2016 World Championship: Quarterfinals

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[NEWS: 6.21 PBE Cycle Roundup.] [NOTE: Updated with Day 4 VODS & results!]

The 2016 World Championship continues this weekend with the Quarterfinals! 
Continue reading for a (spoiler free) look at team info, schedules, and VODs once they become available!

( Please be aware that this post WILL BE UPDATED as the action continues throughout the week. VODs and any other pertinent info will be posted once available! )

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The Quarterfinals are now complete! In the interest of remaining spoiler free, click the links below to see results of the Quarterfinals after four days of play!

Tune in next weekend (October 21st & 22nd) for the 2016 World Championship Semifinals!

Quarterfinals Information

The 2016 World Championship  starts on September 29th with the GROUP STAGES, kicking off a month of games where the best teams in the world will compete for title of 2016 World Champions and cash prizes totaling over $2,000,000! Following group stages, eight teams will continue to the quarterfinals to play best of 5 matches with the winner of each moving on in the bracket.

Rules and Overview for 2016 World Championship can be found [here]. The 2016 World Championship will be played on patch 6.18. Yorick is disabled.

Here are the 8 qualified teams:
Here is the bracket as we head into the Quarterfinals:


Worlds 2016 has two streams - the main stream where each game is played and cast normally and a player experience stream which focuses on a specific lane or match up and has an alternative set of casters.

Main Stream

Youtube // Twitch

Player Experience Stream - Schedule

[Day 4]


Day 1 - October 13th - Beginning at 3:00 PM PST // 12:00 CET

Samsung Galaxy vs. Cloud9
3:00 PM PST // 12:00 CET
[VOD 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ]

Day 2 - October 14th - Beginning at 3:00 PM PST // 12:00 CET

SK Telecom T1 vs. Royal Never Give Up
3:00 PM PST // 12:00 CET
[VOD 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ]

[Results][Bracket after day 2]

Day 3 - October 15th - Beginning at 3:00 PM PST // 12:00 CET

ROX Tigers vs. Edward Gaming
3:00 PM PST // 12:00 CET
[VOD 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ]

[Results] [Bracket after Day 3]

Day 4 - October 16th - Beginning at 3:00 PM PST // 12:00 CET

H2K vs. Albus NoX Luna
3:00 PM PST // 12:00 CET
[VOD 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ]

[Semifinal Bracket]

Following this weekends's matches, 2016 WC will continue with the Semifinals which runs October 21st - 22nd.

In-game Content & Merch

With Worlds 2016 comes a selection of in-game content and skins as well as new merchandise! 
A horde of 2016 World Championship in-game content is now available in the shop, including Championship Zed, upgradeable Team Summoner icons, ward skins, returning championship, challenger, and team legacy skins, and more are available through November 6th!
A new change this year is that 25% of every Championship Zed and Championship ward goes to the total Worlds 2016 prize pool! 
In addition to the team icons for RP, a 2016 World Championship summoner icon is available for 1 IP through November 6th! For those upgrading icons, don't forget to pick up your championship jewels for IP during EACH worlds broadcast day!
If you participated in the Worlds Pick'Em , remember to check in on your progress throughout the two weeks of group stages and lock in your next set of predictions before the knock out stage starts.

A new set of Worlds 2016 merch is now available in the Riot Games merch store, including a new Championship Riven figure, bomber jacket, and more!

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