PBE Preview: Arcanist Kog'Maw, Shaco, & Zoe

Posted on at 8:20 AM by Aznbeat
A new PBE preview is now on Riot social media, showing off new Arcanist skins for Kog'Maw, Shaco, and Zoe, plus her Prestige Edition!
Continue reading for a first look!

  • LoL Turkey Twitter
[Tweet translation] "Meet the new masters of magic, which has a very important place in Runeterra. Introducing Zoe, the Master of Magic! Try it now in PBE."
[Tweet translation] "The shrewd state of magic ... Master of Magic Shaco! Now in PBE."
[Tweet translation] "Don't underestimate the magical dribble balls! Master of Magic Kog'Maw is now in PBE."


Riot KateyKhaos provided turnaround shots for each new skin:

Here's a look at splash art from the videos:

Arcanist Zoe

Arcanist Zoe Prestige Edition

Arcanist Kog'Maw

Arcanist Shaco

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