Patch 10.13 & TFT Notes

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Patch 10.13 is scheduled for Wednesday, June 24th and the official patch notes and TFT patch notes have been posted!
Continue reading for a full look the patch notes, previews for upcoming cosmetics, & more!

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Patch 10.13 Notes

Check out the Patch 10.13 notes:
"Hi! It's heating up outside, so we've got a pretty chill patch for you. 
This patch is mostly about reacting to balance outliers, so here we are after making the rounds: hopping up a particularly hoppy yordle, simmering down Syndra’s spheres, tapping up a blue-headed mage, and leashing a particularly literate cat. 
We also revisited a couple runes, specifically Conqueror and Guardian, which have been overperforming when compared to the other Keystones. We’re steering them back on course to provide a less supposedly obvious path to success and more playstyle diversity. 
Then we’ve brought some love to Kog’Maw and Nunu in areas that are a little less conventional to incentivize players to experiment with off-meta builds. Stay cool out there, and bring on a summer of spittle and snowballs! 
Take this portal if you're looking for TFT's patch notes
Pool Party Jarvan IV, Pool Party Orianna, Pool Party Taliyah, Pool Party Syndra, and Pool Party Heimerdinger will be available on July 2, 2020. 
Base attack damage growth decreased. Q Chakram reset removed for Epic Monsters; turret range indicators no longer visible in Spectator. R follow-up attack critical damage decreased. 
Aphelios has not waned with the moons—instead, he’s been a persistent star in professional play. We’re toning down his overwhelming strength in objective control and his formidable contributions to fights from a safe distance in later stages of the game. 
  • REMOVED CHAKRAM RESET No longer resets the duration of Chakram on Epic Monsters
  • SO CLOSE YET SO FAR Turret range indicators no longer show in Spectator mode
  • FOLLOW-UP ATTACK CRIT 50% bonus attack damage ⇒ 20% bonus attack damage
Base magic resist decreased. 
Our snaky lady didn't lose quite as much as we'd have liked last patch, so we're walking (slithering?) back some changes. Bundled with the Conqueror changes, we’re hoping this follow-up will help Cass shed her skin. 
  • MAGIC RESIST 34 ⇒ 32
E attack speed increased, attack speed duration increased. 
Carefully nudging Mini Gnar in the right direction. We think his attack speed is a safe lever to bring up since he’s been struggling with a much wider range of fighter matchups 
  • ATTACK SPEED 20/30/40/50/60% ⇒ 40/45/50/55/60%
  • ATTACK SPEED DURATION 3 seconds ⇒ 4 seconds
Base attack damage growth decreased. 
Whether she's wreaking havoc in top lane or jumping around in her standard bot lane carry role, Kalista is an imposing force in pro play. We want this change to encourage players to rely more on her early power and will also take away some of her level scaling so she doesn’t gain as much from soaking up XP from side lanes. 
Q damage ratio increased. R damage ratio increased. 
Although his standard build has been doing well, AP Kog’Maw hasn’t been oozing much confidence recently. We’re bringing some enzymatic excitement for players to experiment with alternative builds around his AP. 
  • DAMAGE RATIO 0.5 ability power ⇒ 0.7 ability power
  • DAMAGE RATIO 0.25 ability power ⇒ 0.35 ability power
Q ability range increased. 
Even with the specific marksman buffs he received earlier, Lucian’s been in a weak spot in the bot lane, mainly due to the fact that he’s often outranged by his enemies. Buffing his ability range so that he can dash back to the path of vengeance. 
  • ABILITY RANGE 900 ⇒ 1000
Bugfix on Umbra Blades cooldown. Passive now always procs against monsters. 
