10/12 PBE Update: Bewitching Morgana tweaks, names of new Lux, Jayce, and Nautilus skins, and more!

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[UPDATE:Shop entries for "Elementalist Lux" (3250 RP), "Worldbreaker Nautilus" (750 RP), and "Jayce of the Bright Hammer"(750 RP) found! No assets or art, just names. ]

As the end of the 6.21 PBE cycle nears, today's small update includes VFX tweaks for Bewitching Morgana, PBE shop entries for future Jayce, Lux, and Nautilus skins, and more!
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(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and subject to change - what you see below may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers at the end of the cycle! Manage your expectations accordingly.)

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Shop Entries for "Elementalist Lux, "Worldbreaker Nautilus" and "Jayce of the Bright Hammer"

UPDATE: A Shop entry for "Elementalist Lux" at 3250 RP also found.

This Lux skin name also matches up with a popular reddit leak from earlier this year claiming Elementalist Lux would be the next ultimate skin.

Shop entries for "Worldbreaker Nautilus" and "Jayce of the Bright Hammer" skins have been found on PBE shop. While we have names for these upcoming skins, there are no in-game assets or art attached to them so there are no additional previews or information available.
These all have since been removed from the shop. Stay tuned for more info!

Bewitching Morgana VFX Tweaks

Several tweaks to Bewitching Morgana AA, W, and R visual effects in today's update.

Here's Lovestrut on twitter [1][2]:
"#PBE Bewitching Morgana's particles have gotten some tweaks!"
"Bewitching Morgana update: More orange & bats added to autos, W, and R! Didnt up E's orange due to concerns w/ reading as invulnerable."

Here's a brief video demonstration, full updated spotlight closer to end of cycle!

Shadow Performance Improvements 

Here's Riot JxE with context on changes to shadow performance:
"Hey all! 
I’m Riot JxE from the Sustainability Initiative again! We have one more treat for you before the next patch goes out. 
The Render Team is still in a stage of exploring and getting to know our rendering code. We know how much you all love frames, so we figured while we’re exploring, why not implement some quick wins? 
Recently we were exploring shadows and while we were in there we found a quick change we could make to improve the performance of our shadow blur. Previously, shadow blur was using 3x3 box filter twice and we changed that to be a 5x5 filter once with the weights calculated to give the same look. We’ve done some testing in our compatibility lab and so far we’ve gained back on average 2 fps across all specs, but sometimes getting 50+ fps on higher end PCs. All with little visual impact. 
Please let us know if you encounter any visual issues with shadows while testing on the PBE! 
Save the frames, kill the yordles 
Riot JxE"

10/12 PBE LCU Alpha Update

Small update went out to the PBE's LCU Alpha today, including the Ivern login theme and assets for the esports login seen earlier on the normal PBE this cycle. Worth noting this is the first time they've change to a a different login screen besides the LCU Heimerdinger login, perhaps additional testing as they aim to launch the LCU open beta later this year along with launch of replays.

They've also added options to change your client's window size:

Balance Changes

[None today.]

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