want should still allow supports to secure a last-hit every now and then or even farm an occasional wave like today; the penalty only kicks in if item holders begin farming like non-supports. This new rule also allows us to remove the current anti-poaching mechanics on Spellthief's (charge pausing on CS, nearby ally requirement for gold). 
Lethality Items 
Lethality items are core for a pretty big group of AD assassins and fighters, but with only Duskblade and Ghostblade commonly used, choices feel limited. We want to make Edge of Night a more attractive option and add a fourth choice to the lineup: 
  • Duskblade is mostly the same.
  • Ghostblade is also mostly the same.
  • Edge of Night's spellshield now works like Banshee's Veil, which is a more straightforward effect that avoids the learning curve of an active item while also allowing for clearer counterplay opportunities for opponents.
  • Sanguine Blade is a new Lethality item that enables split pushing. Its unique passive grants a huge attack speed buff when no allies are nearby.
  • We’re also exploring a few other potential lethality item options that you may see on PBE. 
Doubling the number of attractive Lethality items significantly increases assassins' ability to tailor their early builds to their matchup or game state, but we don't want to kill their later build variety by letting full-Lethality become optimal in every game. Individual items grant fewer stats but now feature a one- and two-piece bonus which preserves the power spikes of assassins' first big purchases. Since this set bonus stops at two, assassins should generally branch into raw-AD items like Guardian Angel or Black Cleaver after their two-item spike. Full Lethality should still feel like a strong option against exceptionally squishy comps, though. 
Other Items 
We're removing Spear of Shojin. Its unique passive when used by the most synergistic champions is lowering the downtime of some CC, mobility, and immunity spells beyond what we think leaves healthy room for counterplay. 
We’re also looking for other small improvements we can make across the item system from now through the launch of preseason. 
Keystone Rune changes
We’re tweaking some keystones to address a few problems they've created. 
Conqueror has been too effective at allowing sustained damage fighters to deal with tanks, who have lost their place in solo lanes as a result. We’re toning down the anti-tank nature of the rune by removing the true damage conversion and putting more power into the stacking adaptive force. 
Kleptomancy has been commonly used as a way to generate lots of gold in an uneven matchup, like ranged vs melee top lane. We’re pulling power out of the “farm gold off of my enemy” pattern and pushing more into the early game elixir drops. 
Aftershock continues to attract squishy champs looking to negate their intended fragility. We’re lowering the flat resistances more on this rune and buffing the power it gives to tankier champions. 
See you in 9.23! 
Exact numbers and whatnot for all the changes we've just shared will be available soon on the PBE for an extended four-week cycle. Rise of the Elements ships with patch 9.23 in November!"

Riot Scruffy also posted on the boards with more details, including some extra changes:
"Hey all, let’s begin this epic journey into season 10 with Rise of the Elements, preseason's gameplay component, on PBE today! We're keeping the changes on PBE for an extended 4 week period to iron out all of the bugs and polish that we can before patch 9.23. 
Go here for our original announcement blog with most of the details:
Some extra clarification
We think that the new dragon changes will probably push more power in to the bot/jungle side of the map, so with a combination of herald and XP changes, we’re aiming to put a bit more late game carry potential into the hands of top laners. 
Elemental drake spawns
  • The first 3 drakes will always be unique.
  • Ex. Ocean->Infernal->Mountain is possible but Ocean->Ocean->Infernal is not
Rift Herald buffs
  • Spawn time 10 >>> 8 min
  • Can respawn after 6 min
  • Channel time to spawn the herald 4s >>> 1s
Minion XP changes
  • 2% increase to solo lane XP and 2.4% decrease to duo lane XP
  • Level 2 breakpoints are the same for both solo and duo lanes
Jungle XP changes
  • Overall 4% decrease to xp, less if you're gaining catchup xp
  • Krugs XP nerfed, Gromp XP buffed to make both sides of the jungle viable pathing choices
  • Clearing any side of the jungle will get you level 3
Monster Buff VFX Updated
  • We’ve got an updated version of Red, Blue, Baron, Elder, and the new Dragon Soul buff VFX in
Changes from our announcement
Cloud drake soul
  • Announced: Reduce your cooldowns when hitting enemies with attacks or abilities.
  • Updated: Gain a burst of Movement speed for 3s after using your ultimate
  • The previous effect was pushing basic ability cooldowns too low in a way that felt similar to the reasons we decided to remove Spear of Shojin. Our new effect instead puts the power into a movement speed buff to also create more interesting uses on more champions.
Kleptomancy Rework
  • We previously announced: Power siphoned out of gold procs and into elixirs to weaken the "farm my opponent" pattern, especially ranged vs melee.
  • Updated: Klepto has been significantly reworked into a “mastery of all keystones” playstyle. You cycle between all of the keystones - they key is to use them effectively and quickly for max value.
  • Gain a random keystone - once it is used gain another after 7 seconds.
  • Includes - Lethal Tempo, Fleet Footwork, Aery, Comet, Phase Rush, Predator (only if you have boots), Electrocute, Hail of Blades, Grasp of the Undying, Glacial Augment
  • Keystones cycle pseudo randomly - you cannot repeat a keystone for 5 rolls after it has been used
  • Entering the fountain will reroll your current keystone
More preseason item changes
It's been a few months since we talked about our intent to clean up the item shop, and preseason is the time for those changes. As a reminder, we want to remove items that are (a) unhealthy, (b) too similar to another item, (c) very low usage rate, and/or (d) reducing the number of impactful decisions the item system offers. This'll free up space to add more items to the store, such as the new Sanguine Blade lethality item. 
Item removals
Zz’rot Portal
  • This item has led to split push strategies that don’t involve enough champion interaction. We may revisit this type of strategic item in the future, but it would require more risk for the champion user to apply tower pressure.
  • This item has been underused and underpowered for a very long time. The tower disable effect is an interesting interaction that can exist in LoL, but it has been hard to balance in the item space because we would not be happy if we saw tower disable become a baseline on most team comps.
Raptor Cloak
  • With no items to build into, we can clean this up.
Shurelya’s Reverie Reworked
  • Shurelya's has had a hard time finding users and overlaps considerably with Righteous Glory. We want to try and shift it to enchanter stats to create a new option for supports and leave tanks with Righteous as an option.
  • Updated Shurelia’s:
  • Forbidden Idol + Crystalline Bracer + 850g (total cost 2300g)
  • 300hp
  • 10% CDR
  • 100% health regen
  • 100% mana regen
  • 10% heal/shield power
  • Active: 40% movement speed for 3s for you and nearby allies (90s cooldown)
Kircheis Shard buff
  • This middle tier item has been quite underpowered and a bit of a trap to build early.
  • Kircheis Shard damage 50 >>> 60
  • Damage from Energized procs now stacks, rather than using the strongest one
  • Stormrazor proc buffed from 50 to 60-80 based on level
  • Statikk Shiv and RFC Energized proc reduced from 60-140 to 60-80
Coming Soon
Melee vs ranged lanes
  • Primarily we want to make sure that we have mechanics to safeguard from ranged champions taking over top lane, which is the primary place where we get melee 1v1 matchups
  • Current iterations have some additional melee only power added to Doran’s Shield 
Final icons for new items
  • What you’re seeing are very early sketches, updates will be coming soon 
Stormrazor improvements
  • We’re hoping to both improve the power of Stormrazor (as it’s only viable for 1 champ currently) and find ways to make it a more appealing item for more players. Should be some updates in the next week on this.
Tons of visual polish and performance improvements
  • We are still finishing up all of the pieces for each elemental rift to make them feel unique and alive. Additionally in the final weeks we will be cleaning up a lot of stuff under the hood to make sure that there are no FPS drops or hitches with all of the new art.
A few more things still might be coming.
  • We’re testing out a few other item changes and making sure that we have mechanics in place so that we can tune every position after launch if we need to adjust.
We hope you enjoy playing Rise of the Elements early and we would love to hear feedback or any issues you encounter in the wild. 
-The Summoner’s Rift Team
UPDATE 10/23
Presence of Mind Rune
  • Ult CDR removed
  • Still restores mana on takedown
  • Restores 20% energy on takedown
  • Grants 5 max energy or 35 max mana on takedown (up to 10 times)
Doran's Shield Update
  • 80 Health
  • 6 Hp5
  • Basic attacks deal 5 extra damage to minions
  • CHANGED: On taking single target attack or spell regenerate up to 40 (melee) 30 (ranged) health over 8s (live is 30 over 10s)
UPDATE 10/24
Jungle tuning iteration 2
After our first round of tuning we see that balancing Krugs and Gromp is going well but the balance between ganking and farming has been overly skewed towards ganking as priority. We want to open up more varied strategies for junglers and make the lost farm for ganking more substantial.
  • Krug -> Gromp rebalance unchanged
  • Non buff jungle camp respawns 2min 30s >>> 2 min
  • Average camp gold / XP down by 5%
  • Gold / XP per min for pure farm up by 12%"
UPDATE 10/29 - Energize ADC items 
Our goals here are
  • Make Stormrazor a viable and more integrated item into ADC build options
  • Simplify the energized system so that stacking or not is a clear and compelling choice
  • Differentiate RFC and Statikk Shiv more
  • All energized effects now stack
Statikk Shiv
  • Energized damage 60-140 >>> 140
  • All energized attacks chain to lightning targets
Rapid Fire Cannon
  • Energized damage 60-140 >>> 50
  • Range increase max 150 >>> 200
  • Attack Speed 30 >>> 35%
  • No longer increases energize charge speed
  • Cost 3100 >>> 3200
  • AD 60 >>> 50
  • Crit chance 0% >>> 25%
  • AS unchanged
  • Build path BF + Cloak of Agility + Kircheis Shard + 500
  • Energized damage 50 (unchanged)
  • Energized effects are increased by 35% >>> Charge Energize 35% faster"

