6/26 PBE Update: Extremely small patch

Posted on at 1:44 PM by Moobeat
A small PBE patch has been pushed to the PBE. Nothing to exciting, seems to be last minute polish for patch 3.9 - small balance tweaks, a few bug fixes ( including Vilemaw! )  a few things have been moved around, and still no word on the Udyr skin.
Balance changes
  • Dragon's Descent ( R ) now generates 2 fury on hit down from 2/2.5/3.*
Over on reddit, Scarizard commented on this Shyvana change , reminding everyone to take in the context of changes and that this is a revert to live values.
"Keep in mind the Shyvana nerf is a revert to live numbers and is only a nerf relative to the changes we're testing.

The core issue is that increasing the rate at which she passively generated fury -and- the rate at which she built fury per auto-attack was accelerating her dragonfury a little too much. In some cases, players were being stuck in their Dragon form when they wanted to defend the base, push, or farm the jungle (thus prolonging the time to the next transformation). The change you aren't seeing is that in response her Dragon Form drains less Fury per second, ensuring that she's able to transform - stay around longer - but then appropriately reset and prepare her next ult cast."

As requested, you can find a comprehensive list of balance changes included in this PBE cycle by visiting our new "Current PBE Balance Changes" page.

Miss one of the previous updates this PBE cycle? No worries, we got you covered!

P.S: For those asking about 6/25's patch, it was even smaller than this one so I didn't make a standalone post - nothing notable was changed. 

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