Red Post Collection: Gangplank Update Discussion, LCK Icons Available, Account Security reminder, & More

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This morning's red post collection includes discussion on the Gangplank champion update, a look at the ten LoL Champions Korea team summoner icons now in the shop, Zeronis with concept art for Captain Fortune, L4T3NCY on the Black Market Brawlers exclusive Trickster's Glass item, a reminder on account security, a new episode of /ALL Chat & more!
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Domination and rotations: LCK team icons

Ten new LCK team summoner icons are now available in the shop, both individually and in a bundle.
"Known for teams being ruthless and unforgiving on the international stage, League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) is an esports league unlike any other in the world. LCK has not only produced multiple League of Legends World Championship winners, including SKT and SSW, but is also home to Faker, the Mid-laner nicknamed “The Unkillable Demon King.” 

Whether you think Korea will be able to repeat their 2014 Worlds victory and take home the coveted Summoner’s Cup again or you just love watching the LCK, you can unlock the 2015 LCK Icons Bundle from now until September 1. For 2000 RP, you’ll unlock all 10 LCK team icons from Summer Split. Individual icons can also be purchased for 250 RP each.
Stay updated on the latest LCK news over on with articles, Power Rankings and weekly recaps on PrimeTime League. Catch all the LCK action live with the weekly English broadcast on Lolesports as they determine which teams will represent Korea at the 2015 World Championship in October."
The ten new icons include:

Gangplank Update Discussion

With Gangplank's champion update announced and now on the PBE, several Rioters gathered on the boards and reddit to discuss the new Saltwater Scourge!

When asked if Gangplank's new Trial By Fire passive works on towers, Scruffy noted:
"The passive works on towers too. GP burns cities to the ground."
He also commented that, as the tooltip notes, GP's Q does NOT proc his new passive.
"Q does not apply the passive (it's sword attacks only) but it still applies other melee effects like tiamat or melee iceborn gauntlet proc."

He also confirmed you are intended to use Q to detonate his new E powder kegs :
"Oh you can DEFINITELY Q the powder keg. This is basically the point. If the barrel kills multiple minions when you Q, you get parrrley gold for all of them. BANK"
As for how long they last, Scruffy commented:
"Barrels last for a really long time (like a minute or something) and there's no limit to how many you can place. It's mostly gated by a charge system (like corki R)."
Solcrushed added:
"They expire after 1 minute, also barrels don't stack damage so you cant do Teemo stuff. We want you to play dominoes not minesweeper/ 
On the flip side, barrels have 0 cd (although they have a cast time) so as long as you have ammo you are free to use them anyway you see fit"
As for why Gangplank's doesn't detonate his E kegs, Solcrushed shared:
"1. This takes away from the high-reward high-counterplay paradigm we have set up for the E since it makes them unavoidable inside the R. With the end result being GP players are less engaged in the keg gameplay and will just use them as R damage fodder

2. Since the E hitting will be more or less guaranteed against targets inside the R, we will need to nerf base R numbers to compensate, which leads to the actual unique use case of the spell (global firepower support) becoming much weaker

3. It makes GP AD Teemo, we already have Teemo"

Statikk also chimed in with his own power keg full of Gangplank tidbits:
Hey guys I'm really hyped for the new GP rework, but I don't have a pbe account to answer some of the questions I still have and was wondering if anyone with an account could answer these for me. 1. Can powder keg explosions crit? (Looked like it in the video but idk for sure with the text changes). 2. Can Parrrley apply his passive and kill powder kegs? 2.5 Assuming he can kill powder kegs with Parrrley, does he still get bonus gold? 3. Do powder kegs grant vision? 4. Can powder kegs placed over walls still chain? 5. How many powder kegs can Gangplank store at once? 6. Is there a limit to the powder kegs being placed? 7. How many serpents is each upgrade? 8. Do the upgrades take up an inventory slot or are they a permanent buff consumable type thing? 9. If Gangplank uses his passive on a target, resets it with powder keg, and then uses it on the same target do the buff stack or are they refreshed?
Turns out I have a PBE account! =O
  1. Powder Kegs can crit...I know we're insane.
  2. Parrrley does NOT proc Trial By Fire (his passive) - only his melee attacks will. This allowed us to make the passive attacks really strong and make it rewarding for Gangplank to close into melee. Parrrley can be used to destroy Powder Kegs - in fact it's probably the primary way to proc them. Yes, you get all the gold from all minions killed by a Parrrley'd Powder Keg.
  3. Powder Kegs grant very, very minimal vision.
  4. Powder Kegs over walls do chain.
  5. The max amount of Kegs is based on his R rank. It goes from 2-5.
  6. There is no max limit. Only limited by its 60 second duration and your CDR. =)
  7. 500 Silver Serpents per upgrade.
  8. The Cannon Barrage upgrades are buffs like consumables but permanent. They don't crowd his inventory.
  9. The DoT will be refreshed in this case, though the DoT is a pretty short duration so overlapping them is pretty tough.
Hope this helps and hope you have fun when you get the chance to play him!
On Gangplank's three unique R upgrades, he also added in:
"Each of them costs 500 Silver Serpents at the moment - you can buy them in any order. Tuning is of course subject to change. >.>"

For more on the Gangplank champion update, check out our PBE coverage! 