Ocean Rift:

Mountainous Rift:

Infernal Rift:

Cloud Rift:

Elder Dragon:

New Sidelanes:

Monster Buff VFX:

Teamfight Tactics

TFT S2  is now testing on the PBE, with a new roster of champions and traits, as well as new Teamfight Tactics cosmetic content including new True Damage Little Legends and arena skins!

TFT Set 2 - Rise of the Elements

Riot Mort provided a full rundown for TFT set 2 - "Teamfight Tactics is out of beta and we're rotating in a brand new set of champions!"
"Teamfight Tactics’ beta is over and the elements are rising in season two. As our first new set, Rise of the Elements fully replaces the champions, origins, and classes you played with during beta. 
Here you will find all the information you need to hop into the Convergence and start exploring the new set. TFT has evolved, but your goal’s the same—can you adapt to new strategies, abilities, effects, and interactions to build a team and defeat your opponents? 
Get ready for Teamfight Tactics: Rise of the Elements, coming in patch 9.22

This season champions represent elements rather than origins, but the rules are the same. Deploy multiple unique champions with the same element to unlock powerful trait bonuses! Copies of the same champion all benefit from their elemental bonus, but only the first counts for determining how many unique champions you have deployed, even if your copies are different star levels. 
Each element has its own unique bonus: 
  • Crystal
    • Skarner, Taric, Ashe
      • Deploying multiple Crystal champions grants them a maximum limit to the amount of damage they can take from a single attack or ability hit.
  • Desert
    • Renekton, Sivir, Azir, Khazix
      • Deploying multiple Desert champions reduces the enemy team’s armor. The reduction increases if more Desert champions are deployed.
  • Electric
    • Ornn, Volibear, Zed
      • Deploying multiple Electric champions causes them to damage adjacent enemies whenever they critically strike or are critically struck.
  • Glacial
    • Warwick, Volibear, Braum, Ezreal, Olaf
      • Deploying multiple Glacial champions grants their attacks a chance to stun their target, increasing with more Glacials.
  • Inferno
    • Zyra, Diana, Varus, Qiyana, Kindred, Annie, Brand
      • Deploying multiple Inferno champions causes their abilities to temporarily ignite the ground beneath their targets, damaging enemies standing in the fire. Damage increases with more Inferno champions.
  • Light
    • Nasus, Vayne, Jax, Aatrox, Soraka, Yorick
      • Deploying multiple Light champions causes them to, on death, heal other Light champions for a percentage of their max health and grant them attack speed for the remainder of the round (stacking with multiple Light champion deaths). Heal and attack speed increase with more Light champions.
  • Steel
    • Rek’Sai, Nocturne
      • Deploying multiple Steel champions causes them to briefly become immune to damage when they drop below 50% health.
  • Mountain
    • Taliyah, Qiyana, Malphite
      • Deploying multiple Mountain champions grants a massive shield to a random ally at the start of combat.
  • Ocean
    • Vladimir, Thresh, Syndra, Qiyana, Nautilus, Nami
      • Deploying multiple Ocean champions periodically grants allies mana. The amount increases with more Ocean champions.
  • Poison
    • Kog’Maw, Dr. Mundo, Twitch, Singed
      • Deploying multiple Poison champions causes their damaging attacks and abilities to increase the mana costs of their targets’ abilities.
  • Shadow
    • Malzahar, Kindred, Veigar, Sion, Master Yi
      • Deploying multiple Shadow champions causes them to deal increased damage for the first few seconds of combat, as well as for a few seconds when they score a takedown. Deploying more Shadow champions causes all of them to deal increased damage when any of them score a takedown.
  • Wind
    • Yasuo, Qiyana, Janna
      • Deploying both Wind champions grants your team dodge chance.
  • Woodland
    • Maokai, Ivern, Neeko, LeBlanc
      • Deploying multiple Woodland champions causes one of them to randomly create a clone of themselves (including items) at the start of combat. 
A champion’s class describes how they fight and functions similarly to their element, conferring additional trait bonuses based on how many unique members of that class you have on your team (duplicate champions don’t count here, either): 
  • Alchemist
    • Singed
      • Alchemists can move through other units and never stop moving.
  • Assassin
    • Diana, LeBlanc, Qiyana, Nocturne, Kha’Zix, Zed
      • Assassins sneak across the battlefield at the start of combat, placing themselves opposite from where they started.
      • Deploying multiple Assassins grants them critical strike chance and increased critical strike damage, increasing with more Assassins.
  • Avatar
    • Lux
      • An Avatar’s element is counted twice for trait bonuses.
  • Berserker
    • Renekton, Jax, Volibear, Dr. Mundo, Sion, Olaf
      • Deploying multiple Berserkers grants their attacks a chance to deal damage in a cone behind the target. The chance increases with more Berserkers.
  • Blademaster
    • Yasuo, Sivir, Aatrox, Master Yi
      • Deploying multiple Blademasters grants their attacks a chance to hit extra times, increasing with more Blademasters.
  • Summoner
    • Zyra, Malzahar, Azir, Annie, Yorick, Zed
      • Deploying multiple Summoners increases the health and duration of their spawned allies, increasing with more Summoners.
      • Summoners’ pets benefit from Element and Class bonuses, but don’t count as additional units toward activating higher levels of those bonuses.
  • Druid
    • Ivern, Maokai, Neeko
      • Deploying two Druids grants all Druids health regeneration.
  • Mage
    • Vladimir, Taliyah, Syndra, LeBlanc, Veigar, Brand
      • Deploying multiple Mages grants them a chance after casting an ability to cast it again. This chance increases with more mages.
  • Mystic
    • Soraka, Janna, Master Yi, Nami
      • Deploying multiple Mystics grants all allies magic resist, increasing with more Mystics.
