6.23 PBE Cycle

This mega post was last Updated on 11/16 with the 11/16 PBE Update
( With the release of patch 6.22 to live on November 9th, we started the new 6.23 PBE cycle. )

Previous PBE Cycles in 2016
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Below you will find a comprehensive list of new content, balance changes, and whatever else  is included in the current PBE cycle! Be aware that these changes are extremely tentative, there is a possibility that things you see below will be changed or even reverted prior to the live patch.

( Note: As the cycle continues, some images may be outdated! )

(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

Table of Contents

New Ultimate Skin - Elementalist Lux

Elementalist Lux, our next ultimate tier (3250 RP) skin, is now on the PBE for testing! Elementalist Lux uses a new mechanic called Elemental Power to choose different elemental forms to transform into during a game - 10 forms total with up to two transformations during each game!


Before we jump into previews, here's RiotKateyKhaos with a bugs & feedback thread for Elementalist Lux, including a rundown of how the new skin and features work:

"Lux is still mastering her last few forms, please hang tight. ;)

Show your true nature. 
Unlike DJ Sona and Spirit Guard Udyr, when using Elementalist Lux, you cannot freely swap between all forms in a single game. You have to make a choice. Transformations are not reversible in a single game - so your first few games will be a journey of discovery! 
Elementalist Lux gains elemental power by damaging enemy champions. Upon gaining enough power, Lux is then able to master a new element, and add it to her current form. 
Every game, you’ll begin in Light form, and make choices throughout the game that will determine which form to master next. 
A menu on the HUD (above your champion portrait) will display, letting you know you've gained enough power, which means you can begin your transformations! 
Your first four options, once gaining enough power will be: 
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air
  • Nature 
From here, you’ll continue to gather elemental power, which will then unlock the aforementioned options again. However, this time, by combining your existing element with a different element, you’ll be able to master a completely new element: 
  • Storm
  • Ice
  • Mystic
  • Magma
  • Dark 
We could just tell you all of the combinations, but that would ruin the fun now, wouldn’t it? :) 
Here’s a quick rundown of what this new ultimate skin has to offer! 
  • 10 different elemental forms, each unlocked by mastering a series of elements throughout the game.
  • New model and textures for 10 different forms.
  • New particle effects for each form, each themed for the form she’s in.
  • New sound effects for each form, matching the current form she’s in.
  • Completely new animation set, including different recalls and emotes.
  • New VO; completely new lines, fitting for each form. 
Icons and Ward Skin 
In addition to Elementalist Lux, corresponding icons for each form and a similarly themed ward skin will be available via several options. We’ll drop more details about this later, but in the meantime, please feel free to focus your testing and feedback efforts on Elementalist Lux herself! 
Note: All content will be available in the store for testing purposes. 
We kindly ask that you condense all feedback and bugs into this thread so that we can have on consolidated place to check for issues, rather than making several different threads on the PBE boards! 
If you already owned Elementalist Lux before the additional content was implemented on the PBE, and you'd like to unlock them to test, you will need to refund Elementalist Lux using a refund token, and re-buy her. If you’re out of refund tokens, and are still interested in testing out this content, let me know and we can make it happen!" 
Additional screenshots from KateyKhaos - [ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 ]

Elementalist Lux

3250 RP
Full in-game preview video of Elementalist Lux, including a look at each of the ten forms.

Here is the Elementalist Lux's voiceover - which includes different voices and sounds appropriate for the various forms. VonderHamz noted the total number of lines is 756.
And here are several non-English voiceovers:
And here are her special interactions:

Elementalist Lux transforms through a new elemental power system - she can transform twice per game. You gain this elemental power based on hitting an offensive spell on an enemy champion (Q,E,R) - Everyone starts the game as Light form, then after gaining enough elemental power you choose your first element and she transforms - AirNatureFire, and Water. You may also choose to not switch forms.
Filling up elemental power again lets you choose your second element, which mixes with the first to make a new element - IceMagmaMysticStorm, or Dark.  You may also choose to not switch forms.
When you hover over the new UI element, you get a little tooltip explaining how it works and your % of EP.

To recap:

Base (Starting form):
  • Light
First element pick
  • Nature
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water
Second element pick combines with first to make a new elemental form:
  • Magma - Fire + Nature
  • Storm - Fire + Air
  • Mystic - Water + Nature
  • Ice - Water + Air
  • Dark - Nature + Air OR Water + Fire

Each form has it's own model & texture, VFX, SFX, vo lines, transformationsrecalls, and more! 

Light (Base) 






    [Water + Air] 


    [Fire + Nature]


    [Water + Nature]


    [Fire + Air]


    [Nature + Air or Water + Fire]

    Elementalist Ward Skin

    In addition to Elementalist Lux, we also have a fancy new Elementalist Ward! This ward skin changes it's own form based on what form Elementalist Lux is in when she puts it down!