Captain Fortune Art

With the Bilgewater content on the PBERiot Zeronis tweeted out concept art for Captain Fortune:
[1] "Pleasure working on this skin! Team did awesome job! #LeagueOfLegends #bilgewater #zeronis"
The Captain Fortune splash art, which is now on the PBE, was done by Jason Chan.
[Check out the PBE megathread for a better look at the six upcoming skins in 5.14!]

Ezreal PBE changes being pulled & Lucian on Radar

Following the 7/9 PBE update, Scarizard hopped on reddit to note that the Ezreal Q/R AP ratio changes seen in the update will be pulled from the PBE shortly.
"The changes you see here are already being pulled - we're looking to see how the Runeglaive changes impact AP Ezreal's dominance as of right now. As it stands, the proposed changes here didn't really align with our goals for the future and so we're poppin' em out. 
We're talking about changes for Ezreal in a future patch, but the intent wouldn't be to nerf him or dramatically change his power - we think 'botlane' ezreal's been pretty weak for a while and want to find some improvements to him there specifically."
He continued:
I'm glad you're doing this. 
AP Ezreal has been fine for years with very clear early game weakness'. With the changes to runeglaive only proccing on monsters, these early weakness' are back. I'm glad you guys didn't kneejerk nerf multiple aspects of the champion like in the past. 
I do hope that the future changes to buff bot lane Ezreal aren't at expense of pigeon-holing him out of the midlane though.
We agree. If somehow AP Ezreal perseveres without these weaknesses that'll be a different conversation, but we'd like to understand the problem space a little better. 
As for Bot vs Mid - the goal isn't to boot him out of mid, but pre-glaive any Ezreal play was solely in midlane. Allowing him the ability to be played as a botlaner without putting yourself at a disadvantage is what we're going for here, not 'pigeon-holing'.
He continued:
"Essence Flux is a big focus for us in the future. Whether or not it's in the next round i can't say, but making it feel like a 'real' ability is something we want to do."
Speaking of marksmen feeling a bit on the weak side, Scarizard also briefly commented on the status of  Lucian, saying:
Also, please forward my(our) compliments to DanielZKlein, he's definitely the most fun to play ADC ever made. Lucian's in a weird spot and feels weak, still end up picking him sometimes, he's that enjoyable.
"Lucian's definitely on our radar. That's all i really have to talk about for the moment."

On 5.13 Slow Changes

In a thread discussing the patch 5.13 changes to slow stacking and the impact of that change on champions with slows who wish to purchase Iceborn Gauntlet or Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Meddler noted:
"Removing stacking slows will make Iceborn Gauntlet, Rylai's, Red buff etc less valuable on champions that already have slows on their kits. It also somewhat reduces the value of having multiple champions with frequent slows on the same team. We believe it's a good change for the game though in large part because slows most affect champions without dashes/blinks/leaps. We'd like to help those immobile champs out a bit, reduce some of the power discrepancy between dash/no dash. 
As far as champs like Trundle go we still expect Iceborn Gauntlet to be a decent option. His Q slow has a really short duration, so the overlap period is brief, while his E slow's got a pretty limited radius. It's not as valuable a pick up as it was, but should still be viable. Additionally, as a melee champ very dependent on his own movement speed, we also expect Trundle to be one of the more noticeable beneficiaries of this change, in terms of what he has to deal with from the enemy team."

L4T3NCY on Black Market Brawlers Trickster's Glass item

In addition to being able to hire unique minions to storm down the lane, the upcoming Black Market Brawlers featured gamemode also includes a slew of mode exclusive items with unique and powerful effects to play around with.

One of these exclusive items if the Trickster's Glass, which lets you blink to and take the appearance of an ally for 30 seconds to deceive your opponents.
L4T3NCY popped on to reddit to elaborate on this tricky item, explaining
"I'm gonna hi-jack here to answer some questions about Trickster's Glass. :P 
It is a TOTAL disguise. :)
-- Emote/Taunt spam is of the copied champion.
-- Disguise includes current HP (EG: Copy a champ who looks low on HP. The baits..)
-- Taking damage does not break the disguise.
-- Taking 'fatal damage' will break the disguise though (as though they'd killed you. But they totally didn't coz you're a Malph with 4K HP mwahaha). 
"I'm a harmless Support. Don't worry about me" -fed Assassin"
He continued:
[1] "There is a short range on the cast (550 units) so you must be fairly close to your desired disguise target."
[2]"The disguise is only visual, you don't copy any champion functionality. 
EG: Disguise as a stealthed Twitch and you will just look like that Twitch. No stealth."
[3] "Yes, multiple champs can disguise as the same ally (assuming they each purchased their own Trickster's Glass to use)."
[4] "If YOU die, the disguise is immediately broken and it's just like normal. All of YOUR regular on-death passives will trigger."
[5] "Yes, it copies summoner name. :)"
Just to be clear, this is an item exclusive to the Black Market Brawlers featured game mode! More information on Black Market Brawlers can be found in this PBE boards post or in our PBE coverage.