  • Predator
    • Warwick, Kog’Maw, Skarner, Rek’Sai
      • Deploying multiple Predators causes their attacks and abilities to immediately kill low-health enemies.
  • Ranger
    • Vayne, Varus, Ezreal, Kindred, Ashe, Twitch
      • Deploying multiple Rangers periodically grants them a chance to gain a burst of attack speed, increasing with more Rangers.
  • Warden
    • Ornn, Nasus, Thresh, Braum, Nautilus, Malphite, Taric
      • Deploying multiple Wardens grants them armor, increasing with more Wardens.
Tier 1
  • Diana
    • Inferno
    • Assassin
    • Flame Cascade: Diana shields herself for a few seconds and creates three flame orbs that orbit her. Orbs explode when they contact an enemy, dealing damage.
  • Ivern
    • Woodland
    • Druid
    • Triggerseed: Ivern shields the lowest-health ally for a few seconds.
  • Kog’Maw
    • Poison
    • Predator
    • Living Artillery: Kog’Maw launches acid that damages a random enemy.
  • Maokai
    • Woodland
    • Druid
    • Sap Magic (passive): Whener Maokai is damaged by an enemy spell, his next attack heals him.
  • Nasus
    • Light
    • Warden
    • Fury of the Dawn: Nasus temporarily enrages, gaining bonus health and damaging adjacent enemies each second for the duration.
  • Ornn
    • Electric
    • Warden
    • Lightning Breath: Ornn breathes lightning in a cone in front of him, damaging enemies and increasing their chance to be critically struck for the next few seconds.
  • Renekton
    • Desert
    • Berserker
    • Cull the Meek: Renekton damages adjacent enemies and heals himself for each enemy hit.
  • Taliyah
    • Mountain
    • Mage
    • Seismic Shove: Taliyah erupts the ground under a random enemy, knocking them toward her if ranged, or away if melee.
  • Vayne
    • Light
    • Ranger
    • Silver Bolts (Passive): Vayne passively deals bonus true damage every third attack based on the enemy’s maximum health.
  • Vladimir
    • Ocean
    • Mage
    • Drain: Vladimir damages a target enemy, healing himself for the damage dealt.
  • Warwick
    • Glacial
    • Predator
    • Infinite Duress: Warwick pounces onto the lowest-health enemy, stunning and damaging them. Applies on-hit effects.
  • Zyra
    • Inferno
    • Summoner
    • Rampant Growth: Zyra spawns two untargetable Flame Spitters on random hexes at the edge of the arena, which attack the nearest enemy. 
Tier 2
  • Braum
    • Glacial
    • Warden
    • Unbreakable: Braum raises his shield toward the furthest enemy, reducing incoming damage from that direction and blocking projectiles.
  • Jax
    • Light
    • Berserker
    • Counter Strike: Jax gains 100% dodge chance for the next few seconds, then briefly stuns and damages adjacent enemies.
  • Leblanc
    • Woodland
    • Assassin, Mage
    • Ethereal Chain: Leblanc sends a chain toward the nearest enemy, stunning and damaging them after a delay.
  • Malzahar
    • Shadow
    • Summoner
    • Shadow Swarm: Malzahar creates a portal that spawns minions. More star levels, more minions.
  • Neeko
    • Woodland
    • Druid
    • Blooming Burst: Neeko throws a seed at a random enemy that explodes three times in a larger and larger radius.
  • Rek’Sai
    • Steel
    • Predator
    • Furious Bite: Rek’Sai bites her target, dealing true damage.
  • Skarner
    • Crystal
    • Predator
    • Crystalline Exoskeleton: Skarner shields himself for a few seconds, gaining bonus attack speed while the shield holds.
  • Syndra
    • Ocean
    • Mage
    • Hydro Sphere: Syndra conjures a Hydro Sphere at a target location that damages enemies.
  • Thresh
    • Ocean
    • Warden
    • Deep Sea Passage: Thresh throws his lantern to the lowest-health ally, shielding them and nearby allies for a few seconds.
  • Varus
    • Inferno
    • Ranger
    • Piercing Arrow: Varus charges and fires an arrow, dealing damage to all enemies in a line.
  • Volibear
    • Electric, Glacial
    • Berserker
    • Thunder Bite: Volibear bites his target, dealing damage. Thunder Bite instantly kills enemies below a certain amount of health, fully restoring Volibear’s mana.
  • Yasuo
    • Wind
    • Blademaster
    • Last Breath: Yasuo instantly appears next to the enemy with the most items, attacking them multiple times in rapid succession and knocking them up for the duration. 
Tier 3
  • Aatrox
    • Light
    • Blademaster
    • The Arclight Blade: Aatrox slams his sword in a circle in front of him, damaging enemies hit.
  • Azir
    • Desert
    • Summoner
    • Arise!: Azir summons an untargetable Sand Soldier near a random enemy that attacks whenever Azir attacks.
  • Dr. Mundo
    • Poison
    • Berserker
    • Adrenaline Rush: Dr. Mundo spawns a toxic cloud around himself that damages adjacent enemies and heals himself for the damage dealt for several seconds.
  • Ezreal
    • Glacial
    • Ranger
    • Ice Shot: Ezreal fires a shard of ice toward the lowest-health enemy, damaging the first enemy hit and applying on-hit effects.
  • Kindred
    • Shadow, Inferno
    • Ranger
    • Wolf’s Frenzy: Lamb tumbles away from her target while Wolf bites them, dealing damage.
  • Nautilus
    • Ocean
    • Warden
    • Depth Charge: Nautilus sends out a depth charge that seeks out the furthest enemy champion, knocking them up and stunning them for a really long time.
  • Nocturne
    • Steel
    • Assassin
    • Steel Blades (Passive): Every three hits, Nocturne’s next attack is enhanced, damaging all adjacent enemies and healing him for a portion of damage dealt.
  • Qiyana
    • Inferno OR Ocean OR Mountain OR Wind
    • Assassin
    • Edge of Ixtal: Qiyana dashes to the side of her target and throws a blast of wind through them, damaging and stunning enemies it passes through.
  • Sion
    • Shadow
    • Berserker
    • Decimating Smash: Sion smashes an area in front of him after a delay, knocking up and damaging enemies.
  • Sivir
    • Desert
    • Blademaster
    • Ricochet: Sivir’s attacks temporarily bounce to nearby units.
  • Soraka
    • Light
    • Mystic
