5.2 PBE Cycle

Last Updated on 1/22 with the 1/22 PBE Update

( With the release of patch 5.1 to live on January 15th, we started the new 5.2 PBE cycle )

Previous PBE Cycles in 2015


Below you will find a comprehensive list of balance changes/game additions for the current PBE cycle.

These new changes and additions are relative to what things currently are on live servers and are


(They often do not represent the final changes that get pushed to live servers.)

Balance changes for this cycle (so far) can be found at the bottom of this page

New Content list for this PBE cycle:

1/13 PBE Update
  • New Skins
    • Firecracker Jinx
    • Warring Kingdoms Katarina
    • Warring Kingdoms Nidalee
    • Arbiter Vel'Koz
  • Tristana Champion Update
  • Texture Rebalances
    • Vayne
    • Yorick
    • Nunu
    • Dr. Mundo (bugged)
  • New Skin
    • Sweetheart Annie
  • Tristana Champion Update
    • Voiceover Added 
    • Ability Preview
    • Guerilla Tristana
    • Firefighter Tristana VFX
    • Rocket Girl Tristana vfx
  • Texture Rebalances
    • Dr. Mundo (Fixed)
    • Irelia
    • Jarvan IV
  • New Friend Discovery Feature
  • Balance Changes

  • New Ward Skin
  • New Featured Game Mode - "Nemesis Draft"
  • Texture Rebalance
    • Swain
  • Miscellaneous
    • Annie Splash Fix
  • Balance Changes
  • New Summoner Icons
  • Skin Updates
    • Firecracker Jinx
    • Warring Kingdoms Katarina
    • Warring Kingdoms Nidalee
  • Arbiter Vel'Koz Renamed to Arclight Vel'Koz
  • Start of Game Gates
  • Miscellaneous
    • Mysterious Splash Removed
  • Balance Changes
1/20 PBE Update
  • New VFX
    • Vanguard (Turret Ability)
    • The Bloodthirster
    • Infernal Alistar Q
  • Miscellaneous
    • Rod of Ages
  • Balance Changes
  • New & Updated Summoner Icons
  • Texture Rebalances
    • Nightblade Irelia
    • Tyrant Swain
  • Fizz Chum the Waters Debuff
  • Balance Changes
  • New Splash Art
    • Tristana
    • Firecracker Jinx
    • Warring Kingdoms Katarina
    • Warring Kingdoms Nidalee
    • Arclight Vel'Koz
    • Sweetheart Annie
  • New Summoner Icons
  • Nemesis Draft Art
  • Alistar Portrait Changes
  • Balance Changes
1/23 PBE Update

  • Tristana Splash Removed

( Note: As the cycle continues, some images may be out dated! )

(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

Table of Contents

    New Skins

    Firecracker Jinx

    1350 RP [Confirmed to NOT be legacy.]

    [Video preview out dated as of 1/17]

    Firecracker Jinx also has a small loading screen but it is unfinished!

    Here's Riot KateyKhaos with a bugs and feedback thread for Firecracker Jinx!
    "With the Lunar Revel just around the corner, it's time to think about celebrating! Who better than the crazy* lady herself, Jinx, to bring the fun and fireworks this year! 
    *She's got a doctor's note. 
    Firecracker Jinx will be 1350 RP, and includes:
    • A new model and texture - complete with red and gold accents (and Pow-Pow and Fishbones, of course!)
    • All new particles - fireworks! Look at all the pretty explosions!
    • Some new sound effects!
    • A new recall animation! 
    Firecracker Jinx is now available to play on PBE! We always find bug reports and feedback super helpful, so feel free to comment in the thread below! Likewise, if you've got any questions, post 'em here, and we'll do our best to answer them!

