High Noon Skins & Content Now Available

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"Something snatched me up before I went to Hell. Something old. Something real old." - High Noon Irelia & Senna, as well as new chromas, missions, capsules, and more are now available!
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High Noon 2020 Skins Trailer

Check out the skins trailer for High Noon - "High Noon 2020: Face Your Demons | Official Skins Trailer"

High Noon Missions

New missions are now available themed around High Noon 2020! Notably the Lady Luck is Smiling mission awards the new Nothing Personal emote!

Champion Skins

Two new skins are now available - High Noon Irelia & Senna!

High Noon Irelia

1350 RP
"A fallen angel who escaped the destruction of Heaven, now tainted by ineffable darkness. Irelia has spent years in hiding, thus her return alongside a newly resurrected Senna attests to the presence of powers who would see the heavenly kingdom restored… perhaps for the continued benefit of man, or perhaps for their final damnation."

High Noon Senna

1820 RP (Legendary)
"Once the greatest gunslinger on the continent, Senna's life would have ended when her heart was torn out by the devil-- save for the intervention of a higher authority. Mysteriously resurrected with the heart of an angel and a demonic steed, she has returned to the west to restore the balance of Heaven and Hell... however she sees fit."

As a Legendary skin, High Noon Senna has a new voiceover:

She also has a new set of special interactions:


New sets of chroma are now available for 290 RP each or bundled with the exclusive Ruby Chroma!

High Noon Irelia
[7 Chromas]

High Noon Senna
[5 Chromas]

Bandito Fiddlesticks
[8 Chromas]

High Noon Jhin
[8 Chromas]

High Noon Lucian
[5 Chromas]

Bundles & Borders

In addition to the skins, High Noon Senna and High Noon Irelia Border Set bundle are in the shop - these contain the champion, High Noon skin, exclusive icon, and the special borders listed above.

High Noon Capsules + 4 Prestige Points are also available in the shop for 750 RP.

The 10x High Noon Capsules + 1 Lucky #7 Grab Bag + 40 Prestige Points bundle (7500 RP) also  include a Lucky #7 Grab bag which contains  7 x random 750+ Skin Shards

Summoner Icons

New summoner icons are now available for purchase or in bundles:

High Noon Senna Icon, High Noon Irelia Icon
"This icon was released as a bundle exclusive during the 2020 High Noon event."

[Both icons available as part of the larger High Noon border set bundles]

2020 High Noon Icon
"This icon was released in the store for purchase in 2020."
250 RP


New emotes are now available:

Not Now!, Reckon it's Time!
350 RP each

Nothing Personal!
Available through Lady Luck is Smiling mission

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