    • Equinox: Soraka temporarily calms an area around a random enemy, damaging enemies and preventing them from gaining mana while inside.
  • Veigar
    • Shadow
    • Mage
    • Primordial Burst: Veigar blasts an enemy with magical energy, dealing damage. Instantly kills enemies at lower star levels than Veigar. 
Tier 4
  • Annie
    • Inferno
    • Summoner
    • Tibbers!: Annie summons Tibbers onto a nearby hex. Tibbers attacks nearby enemies while active.
  • Ashe
    • Crystal
    • Ranger
    • Ranger’s Focus: For the next few seconds Ashe gains attack speed and her attacks fire a flurry of arrows, dealing bonus damage.
  • Brand
    • Inferno
    • Mage
    • Pyroclasm: Brand launches a bouncing fireball, damaging enemies hit.
  • Janna
    • Wind
    • Mystic
    • Monsoon: Janna knocks back enemies in a large area and channels for a few seconds, continuously healing nearby allies.
  • Kha’Zix
    • Desert
    • Assassin
    • Arid Assault: Kha’Zix briefly becomes stealthed, becoming untargetable and causing his next attack to critically strike.
  • Malphite
    • Mountain
    • Warden
    • Unstoppable Force: Malphite throws himself toward a random enemy, damaging and knocking up nearby enemies when he arrives.
  • Olaf
    • Glacial
    • Berserker
    • Berserker Rage: For the rest of combat, Olaf gains a large amount of Attack Speed and Lifesteal for a few seconds and becomes immune to crowd control.
  • Twitch
    • Poison
    • Ranger
    • Spray and Pray: Twitch temporarily gains infinite range and his attacks become piercing bolts that fly through their targets to the end of the board, damaging all enemies they pass through.
  • Yorick
    • Light
    • Summoner
    • Shepherd of Souls: Yorick blesses several of his lowest-health allies, reviving them as a Minion of Light when they die. More star levels, more targets. 
Tier 5
  • Master Yi
    • Shadow, Mystic
    • Blademaster
    • Meditate: Master Yi becomes untargetable and significantly heals himself over a few seconds. After channeling, his attacks temporarily deal bonus magic damage on hit.
  • Nami
    • Ocean
    • Mystic
    • Tidal Wave: Nami sends a massive wave toward a random enemy, damaging and knocking up enemies it passes through and granting allies it passes through bonus magic damage on hit.
  • Singed
    • Poison
    • Alchemist
    • Poison Trail (Passive): Singed passively leaves a poison cloud behind himself that damages enemies who stand in it.
  • Taric
    • Crystal
    • Warden
    • Cosmic Radiance: After a delay, Taric and all nearby allies become invulnerable for a few seconds.
  • Zed
    • Electric
    • Summoner, Assassin
    • Living Lightning: Zed creates an identical clone of himself behind his current target, copying his items as well. This clone can also cast Living Lightning. 
Tier 7
  • Lux
    • Electric OR Inferno OR Glacial OR Crystal OR Wind OR Woodland OR Steel OR Ocean OR Shadow OR Light
    • There are ten copies of Lux in each game, one of each of the above elements.
    • Once you purchase one Lux, the other Luxes will become that element when you see them in your shop.
    • Avatar
    • Final Spark: Lux fires a giant laser that deals massive damage to enemies hit and restores mana based on enemies hit. 
Items increase your champions’ base stats and can upgrade into stronger items that provide unique effects. In PvE rounds, each monster you defeat has a chance of dropping an item. In Draft rounds, every draftable champion comes with an item equipped. You’ll always see basic items early on, but as the game progresses, you’ll have a shot at upgraded items. 
There are nine basic items: 
  • BF Sword: Attacks deal more damage
  • Recurve Bow: Attack more often
  • Needlessly Large Rod: Abilities are stronger
  • Tear of the Goddess: Begin combat with some mana
  • Giant’s Belt: Gain health
  • Chain Vest: Take less damage from basic attacks
  • Negatron Cloak: Take less damage from abilities
  • Sparring Gloves: Gain dodge chance and critical strike chance
  • Spatula: Provides no stats, but upgrades into various rule-breaking items! 
Equip items by dragging and dropping them onto your champions (be careful, this can’t be undone). If you equip a champion with two basic items, those items automatically combine into an upgraded item, sharing the same combination of stats as its components. Every pair of basic items creates a different upgraded item! 
Upgraded items can buff your attacks and abilities, grant unique effects, and even change the properties of your champions! New classes and origins means new spatula items, here’s what’s new: 
  • Spatula + BF Sword: Assassin
  • Spatula + Recurve Bow: Blademaster
  • Spatula + Needlessly Large Rod: Inferno
  • Spatula + Tear of the Goddess: Mage
  • Spatula + Giant’s Belt: Glacial
  • Spatula + Chain Vest: Warden
  • Spatula + Negatron Cloak: Light
  • Spatula + Sparring Gloves: Berserker 
Element of the Game 
Each Rise of the Elements game will randomly feature one element: Inferno, Ocean, Mountain, or Wind. The element of the game can be tracked in the center of the carousel, and has a few effects. 
First, Qiyana’s element corresponds to the element of the game. Second, the Dragon encounter now features the Elemental Drake that corresponds to the element of the game. Finally, the element of the game controls the new Elemental Hex mechanic. 
When you load into the Convergence, one random hex will be imbued with the element of the game, buffing the champion that starts combat on top of it each round. When the game reaches stage 3-1, a second Elemental Hex is created. The same hexes are chosen on all eight players’ boards. 
Elemental Hexes grant the following effects:
  • Inferno: Gain attack speed for the duration of combat
  • Ocean: Start combat with additional mana
  • Mountain: Gain permanent health that stacks between rounds and remains even if the champion is moved off the Elemental Hex
  • Wind: Gain dodge chance for the duration of combat
Note that Elemental Hex buffs take up an item slot. If a champion with three items starts combat in an Elemental Hex, they won’t receive the buff."