     Warring Kingdoms Katarina

    975 RP

    [Video preview out dated as of 1/17]

    Here's Galetta with a feedback and bugs thread for Warring Kingdoms Katarina!
    "Let the bloodshed begin! 
    The revered grand master of the dancing blade has come to school the PBE! Feared and famous; she seeks an opponent who is worth to die by her elegant execution! This skin includes:
    • New model and texture!
    • New particles with yellow flower flourishes.
    • New recall animation! 
    This skin will be 975rp. 
    Your feedback and bug reports are extremely helpful to us, so please check out Warring Kingdoms Katarina and let us know what you think! Feel free to drop any bugs you find in this thread as well! 
    See you on the Rift!"

    Warring Kingdoms Nidalee

    975 RP

    [Video preview out dated as of 1/17]

    Here's Nurse Flan with a bugs and feedback thread for Warring Kingdoms Nidalee:
    "A white cougar stalks the streets, decorated in intricate patterns and ornaments. Then, in a flurry of crimson petals, Warring Kingdoms Nidalee appears to keep the peace on the streets during the fireworks celebration! 
    She's got the moves and the looks to kill!
    • Completely new human and cougar models! (fancy fancy)
    • New ability particles! (lots of red petals!)
    • New recalls! (Wushu flurry in human form, and "WOW FOLLOW THE RED SPARK" in cougar!)
    As players who get the first look at this in-progress skin, it would be wonderful to hear your thoughts and feelings on this new Lunar Revel skin! The feedback (good and bad) and bugs you leave here will help us get a better idea of things we may still have to take a look at. :] 
    See you on the Rift! 
    NOTE: Some minor sfx may be missing, hang tight!"

    Arclight Vel'Koz

    1350 RP

    Here's Riot Baconhawk with a bugs and feedback thread for Arbiter Vel'Koz!
    "Pondering the state of the lifeform disintegrated mere moments before, Arbiter Vel'Koz comes to a conclusion. 
    Satisfied, he floats away from the wisps of smoke, searching, always searching, for his next target of absolute (somewhat violent) justice. 
    Arbiter Vel'Koz will be 1350 RP, and includes: 
    • All new model and texture — golden tentacles of justice
    • All new particles — pure, questionably holy energy
    • All new sound effects — listen for the ringing of justice after every spell
    • All new voice filter —the better to judge you with
    • All new recall & respawn animation!
    Arbiter Vel'Koz is now available to play on PBE! We always find bug reports and feedback super helpful, so feel free to comment in the thread below. Likewise, if you've got any questions, feel free to post them, and we will do our best to answer."

    Sweetheart Annie

    750 RP

    Here's Riot KateyKhaos with a bugs and feedback thread for Sweetheart Annie!
    "Annie couldn't wait to show everyone her Valentine's Day outfit, so we agreed to let her on the PBE a bit early! 
    Sweetheart Annie will be 750 RP and includes: 
    • A new model and texture for both her and Tibbers! 
    Sweetheart Annie is now available to play on PBE! We always find bug reports and feedback super helpful, so feel free to comment in the thread below! Likewise, if you've got any questions, post 'em here, and we'll do our best to answer them!"

