Red Post Collection: 6.18 Mid-Patch Updates, Ekko merch, Ask Riot on Aatrox & Trust, One for All in RGMQ Friday, & more!

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Tonight's red post collection includes two mid-patch updates for 6.18 to fix various bugs, new Ekko merch now available in the merch shop, One for All in the RGMQ this Friday & an updated schedule, a new Ask Riot on player trust and Aatrox, Live/Play series finale, and more!
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6.18 Mid-Patch Updates - September 13th & 14th

The official 6.18 notes have been updated to reflect two mid-patch updates that went out to fix several bugs with AatroxRyzeYasuoYorick, and more.
  • NO COMMENT -Fixed the cast range indicator on rank 2 of R - Realm Warp
In-Game FPS
  • BUGFIX - Fixed an issue causing FPS to degrade over time (especially if VFX-heavy champions were present)
Spectator Mode
  • BUGFIX - Fixed a spectator-only bug where, when viewing enemy perspective, Aurelion Sol's passive stars could do strange things in Fog of War

  • BUGFIX - Q - Dark Flight can once again be interrupted during its first half while Aatrox is rising into the air
  • BUGFIX - Aatrox is no longer locked out of casting abilities if Dark Flight is interrupted during its second half as he dives toward the ground
  • BUGFIX - If Aatrox dies during Dark Flight, he's no longer locked out of Flash or Teleport on respawn until recasting Dark Flight
BUGFIX - Fixed a bug where hitting a target with Q - Steel Tempest (or Yasuo's E+Q combo) multiple times in extremely rapid succession could fail to deal damage
BUGFIX -  Hitting an enemy with Q - Last Rites without killing it no longer creates a Grave when the Maiden of the Mists and four Mist Walkers are nearby. (It still creates a Grave if it kills the enemy, as intended.)"

Ask Riot the Trust Question and Aatrox 

It's Thursday and our latest edition of ASK RIOT includes questions on community trust and Aatrox:
"Welcome to Ask Riot, where we focus on your questions and give you answers. 
This week, we talk about building trust and our current thoughts on Aatrox. 
Have a question (or two...hundred) yourself? Head over to Ask Riot and sign into your League account. Check out the Do’s, the Don'ts, and then ask us something. We’ll archive the answers once we’ve accumulated a few of them. One thing to note: Asking the same question over and over again won’t help your cause. 
We’re committed to reading every question but can’t guarantee we’ll answer them all. 
“Okay, why not?” 
Some questions may already be answered elsewhere or won’t be right for Ask Riot. This isn’t the best place to announce new products or features here and we might skip conversations on issues which we’ve already gone into more depth elsewhere (but we can clarify individual points!). Even if your question isn’t the one being answered, we’re listening, and we’ll be sharing your questions with the Rioters who are working directly on the things you’re curious about. 
What thing do you think Riot could improve that would go the furthest to creating a situation where the community trusts Riot again? 
Editor’s note: Ghostcrawler recently answered this on his personal Askfm channel and we wanted to share an updated answer with all of you. 
I think there are 3 things. 
1) We need to talk more and earlier. When we maintain radio silence, players fill in the gaps with their own speculations, which are sometimes correct and many times not. I think we've struggled here to find the right balance, because if we talk about a problem too early with no solution immediately in sight, then it can feel to players like we are ridiculously slow or lack a sense of urgency. We look dishonest if we change our mind in the face of new information (another risk of communicating early). I recently mentioned that we want to update runes, but it's not going to be in the next several months. We will see how that goes over. :) 
2) We need to shift our tone a little. The "brand" for Riot (though I kind of hate using that word) for a long time was the scrappy start-up that does things differently. When we were a little sloppy or brash or unconventional, it fit that narrative. But we aren't really that company any longer, and we need to figure out a new way to have a conversation that keeps our company culture intact but evolves to reflect the reality of the current size of Riot and success of LoL. 
3) We need to deliver good shit. Talking about our philosophies and future plans can help a lot to fill in dry periods, but if all we ever produce is talk, then players will understandably lose faith. This has been a bit of a slow year from us product-wise, because so much energy has gone into the client update, and we burned some player trust with the loss of solo queue. 
Great question and one we discuss a lot. 
Ghostcrawler, Game Design Director 
What are your thoughts on Aatrox? He feels like he is in a horrible state and could use some buffs or a rework. 
We'd like to do some significant work on Aatrox when we do a class update to diving fighters. Aatrox has a theme with an enormous amount of potential. At present, however, his gameplay is a bit generic, doing a mix of things plenty of other fighters also do. That means, unless he's the best at those things, he's not going to be the best pick gameplay wise. Our goal with an update, as a result, would be to make him more unique, taking advantage of his backstory and letting him bring some distinct tools to a team. 
We'd also like to do some work before then, both to help him out slightly (he's a little on the weak side) and at least start to push him in a more focused direction. At a rough guess, sometime around the pre-season is when we'll likely look at that. 
Meddler, Lead Game Designer"

RGMQ - One for All Live Friday & Updated Schedule

One for All returns this weekend in the rotating game mode queue! Look for it to start up around the normal time Friday September 16th and last through Monday night!