TFT - 9.22 Set 2 PBE Change Log & Update

TFT Set 2 is now up for testing on the PBE! Here's Riot Mortdog with a changelog:
"Hello everyone. With TFT Set 2 on PBE, we wanted to do something we normally don't do, and make sure everyone is aware of all the systemic changes that are going on as well. For the PBE cycle, we'll be posting updates here as things change. Thanks, and enjoying playing Set 2! 
Update 10/29
-Electric Trait Damage: 60/200/500 -> 70/250/500
-Light Healing: 20% -> 25%
----Proc Chance: 30/65/100% -> 30/60/100%
----Time before first proc chance: 1s >>> 3s (This matches Set 1 behavior)
-Mystic Trait: 70/150 -> 60/140
-Warden Trait: 100%/250%/400% -> 125%/275%/450% 
==1-Cost Champs==
-Kog’Maw Spell Cast Time: 0.5 >>> 0.25
-Renekton AD: 55 -> 60
-Taliyah Spell Damage: 150/325/500 -> 150/350/550
-Vladimir Spell Damage: 175/300/425 -> 200/350/500 
==2-Cost Champs==
-Braum Spell Reduction: 60/75/90 -> 70/80/90
-Jax AD: 45 -> 50
-Rek’Sai AD: 60 -> 65
-Skarner AD: 50 -> 60
-Syndra Spell Damage: 150/325/500 -> 175/350/525
----Basic Attack Range: 1 hex -> 2 hex
----Spell Cast Time: 0.5 >>> 0.25
-Volibear AD: 55 -> 60 
==3-Cost Champs==
-Dr. Mundo
----AD: 55 -> 60
----Spell Damage: 40/100/160 -> 50/100/150
----Heal Ratio: 1/1.5/2 -> 1/1.25/1.5
-Sion HP: 800 -> 850
-Sion AD: 60 -> 65 
==4-Cost Champs==
-Ashe Spell
----AD per Arrow: 0.4/0.45/0.5 -> 0.25/0.3/0.35
----Attack Speed: 50/75/100% >>> 50/75/250%
----HP: 650 -> 600
----Mana: 75/125 -> 50/125
----Heal Amount: 30/40/80% >>> 30/40/100%
----AS: 0.75 -> 0.8
----Bonus Spell Damage: 75/150/225 -> 100/200/500
----Armor: 30 -> 35
----Spell AS: 75%/100%/125% -> 100%/150%/300%
----Spell Lifesteal: 20%/40%/60% -> 50%/50%/50%
-Twitch Spell Bonus AD: 50%/75%/100% -> 25%/50%/200%
-Malphite Stun Duration: 2/2.5/3s >>> 2/2.5/5s
-Yorick number of allies to target: 2/3/4 >>> 2/3/12 
==5-Cost Champs==
-Nami Ally Bonus Damage: 50/75/100 -> 25/50/300
----HP: 1100 -> 1050
----Movespeed: 75%/95%/115% -> 75%/75%/75%
----Spell Damage: 400/800/1200 over 4 seconds -> 250/500/2000 over 6 seconds
----HP: 900 -> 850
----Invulnerability Duration: 3s >>> 3/3/5s
-Master Yi Spell bonus damage: 60/90/120 >>> 60/90/500 
==7-Cost Champs==
-Lux Spell Damage: 500/800/1100 >>> 500/800/9999 
-Hand of Justice: 40% dmg or 40 life on hit -> 50% dmg or 50 life on hit
-Runaan’s Hurricane:
----Bonus Damage: 75% -> 60%
----Hurricane now grants one extra bolt per Hurricane
-Statikk Shiv Dmg per bounce: 120 -> 100
-Thieves Gloves: Increased Average value of items at Level 8 & 9. 
-Player Damage: 2/3/4/6/8/10 -> 2/3/4/5/6/7
-Fixed a bug where Dr. Mundo could improperly gain mana while his ability was active the first time the ability was cast
-Fixed an issue where Summoner’s summons were getting twice the benefit from AP.
-Alchemists are now properly immune to Zephyr
-Olaf now properly cleanses and becomes immune to Attack Speed slows after casting Ragnarok
-The healing from Light now displays the corrected amount healed when affected by Grievous Wounds
Update 10/26 
-Cloud dodge chance: 20/35/50% -> 20/30/40%
-Base Player Damage: 2/3/4/5/6/7 -> 2/3/4/6/8/10
-Summoned units now deal total damage to Little Legends equal to the amount their Summoner would have dealt if the Summoner is dead at the end of the round
-Fixed many instances of Champions being too tall for purposes of being clicked on (Looking at you Nasus and Qiyana)
-Fixed even more spells that didn’t function with Mage’s Cap
-Fixed a bug where Ivern was REALLY REALLY LOUD when starred up 
Update 10/25 
Balance-Zyra Plant AD: 80/100/120 -> 70/80/90
-Malzahar Minion AD: 60/100/140 -> 50/75/100
-Light AS Bonus: 10%/25%/50% -> 10%/20%/35%
-Guinsoo’s Rageblade AS per stack: 5% -> 4%
-Red Buff: Removed on hit damage
-Base Player Damage: 3/3/3/4/5/6 -> 2/3/4/5/6/7
-Kha’Zix now waits until he attacks a target with Arid Assault before he will use the ability again
-Ocean mana restored: 10/20/40 -> 10/25/40
-Sion mana cost: 150 -> 125
-Kog’Maw Mana Cost: 45 -> 40
-Kog'Maw Attack Speed: 0.65 -> 0.7
-Skarner mana cost: 100 -> 75
-Olaf mana cost: 100 -> 75
-Berserker proc chance: 40/80% -> 45/100%
---Mana :: 100/150 >>> 50/150
---Attack Speed :: 0.9 >>> 1.0
---[NEW] Clones have (50/25/0) higher mana cost than their parent
-Luden’s Echo now properly procs twice when a Mage doublecasts
-Fixed more spells that didn’t function with Mage’s Cap
-Jax now scales correctly with Attack Speed
-Improved the consistency of Kha’Zix attacking the target he unstealthed next to 
Update 10/24 
-Kindred AS: 0.8 -> 0.75