    Tristana Champion Update

    Following her champion update announcementTristana has a brand new look and several kit tweaks (including a brand new E) on the PBE!
    Before we start, here's Ququroon with more information on the update and what is to come:
    "Note: She's currently disabled. This sucks, but it should be fixed up for tomorrow. For now, I wanted to get this post up so feedback can have a home. 
    Blasting onto the PBE is none other than the Tristana update! 
    This nimble cannoneer is one of the first forty champions that released for this game, so needless to say she needed a little love. Our goals for Tristana were to really develop Yordle (rip meglings) proportions to a greater scale, both as a race and for the dimorphic genders. On a character specific scale, we wanted to bring out her personality and polish her visuals and gameplay. 
    In her update, you'll find brand new models and textures for her base and across all her skins. This also goes for sounds, visual effects, icons, animations, and VO! Everything! RiotVesh has also done some gameplay changes on Tristana to bring a little more gameplay into her kit with a brand new 'sticky bomb' spell replacing her previous Explosive Shot. 
    As you try out Tristana on the PBE (or see her elsewhere and have feedback), please try to keep these questions in mind, as I'd be curious to hear your responses. 
    • Does this still read as Tristana to you?
    • Is there a particular skin that stands out to you?
    • Do all of her effects still convey the same effects, or better?
    • How does the new Explosive Charge feel? Did you find it fun to use?
    • How do you feel about these proportions? With respect to their appropriate characters, how do you feel Lulu and Poppy would be with them?
    • Do you feel we missed anything important in this update? 
      We'd really appreciate it if you'd take a look at Tristana, and shoot any bugs and feedback that come your way back at us. Your feedback helps to guide changes we can make, as well as helps us grow as a team. 
      Does Tristana have new VO?
      Yup. We wanted to add some depth to her character (as well as more than 9 lines). 
      Tristana doesn't match the current (semi-new) splash. Is she receiving a new one?
      She is! It's still being worked on though, so hold tight for now. 
      Is that a rocket in your pocket?
      Why, yes. Yes it is. 
      Rumble or Teemo?
      Check this out if you want more context into what we've done on Tristana, as well as more about our goals while working on her."

      Now for a better look:

      Tristana, the Yordle Gunner

      NOTE: This splash has been removed as of 1/23, due to the unfinished nature of it. Here's Ququroon with more info:
      [1] "Hey all, due to the unfinished state of Tristana's new splash, we'll be pulling it from her release to further iterate and polish on it."
      [2] "We still plan to ship Tristana in 5.2, so you can still look forward to that. We'll update the splash later. Thank you for understanding."
      [3] "If I wasn't clear, we want to get the new splash out as soon as possible, but when it's in a completed state.

      Kit & Abilities

      Tristana's champion update also comes with a set of kit changes, primarily to her Rocket Jump (W) and her Explosive Shot (E), and number changes!

      Here is the complete change list, relative to her current values on live:
      • Base Damage increased to 51.54 from 49.54
      • Attack Speed Per Level Lowered (2.5 to 1.5)
      • Base HP reduced to 542.76 from 552.76
      • Base Armor reduced to 22 from 24.04
      • Rocket Jump (W) damage reduced to 80/105/130/155/180 (.5 AP) from 70/115/160/205/250 (.8 AP)
      • Rocket Jump (W) now deals increased damage when used on targets affected with her E!
      • "Rocket Jump's damage is increased if she lands on a unit affected with Explosive Shot (25% bonus per stack), and explodes the Explosive Shot charge immediately if it has 4 stacks."

      • Explosive Shot (E) has been reworked!
      •  Mana Cost: 70/75/80/85/90
      •  Cooldown:  16/15/14/13/12
      • New Active: Places a charge on target enemy or tower that explodes after 4 seconds, dealing  60/70/80/90/100 (+  .5/.65/.8/.95/1.1 Bonus AD)(+ .5 AP) physical damage to nearby enemies.
      Tristana's Basic attacks against the target increase the charge's damage by 25% stacking up to 4 times. If Tristana basic attacks a target with 4 stacks, the charge explodes immediately.

      • Buster Shot (R) AP ratio reduced to 1 from 1.2
      As you may have noticed, she's also packing a new set of ability icons!


      Rocket jumping along, each and every one of Tristana's skins have also been updated!

      Riot Girl Tristana 

      Earnest Elf Tristana 

      Firefighter Tristana 

      Firefighter Tristana has several unique and watery ability vfx!

      Guerilla Tristana 

      Buccaneer Tristana 

      Rocket Girl Tristana 

      Rocket Girl Tristana has several unique vfx!


      "Greatness comes in all shapes and sizes, as proven by this diminutive, cannon-wielding yordle. In a world fraught with turmoil, Tristana refuses to back down from any challenge. She represents the pinnacle of martial proficiency, unwavering courage, and boundless optimism. For Trist and her gun, Boomer, every mission is a chance to prove that heroes do exist."


      Tristana's updated VO is here, clocking in at right over 5 minutes!