The RGMQ schedule has also been updated, following All Random URF next week and Ascension the week after that we'll have another round of Definitely Not Dominion from October 7th - 10th!
As a reminder, we keep the current RGMQ schedule on the right sidebar of S@20!

Socrates on Season Rewards - Team Rewards & Victorious Skin 

As you may have noticed, in-client messages are going altering foklks of the 2016 ranked season ranked team reward ward skins - 15 points for Conquering Ward, 30 points for Triumphant Ward, and 45 points for the higher tier Victorious Ward. You can find this tracker on the Leagues tab on your profile page.

Here's Riot Socrates commenting on the alert, reminding on the ward reward skins and reassuring players there is still a Victorious Championship skin that will be reward for placing gold or higher even though it is missing from the ranked reward display.
"Hey all, 
With the end of the ranked season nearing, we re-enabled the ranked team rewards tracker in client. Ranked team rewards allow players to earn and upgrade a ward skin from wins in ranked 3’s and 5’s. It looks like the values being displayed were incorrect when we turned it on, the correct values are: 15 / 30 / 45 pts for the tier 1 / 2 / 3 ward skin respectively. This should be fixed soon. Also, though the victorious skin is not appearing as a listed season reward in the screen, the skin will be earnable by being gold or above in any ranked queue at the end of the season (teams also require you to have won at least 10 games) . 
As usual, you can expect the season to end in early-mid November, and we’ll share the final date in the coming weeks. We’ll be including more details in an upcoming post. 
Riot Socrates, Grand Memer"
Here's the in-client image for the ranked team reward ward skins you can earn for 15/30/45 points by winning ranked matches with a team. Ranked team queue schedule can be found [here] - you earn 3 points for a ranked 5v5 team win and 1 point for a ranked team 3v3 win.
[Conquering / Triumphant / Victorious]

For what it is worth, 2015's Victorious champion skin was previewed in early October - be on the look out for more news soon!

New Ekko Merch now available

Ekko has taken over the Riot Games Merch shop and three new items are now available for purchase!


When visiting the Merch shop, be sure to use the flag in the top right corner to switch regions!

League of Legends Pop! Vinyl figures are coming!

Speaking of LoL merch, here's an update for Europe on the release of the new League of Legends Pop! Vinyl figures - now available for preorder!
"We are excited to announce our collaboration with Funko on a new line of League of Legends figures: the new Pop! Vinyl figures. 
We will be releasing 6 different Pop! Vinyl figures: 
  • Ashe
  • Braum
  • Jinx
  • Lee Sin
  • Thresh
  • Vi 
The figures will be available soon in the following countries, and you can already pre-order them following the links:  
Folks in NA can look [here] for locations to snag the figures that were released in August, other regions coming soon!

Meddler Grab Bag

When asked about the recent Nunu W and R that showed up on the PBE briefly before being reverted, Meddler  noted:
"Just so you know the 'dev who reverted the Nunu changes' is also the dev who's 'still trying to find the right buffs for Nunu and get the rest of the team onboard with them'."

When asked if something similar is going on with the Kindred changes that keep hitting the PBE only to be reverted, Meddler continued:
"Kind of. That one's less a discussion on what changes we should do and more an ongoing discussion on where Kindred's current power level actually lies."
When asked if 2017 will have a similar number of champion updates as 2016, Meddler noted:
"Similar's the current plan, though the later half of next year especially's very much just pencilled in rather than any stuff we've started work on yet of course."

Live/Play Series Finale - Episode 4: Together

Next up we have the series finale for LIVE/PLAY - Check out Episode 4: Together:

"Maria and Janeth live the esports dream in Mexico. Martin and Dane build a support group for players in dire straits. Cristobal illustrates the true meaning of “Never surrender”. 
Live/Play Miniseries - Episode 1: Be There - 
Live/Play Miniseries - Episode 2: Something Bigger - 
Live/Play Miniseries - Episode 3: Who We Are -"
The team debuted the finale and did an AMA with Riot Jerkee earlier today, check out the VOD [here]. Be sure to check out the Q&A at around 30 minutes in!


To round out tonight's red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!
  • The 2016 Worlds Pick'em is available now through the 29th! Earn summoner icons and more by participating and guessing correctly!
  • Riot is currently in the process of distributing their 10 year anniversary gifts to players! Look for Riot Kayle (or a mystery gift if you already own) and a poro summoner icon to hit your account soon if you've played a game in the last 60 days or before September 19th! Please note that they may take up to a week (September 23rd) for everyone to get! Keep up with distribution here.

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