-Sion Armor: 30 -> 35
-Annie Tibbers HP: 2000 -> 2200
-Annie Tibbers Armor: 30 -> 40
-Ashe HP: 600 -> 550
-Ashe AD Scaling: 40/60/80% -> 40/45/50%
-Olaf AS: 0.8 -> 0.85
-Twitch AS: 0.8 -> 0.75
-Yorick Ghouls: 1/2/4 -> 2/3/4
-Yorick Ghoul HP: 1000/1500/2000 -> 800/1400/2000
-Singed MR: 100 -> 20
-Taric HP: 950 -> 900
-Taric Armor: 75 -> 60
-Taric Invuln Duration: 3/4/5 -> 3/3/3
-Cloud Trait: 25/40/60% -> 20/35/50%
-Cloud Hex: 30% dodge -> 20% dodge
-Level 8 Tier Drop Chances: 15/20/35/22/8 -> 15/20/35/24/6
-Yasuo properly stays on the target he ults
-Malzahar Minion Armor: 1 -> 20
-Malzahar Minion MR: 0 -> 20
-Yorick Ghoul Armor: 1 -> 30
-Yorick Ghoul MR: 0 -> 20
-Fixed various spells that didn’t function with Mage’s Cap 
Update 10/23 
-Zyra Plants Summoned: 2/2/4 -> 2/3/4
-Zyra Plants Damage: 80/160/240 -> 80/100/120
-Yorick Ghouls Created: 3/5/10 -> 1/2/4
-Yorick Ghouls Health: 500/900/2000 -> 1000/1500/2000
-Yorick Ghouls AD: 75/150/225 -> 150/250/350
-Lux Spell Damage: 600/900/1200 -> 500/800/1100
-Lux: Restores 50 mana per unit killed with her spell >>> Restores 50 mana if she kills at least 1 unit with her spell
-Light Healing: 25% -> 20%
-Master Yi changes:
---Move speed increased
---Mana :: 0/100 >>> 100/150
---Healing :: 25/50/75% >>> 30%
---Meditate duration :: 1.5 seconds >>> 1 second
--- [NEW] Gains 100% Attack Speed during the buff
--- [NEW] Meditate ends if Master Yi is full health
--- On hit damage after meditate :: 100/150/200 >>> 80/120/160
-Fixed Neeko not working on Lux if your bench was full
-Fixed Spatulas dropping more than intended
-When Repeating Crossbow bounces to a unit that already has a Repeating Crossbow, they combine into one.
-Jax’s Counterstrike spell now actually gives him dodge
-Champions no longer keep the mana from the Ocean Hex when moved into then out of that hex
-Mountain Hex now correctly gives +30 permanent health
-Wind Hex now correctly gives 30% Dodge
-Combining a Spatula and a component into an item that would give that Champion a trait they already have now correctly pops the combined item off that Champion
-Fixed a bug where Lux would occasionally not gain mana from her ability when it killed a unit
Board Size
  • -3 rows of 7 hexes per player -> 4 rows of 7 hexes per player
Bag Changes
  • -Tier 1: 39 -> 29
  • -Tier 2: 26 -> 22
  • -Tier 3: 18 -> 16
  • -Tier 4: 13 -> 12
  • -Tier 5: 10
Mana Generation Rules
  • Mana generated from attacking:
    • -1 star champs: 6-10 mana per attack -> 8 mana per attack
    • -2 star champs: 10 mana per attack
    • -3 star champs: 10 mana per attack -> 12 mana per attack
  • Mana generated from taking damage:
    • -Reduced by ~15%.
Item Changes
  • Recipe Change:
    • -Cursed Blade has been removed
    • -Negatron Cloak + Recurve Bow = Ruunan’s Hurricane
    • -Spatula + Needlessly Large Rod = Inferno’s Cinder
    • -Spatula + Tear of the Goddess = Mage’s Cap
    • -Spatula + Chain Vest = Warden’s Mail
    • -Spatula + Negatron Cloak = Talisman of Light
    • -Spatula + Sparring Gloves = Berserker’s Axe
  • Stat Changes:
    • -All Spatula Items: No longer give double stats
    • -Chain Vest: 20 Armor -> 25 Armor
    • -Deathcap: +50% AP -> +75% AP
    • -Dragon’s Claw: 75% magic reduction -> 50% magic reduction
    • -Giant’s Slayer: 5% Max HP true damage -> 8% Current HP Physical damage
    • -Guardian’s Angel: 500HP on revive -> 400 HP on revive
    • -Ionic Spark: 125 true damage -> 100 true damage
    • -Luden’s Echo: 180dmg -> 150dmg
    • -Negatron Cloak: 20 MR -> 25 MR
    • -Recurve Bow: 20% AS -> 15% AS
    • -Red Buff: Gains 2% max hp true damage on hit in addition to its burn
    • -Zeke’s Herald: 15% AS -> 20% AS 
  • -Uncommon boxes average gold value reduced very slightly
  • -Gold boxes average gold value reduced very slightly
  • -Reduced the chances of getting combined items slightly
  • -Dragons now drop two common orbs in addition to their carried item
  • -Elder Dragon and Rift Herald drop a common and an uncommon orb in addition to their carried item.
  • -Once you pick something up from the carousel, your Little Legend no longer has collision. 
Trait UI Tooltip Update
  • -Champions that contribute to a Trait will have their portraits and tier information displayed inside the tooltip
  • -Champions that are active on the battlefield will have their portraits highlighted
Bug Fixes
  • -Red Buff & Morellonomicon tooltip now correctly states it blocks 80% of healing
  • -Fixed a bug where 3* 3-Cost units were doing 1 more player damage than intended.