      Her voiceover includes unique taunts for AmumuCaitlynCorkiJinxVeigar, and Ziggs, Unique jokes for HeimerdingerRumble, and Teemo, and several unique lines when purchasing items. Here is her new champion select quote:

      "Once a bandle gunner, always a bandle gunner."

      New Splash Art 

      While obviously not the splash for Warring Kingdoms Nidalee, this mysterious and incomplete splash art showed up as "Nidalee_Splash_7". Speculate away! 

      Nurse Flan has commented on this mysterious splash, saying:
      "FYI, the splashart under "Nidalee_Splash_7" is NOT finished and is NOT Warring Kingdom Nidalee's splashart. :) Please hang tight as that is WIP :)"

      As of 1/16: The mysterious and mislabeled  splash art originally added in the 1/14 update has been removed and Warring Kingdoms Nidalee is back to having the typical grey "work in progress splash art".

      New Summoner Icons

      This cycle we have two new Lunar Revel themed summoner icons!

      The NA LCS team Gravity now has a 2015 LCS summoner icon and the CLG icon has been updated from a black logo to a white logo.

      Also added were two new summoner icons for an OCE event. 

      New Ward Skin

      This cycle has added the  Firecracker Ward skin to light up this year's Lunar Revel!

      Firecracker Ward

      640 RP

      Here's Riot KateyKhaos with a bugs and feedback thread for the Firecracker Ward!
      "Keep your bushes and jungles lit up with firecrackers this Lunar Revel! 
      The Firecracker Ward will be 640 RP and includes: 
      • New model and texture!
      • New particles!
      • New sounds! 
      The Firecracker Ward is now available to play on PBE! We always find bug reports and feedback super helpful, so feel free to comment in the thread below! Likewise, if you've got any questions, post 'em here, and we'll do our best to answer them!"

      New VFX

      The turret ability Vanguard (the shield inner towers buff nearby champions with) has new VFX!
      The Bloodthirster's shield has also been updated

      Infernal Alistar - Fiery Q

      After it's unintended removal in patch 5.1's Alistar champion updateInfernal Alistar once again has a fiery orange particle for Pulverize (Q)!

      New Featured Game Mode - 'Nemesis Draft'

      Here's L4T3NCY with a heads up on our next featured game mode - NEMESIS DRAFT!
      "Hi everyone!

      Our first Featured Game Mode for the year, “Nemesis Draft”, is on its way to the PBE. This time around, you’ll be choosing the champions for the enemy team, then making the champs you’ve been given work in battle on the Summoner’s Rift. Let the 'creative' comps begin. :)

      Some notes:
      -- Nemesis Draft is a 5v5 featured game mode played on Summoner’s Rift.
      -- Nemesis Draft allows each player to choose 1 champion for the enemy team for a total of 5 per team.
      -- Each team will still get 3 bans. Do you bans champs do DON’T want to play, or leave them up to give to the other team? It’s up to you. :)
      -- Available champions for you to give the other team are allowed from the collective pool of champs on your allied team.
      -- There is a free trading period after all champs have been locked in, allowing you to organise amongst your team who would be best playing which champs. Even if you don’t own a champion, you’ll still be able to trade and play anyone you’re given.

      Known issues:
      Play flow artwork is still a placeholder.

      Nemesis Draft will be live on the PBE soon™. We’ve paid special attention to the champion select phase this time, to make the picking & trading phases as clear as possible, so feedback on that flow will be welcome. Also "Thanks!" again to you PBE guys that always help us catch things early. Even if we can’t respond to every bug or report individually, we do read EVERYTHING and fix as much as possible.

      SO.. we’re excited to see how scheming & creative you guys are. Are we about to uncover some diamonds in the rough? Will it be, “Give them all melee champs!” or “Give them all AD so we can just build armour!”. And then the inevitable, “Ok guys. We’ve got 4 junglers and a support.. but so do they! Let’s do this.” I can’t wait. :)

      See you on the Rift. ^_^"

      As of today's update NEMESIS DRAFT IS UP FOR TESTING!
      As noted, you move through champion select by first banning (3 per team) any champions then selecting the champions for the person directly across from you on the enemy team. This goes back and forth until everyone has a champion, at which point you team can swap freely for about a minute.

