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"I know if I sing loud enough, they'll listen." -  Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress, is now available, along with her K/DA ALL OUT friends, Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, & Kai'sa + Prestige! Seraphine is priced at 975 RP / 7800 BE and will drop to the standard 6300 BE price after 11/12! You can pick up Seraphine and K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine, as well as all the other new K/DA content now!
Continue reading for a closer look at the supergroup!

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New Champion - Seraphine

Our newest champion, Seraphine, is now available, along with her release Ultimate skin, K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine!


Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress

975 RP / 7800 BE

Champion Spotlight

Before we get into the full details, here's Seraphine's champion spotlight!

Stats & Abilities

  • Base MR: 30
  • MR Per Level: 0.5
  • Base AD: 55
  • AD Per Level: 3
  • Base Armor: 19
  • Armor Per Level: 3
  • Base HP: 500
  • HP Per Level: 80
  • HP5: 6.5
  • HP Regen Per Level: 0.12
  • Mana: 440
  • Mana Per Level: 40
  • Attack Speed Per Level: 1
  • Base Move Speed: 325
  • Attack Range: 525


Stage Presence (Passive)
Every third basic ability that Seraphine casts will echo, automatically casting a second time.  
Additionally, Seraphine draws inspiration from the music within her allies, creating a Note for each nearby ally whenever she casts an ability. For each Note, Seraphine's Attacks gain 25 Attack Range and deal an additional 5-20 (+7.5% AP) magic damage and consume the Notes. 
Notes deal 95% damage of the previous one to non-minions.
Notes deal 300% damage to minions.

High Note (Q)
10/8.75/7.5/6.25/5s Cooldown
65/70/75/80/85 Mana 
Seraphine projects a pure note, dealing 55/65/75/85/95 (+55% AP) magic damage, increased by the target's missing Health percentage up to [150%] damage below 25% Health.

Surround Sound (W)
26/25/24/23/22s Cooldown
50/70/90/110/130 Mana 
Seraphine spurs her nearby allied champions in song, granting herself 20 (+0.04% per 100 AP)% decaying Move Speed, her allies 8 (+0.016% per 100 AP)% Move Speed, and everyone 60-120 (+30% AP) Shield for 2.5 seconds. 
If Seraphine is already Shielded, she calls out to her allies to join her, restoring 5 (+1.125% per 100 AP)% missing Health to them per nearby ally champion after a 2.5 second delay.

Beat Drop (E)
13/12/11/10/9s Cooldown
60/70/80/90/100 Mana 
Seraphine unleashes a heavy soundwave, dealing 60/85/110/135/160 (+35% AP) Magic Damage to enemies in a line and Slowing them by 99% for 1 second. 
Enemies that are already Slowed are Rooted instead, and Immobilized enemies are Stunned. 
Deals 60/70/80/90/100% damage against minions.

Encore (R)
160/140/120s Cooldown
100 Mana 
Seraphine takes the stage, projecting a captivating force that Charms for 1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds and deals 150/200/250 (+60% AP) magic damage. 
Any champions struck (including allies) become part of the performance, extending the range of this ability. Allied champions gain maximum Notes.


Here's Seraphine's in client bio:
"Born in Piltover to Zaunite parents, Seraphine can hear the souls of others—the world sings to her, and she sings back. Though these sounds overwhelmed her in her youth, she now draws on them for inspiration, turning the chaos into a symphony. She performs for the sister cities to remind their citizens that they're not alone, that they're stronger together, and that, in her eyes, their potential is limitless."

Her full bio can be found on the Universe!

Check out Seraphine's color story on the Universe - "Standing Room Only" by Daniel Couts
"Zaun and Piltover sing to one another. The refrains are full of old wounds, and injustice, and pain. I think it's just me that can hear it, but we all feel it, a hum at the back of everyday life, pushing both Zaunites and Piltovans into strident discord.

I know they can sing together. I've heard it. Scraps of it—once in a while—little chords that make my heart ache with possibility. And once, a beautiful, crushing tidal wave of harmony and hope. It was the same moment I heard my hextech crystal for the first time."