Midturne, Topturne, Laneturne are all outpacing Junglturne in terms of effectiveness by a decent margin. We’re giving Nocturne more tools to clear out his camps quicker and hopefully bring his roles closer in power. 
  • BUGFIX Fixed a bug where Umbra Blades' cooldown would always refund 1 second, instead of 1 or 2 seconds based on the target.
  • UPDATED DOUBLE TROUBLE Basic attacks against enemy champions reduce Umbra Blades' cooldown by 2 seconds ⇒ Basic attacks against enemy champions and monsters reduce Umbra Blades’ cooldown by 2 seconds
Q damage and healing ratio increased. R shield now includes AP ratio. 
Just like with Kog’Maw, we’re throwing the boy and his yeti some ability power to empower their alternative builds. This way to adventure! (Willump noises) 
  • DAMAGE RATIO 0.5 ability power ⇒ 0.65 ability power
  • HEALING RATIO 0.7 ability power ⇒ 0.9 ability power
  • SHIELD RATIO 0.3/0.4/0.5 bonus health ⇒ 0.3/0.4/0.5 bonus health, 1.5 ability power
Passive health and mana items now retain previous health and mana percentages. 
We’d like to make Ornn less of an easy blind pick in pro, so we’re knocking down his early item sustain to decrease his safety in lane. 
  • BACK TO BASICS Health and mana items built in the field provide 100% of health and mana values ⇒ Health and mana items built in the field retain its previous health and mana percentage (returning to base still brings health and mana items back to full)
W base damage increased later. 
With a W that packs a bit more punch, Rakan can use this to play a more aggressive game while majestically dancing it out. 
  • BASE DAMAGE 70/120/170/220/270 ⇒ 70/125/180/235/290
Base magic resist and attack damage increased. 
Cautiously bringing up Ryze’s magic durability and damage so that he can rise up against his enemies in lane and get that last blast on pesky minions. 
  • MAGIC RESIST 34 ⇒ 36
  • ATTACK DAMAGE 56 ⇒ 58
Q cost increased. 
Following up from patch 10.11, we’re continuing to adjust Syndra’s power as we specifically target pro-facing changes. We're pulling out some sustained usage of Syndra's Q at early levels so she can't whittle down waves and champions as comfortably. Don't worry, though—the power is still hers to command. 
  • COST 40/50/60/70/80 mana ⇒ 60/65/70/75/80 mana
Q cooldown decreased later. 
Vi has been struggling to keep up with other junglers, so we're punching up her… punch! We’re hoping this will enforce her position as a mobile disruptor. 
  • COOLDOWN 12/11/10/9/8 seconds ⇒ 12/10.5/9/7.5/6 seconds
R range for Maiden of the Mist’s leash decreased. 
Making it so the Maiden leashes more responsively when Yorick exits a fight. We suspect this will be a small amount of power that skews towards the upper echelons of play where Yorick is currently weak. 
  • MAIDEN OF MIST LEASH RANGE 900 range at which Maiden returns to Yorick ⇒ 600 range at which Maiden returns to Yorick
E cost increased. 
We have nothing but love for felines here, but this cat’s E costs are currently too easily solved with systemic mana increases. We’re afraid this chapter needs to be shut. 
  • COST 100/115/130/145/160 mana ⇒ 40/45/50/55/60 mana (+15% max mana) 
We’re happy with Conqueror’s current standing: a Keystone players gravitate to for elongated fights and utility for healing and DPS. That being said, we’ve been seeing the rune bleed into other archetypes and overrule its peers like Electrocute. As a result, we wanted to fine-tune the rune in a modest way where it maintained its intended strengths, so we’re shaving off some power to open up Keystone selection for a number of champions. 
  • MAX STACKS 10 ⇒ 12
  • ADAPTIVE FORCE PER STACK 2-5 (levels 1-18) ⇒ 1.7-4.2 (levels 1-18) 
Guardian is overperforming after its recent buffs to consistency. Bringing the base shield value down back to before it was buffed. 
  • SHIELD 80-200 ⇒ 70-150 
Base post-mitigation damage storing decreased for ranged champions.