      Nemesis Draft now has it's own mode select artwork!

      Texture Rebalances

      This PBE cycle now includes texture rebalances for VayneYorickNunu,  the corrected Dr. Mundo, Irelia, and Jarvan IV! These texture adjustments are meant to align older champions with the current art style. They are not meant to replace full visual updates.

      [Note: For the comparisons, the OLD pictures on the left and the UPDATED version on the right.]


      Vindicator Vayne

      Aristocrat Vayne

      Dragonslayer Vayne

      Heartseeker Vayne

      Here's a turnaround comparison video for all of Vayne's texture rebalances!


      Undertaker Yorick

      Pentakill Yorick

      Here's a turnaround comparison video for all of Yorick's texture rebalances!


      Demolisher Nunu

      Nunu Bot

      Grungy Nunu

      Sasquatch Nunu

      Workshop Nunu

      Here's a turnaround comparison video for all of Nunu's texture rebalances!

      Dr. Mundo

      Corporate Mundo

      Executioner Mundo

      Mr. Mundoverse

      Mundo Mundo

      Toxic Mundo

      Rageborn Mundo


      Aviator Irelia

      Infiltrator Irelia

      Nightblade Irelia

      Frostblade Irelia

      Jarvan IV

      Commando Jarvan IV

      Darkforge Jarvan IV

      Dragonslayer Jarvan IV


      Bilgewater Swain
      Northern Front Swain

      Here's a turnaround comparison video of Swain's texture rebalanced!

      Late in this cycle, a Texture Rebalance for Tyrant Swain was added.

      Tyrant Swain

      Start of Game Gates

      The temporary gates at the start of the game has been updated to include the same runes/objects recently added to patch 5.1's base gates.

      New Friend Discovery Feature

      Here's MattEnth with details on a new "friend discovery" feature that is headed to the PBE!
      "Hey everyone,

      In an upcoming patch, we’re introducing a new series of features that’ll help you find and add your IRL friends in League. We’re designing a hub for these features that’ll grow over time. The first of these helps you add fellow League players from your Facebook friends list. Many of you are on Facebook, and already use it to find friends in gaming networks. To us, it makes sense to start there.

      When the new hub goes up, you'll have the option of finding friends in League through Facebook. To clarify, you must choose to activate and use this feature. If you do, you'll start seeing friend suggestions near the bottom of your League friends list. From there, you can add your friend or dismiss the recommendation.

      You’ll only see suggested friends under all of these conditions:
      1. Both you and the suggested friend have activated and approved the Facebook connection
      2. You aren't yet friends in League
      3. You are friends on Facebook
      4. Neither you nor the suggested friend have ignored the recommendation

      When you add a suggested Facebook friend to your LoL friends list, you'll still see them by their summoner name. In this implementation, their Facebook name will be prepopulated in their friends list note so you remember who’s who. You can still change the note afterward if you like.

      We recognize that this isn't a feature for every player. A key design tenet for the feature is that nothing changes for players who choose not to use it. We want this feature to be easy to ignore, while still valuable for those who want to beef up their friends list. We also want to make it easy to opt out of the feature at any time and for any reason.

      Another key design tenet is privacy. We’ve taken extra steps to ensure that your Facebook info will never be shared with players if you haven't explicitly activated the feature. If you do authorize and activate the feature, only your Facebook friends will ever see you as a suggested friend. Your Facebook info won’t be shared with strangers, won’t interact with your Facebook feed and will never post to your Facebook Timeline for you.

      This feature is going to be on the PBE for a while so that we can gather feedback and iterate. We’re not quite finished yet, but we wanted to make sure to get the word out early. I'll be around in the thread with Limely, a designer on the feature, to answer any questions! 
      • MattEnth"

      Fizz Chum the Waters Debuff

      In addition to several other balance changes, Fizz's R has been changed to apply a damage amplification debuff to the target he hits with his fish! While you can find specifics in the balance changes section, this debuff  has it's own trident marker and unique vfx for his Void Fizz skin!


