5.12 PBE Cycle

The PBE was last Updated on 6/18 with the 6/18 PBE Update
( With the release of patch 5.11 to live on June 10th, we started the new 5.12 PBE cycle )

Previous PBE Cycles in 2015
[4.21][5.1] [5.2] [5.3] [5.4] [5.5] [5.6] [5.7] [5.8] [5.9] [5.10] [5.11]

Below you will find a comprehensive list of balance changes & new content for the current (5.12) PBE cycle. As always, PBE changes are EXTREMELY TENTATIVE and it is entirely possibly changes have been missed during the cycle. These are not official notes.

Balance changes for this cycle (so far) can be found at the bottom of this page.

( Note: As the cycle continues, some images may be out dated! )

(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

Table of Contents

    New Pool Party Skins

    Patch 5.12 will include batch of five new Pool Party skins -  Pool Party DravenDr. MundoLuluRek'Sai, and Zac!

    Pool Party Draven

    975 RP

    Here's Riot KateyKhaos with a bugs and feedback thread for Pool Party Draven!
    "Hit the beach (or the Rift) in styyyle with Pool Party Draven
    Pool Party Draven will be 975 RP* and includes: 
    • New model and texture!
    • Some new particles!
    • Some new sound effects!
    • New recall animation! 
    Pool Party Draven is now available to play on PBE! As always, we find bug reports and feedback super helpful, so please feel free to comment in the thread below! Likewise, if you’ve got questions regarding the skin, post ‘em here, and we’ll do our best to answer them! 
    *Prices on PBE are subject to change."

    Pool Party Dr. Mundo

    975 RP

    [There is an ERROR in the video. His Q has unique SFX.]

    Here's Nurse Flan with a bugs & feedback thread for Pool Party Dr. Mundo:
    "Mundo thinks he needs a vacation.
    Mundo wants to go to the pool.
    Mundo gonna wear his favorite blue Hawaiian shirt.
    Mundo won't forget his ukulele! 
    Mundo has new things today!
    • New tropical model! (that Hawaiian shirt!)
    • New cleaver! (ukulele!)
    • Some new particles! (fun in the sun!)
    • New recall! (RIP ukulele)
    • *975 RP (pricing subject to change)
    • He lifts, bro.
    Mundo thinks you should leave your bugs and feedback in this thread. Or Mundo gets really mad. 
    See you on the Mundo!"

    Pool Party Lulu

    1350 RP

     Here's Nurse Flan with a bugs & feedback thread for Pool Party Lulu:
    "The best part about a Pool Party are the inflatable floaties! Though when too many people show up at the pool, the next best place to go is the beach! 
    Pool Party Lulu's packed up her trusty inflatable squid hat and arm floaties and went to the beach to build some sand castles. Be careful with Pix the Puffer Fish though, we don't want him to pop anything! 
    Check out all the cool, new, watery things this Yordle packs!
    • Completely new model (the squid hat eyes bobble!)
    • New particles! (so watery, with a sandcastle in the ult!)
    • New recall! (the squid takes over!)
    • Her clamshell staff opens up during her autoattacks!
    • New watery sound effects!
    • Pix the Puffer Fish!
    • *1350 RP (price subject to change) 
    As players who get the first look at this in-progress skin, it would be wonderful to hear your thoughts and feelings on Lulu's new Pool Party skinaw! The feedback and bugs you leave here will help us get a better idea of things we may still have to take a look at. :] 
    See you on the Rift!"
    Pool Party Rek'Sai and Zac use this orientation of the splash:

    Pool Party Rek'Sai

    1350 RP

    Here's Riot KateyKhaos with a bugs & feedback thread for Pool Party Rek'Sai:
    "You’re gonna need a bigger ult. 
    Rek’Sai joins the pool party this year – but beware – if you’re looking for a shark, you’re not gonna find her only on the land. ;D 
    Pool Party Rek’Sai will be 1350 RP* and includes:
    • New model and texture for Rek’Sai and her tunnels!
    • All new particles!
    • All new sound effects!
    • New recall and Void Rush (R) animations! 
    Pool Party Rek’Sai is now available to play on PBE! As always, we find bug reports and feedback super helpful, so please feel free to comment in the thread below! Likewise, if you’ve got questions regarding the skin, post ‘em here, and we’ll do our best to answer them!
    *Prices on PBE are subject to change.

