Red Post Collection: Morello on S4 Changes, Xelnath's musings on Trist's E, Ohmikegoodness as Yorick.

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Today's red post collection features Morello tweetin' about S4 changes, Xelnath brainstorming on Tristana's E, and Ohmikegoodness doing his best Yorick impression.
Continue reading for the delicious, delicious red posts.

Morello on S4 Changes
In case you haven't been around for the end of a season before, Riot usually fills the gap between seasons with big balance changes or mechanics updates. Season 2 to Season 3 saw a massive item overhaul, sweeping jungle changes, and more.

Morello deployed a few tweets about S4 earlier today.

" Getting stoked for next seasons gameplay changes. We're starting our prototypes this week - fixing lots of longstanding issues..."
"...Xypherous, Statikk and @RiotFeralPony will be doing some info gathering and light info in the coming months."

As far as a little preview of what is to come, he mentioned:
"big ideas are changes to ward/vision systems, game pacing, and yes, support/jungler gold changes!"
It's not all good though, he also mentioned that it's unlikely we'll see Harrowing / Snowdown Showdown maps this year.

Xelnath on Tristana's E
( This is likely just a musing - don't hold it as confirmation of a change . )

In a thread discussing the mechanics of Tristana's E ability, Xelnath posed an interesting question:
"What would you guys think if Tristana's E was changed into a buff that added the DoT to your next auto attack?"
He continued, noting it wouldn't be able to give her an auto attack reset:
"Couldn't be an AA reset."
and that you could activate before jump for the same combo as now but without all the targetting issues
"Tristana's burst is already high, character kit can't afford an AA reset.

However, you'd get the same damage in the same window, without the targetting clunkyness. Could also make it so the proc couldn't be spent except on champions."
Ohmikegoodness as Yorick Mori
Lastly, we have ohmikegoodness sharing an animation reference video for a certain Gravedigger.
"Happy Friday summoners! 
Here is another animation reference video! This was Yorick's run cycle!

I was trying to solve the problem of foot sliding during run cycles, and animated him moving forward in space! While that fixed the problem, it was very time consuming and very difficult to create a loop! We have since come up with faster methods, but I will always remember YORICK MOREY..."

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