Check out Seraphine's full voiceover:

And here are her special interactions:

Champion Theme

Seraphine has a new champion theme, featuring the vocal talents of Jasmine Clarke:

Release Skin

Seraphine's release skin is K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine, an Ultimate skin, where missions will unlock two other forms! Check out this article for a full rundown on how this works and what comes with the purchase of this skin!

K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine

3250 RP / Ultimate

"With a stunning voice and a sunny disposition, Seraphine has big dreams about her music and what she can offer the world. She knows that someday, if she just keeps trying, she'll make her beloved cat Bao proud."
Each splash is animated in champion select!

Rising Star
"Seraphine's life is changing faster than she ever expected, and she's trying to hold on to her unique voice, keep up with Kai'Sa's intimidatingly sharp choreography, and still somehow manage to get enough sleep."

"After her whirlwind rise to stardom, Seraphine is on top of the world, and the charts, with her feature on K/DA's new EP. Her music and her message are resonating with her fans, and she's excited to show them what's to come on her journey of self-discovery through music."

Here's her skin spotlight, encompassing all three forms:

As an Ultimate skin, K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine has a new voiceover!

Champion Skins

Five new skins are now available for the K/DA members, Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai'sa!


1350 RP
"When Ahri steps onto the stage to perform with K/DA, she knows she's surrounded by the best of the best—different girls with different personalities, all at the top of their craft. As their leader and as their friend, Ahri is poised to guide these divas to even greater heights and leave their audiences breathless for more."


1350 RP
"Fresh off her success with True Damage, Akali hits the stage full-throttle with her bold edge and fresh new direction. She spits fire with a mic in hand and pushes the band to the bleeding edge, because that's what the baddest do."

K/DA ALL OUT Evelynn

1350 RP
"With a single devastating glance, Evelynn can ensure that all eyes are on her—when she wants them to be. K/DA's success has ensured that this provocative diva's name will be on everyone's lips, but Evelynn is intent that her killer fashion sense will keep it there."


1350 RP
"After showcasing her flawless dance techniques world-wide, Kai'sa is ready to apply her legendary discipline and focus to all aspects of her life as a performing artist. She's still not sure who she'll be when she steps forward to shine as herself, but she's looking forward to the challenge of finding out."

K/DA ALL OUT Kai'Sa Prestige Edition

2000 Event Tokens
"When Kai'Sa wanted a red carpet outfit to match her growing confidence in her artistry, she sought Evelynn's advice. With sharp tailoring and embellishments that match her excellence in execution, Kai'Sa's ready to shine on and off the stage."


New chromas sets are now available for 290 RP each or bundled with the exclusive Ruby chroma! Ahri, Akali, and Evelynn also have THE BADDEST chromas that are available through Loot! (Kai'sa will have one in a future patch!)

[8 Chromas]

[8 Chromas]

K/DA ALL OUT Evelynn
[8 Chromas]

Summoner Icons

New summoner icons are available through skin/bundle purchase and through Loot!

K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine Indie Icon
This icon was acquired by completing the second mission in K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine's quest line.

K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine Superstar Icon
This icon was acquired by completing the final mission in K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine's quest line.

K/DA ALL OUT Ahri Icon, K/DA ALL OUT Kai'Sa Icon, K/DA ALL OUT Evelynn Icon
This icon was released as a bundle exclusive during the 2020 Worlds event.

K/DA ALL OUT Akali Icon
This icon was released as a bundle exclusive during the 2020 Worlds event.

K/DA ALL OUT Kai'Sa Prestige Edition Icon
This icon was acquired by obtaining the Prestige K/DA ALL OUT Kai'Sa skin with event tokens during the Worlds 2020 event.

K/DA ALL OUT Ahri Chroma Icon, K/DA ALL OUT Evelynn Chroma Icon, K/DA ALL OUT Akali Chroma Icon
This icon was earned through Loot during the 2020 Worlds event.


A new emote is available through K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine purchase!

Crazy A-Bao You

Bundles and Missions

A bundle is available for the full set of K/DA ALL OUT Skins for 9214 RP!

Check out the Worlds 2020 FAQ for al the details on the skins & content, including new 10.22 missions!

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