    Pool Party Zac

    1350 RP

    Here's Galetta with a bugs & feedback thread for Pool Party Zac:
    "Time to introduce myself, 
    Pool Party Zac is here to make a splash! Everyone's favorite blob is finally ready to make his dramatically late debut at this years pool party! This skin includes:
    • New model and texture!
    • New Recall animation!
    • All new particles!
    • All new Sound Effects!
    This skin will be 1350rp. (pricing on PBE is subject to change) 
    Your feedback and bug reports are extremely helpful to us, so please check out Pool Party Zac and let us know what you think! Feel free to drop any bugs you find in this thread as well! 
    See you on the Rift! 
    Note: Zac's base animations for his (E) and (R) have gotten some quality of life clean up and adjustments! These changes aren't unique to his Pool Party skin, they will appear on his base and all of his existing skins!"

    New Chroma Packs

    We also have new chroma packs for CaitlynDariusMorganaRocket Girl Tristana,Zac, and Headhunter Master Yi!

    Before we jump into previews, here's Riot LoveStrut with a context post on the latest additions:
    "Chroma Packs are back (now with 300% more gomu gomu). We’re bouncing out four new champion base chroma packs and one champion skin chroma pack, all designed with a specific theme in mind. So whether you’re terrorizing your foes with Morgana Haunt or dropping the axe with Darius Forge, these chroma packs re-imagine champs and skins as you know them. 
    This round of chroma packs includes Morgana Haunt, Darius Forge, Caitlyn Rebel , Zac Sweet, and Rocket Girl Tristana Punk for 590 RP each.
    Let us know what you think of this champ and skin selection and who you think we should deck out in colors next! Got questions? Check out the Chroma Pack FAQ here.
    On to a better look:

    Caitlyn: Rebel Chroma

    Pink, Green, Blue
    590 RP for 3

    Darius: Forge Chroma

    Black Iron, Bronze, Copper
    590 RP for 3

    Morgana: Haunt Chroma

    Toxic, Pale, Ebony
    590 RP for 3

    Rocket Girl: Tristana Punk Chroma

    Navy, Purple, Orange
    590 RP for 3

    Zac: Sweet Chroma

    Orange, Bubblegum, Honey
    590 RP for 3

    Over on Twitter, KateyKhaos commented on the Zac's Chroma: " TO CLARIFY: The Zac Sweet Chroma pack includes Bubblegum (pink) Honey (yellow) and Orange (...orange). It does NOT include 'black Zac'.For reference, this is the black Zac chroma that was removed.

    As for why the black Zac chroma isn't actually a thing, LoveStrut commented:
    "As for black Zac, however, this was a placeholder texture from a long time ago that accidentally got out here. Unfortunately, we couldn't move forward with this color because dark colors (especially, just plain black) lead to gameplay readability problems such as not being able to immediately read Zac as he's coming out of the fog-of-war and not being able to provide effective shading on dark colors to aid readability and clarity."

    Headhunter Master Yi Strike Chroma 

    Gold, Aqua, Crimson
    590 RP for 3

    New Splash Art


    New Summoner Icons

    Two new summoner icons have been added in this cycle - one is a colorful painting poro and the other is the Pool Party event icon!

    VFX Changes


     Galio's  ability visual effects have been updated on the PBE!

    In addition to the base vfx changes, Gatekeeper Galio also has his own unique VFX:

    Check out these links to see the new VFX on each of Galio's skins:
    • Enchanted Galio - Video
    • Hextech Galio Video
    • Commando Galio Video
    • Gatekeeper Galio - Video
    • Debonair Galio - Video


    Brand has received VFX changes in today's PBE patch, most notably to his W and his R.