Death's Dance has been overperforming on ranged champions, although we think its utility as a defensive measure should still be within reach. Looking to tone down the effect on ranged champions to open up builds while still leaving the item as a viable option. 
  • POST-MITIGATION DAMAGE STORING 20% for ranged champions ⇒ 10% for ranged champions 
During patches 10.13 and 10.14, we're testing two new features to address game-ruining behavior in Champ Select. North America and Korea are up first, with other regions joining later during the test window. We've got an article explaining how these features work, but here's the quick version: 
  • Champ Select muting blocks messages from the muted player in Champ Select and the mute carries over in-game.
  • For now, Champ Select reporting is only in place to collect data. After the experiment ends, we'll use that data to plan out further investment in this type of penalty system. 
  • Updated the names of Gangster Twitch, Mafia Jinx, Mafia Graves, Mafia Braum, and Mafia Miss Fortune to Crime City Twitch, Crime City Jinx, Crime City Graves, Crime City Braum and Crime City Miss Fortune
  • Miss Fortune's Q - Double Up now properly applies all on-hit effects like Press the Attack
  • Miss Fortune's Q - Double Up now properly grants 2 stacks of Conqueror for her primary target and none for the secondary target regardless of whether Passive - Love Tap is applied or not
  • Glacial Augment’s tooltip no longer references targets hit by Energized-empowered attacks
  • Fixed a bug where Qiyana's Q - Elemental Wrath would not damage its target if Qiyana died before the ability landed
  • Sylas no longer permanently gains health and increases in model size from successful kills with a stolen R - Feast from an enemy Cho'Gath
  • Urgot's R - Fear Beyond Death's execute indicator no longer appears on enemies' health bars while the ability is on cooldown
  • Zoe's E - Sleepy Trouble Bubble now properly applies its debuff on Baron regardless of where she casts it from
  • Kai'Sa's W - Void Seeker now properly applies stacks of Passive - Second Skin on Baron regardless of where she casts it from
  • When attempting to place a fourth ward on the map, the mini-map now properly indicates which of the first three wards will be replaced
  • Yorick's Mist Walkers, Zyra's plants, and Shaco's Jack-In-The-Boxes are able to properly activate Manaflow Band
  • Displacement effects like stuns, charms, etc. on Feared champions will no longer expire along with the Fear debuff when it times out
  • Malphite's W - Thunderclap no longer reduces the amount of Hail of Blades stacks
  • Nautilus' W - Titan's Wrath shield VFX no longer persists in the place where Nautilus enters Fog of War
  • Sion's W - Soul Furnace tooltip now properly indicates that its passive grants 4 maximum health when activated
  • Fiddlesticks' E - Reap tooltip now properly contains information about increasing mana cost
  • Damaging with Jax’s Q - Leap Strike followed by two basic attacks will now properly activate Phase Rush and Electrocute
  • Twitch's R - Spray and Pray empowered attacks now properly deal damage to the Nexus and enemy inhibitors regardless of range or angle
  • Umbral Glaive now properly deals extra damage to revealed traps
  • Caitlyn's W - Yordle Snap Trap properly empowers only one basic attack
  • Multi-attacks from Runaan's Hurricane's unique passive, Wind's Fury, properly give the holder 1 stack of Conqueror instead of a stack per enemy hit
  • Guinsoo's Rageblade's unique passive, Guinsoo's Rage, will not trigger on the target when the holder's basic attack is blocked or destroyed
  • Fixed a bug where the champion details page didn’t close automatically when renavigating to the game select screen
  • Enhanced data flows on the honor screen to provide better responsiveness 

