Red Post Collection: New Universe Stories, Updates on Little Legends in ARAM, & more

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[Added Twitch Prime TFT loot now available! / Nocturne hotfix on live!]

Today's red post collection includes new stories and biography updates on the Universe, updates on Little Legends in ARAM, Patch notes for other Riot games, and more!
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Table of Contents

Universe Updates

The Universe was updated with new stories and Biography updates!
"She cannot breathe. 
Her eyes are open, but there is nothing but a heavy, suffocating blackness. It crushes down on her. Her breath smothering. She draws in a slow, rasping breath. It fills her nose with the scents of blood and offal, a slaughterhouse stink. There is something else too, something thin, caustic, and sharp, coiling its way toward her lungs. 
The weight around her shifts. She hears something heavy tumble away, the muffled sound of lifeless limbs slapping into mud. The darkness wanes in patches, giving texture to her prison. Bloodied rags. Shattered plate. Cold, abused flesh. 
Bodies. She is buried under bodies."
"The source of the crying is a boy. Six, maybe seven summers. 
He sits cross-legged with his back to me, in front of a tall sapwood. The weeping settles into sniffling, wet hiccups. I stop at the edge of the trees, and look back at the shade of the road below. The midday sun is merciless, streaming bright into the boy’s meadow. He doesn’t seem hurt. The clearing is open. Unprotected. 
You’re not needed. Keep to your path."
“How came you to Ionia, friend?” 
Muramaat tried to keep her voice light. She had never felt uncomfortable sharing a campfire with other travelers along the road to the markets before. This, however, marked her first time sitting across the flames from a Noxian, one with an enormous weapon sheathed across her back. 
How many Ionian lives has that blade claimed? she wondered."


"Update on LLs and ARAM - we're putting any changes on hold for now. Based off your feedback we agree our current approach isn't hitting the mark. Will reassess and get back to you folks with an alternative or modified approach for further discussion."
He added:
"Yeah, in retrospect our proposed refund criteria were pretty off. Apologies for that, we should have identified clear issues internally. 
In terms of next steps, we're still figuring out what's feasible, what meets player needs without screwing over other groups. Unclear right now what exactly that will entail. Could be modified functionality on ARAM but still visibile to everyone. Could be a better refund approach that's fair to people who've played some TFT and some ARAM. Could be some form of hiding LLs from many players on ARAM. Could be something else again. Details to come for discussion once we've got a revised plan together."

  • Patch 10.13 notes updated with a hotfix that has been pushed to live to fix Bugs with Nocturne Q/W.
6/24/2020 Nocturne Bugfixes
Q - DUSKBRINGER BUGFIX Fixed a bug where Nocturne's Dusk Trail would display incorrectly after he died, showing up two steps ahead of Nocturne and not buff him appropriately for the rest of the game 
W - SHROUD OF DARKNESS BUGFIX Fixed a bug that made Nocturne unable to gain attack speed from W - Shroud of Darkness' passive once he had died for the rest of the gam

Other Games

  • Legends of Runeterra
"The Season of Fortune begins now. Patch 1.4 is packed with balance updates, new personalization items, ranked rewards and a new ranked season, improvements to Masters LP, and a new mode—the Gauntlet."
    • LoR youtube also has a new video covering the new Gauntlet Mode:
"You can stop spamming us now, because Competitive Mode goes live this patch. Most obvious change is that our top rank is now “Radiant” and we’ve added a surrender option, which will come in handy when you start losing to Radiant players. 
Tagging, the slowing effect you feel when hit by bullets, has been adjusted, in part to up your chances of escape if you’re near cover. We can’t help you much if you’re dancing in the open. 
Lots of love has gone into improving the Menu UI—might be jarring at first, but we believe it’s for the better. It’s worth studying the tweaked areas for all maps, which should relax the desire to exhaust abilities at certain locations."
"You got questions, we got answers. 
Check out the Q&A with the Wild Rift dev team, featuring answers on champs, ranked, controls, game pacing, and a ton more!


  • High Noon Irelia, Senna, new chromas, icons and more are now available!

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