Red Post Collection: Tristana's new splash not going out in 5.2, Champ Design Panel from PAX South, Fizz Icon, & more!

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This afternoon's red post collection includes Ququroon explaining that Tristana's upcoming champion update in 5.2 will not include a new splash art as they are still working on it, confirmation the new Fizz summoner icon will be available on all servers, IronStylus sharing an update on Taric's visual update, a look at the "LoL Champion Design: The Good, The Bad, and The Urgot" panel from PAX South, & more!
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Updated Tristana Splash Art Not going out in 5.2

Over the weekend, Ququroon tweeted out explaining that Tristana's new splash art  (first added in the 1/22 PBE update) has been pulled from the PBE and will not be going live with her upcoming champion update in patch 5.2!
[1] "Hey all, due to the unfinished state of Tristana's new splash, we'll be pulling it from her release to further iterate and polish on it."
[2] "We still plan to ship Tristana in 5.2, so you can still look forward to that. We'll update the splash later. Thank you for understanding."
[3] "If I wasn't clear, we want to get the new splash out as soon as possible, but when it's in a completed state.

To recap, Tristana's updated splash art was pulled from the PBE while they continue to work on it. Tristana's visual and gameplay updates are still going out in patch 5.2.

Fizz Summoner Icon to be available for all servers

In a Q&A on Oce's exclusive OCEAN WEEK event, Riot Maraudaur has confirmed that all serves will have access to the new Fizz summoner icon - which was first previewed as one of the stretch goals for that event.
"Fizz icon will be available to everyone on the OCE server for 1 IP if the goal is met. 
It will also be available on other servers, but for a cost."

Meddler on Azir in 5.3

Meddler swooped onto the forums to note that - as explained in our PBE coverage - Azir's Q range indicator. not the actual spell range, was tweaked on the PBE and comment on potential balance changes in 5.3:
"This is an indicator change only, the spell's actual range isn't increasing.

We're considering Azir nerfs for 5.3, he's stronger in some situations than he should be. Range is one of the possible nerf points (it was while looking at his ranges we realized the indicator was off)."

IronStylus with an update on Taric VU

When asked for an update on where the long awaited Taric visual update is, IronStylus explained:
"Status: Still in pre-production.

We've been meeting with our Narrative bros and they've got some neat ideas for him. Some deeper and more out-there thoughts that might really create some new fertile ground for him while still keeping him familiar. It's an interesting place to be.

I restarted his concept ideation to reflect some of those ideas and come up with some options that span the requirements of the game, what players' expectations of Taric are and also pad for the opportunity for more stories to be told about him in the future. We're experimenting with some new directions but so far they've yielded some very interesting results. So much so that I and another artist are spinning in a direction that's a little tangential from what has been thought of and discussed early on. The basic challenge is how to make Taric not just a dude in fancy armor, but a special sorta paladin for League. That's where we're at now.

His kit remains in production, my hope is that we'll figure out a solid visual direction for him early in the year that will compliment the new kit. THOUGH ANYTHING COULD CHANGE, YA KNOW"

IronStylus on Pantheon VU

In a separate thread asking if he thinks Pantheon could use a visual updates for, IronStylus shared his thoughts on Pantheon, Targon, and what he sees as the most challenging part of a potential VU:
"Yes. Yes he does.

Problem: How to make Spartan dude not Spartan dude but still make him sorta feel like Spartan dude.

Anyway, there's probably space in Targon to really make something of Panth. Right now Targon itself needs some fleshing out before that can be the case. Is Targon our celestial-grecco-roman-ish playground thing? Cool. We can't be JUST a ripoff of that though. We've gotta make our nods of the mythology we're tapping into but we've also gotta put it in a unique place.

I think we'll probably get to a VU when we flesh Targon out more. Hell, I'd adapt Leona to a more deep connection to Targon if we flesh the region out more. I think Diana falls more in line with what could inspire an aesthetic of Targon form language, but that inspiration would have to be reverse engineered onto Leona and Pantheon both I feel.

Either way, he's probably not going to get anything super soon. Good news though is that as we saw with Dragon Slayer Pantheon's successful execution as a skin, we can make a pretty cool new base from that potentially along the lines of Maokai and Alistar if we reach a consensus about where Panth fits in."

LoL Champion Design: The Good, The Bad, and the Urgot

Here's the VOD of the "League of Legends Champion Design: The Good, The Bad, and the Urgot " panel from this weekend's PAX South!

Join FeralPony, Scruffy, Gypsylord, Ghostcrawler, and Pwyff as they discuss champion design - ranging from unique inputs to stragetic idenity - and answer crowd questions!

[Update: Having problems with embedding the VOD. Click here for a direct link! Until that gets sorted out, here is a youtube mirror someone has uploaded to their personal channel.]

"League of Legends is a constantly evolving game and its designers aspire to create experiences that are satisfying and compelling. In this panel, members of the League design team will discuss their perspectives on good and bad champion design values. And Urgot."

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