Red Post Collection: 2020 All-Star Announcement, K/DA ALL OUT EP, and more!

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This afternoon's red post collection includes the 2020 All-Star Event announcement & mention of the upcoming charity Elderwood Ornn skin, the launch of K/DA's new ALL OUT EP with three new songs, and a ton of miscellaneous news from the last few days, and more!
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2020 All-Star Event Announcement

Here's details on the 2020 All Star event, running from December 18-20, which mentions a new and upcoming charity skin, Elderwood Ornn!
"We’re excited to announce that the 2020 League of Legends All-Star Event will take place from December 18-20! To cap off a unique season, the event will be pivoting to an online format. 
All-Star is a celebration of our sport’s most-loved personalities. We know fans look forward to ASE as a time to come together for some friendly global competition - so we aimed to include as much inter-regional gameplay as possible. 
With All-Star going online, pros and influencers will be playing from their home or regional studio. That means a new format, divided into two stages: Underdog Uprising and Superstar Showdown.

Underdog Uprising 
Friday, December 18th will be a packed day of head-to-head matches between neighboring regions, with smaller regions aiming to upset their nearest powerhouse. Teams will be made up of top pros as voted by fans. 
Superstar Showdown 
December 19th-20th will feature three superteams each from the LCK, LCS, LEC, and LPL. LCK and LPL will take the virtual stage on Saturday, while the LCS and LEC will play Sunday. 
A special Red Bull 1v1 Competition will also take place within each of these four regions, with the first stage broadcast on the 18th and Semis/Finals on the 19-20th. 
LCK & LPL - Saturday, Dec. 19 
Queue Kings & Legends 
Non-pros will compete in a Bo1 each on Summoner’s Rift.

The five top-voted pros from the LCK and LPL will play in a best-of-three showdown. But these won’t be just any SR matches - it wouldn’t be All-Star if we didn’t add a twist or two.

LCS & LEC - Sunday, Dec. 20 
Queue Kings & Legends 
Non-pros will compete in a Bo1 each on Summoner’s Rift.

The top vote getters from the LCS and LEC will draft “dream teams” consisting of five players total. To mix things up a bit, each captain will pick at least 2 pros from each region. These teams will then compete in a Bo3. 
The LCS & LEC pros will also be contending with some... non-standard match formats. 
Charity Stakes 
Most matches played at this year’s ASE will have prize money for charity on the line. Tune in to see which charities the teams have chosen to support and how much is earned for each good cause! 
About the Ping 
Due to the physical limitations of cross-regional online play (we can't travel faster than the speed of light), we will be on higher ping than for our normal in-person events. That said, matchups have been specifically selected to offer a fun experience for all players - and viewers. We’ll be working closely with regions to pick the best server location for every game individually so we can optimize ping as much as possible under these circumstances. 
See below for the 2020 All-Star broadcast schedule:
You can catch every match on
All-Star Voting Powered by Alienware will take place from November 9-16. This year, you’ll be able to vote for one pro in each role from as many leagues as you’d like. 
Follow us @lolesports and keep an eye on for more details to come! 
Elderwood Ornn Charity Skin 
Arriving just in time for All-Stars, Ornn will be getting a special charity skin! Elderwood Ornn will be available for 1350 RP in the Shop starting December 16th. 100% of the proceeds will go towards The Riot Games Social Impact Fund at ImpactAssets, our charitable financial partner. More info will be released closer to the event!"
Bellisimoh noted:
"The skin will be available after the charity event."

For a refresher, Elderwood Ornn was mentioned back in January's Skins & Events in Season 2020 Dev video where a concept art was previewed around the 1:30 mark.

K/DA ALL OUT Ep now available!

K/DA's new EP ALL OUT is now available on various streaming platforms!

Here's the three new tracks joining THE BADDEST and MORE -  VILLAINDRUM GO DUM, and  I'LL SHOW YOU.

K/DA - VILLAIN ft. Madison Beer and Kim Petras (Official Audio)

K/DA - DRUM GO DUM ft. Aluna, Wolftyla, Bekuh BOOM (Official Audio)

K/DA - I’LL SHOW YOU ft. TWICE, Bekuh BOOM, Annika Wells (Official Audio)

Changes to Cross-Region VPN Access

New article is up on the Riot Games website about changes to VPN access:
"To ensure the best in-game experience, we’re making some changes to how we treat VPN access between regions. Most players using a VPN shouldn’t notice any change, but this change will block some players who have been using VPNs to access games across regions.

As we’ve launched new games on new platforms over the last year, we’ve been closely monitoring every aspect of the experience. We’ve been amazed by the response and we’re generally happy with performance across platforms. With the recent regional open beta launch for League of Legends: Wild Rift, however, we’re starting to see issues related to VPN use across regions.

These issues range from an inconvenience (like language barriers) to outright game-breaking problems (like unplayable lag spikes for everyone—not just the players on VPN). As we’ve explored ways to protect the game experience for the largest number of players, we’ve concluded the best solution is to cut VPN access from a few of the highest volume VPN services, effective immediately.

We never want to turn off access to anyone, but this is the right move while we work to get all our games launched worldwide.

I use VPN to log into my home region. Is this going to block me?
It shouldn’t. If you’re having trouble logging in please contact your local player support team.