      Annie's splash art has been fixed to no longer include that little weird part on the left side.
      Here is the OLD version with the clipped part circled in red.

      Rod of Ages now displays its current stacks on its inventory icon

      Alistar has received a few tweaks to his portrait icon.

      Balance Changes

      * Remember *: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical changes. The changes you see below may be lacking context or other accompanying changes that didn't make it in - don't freak out! These are not official notes.

      • Orb of Deception (Q) has a new effect: "Ahri gains movement speed while her orb travelling"
      • [Note: This is a pretty significant speed boost that rapidly decays. At level 1 and rank 1 of Q, movement speed spikes from 330 (base) up to 545 then rapidly down to 410 until the orb returns.]

      • Foxfire (W) damage increased to 50/80/110/140/170 from 40/65/90/115/140
      • Charm (E) AP ratio increased to .5 from .35
      • Charm (E) no longer amplifies damage on target by 20% for 6 seconds.
      • Charm (E) damage increased to 60/90/120/150/200 from 60/90/120/150/180

      • Crescent Slash (E) no longer detonates Mark of Assassin (Q) 
      • [Note: Tooltip has not been updated yet, in game it does not trigger through.]
      • Shadow Dance (R) range reduced to 700 from 800 
      • Crescent Slash (E) no longer triggers Mark of the Assassin
        • [Note: Originally changed in the 1/20 update but tooltip has been updated to match in today's update]

      • [Unintended] Headbutt (W) is now a "skill shot" and can be aimed freely (think Vi Q) instead of needing to click target a unit. Pwyff has confirmed this is  as an EXPERIMENTAL CHANGE that UNINTENTIONALLY was pushed to the PBE.
      • [Context: From Pwyff - 
      • [2] "Talked to the designer - this was an issue with a random experiment that accidentally shipped and didn't get reverted before the PBE push. Is not intended and will not ship currently (actually it should be super broken, given how it's coded)."]
      • [Context: From Certainly T 
      •  [1] "Tested a version of Headbutt where it was a skillshot that could only be cast in a cone directionally toward an enemy unit for giggles since I had MLK day off. Accidentally submitted half of the change along with a bug fix to Kalista. <-- Irony. 
      A lot of you have noted how slow and clunky the ability feels. Interestingly, this is how most abilities feel during our early testing when we lack proper art support. Part of the challenge of the job is imagining what the ability will feel like when our talented animators, particle artists and sound designers do their work."]

      • Molten Shield (E) armor and magic resist bonus decreased to 10/20/30/40/50 from 20/30/40/50/60
      • Summon: Tibbers (R) now includes "If Annie casts molten shield while Tibbers is active he will received the shield and a short decaying speed boost".

      • Noxious Blast (Q) mana cost increased to 40/50/60/70/80 from 40/45/50/55/60
      • Twin Fang (E) mana cost increased to 50/60/70/80/90 from 35/45/55/65/75


      • Urchin Strike (Q) magic damage decreased to 10/25/40/55/70 (+.3 AP) from 10/40/70/100/130 (+.6 AP)
      • Seastone Trident (W) passive 's damage changed to 20/30/40/50/60 (.45 AP) from 30/40/50/60/70 (+.35 AP)(+4/5/6/7/8% of missing HP as magic damage) over 3 seconds
      • Seastone Trident (W) active's on hit damage changed to 10/20/30/40/50 (+ 4/5/6/7/8% of target's missing health as Magic Damage) from 10/15/20/25/30 (.25 AP)
      • Seastone Trident (W) active no longer applies Grievous Wounds to the target.
      • [Note: TL;DR - number changes and % missing health magic damage moved from passive to active. No more AP ratio on active.]
      • Chum the Waters (R) : The fish now also amplifies Fizz's damage (except for Chum the Water's "shark" damage) on the target by 20% for 6 seconds