Here's a listing of all champions in Set 2 from the TFT Twitter:
"Teamfight Tactics Set 2 - Rise of the Elements What does your board look like?"

Riot Mort also provided some cheat sheets with more info:
"TFT - Here's all the cheat sheets you can use for now. Take it all in, there's a LOT different this time :) 
Can't wait to see how you all enjoy it!"

Little Legends

Three new True Damage themed Little Legends were added in today's update - Ossia,  QiQi, and Melisma:

Little Legends Series 5 True Damage Egg

"Ossia embodies cool. It commands rhyme and rhythm with an effortless flow that makes even the greatest Little Legends jealous."

Beatmaker Ossia

Pop Queen Ossia

Prodigy Ossia

Pumped Up Ossia

Soloist Ossia

"QiQi's hobbies include looking good and turning heads. Whether it's music, fashion or battling fierce enemies, QiQi always takes center stage."

Bass Queen QiQi

Beatmaker QiQi

Hardhitter QiQi

Prodigy QiQi

Soloist QiQi

"Melisma stays true to the beat. No matter the occasion, it stands ready to drop the hottest track you never knew you wanted."

Beatmaker Melisma

Hardhitter Melisma

Pop Queen Melisma

Prodigy Melisma

Shadow Beat Melisma

TFT Arenas

New arenas for TFT were added to the PBE! As noted by this post, they will be 1380 RP each, or bundled for 2900 RP!

Freljord Frostguard Arena

Freljord Winter's Claw

Freljord Avarosa Arena

Four other new TFT arenas added, look to be variants of the Draconic Arena - some of them are currently using placeholder images.

Draconic Cloud Draconic Infernal
Draconic MountainDraconic Ocean

    Experimental "Max Cast Range" Changes Coming to PBE! 

    Here's Riot Lutzberg with a thread on Max Cast Range changes coming to test on the PBE:
    "Hi everyone, 
    For the last few weeks, the team and I have been experimenting with a potential change to the way a handful of area-based spells work. To explain, let's use Miss Fortune's E as an example: 
    In the LIVE game, casting E outside of its maximum cast range will cause Miss Fortune to move towards the desired target area, then automatically cast the spell. On PBE, this spell (and the others listed below) will be "constrained to cast range." This means that, if cast outside of max cast range, the spell will instantly be cast at max cast range instead.

    Why are we trying this? Here are our goals:
    1. Create a more intuitive and instinctive aiming experience for players
    2. Create a higher percentage of "success cases" when these spells are cast
    3. Preserve player mastery opportunities and skill-based aiming 
    After a bit of internal testing, we came up with a list of criteria to help inform which spells could benefit from this change. From there, we arrived at the list we're pushing to the PBE for player feedback: 
    • Heimerdinger E and RE
    • Miss Fortune E
    • Singed W
    • Twitch W
    • Varus E
    • Ziggs E
    • VIKTOR W
    • SYNDRA Q 
    Couple of notes and thoughts to consider: 
    These changes are highly subjective, and there will be a meaningful cost of "re-learning" how these spells work. We're willing to accept a little bit of this cost, but not much. If reactions are mixed or negative, we'll revert them. This is an experiment, after all. 
    That sentiment is especially true for the last three spells written in BOLD, which we think are riskier than the rest. These were changed to potentially alleviate player input issues with things like Gangplank's barrel combos and Syndra's Q/E hit confirms. We're especially interested in how these feel to players who play these Champions a lot, so please let us know your thoughts! 


    • Thresh in-client bio tweaked: "Sadistic and cunning, Thresh is an ambitious and restless spirit of the Shadow Isles. Once the custodian of countless arcane secrets, he sought was undone by a power greater than life or death, and now sustains himself by tormenting and breaking others with slow, excruciating inventiveness. His victims suffer far beyond their brief mortal coil as Thresh wreaks agony upon their souls, imprisoning them in his unholy lantern to torture for all eternity."
    • Lucian in-client bio tweaked: "Lucian, a Sentinel of Light, is a grim hunter of undying spirits, pursuing them relentlessly and annihilating them with his twin relic pistols. After the wraith Thresh slew his wife, Lucian embarked on the path of vengeance... but even with her return to life, his rage is undiminished. Merciless and single-minded, Lucian will stop at nothing to protect the living from the long-dead horrors of the Black Mist."
    • Lucian's VO, special interactions and choose & ban quotes were updated with Senna's addition to the PBE:
      Choose: "Everybody dies. Some just need a little help." 
      Ban: "You don't have the heart for this."
    • Various True Damage loot related assets added:
      • True Damage Akali Icon + Border
      • True Damage Akali (Freestyle Chroma) + Icon
      • True Damage Ekko Icon + Border
      • True Damage Ekko (Freestyle Chroma) + Icon
      • True Damage Qiyana Icon + Border
      • True Damage Senna Icon + Border
      • True Damage Senna (Freestyle Chroma) + Icon
      • True Damage Yasuo Icon + Border
      • True Damage Yasuo (Freestyle Chroma) + Icon
      • True Damage Jackpot
      • True Damage Orb

    Balance Changes

    NOTE*: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, & experimental changes. Be aware that what you see below may be relative to other changes earlier this cycle! These are not official notes.

    TFT Changes

    [See here for detailed TFT Set 2 changelog!]

    • Volley (W) mana cost increased from 50 to 70

    • Rocket Grab (Q) damage lowered from 80/135/190/245/300 to 70/120/170/220/270

    • Icathian Rain (Q) Multihit damage lowered from 30% to 25% per missile
      • "TLDR max damage reduced by 10% unevolved and 13% evolved}

    • Sentinel (W)
      • mark damage increased from 5/7.5/10/12.5/15% to 10/12/14/16/18% max HP
      • mark duration increased from 3s to 4s

    • Radiant Blast (Q) base damage lowered from 70/115/160/205/250 to 60/100/140/180/220
    • Celestial Blessing (W) mana cost increased from 60/70/80/90/100 to 70/80/90/100/110

    • Unstoppable Force (R) AP ratio lowered from 100% to 80%

    • Depth Charge (R) base damage lowered from 200/325/450 to 150/275/400

    • Comet Spear (Q) minion damage reduction increased from 20% to 30%
    • Shield Vault (W) no longer gains dash speed with boots

    • HP Regen per level increased from .85 to 1
    • Base AD increased from 64 to 66
    • Attack speed per level increased from 3 to 3.5
    • Arctic Assault (Q) damage increased from [80/120/160/200/240 (+40% AP)] to (80/130/180/230/280 (+60% AP)]

    • Base HP regen increased from 7 to 9
    • HP regen per level lowered from 1 to .9
    • Base MR increased from 36.1 to 39
    • Kingslayer (W) mana cost lowered from 50/55/60/65/70 to 40/45/50/55/60

    • Deadly Plumage (W) attack speed lowered from 40/7.5/55/62.5/70% to 35/40/45/50/55% 

    [See above or here and here for details posts on Preseason changes!]