    Elementalist Ward

    [No price yet]
    Here's RiotKateyKhaos with a bugs & feedback thread for the Elementalist Ward:
    "While mastering several new forms, she’s still lighting the way! 
    The Elementalist Ward consists of the following - 
    • All new model and textures!
    • New sound effects!
    • New animations!
    • New particles - these will change, depending on the element you’re currently in. Only wards that you yourself place as Elementalist Lux will be impacted by your form. Otherwise, the ward will simply use Light form. 
    Pricing information and availability will be available at a later date. 
    Pricing in the store is used for testing purposes only. 
    As always, please feel free to leave feedback and comments below. We’ll do our best to answer your questions and address feedback and concerns you may have about the ward skin!"
    Extra context from KateyKhaos on twitter: 
    "Elementalist Ward will change its element particle based on the form you're in. *Only works on wards that you, yourself place as Lux." - src
    "If you aren't playing Lux and use the ward, you'll just have the Light form particle all game. Same goes for seeing ally/enemy Lux."  - src

    New Summoner Icons

    A total of ELEVEN new Elementalist Lux themed summoner icons have also been added. No details on availability yet.

    [Currently 5 of these unlock immediately when purchasing Elementalist Lux on the PBE]

    Winter Summoner's Rift hits the PBE!

    [NOTE: Map is currently ENABLED in Normal Blind, Draft, and One for All game modes on PBE! This map will not go live in 6.24. ]

    The cool new Winter Summoner's Rift map is now enabled for PBE testing, packed full of poros, snow, Baron Santa hats, and more!
    Here's Riot Aeon with more information:
    "Heya guys, coming soon we're going to be enabling the winter version of Summoner's Rift on PBE for testing. 
    When developing the map we wanted to deliver the mood and atmosphere of Summoner's Rift during the winter holidays, while maintaining as much gameplay clarity as possible. 
    We added snow, ice, and holiday cheer.
    Even some fluffy friends from the Freljord have vacationed over for a visit. 
    We even updated a bunch of in-game abilities to have clearer visual effects so that you can still see them in the cold of winter. 
    We'll be keeping an eye on this thread, so please report any bugs you find here. 
    Riot Aeon"

    Here's a gallery of Winter Summoner's Rift screenshots:

    Look for more on this chilly version of Summoner's Rift as we near Snowdown & the winter holidays!

    All-Star 2016 Summoner Icons and In-game Effects

    New 2016 All-Star summoner icons for TEAM FIRE and TEAM ICE have been added! Equipping them enables temporary in-game emotes as well as unique recall stamp similar to the Worlds 2016 icons!



    Here's a brief preview video - 

    Using the new 2016 All-Star Team FIRE and Team ICE summoner icons will also change your profile page background on the LCU.
    [Raw Assets - Team FIRE / Team ICE]

    Look for more information on availability as the 2016 All-Star kicks off in early December!

    Elementalist Lux Login Theme

    As the skin continues testing this cycle, a login theme for Elementlist Lux is now on the PBE - the theme starts in the light form art and cycles through fire and water before looping back to light!


    Updated Poro King Loading Screen

    A new loading screen background art for Legend of the Poro King was added in this cycle!


    • One for All is back up on the PBE for more RGMQ testing - the focus this time is checking Ivern and the recent assassin updates in the game mode. More information here.
    • Warring Kingdoms Katarina's visual effects has been tweaked in this cycle! Compared to the 6.22 versions, the 6.23 version of her VFX has more pink and more flowers worked in. 

    Balance Changes

    Remember *: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical or experimental changes. Be aware that what you see below may be lacking context or other changes that didn't make it in or were implemented in an earlier patch this cycle! These are not official notes.

    • Twin Disciplines (Passive)
      • First strike Heal AP ratio increased to 45% from 30%
      • Second strike AP ratio increased to 65% from 50%
    • Twilight Shroud (W) energy cost lowered to 60/55/50/45/40 from 80/75/70/65/60
    • Crescent Slash (E)
      • AP ratio increased to 60% from 50%
      • Bonus AD ratio increased to 80% from 70%

    • Crystallize (W) cooldown lowered to 17 from 25
    • Frostbite (E) 
      • The double damage effect changed to [if target was recently stunned by Anivia or damaged by fully formed R] from [Slowed by Q or R]
      • Cooldown lowered to 4 seconds from 5 seconds
    • Glacial Storm (R) - now ramps up to full size in half the time, damage and such adjusted accordingly. 
      • Time to fully form lowered to 1.5 seconds from 3 seconds.
      • Base damage changed to 40/60/80 (+12.5% AP) from 80/120/160 (+25% AP)
      • The fully formed storm now deals 300% damage and slow by 30/45/60%" instead of "Damages,Slows, and Chills by an additional 50% at full size"
        • [Damage & slow  amounts ends up being the same  as live when fully formed.]