      • Prowl (Passive) Nidalee can now "Hunt" monsters in addition to champions
      • Prowl (Passive) When Nidalee triggers Hunt on a monster, they are briefly rooted

      • Queen's Wrath (Unburrowed Q) damage reduced to 15/25/35/45/55 from 15/30/45/60/75
      • Un-Burrow (Burrowed W) damage reduced to 40/80/120/160/200 from 60/110/160/210/260

      • [Reverted] Broken Wings (Q) now auto cancels it's animation, allowing Riven to attack much faster after using Q
      • [Context: Alright, this change is a bit complicated.  Currently on live you can "fast comboRiven's Q by clicking the ground immediately after using Q. This STOPS the Q animation early and allows you to auto attack much much faster than just hitting Q and waiting for the auto to go off naturally. THIS PBE CHANGE AUTOMATICALLY CANCELS Q'S ANIMATION which significantly speeds up your auto attack speed after using Q.]
      • [Video Context: In this video preview, all I'm doing is hitting Q as soon as my auto attack goes off. You'll notice in the first video (PBE), I auto attack extremely fast so the combo goes very fast. In the second video (LIVE), there is a significantly longer gap between when I Q and when my auto attack goes off.] 
      • Riven's "auto quick combo" Q has been fixed - Her Q is now back to live functionality. 

      • Along with her visual updates, Tristana has received significant kit changes! See Above!

      • Attack Speed per level lowered to 2.1% per level from 3.1%
        • Base Attack Speed lowered to 0.644 from .658.
        Aether Wisp
        • Recipe cost reduced to 415g from 515g
        • Total cost reduced now 850g from 950g

        Deathfire Grasp
        • No longer purchasable on Summoner's Rift
        • [1] "Confirmed. As of 5.2, Deathfire Grasp will be removed. We're working on a context post that should be out soon to explain!" and 
        •  [2]" Important note: DFG's removal won't be the only change - a number of champions will receive changes/updates to compensate.
        •  [3]" I've posted this tons in replies, so let me be clear - of the champions being compensated for DFG's removal, Ahri and Veigar are at the top."] 
        Dervish Blade
        • Can now be purchased on Summoner's Rift.
        Giant's Belt
        • Now builds out of Ruby Crystal + 600 gold, total cost remains the same.

        Hextech Gun Blade
        • AD reduced to 40 from 45
        • AP increased to 80 from 65
        • Lifesteal reduced to 10 from 12%

        Rylai's Crystal Scepter
        • Rylai's Crystal Scepter was changed to include movement speed in today's update, although it has since been confirmed to be an unfinished version  of something they were experimenting with. It will be reverted soon.
        • [Context from Scarizard: "Unfinished, at the moment. Experimenting with a new build path for Rylai's - lack of HP is a bug."
        • [Context from ricklessabandon; "ah! just found out i caused a bug with rylai's on the pbe. it was a mix up with files—i'll be correcting it for future versions~" and "and to be clear, rylai's will be reverting back to its live stats and everything. not planning any changes to the item in the near future."]
        • [Bug Fix] Back to live values and functionality after unintentional changes in the 1/15 update.
        Zz'Rot Portal
        • Now the first and every FOURTH (from third) Voidspawn gain 100% (from 50%)  of Armor/MR as damage
        • Voidspawn base stats reduced
        • Base armor 115 from 60 
        • Base HP 40 from 50
        • Base MR 20 from 40 

        Stalker's Blade, Skirmisher's Sabre, Ranger's Trailblazer,  Poacher's Knife
        • Total cost increased to 850 from 750
        All Jungle item enchantment variants
        • Recipe cost reduced by 100  but total cost remains at 2250 (due to tier 2 jungle item price increase)

        Summoner's Rift

        • Attack range increased to 500 from 350
        •  Base damage lowered to 120 from 230. 
        • [Note: There could potentially other changes that were not able to be datamined.]

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