    Cryocore Brand and Zombie Brand also has updated VFX

    Here's a brief video preview of the VFX changes in action:

    [Zombie Brand section of video outdated as of 6/17]

    Check out these links to see the new VFX on each of Brand's skins:
    • Apocalyptic Brand - Video
    • Vandal Brand - Video
    • Cryocore Brand - Video
    • Zombie Brand - Video


    As with Brand and Galio, Corki also has a set of VFX changes on the PBE! The most notable changes are to his auto attack, Q's vision reveal, W trail, and rockets!

    [Corki's Auto attack is no longer a tiny missile.]
    [Q Reveal VFX] 

    Dragonwing Corki's R missiles have also been updated to use the same missile the big one does.
    Here's a brief video of the Corki VFX updates in action:

    Check out these links to see the new VFX on each of Corki's skins:
    • UFO Corki - Video
    • Ice Toboggan Corki Video
    • Red Baron Corki Video
    • Hot Rod Corki Video
    • Urfrider Corki Video
    • Dragonwing Corki Video
    • Fnatic Corki Video


    As with GalioBrandCorki earlier this cycle, Nautilus has received VFX tweaks in today's patch.  While mostly clean up and polish, one noticeable change is the debris removed from his E and R.
    AstroNautilus also has a similar set of changes:

    Here's a short video showing off Nautilus and AstroNautilus VFX tweaks:

    Check out these links to see the new VFX on each of Nautilus's skins:
    • Abyssal Nautilus - Video
    • Subterranean Nautilus - Video
    • AstroNautilus - Video
    • Warden Nautilus - Video

    Pool Party Minions

    As mentioned as a potential reward for the upcoming Team Up and Pool Party event, Pool Party themed minions have been added!
    There is currently no Pool Party themed Super Minion.


    • Champion Mastery Emotes are now visible to enemies.
    • [BUG FIXSuper Galaxy Rumble's drill now once again changes colors when he overheats. 

    Balance Changes

    * Remember *: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical changes. The changes you see below may be lacking context or other accompanying changes that didn't make it in - don't freak out! These are not official notes.


    • Ranger's Focus (Q) tooltip changed to "Hitting a spell or attack grants" from "Apply Frost Shot grants.."
    • Winter's Bite (Q) damage increased to 70/115/160/205/250 from 60/105/150/195/240
    • Winter's Bite (Q) mana cost reduced to 45/50/55/60/65 from 55/60/65/70/75

    • Base Mana increased to 300 from 280
    • Base attack speed reduced to  .625 attacks per second from .644
    • Attack Speed per level growth increased to 3.3% from 3%
    • Mana per level increased to 50 from 40
    • Timewinder (Q) AP ratio on initial hit reduced to .1 from .2. 
    • Timewinder (Q) AP ratio on return hit reduced to .55 from .6
    • Chronobreak (R) mana cost increased to 100 from 0

      • Spider Queen (Passive)
      • Renamed "Spider Queen" from "Spider Swarm".
      • Tooltip now displays the bonus on-hit magic damage that was previously on R's tooltip. 
      •  NEW EFFECT: Attacks in spider form now heal Elise for 4/6/8/10 +( .15 AP)
      • Skittering Frenzy (Spider W) Elise is no longer healed by her own or spiderling attacks while active.
      • Rappel (Spider E) New Effect - "After descending, Elise's personal spider attacks have their bonuses increased by 40/55/70/85/100% for 5 seconds"
      • Spider Form (R) tooltips updated to go along with passive change..