    • Void Swarm (W) -
      • Mana cost lowered to 40 from 80
      • Now works on a recharge system instead of just a 20-16 second cooldown.
        • [old] 20/19/18/17/16 second cooldown.
        • [new]20/19/18/17/16 recharge time & max of two stacks.
      • Voidling spawn on attack changed:
        • [old] "first time a voidling attacks a champion or monster, or assists in a killing a unit, Malzahar spawns a new Voidling with the same remaining duration." & "will not spawn from a voidling with less than 4 seconds left"
        • [new] "If a Voidling has more than 9 seconds remaining, its first attack against a champion or monster will spawn a new Voidling with the same remaining duration,"
      • Voidlings now have 3 "HP" - similar to wards.
      • Voidling Physical Damage changed to base + bAD from % of total AD.
        • [old]  30/32.5/35/37.5/40% of total AD
        • [new] 30/35/40/45/50 +  40% of bonus AD
      • Voidling damage AP ratio increased to 20% from 10%
      • Voidling detail changes:
        • [added]  "Deals 300% damage to lane minions effected by Malefic Visions (E) "
        • [added] "If target is afflicted by Nether Grasp (R) or Malefic Visions (E) and Malzahar is near by, has 100% increased attack speed.
        • [removed] "Prefers to attack targets with Nether Grasp (R) or Malefic Visions (E)"
        • [removed] "When 3 or ore voidlings are active, they all gain 50% attack speed"
        • [removed] "Deals 300% damage to lane minions below 20% health"

    • HP growth increased to 85 from 73
    • Armor growth increased to 3 from 2.6

    • Base health "increased" to  595 from 594.6
    • Base health regen "increased" to 1.72 from 1.7188
    • Fury of the Dragonborn (Passive)
      • Renamed to "Fury of the Dragonborn" from "Dragonborn"
      • New Effect:
    "Shyvana deals 10% more damage to dragons. 
    Shyvana gains 5 Armor and Magic Resistance. 
    Elemental drakes defeated by Shyvana or her allies grant her an additional 5 Armor and Magic Resistance. 
    Total bonus Armor and Magic Resistance: X"
    • Burnout (W) 
      • Dragon Form Effect changed:
        • [NEW]: "Burnout grows in size"
        • [OLD]: "Burnout scorches the earth, continuing to damage enemies that stand on it",
    • Flame Breath (E) 
      • AP ratio lowered to 30% from 60%
      • Projectile now stops after hitting a champion.
      • Dragon Form Effect changed:
        • [NEW]: "Flame Breath explodes on impact or at target location, dealing 100 - 200 (+30% AP) bonus magic damage and scorching the earth for 4 second. Enemies on scorched earth take 60-120 (+20% AP) magic damage per second.
          • 1st dmg - lvl 6-18: 100/105/110/115/120/130/140/150/160/170/180/190/200
          • 2nd dmg - lvl 6-18: 60/65/70/75/80/85/90/95/100/105/110/115/120
        • [OLD]: "Flame Breath engulfs all units in a cone in front of her"
    • Dragon's Descent (R) - 

    Blade of the Ruined King
    • Basic attacks now deal 8% of targets current health up from 6%

    Guinsoo's Rageblade
    • [added] Now has +25% attack speed

    Mikael's Crucible 
    • Base mana regen lowered to 100% from 150%

    Sterak's Gage
    • Total Price lowered to 2600 gold from 2700g

    Chalice of Harmony
    • Unique passive changed to Unique Passive - Harmony. 


    The following content has been testing on the PBE but will not be going to live in the patch.

    PBE Client Update Overview

    Here's a gallery showing off the PBE Client Update as of the 6.22 PBE Cycle:

    11/14 PBE LCU Update

    You can now change several in-game hotkeys from the LCU options menu.

    Testing various bonuses for queuing as as a solo player into flex queue - these are not always enabled.

    • "You're guaranteed one of your selected positions."
    • "You'll earn an IP bonus when you complete a game."

    10/27 PBE LCU Alpha

    Custom games are now enabled on the PBE LCU Alpha.
    You can also now open 10 hextech crafting chests at once.

    The PBE LCU is open to all PBE testers, see [this thread] for more information on how to get started with testing as well as known issues and updates! Sign ups for the LIVE (not PBE) LCU Alpha can be found here.

    Patch History for this cycle:

    11/8 PBE Update
    • New Ultimate Skin - Elementalist Lux
    • New Ward Skin
    • New Summoner Icons
    • Miscellaneous
    • Balance Changes

    • New Summoner Icons

    • Updated Poro King Loading Screen

      • Elementalist Lux Login Theme

      • Miscellaneous
      • Balance Changes
      • PBE LCU Alpha

      • Elementalist Lux Splash Art

      • Winter Summoner's Rift hits the PBE!

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