The following skins will be released in this patch. Grab the League Displays app for full-res splash art!
Pool Party Jarvan IV, Heimerdinger & Syndra 
Pool Party Taliyah & Orianna 
The following chromas will be released this patch: 
Pool Party Orianna
Pool Party Syndra
Pool Party Jarvan IV
Pool Party Taliyah
Pool Party Heimerdinger
Nurse Akali
Kennen M.D.
Surgeon Shen"

Champion Skins

Five new skins will be available on July 2nd:

Pool Party Heimerdinger

1350 RP
"Through the combination of precise schematics and top-of-the-line construction tools, Heimerdinger's next sand castle creation will be his grandest iteration yet! Assuming Syndra doesn't land on it again..."

Pool Party Jarvan IV

1350 RP
"For Jarvan, there's nothing more relaxing than hanging out at the beach. No kingdoms to run, no thrones to sit on (save for his favorite beach chair), just the sound of the waves and, if he listens closely, the faint whistle of a volleyball being spiked directly at him..."

Pool Party Orianna

1350 RP
"With her latest outfit, Orianna is finally able to submerge completely in aquatic biomes. This brings her great joy, as a day at the beach previously required subsequent weeks of scrubbing salt, sand, and sometimes an angry crab out of her gears."

Pool Party Syndra

1350 RP
"Now that Syndra's aced all her opponents, it's time for her final test: prevent any rogue volleyballs from hitting her friends. Again."

Pool Party Taliyah

1350 RP
"Taliyah once attempted to describe surfboarding to a perplexed Jarvan, using such terms as “get pitted”, “tubular”, and “ride the barrel”. She's pretty sure he still has no idea what she was talking about."


Several new sets of chromas will also be available July 2nd:

Pool Party Jarvan IV
[8 Chromas]

Pool Party Orianna
[7 Chromas]

Pool Party Heimerdinger
[8 Chromas]

Pool Party Syndra
[8 Chromas]

Pool Party Taliyah
[7 Chromas]

Skins in the Rift Hospital skinline also have new chroma sets available sometime this patch:

Nurse Akali
[8 Chromas]

Kennen, M. D.
[8 Chromas]

Surgeon Shen
[8 Chromas]

Here's a look at each new chroma from SkinSpotlights!

Skin VFX Updates

Nurse Akali, Kennen M. D., and Surgeon Shen have some VFX changes heading out in patch 10.13:

Nurse Akali

Kennen, M. D

Surgeon Shen 

Summoner Icons

New summoner icons will be available this cycle:

Nurse Akali Charity Icon, Kennen, M.D. Charity Icon, Surgeon Shen Charity Icon
This icon was acquired by supporting the 2020 COVID Charity Bundle.

Mega Donor Icon, Donor Icon
This icon was acquired by supporting the 2020 COVID Charity Bundle.


A new emote will be available this patch:

From Akali With Love!

Special Borders

New special borders will be available sometime this patch for Nurse Akali, Kennen M. D., and Surgeon Shen:

Nurse Akali, Kennen M. D., Surgeon Shen


  • Skins in the Crime City skinline renamed:
    • Mafia Braum to Crime City Braum
    • Gangster Twitch changed to Crime City Twitch
    • Mafia Jinx changed to Crime City Jinx
    • Mafia Graves changed to Crime City Graves
    • Mafia Miss Fortune changed to Crime City Miss Fortune

Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.13 Notes

Check out the full TFT Patch 10.13 notes:
"Welcome Astronauts! 
We're back with the first update of the second half of the third set of TFT! This week we're swapping out the Medium Legends galaxy for a new one: Binary Star. In this galaxy, champions can hold a maximum of two items. In terms of general game balance, we're pretty happy with how the mid-set update landed. However, the new Battlecast champs didn't pack quite the punch we were aiming for, so they're getting a few improvements. 
Let's get into it! 
  • If you are ranked Master or above, you may now only queue solo in Ranked.
  • New Galaxy: Binary Star. Champions can only hold two items.
  • Medium Legends Galaxy has been removed from the game.
  • Binary Star will occur in 10% of games.
  • Raised the minimum number of items that can drop in a game by 1. 
Balance and Adjustments
  • Battlecast Damage or Healing: 70/160/325/600 ⇒ 80/180/480/880
  • Blademaster Chance for Bonus Attacks: 30/70/100 ⇒ 30/65/100
  • Blaster Bonus Attacks: 3/5 ⇒ 3/6
  • Cybernetic Bonus Attack Damage: 40/80 ⇒ 40/75
  • Dark Star Bonus Attack Damage & Ability Power: 8/16/24/32 ⇒ 8/18/28/38
  • Infiltrator Bonus Attack Speed: 40/70/120 ⇒ 40/80/120
  • Mystic Magic Resistance: 50/125 ⇒ 50/120
Tier 1 Champions
  • Illaoi Health: 650 ⇒ 700
  • Illaoi Tentacle Smash Defense Stealing: 20/30/50% ⇒ 30/40/60%
  • Illaoi Defense Stealing Duration: 4 ⇒ 6 seconds
  • Nocturne Attack Speed: 0.7 ⇒ 0.75
  • Nocturne Unspeakable Horror Damage: 200/250/350 ⇒ 200/250/400
  • Xayah Total Mana: 70 ⇒ 60
Tier 2 Champions
  • Darius Armor: 35 ⇒ 40
  • Darius Magic Resist: 20 ⇒ 30
  • Darius Dreadnova Guillotine Damage: 400/500/750 ⇒ 400/550/800
  • Kog’Maw Health: 500 ⇒ 550
  • Kog’Maw Total Mana: 40 ⇒ 30
  • Kog’Maw Barrage % Max HP Damage: 2/4/7% ⇒ 2/4/8%
  • Nautilus Impact Crater Stun Duration: 3/3.5/4 ⇒ 3/3/5 seconds
  • Nautilus Mana: 60/120 ⇒ 50/120
Tier 3 Champions
  • Bard Cast time significantly reduced
  • Cassiopeia Poison Duration: 12 seconds ⇒ 14 seconds
  • Jayce Health: 850 ⇒ 800
  • Master Yi Chosen One Damage: 75/100/200 ⇒ 75/100/175
Tier 4 Champions
  • Fizz Starting Mana: 60 ⇒ 50
  • Gnar Health on Transform: 750/1250/2500 ⇒ 750/1250/4000
  • Gnar Attack Damage on Transform: 100/175/400 ⇒ 100/175/550
  • GNAR! Stun Duration: 2 ⇒ 1.5 seconds
  • Jinx Get Excited!Bonus Attack Speed: 60/75/100% ⇒ 50/70/100%
  • Riven Energy Slash Shield: 250/400/1000 ⇒ 225/375/1000
  • Teemo Satellite Damage: 125/175/600 ⇒ 125/175/550
  • Teemo Satellite Slow Duration: 4 ⇒ 3 seconds
Tier 5 Champions
  • Ekko Chronobreak Damage: 100/200/2000 ⇒ 100/150/2000
  • Thresh Total Mana: 75 ⇒ 90 
  • Bloodthirster Healing: 40% ⇒ 45%
  • Hextech Gunblade Healing: 40% ⇒ 45%
  • Jeweled Gauntlet Bonus Crit Damage: 20% ⇒ 30%
  • Statikk Shiv Damage: 80 ⇒ 90
  • Zz’Rot Portal Health: 1000/2000/3000 ⇒ 1500/2250/3000
  • Cleaned up some tooltips with respect to percentages
  • Fixed Malphite’s Energy Shield not benefiting from the Spell Power provided by Chalice of Power
  • Fixed Space Pirates rarely causing additional coin drops when equipped with Giant Slayer
  • Fixed an issue where a Kog’Maw’s attacks during Barrage could rarely become Trap Claw procs
  • Removed the unintended orange glow that would play on melee weapons of units equipped with Infinity Edge
  • Fixed an issue where Zephyr’d units could be hit by certain AoE spells like Teemo’s Satellite Traps
  • A few Team Planner bugs needed fixing.
  • Xerath was lost in space for a bit. We found him and put him back in the Team Planner.
  • We removed a few champions from the game in patch 10.12 but they hid away in the Team Planner. We found and removed them.
  • Nocturne snuck into Tier 2 in the Team Planner. We put him back into his appropriate Tier 1."

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