EU LCS Summer Split Week #7

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Week #7 of the EU LCS Summer Split will feature eight games played over the course of two days and starts on Saturday at 9:00 PDT // 12:00 EDT // 18:00 CEST!
Continue reading for schedules, VODs (when available), promo videos and more!

The LCS teams returning from the Spring season to participate in the summer split are FnaticGambit BenQEG RaidcallNinjas in Pyjamas (formerly Copenhagen Wolves), and SK GamingJoining them this season, fresh from  the Summer Promotion tournament, are Meet Your Makers, Team Alternate, and Lemondogs (formerly Sinners Never Sleep).

The Summer Split will continue over the next 9 weeks with each of the eight teams playing a total of 28 games each. An easy to read, advanced schedule can be found here.

After an amazing Week #6, there's a four way tie for first place between Team Alternate, Fnatic, Lemondogs, and Gambit Gaming with 10-8 records! Meet Your Makers pull up the rear with a 7-11 record.

This week's games feature 8 games total, with each team playing two times over two days.

This week's games will also be played on patch 3.9

Day 1: Saturday
Ninjas in Pyjamas vs EG Raidcall
9:00 PDT // 12:00 EDT // 18:00 CEST

*Gambit BenQ vs Fnatic
10:00 PDT // 13:00 EDT // 19:00 CEST
*Voidle is subbing for Darker

 Meet Your Makers vs Team Alternate
11:00 PDT // 14:00 EDT // 20:00 CEST
SK Gaming vs Lemondogs
12:00 PDT // 15:00 EDT // 21:00 CEST
Day 2: Sunday

Team Alternate vs Gambit BenQ*
9:00 PDT // 12:00 EDT // 18:00 CEST
*Voidle is subbing for Darker

Fnatic vs Lemondogs
10:00 PDT // 13:00 EDT // 19:00 CEST
SK Gaming vs EG Raidcall
11:00 PDT // 14:00 EDT // 20:00 CEST
Meet Your Makers vs  Ninjas in Pyjamas
12:00 PDT // 15:00 EDT // 21:00 CEST

As for promos, we have one featuring a special fan who got the his wish to hangout with several of the LCS players. The original Reddit post with more information can be found here.

As always, be sure to check out for more information on teams, advanced scheduling, and more! 

Miss one of the previous weeks of LCS? We got you covered.

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