    Removed Items
    • Spear of Shojin
    • Zz'Rot Portal
    • Ohmwrecker
    • Raptor Cloak

    Support Item Changes
    • Spellthief's Edge
      • 400g
      • +8 Ability Power
      • +10 Health
      • +2 Gold per 10 seconds
      • Unique Passive - Tribute: Damaging spells and attacks against champions or buildings grant 15 gold. This can occur up to 3 times every 30 seconds.
      • Quest: Earning gold through using this item will transform the item, granting Sightstone.
      • (Receive diminishing gold from excessive minion kills.)
      • Limited to 1 Gold Income Item or Jungle item.
    • Runesteel Shoulderguard
      • +30 Health
      • +3 Attack Damage
      • +2 Gold per 10 seconds
      • Unique Passive - Spoils of War: Basic attacks execute minions below 50% of their max health (30% for ranged). Recharges every 45 seconds. Max 3 charges.
      • Quest: Earning gold through using this item will transform the item, granting Sightstone.
      • (Receive diminishing gold from excessive minion kills.)
      • Limited to 1 Gold Income Item or Jungle item.
    • Relic Shield
      • +30 Health
      • +5 Ability Power
      • +2 Gold per 10 seconds
      • Unique Passive - Spoils of War: Basic attacks execute minions below 50% of their max health (30% for ranged). Recharges every 45 seconds. Max 3 charges.
      • Quest: Earning gold through using this item will transform the item, granting Sightstone.
      • (Receive diminishing gold from excessive minion kills.)
      • Limited to 1 Gold Income Item or Jungle item.
    • Spectral Sickle
      • 400g
      • +5 Attack Damage
      • +10 Health
      • +2 Gold per 10 seconds
      • Unique Passive - Tribute: Damaging spells and attacks against champions or buildings grant 15 gold. This can occur up to 3 times every 30 seconds.
      • Quest: Earning gold through using this item will transform the item, granting Sightstone.
      • (Receive diminishing gold from excessive minion kills.)
      • Limited to 1 Gold Income Item or Jungle item.

    Doran's Shield
    • Unique passive changed: "UNIQUE Passive: Regenerate up to 40 health over 8 seconds after taking basic attack or single target spell damage from an enemy champion, based on percent missing health. (75% effective for Ranged)"

    Shurelya's Reverie
    • Cost: 2300g
    • Recipe: [Forbidden Idol + Crystalline Bracer + 850g]
    • +300 Health
    • +10% CDR
    • +100% Health Regen
    • +100% Mana Regen
    • Unique Passive: +10% Heal and Shield power
    • Unique Active: Grant yourself and nearby allies +40% movement speed for 3s. (90s cooldown).

    Serrated Dirk
    • Removed Headhunter passive

    Youmuu's Ghostblade
    • New Recipe: [Long Sword + Long Sword + Serrated Dirk + 1100g]
    • Removed CDR
    • Lethality lowered from 18 to 13
    • Lethality no longer unique passive

    Duskblade of Draktharr
    • New Recipe: [Serrated Dirk + Pickaxe + 925g]
    • Removed CDR
    • Lethality lowered from 21 to 16
    • Lethality no longer unique passive
    • Slow lowered from 99% to 97%

    Edge of Night
    • Cost increased from 3000 to 3200
    • Combine cost increased from 625 to 825
    • Health lowered from 250 to 200
    • Lethality lowered from 18 to 10
    • Lethality no longer unique passive
    • [Changed] Unique Passive: Grants a spell shield that blocks the next enemy ability. This shield refreshes after no damage is taken from enemy champions for 40 seconds.

    Energized Effect
    • All Energized effects now stack
    Example item
    Rapid Firecannon
    • Attack Speed increased from 30% to 35%
    • Range max increased from 150 to 200
    • Energized damage changed from 60-140 to 50
    • No longer increases energize charge speed

    [NewSanguine Blade
    • 3000g
    • Recipe: [Serrated Dirk + Vampiric Scepter + 1000g]
    • +45 Attack Damage
    • +12% Life Steal
    • +13 Lethality
    • UNIQUE Passive - Unquenched: While near one or fewer visible enemy champions gain 40%-100% Attack Speed (based on level), decaying over 3 seconds if other enemy champions get too close.

    Statikk Shiv
    • Energized damage changed from 60-140 to 140
    • All Energized attacks chain to lightning targets

    • Cost increased from 3100 to 3200
    • Recipe: [BF Sword + Cloak of Agility + Kircheis Shard + 500g]
    • AD lowered from 60 to 50
    • Now has +25% Crit Chance
    • Energized effects changed from [increased by 35%] to [charges Energize 35% faster]

    Conqueror (Precision Keystone)
    • [New Effect] "Basic attacks or spells that deal damage to an enemy champion grant 2 stacks of Conqueror for 8s, gaining ?X? Attack Damage per stack. Stacks up to 10 times. Ranged champions gain only 1 stack per basic attack.
    When fully stacked, heal for 15% of the damage you deal to champions."

    Presence of Mind (P2)
    • Effect changed: "Takedowns restore 20% of your maximum mana or energy and increase your maximum mana by 35 (up to 350) or your maximum energy by 5 (up to 50). "

    Nimbus Cloak (S2)
    • Effect changed - "After casting a Summoner Spell, gain a movement speed increase that lasts for 2.5s and allows you to pass through units.
    Increase: 15% to 35% Movement Speed based on the Summoner Spell's cooldown. (Higher cooldown Summoner Spells grant more Movement Speed)."

    Aftershock (Resolve Keystone)
    • Armor and MR changed from [70 + 50% of your Bonus Resists] to [35 + 80% of your Bonus Resists]
    • Damage changed from [10 - 120 (+4% of your maximum health)] to [25 - 120 (+8% of your bonus health)]
    • Cooldown lowered from 35s to 20s

    Prototype: Omnistone (Inspiration Keystone)
    • Replaces Kleptomancy
    • [New Effect] "Periodically grants a single use of another random keystone.
    9 second cooldown between using a keystone and gaining the next. (12 seconds for ranged users)
    After 40 seconds of not using a given keystone, Master Key will re-roll when you exit combat."

    Patch History for this cycle:

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