Report Categories being redesigned

When asked about "unpunishable" report options such as Unskilled player and why they exist, Lyte noted:
"We're actually in the process of re-designing some of the report categories because some of them overlap and some of them simply aren't meaningful in the modern version of the game. 
In the old days, the "unpunishable" reports were used strictly for research purposes and analytics. For example, when a player receives too many Unskilled Player reports it helped us analyze the matchmaker to determine how the system put that player in that position."
For those interested, Lyte, he has also recently started up an account to answer player questions.

Ekko's R & Grey Health

In a reddit thread inquiring as to why Ekko doesn't use Tahm Kench's  E "grey health" to show how much damage he has taken in the last four seconds, Gypsylord commented:
Since we know that The Technology is there (tm) , can ekko use grey health for his ult heal? Ie, Ekko has grey health showing how much health he has lost in the last 4s, and then he gains a proportion of that health back. This adds Clarity to the (30%+3.33% per 100 AP of damage) heal that he gets for enemies and himself. This should encourage Ekko to make more clear decisions if he should ult for damage or wait after some burst for a bigger heal. 
TLDR; Ekko uses grey health to show the damage he has taken in the last 4s when his clone is up

"Ekko actually used grey health before Tahm Kench did! 
2 problems we ran into that caused me to remove it:

  1. Caused clutter on the health bar. He was always looking tankier than he actually was (given the fact that he doesn't always choose to ult whereas Tahm can almost always use his shield) + hard to tell how low you were getting him. Got even messier when he was being shielded.
  2. When we tested him without the grey health nothing about his decision making changed. Ekko players were still ulting at the same times in the same situations. Do you need to get to that place and do some damage? ult. Do you need to avoid death and heal? ult. Rarely does Ekko focus on the exact amount of healing he is getting, he just wants to heal in the first place. Compare this to Tahm, who is constantly asking the question, "Will I avoid more damage with this shield I'm getting or should I wait and get the healing afterwards?" Tahm's decision making is more focused on the exact amount of grey health he has and comes at a higher cadence.
So yeah given grey health didn't affect his decision making while having a real clarity cost I decided it wasn't appropriate for Ekko. 

Account Security reminder 

In light of a recent account scam, Riot Triggs tweeted out a reminder for players to think twice about suspicious links and alleged promotions that aren't communicated through official Riot channels.
[1] "If you get a pool party promotions link, it's fake and its an attempt to steal credentials. We won't ask you to spam links to your friends." 
[2] "Always be careful when a site asks you spam a link for a promotion, or enter your credentials to get "free RP." There's no such thing." 
[3] "If you've entered your credentials or feel like you may have been duped, please change your password ASAP."

Riot Cluvie also posted on the boards with a reminder on account security:
"Hey ya’ll! 
It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a reminder, but I wanted to do so again due to the amount of reports I’m receiving regarding in game phishing/spam links/etc. 
Any promotions or events ran will be announced and confirmed by Riot --,, or 
General Questions: 
Q: I was sent a suspicious link from a friend I trust but I don’t recognize it, what should I do? 
A: USE CAUTION! If it’s not hosted on one of the websites above, we cannot ensure your computer’s security if you visit them. Remember, facechecking the web is dangerous, so use your best judgement. Be sure to have your antivirus programs up-to-date. 
Q: But I entered my username and password into this website! Should I change my password? 
A: YES! Please change your password immediately. You can change your password by logging into your account management and clicking on change password. 
Q: Is there any harm going to these free skin/RP generator websites but not doing anything? 
A: YES! You never know what scripts are running in the background. If you’ve visited any suspicious websites, I would strongly suggest you go ahead and scan your computer with your preferred antivirus program. 
If you cannot log into your account at all, you can recover your password by using the password recovery here. Still having issues? Please contact support
We also have an extensive Knowledge Base article available with additional tips and tricks on what you can do to ensure your account is secure: – Please give this a thorough read if you have a chance!" 

/ALL Chat | Summoner's Rift Pizza ft. Extra Cheese

Last up, we have a new episode of /ALL Chat!

"This episode of ALL Chat features do-it-yourself art, projects and game modes that you can try at home (if you have the right stuff)! Take a trip down the parmesan river with James, witness Mel’s dodging skills on Baron Pit Dodgeball and Josh does pushups. If you try out any of this awesome stuff yourself, let us know in the comments! 
Also, uh… regarding that whole makeover thing. Sorry, James. 
Tell us what you think!"

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