      • Idol of Durand (R) base damage lowered to 200/300/400 from 220/330/440
      • Idol of Durand (R) damage now increases by 10% for each attack suffered from 5%. Maximum bonus damage now up to 80% [360/540/720 (+1.08 AP)] from 40% [308/462/616 (+ .84 AP)]

      • Base HP regen per second reduced to 1.1 from 1.7356
      • HP Regen per second per level reduced to .1 from .17
      • Barrel Roll (Q) slow duration reduced to 1.3 seconds from 2 seconds
      • Barrel Roll (Q) slow duration now also scales up to 150% as the cask ferments
      • [Note: This means the slow will be ~ the same if Q is allowed to fully charge]

      Jarvan IV
      • Demacian Standard (E) cooldown reduced to 13/12.5/12/11.5/11 from 13 at all ranks

      • Grandmaster's Might (R) active's Armor bonus increased to 30/50/70 from 20/35/50
      • Grandmaster's Might (R) active's  MR bonus increased to 30/50/70 from 20/35/50

      • Prismatic Barrier (W) now shields Lux immediately.
      • Lucent Singularity (E) you are now able to "pre detonate" E rather than the small delay once it lands.

      • Brutal Strikes (W) damage for active's additional physical damage lowered to [15/30/45/60/75 +(.1 AP)] from [25/40/55/70/85 +(.15 AP)]
      • Brutal Strikes (W) a .1 armor ratio has been added to the active's extra damage on hit.
      • [Note: This means every 10 armor increases damage by 1.]
      • Brutal Strikes (W) splash range increased to 225 from 200.
      • [Note: The base damage and AP ratio were lowered because the ability also now scales up in damage with Malphite's Armor.]

      • Arcane Mastery (Passive) 
      • stack duration lowered to 10 seconds from 12 seconds
      • supercharged duration down to [2.5 seconds increasing to 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds based on Q's rank] from 6 seconds
      • tooltip no longer mentions spells cooled down to a minimum of .25
      • Overload (Q)
      •  damage increased  to  60/95/130/165/200 from 65/95/125/155/185
      •  mana cost changed to 40 at all rank from 30/35/40/45/50
      •  new passive effect " "Arcane Mastery's supercharged duration is increased to 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds"
      •  line width increased to 55 from 50
      • Rune Prison (W) 
      • damage changed to 80/100/120/140/160 from 65/95/125/155/185
      •  root duration changed to 1/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 seconds from .75/1/1.25/1.5/1.75
      • Subjugate (R) % of enemy's max health drain increased to 20/27.5/35% from 20/24/28%

      • [Scarizard has tweeted that Tryndamere's Critical Strike animation is now faster on the PBE, "making it easier to attackmove with crits (and harder to cancel on accident)" ]

      [RemovedItem 3901, 3902, 3903
      • Three new items added. No stats, no description but they do say "This item is only available to Gangplank."
      • [Note: These items have been removed off the PBE. Yo-ho-no.....]

      Abyssal Scepter

      [Replaced] Enchantment: Magus
      • Replaced by Enchantment: Runeglaive

      [New Item] Enchantment: Runeglaive
      • Builds out of [Sheen + Jungle Item + 200g]
      • Stats:
      • 40 AP
      • 200 Mana
      • +10% Cooldown Reduction
      • UNIQUE Passive - Spellblade: After using an ability, the next basic attack is converted into magic damage and deals 75% Base Attack Damage (+30% of Ability Power) bonus magic damage on hit in an AoE around the target (1.5 second cooldown). When attacking a monster, this also restores 8% of your missing Mana."
      Here's a brief video demo of Runeglaive in action on a few different champions.

      Hextech Sweeper (Twisted Treeline Trinket)
      • Cooldown increased to 90 from 60

        Inhibitor & Nexus Turrets
        • Attacks no longer slow movement speed by 10% and reduce targets damage by 15%.

        Defensive Mastery Tree Changes
        Several of the defensive tree masteries have been swapped around, as well as the removal of Runic Blessing and the addition of a new Adaptive Armor mastery.

        Tier 1
        Enchanted Armor replaced by Swiftness:
        • 2 Points  - "Reduced the effectiveness of slows by 7.5/15%

        Tier 3
        Oppression replaced by Tenacious:
        • 1 Point - "Reduces the duration of crowd control effects by 10%"

        Tier 4
        Swiftness replaced by Adaptive Armor (New)
        • 1 Point - "Gain 3% of your bonus armor as magic resist if you have more bonus armor than bonus magic resist. Gain 3% of your bonus magic resist as armor if you have more bonus magic resist than bonus armor."