Are you going to change this policy once things calm down?
We may in the future, but don’t have immediate plans to revert this.

Which VPN services are specifically blocked?
We’re starting with a block on a few of the highest volume VPN services. We’ll continue to evaluate whether additional VPN services need to be added to the list.

I’ve been using VPN because I want to play a game that isn’t available in my home region yet. How do I get access now?
We’re working to get all of our games launched worldwide, but we don’t have anything more to share on timing yet. Believe us that we hate cutting off access to anyone, but this is the right move to provide the best experience to the largest number of players."

A similar article can be found on the Wild Rift page.


  • [new] Beardilocks has tweeted that there will be a Kha'Zix Base Visual Effects update in 10.24! Check his tweet below or check out the r/LeaguePBE thread for more details.

  • [new] New LoL loot is up for Prime Gaming subscribers - the mystery bonus item is a K/DA iicon capsule containing the K/DA ALL OUT Autograph and Seraphine icons that where previously given away during Twitch Rivals. If you already obtained these icons during the stream, these will go into your loot for reroll/disenchant. 

"10.23 Patch Preview - PRESEASON! 
It's a big preseason, so much is changing that we don't have our typical champion buffs and nerfs.  
We'll be watching everything very closely after Preseason ships to be ready for hotfixing bugs, items, and champions that we need to."

  • As you may have already saw in PBE coverage, Scruffy tweeted out a full Seraphine changelist for this 10.23, aimed at pushing her more towards Mid:

"First patch is showing us that Seraphine has been skewed towards Support more than intended so we're adding  adjustments to 10.23 to shift her primary position to Mid. 

Support is quite good right now, so these shouldn't remove the position, just bring it to a reasonable state."

  • Over on twitter, Scruffy commented on URF and the preseason change of changing CDR to Ability Haste:
"One of the interesting and positive side effects of the CDR to Ability Haste conversion is that URF using Ability Haste allows for way more interesting item builds. 
Removes the problem we have today where CDR in URF is a totally dead stat."

Continuing the topic of preseason, he also commented on item haste:

 "A detail you may have missed on Preseason PBE - Item Haste (like from cosmic insight) affects both item actives and passives. 

This really lets you invest in item proc/active builds if they're big for your playstyle."

  • Kiwikid noted that Battlecast Zac's splash art was going to be tweaked, making it lighter to better reflect the in-game model.
  • Over on reddit, Reav3 noted they plan on buffing mid-lane Seraphine
[1] "We saw that as well. We are currently working on a changelist to buff her mid WR" 
[2] "One thing we are experimenting with is making her E not do reduced damage to minions, which shouldn't effect her support WR while making her a bit stronger in mid"
  • Beardilocks tweeted an update for K/DA ALL OUT Evelynn's Q pop visual effects:

  • The official LoL twitter announced they will be doing fan artist prompts every Thursday. This week's is Behind the scenes with KDA.

"Hey all you fanartists out there, starting today we're going to be releasing an art prompt every Thursday for you to noodle on. This week's is: Behind the scenes with@KDA_MUSIC . 

Tag us and use the hashtag #lolartprompts if you want us to see your creations!"

Worlds 2020

  • For those who had opted in and watched the broadcast live, a Hextech Chest and Key watch reward is now being distributed for Bin's Fiora Pentakill during the World Finals! Riot5oda commented here noting there was a glitch and the reward needed to be redropped.


Pre-save now: 
  • Here's images of K/DA getting ready for their Worlds 2020 Finals performance and post performance!
"We’re almost there.

"We'll never forget these moments. 

To our amazing BLADES; thank you for sharing them with us.

 #KDA #WORLDS2020"

  • The LoL EU twitter shared that several K/DA MORE covers by EU artists can be found here!
  • Check out Spotify playlists curated by each K/DA member:

Other Games

Legends of Runeterr

Wild Rift
  • Wild Rift champion overviews for Ahri, AkaliEvelynn, and Kai'Sa have been posted over the last few days.

  • PENTABOOM! video on the Wild Rift Youtube for the SEA Open Beta:

Ruined King
(For more on this upcoming single player turn based RPG set in LoL Universe - check out the official trailer announcement or head over to the S@20 coverage here)
"Want some more information on the
@RiotForge upcoming game #RuinedKing@eurogamer interviewed head of Riot Forge Leanne Lombe & Airship Syndicate CEO Joe Madureira! They talk free next gen upgrades, narrative focus, world exploration and much more!…"


  • Few tweets with art from the official Ruined King twitter:

[1] "Bilgewater draws travelers from all over the world of Runeterra. But only those born with salt in their blood call the port city home."

[2] "For the people of Bilgewater, it can be an unforgiving place. It’s a place that requires people to face their fears."

[3] "In Bilgewater, fear comes for us all. It possesses the ability to turn some into captains, and for others, it hitches itself as an anchor to drown them in a bottomless sea."

[4] "One mustn’t fight fear alone. Fear is best fought with a crew alongside you."



  • The Worlds 2020 Event is running now through November 9th! Check out new Dragonmancer skins, chromas, missions, and more! With 10.21 the Odyssey 2020 skins and content also released as part of the event and with 10.22 K/DA joined the mix! Check out the Riot Support article for mission lists and more.

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