        Tier 5
        Legendary Guardian replaced by Enchanted Armor.
        • 4 Points - "Increases bonus armor and magic resist by 2/4/6/8%

        Tier 6
        Runic Blessing (Removed) replaced with Oppression
        • 1 Point - "Reduces damage taken by 2% from enemies that have impaired movement (slows, snares, taunts, stuns, etc)"

        Tier 7
        Tenacious replaced with Legendary Guardian
        • 1 Point  - "+3 Armor and Magic Resist for each nearby Enemy Champion"

        Removed Content

        HUD Update

        [NOTE: As of the 6/17 update, the HUD Update was turned back off again.]

        The previously announced HUD Update is now back on the PBE for additional testing! Remember that this update is a heavy work in progress.
        "Hi all, 
        Just a quick note that the HUD Update is now on and will stay on until we go to live environments with it (actual date of live tbd). 
        Notable changes:
        • PAR bars are now on the team frames 
        Notable Bugs:
        • We're still working through some scaling issues 
        • All of the PAR bars are Blue (Regardless as to if your team mates use mana or not) 
        As mentioned above, the team frames now once again show ally resources (mana, energy, etc)!
        For more, check out our earlier PBE coverage  and preview of the HUD Update. Read up on the HUD Update over on the HUD Update release announcement and the recent Q&A!

        Upcoming Pathfinding Changes

        [Note: These are being removed from the PBE as they are not going to live in 5.12. Expect them to return in the 5.13 PBE cycle.]

        Here's Riot Reinboom with context on pathfinding changes currently on the PBE for testing!
        "Hey everyone! Riot Reinboom here with context on an upcoming change to pathfinding.

        The short of it: We're rewriting a lot of the "stuck pathing" rules the game has in order to make the system more predictable and, when 'stuck', more forgiving. Ideally, helping alleviate a lot of the creep blocking pains.

        This change will be on the PBE but will not be going out with next patch. Changing anything with pathfinding could have some serious feels unknowns that we would like to capture and understand first.

        There are three major areas this change should touch.
        1. What happens when a unit is actively on top of and sticking with another unit. If you've seen someone get stuck by Krugs or a ward this is a major part of it. The new rules should detect for overlaps better and let the champion walk away freely from their overlaps (effectively, a pseuo-ghost effect if your directly on top of something).
        2. How units path between packs of units, like a large minion wave. The goal here is to make this more predictable. It should be more obvious why your champion may try to move through a group of minions or why they won't try.
        3. How units predict where they can go towards. For pathing, there's some amount of look-ahead needed in order to make sure a unit isn't moving towards an area they will soon be stuck in. Ideally, your character (and minions!) should be avoiding areas that will soon block them more so than on live.

        We're extra interested in any reports where you get stuck by a single unit anywhere on the map. Screenshots and videos super super useful if you do find any.

        Any feedback about last hitting as a melee champion is also highly encouraged. :)"
        As stated above these will NOT be releasing to live in 5.12.

        Patch History for this cycle:
        6/9 PBE Update
        • New Pool Party Skins
        • New Chroma
        • New Splash Art
        • HUD Update
        • Balance Changes

        • HUD Update is back
        • New Chroma Pack Assets
        • Miscellaneous
        • Balance Changes

          6/11 PBE Update
          • Ryze and Lux Balance Changes
          • Mastery Tree Changes

          6/12 PBE Update
          • Galio VFX Changes
          • Headhunter Master Yi Chroma
          • PP Rek'Sai Updates
          • Pool Party Minions

          • New Splash Art 
          • New Summoner Icons
          • Skin Updates
          • Brand VFX Changes
          • Corki VFX Changes
          • Gatekeeper Galio
          • Chroma Pack Assets
          • Upcoming Pathfinding Changes
          • Balance Changes

          • Nautilus VFX Changes
          • HUD Update switched off
          • Miscellaneous
          • Balance Changes

          • Enchantment: Runeglaive
          • Corki Q VFX
          • Miscellaneous
          • Balance Changes

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