Red Post Collection: One for All in RGMQ, Incoming Scripting Suspensions, Bard's Magical Journey, and more!

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[NOTE: 10 Year Thank You Bonus IP weekend live September 16th - 18th!]

This morning's red post collection includes One for All in the RGMQ, a Bard's Magical Journey community collaboration, a note on upcoming scripting banwave, a new episode of Legends Rising, and more! 
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One for All live in RGMQ

One for All returns this weekend in the RGMQ and the RGMQ schedule has been updated to include  Definitely Not Dominion from October 7th - 10th. following All Random URF next week and Ascension the week after that.
"From the sand-strewn battlefield of Ascension to the frenetic manatee magic of Ultra Rapid Fire, rotating game modes provide unique spins on the classic League formula. It’s time to kick things off with the next game mode in the rotation: One for All is now live!
For a refresher on the mode, let’s go over the basics: 
Once you get into champ select, you and your team will vote for the champion you’ll all play before jumping into the game for inevitable chaos. Whether you’re chaining an endless string of Gangplank barrels, assembling a Tahm Kench matryoshka, or covering the map with Illaoi tentacles lashing every choke point, One For All is basically five times crazier than when you’re the only one playing your champion. Or at the very least, there’s five times the lasers. 
As in any rotating queue game mode, we’ve specially tuned Champion Mastery so you can earn points in the mode. You’ll also be able to earn keys for your wins and loot chests for your (or your premade’s) S­-, S, and S+ games. 
    We’ll be trying out different things with the rotating game mode queue over the next few months such as, changing the mode cadence or what modes are available. We’re looking for your feedback as we go, so let us know. GLHF!"

    Community Collab - Bard's Magical Journey 

    A new community collaboration animation is up - check out Bard's Magical Journey!

    "Fourteen League of Legends community animators from around the world join forces to tell the tale of Bard and his chimes. BWONG! 
    Completed in three days as part of Riot Games Animation Lab 2016 
    Animation by:
    Crazy Boris
    Teemo VS All
    Summoner Showdown
    Hyun's Dojo
    2P Studios

    **Created in Collaboration with Riot Games**

    Incoming Scripting Suspensions 

    Here's mirageofpenguins sharing that a large banwave is going out targeted at scripters:
    "Heya dudes, 
    This is just a heads up that we’re executing a fairly massive banwave on a good majority (all) of cheaters today. I know we’re normally pretty silent about this type of thing (gotta keep our enemies in the dark), but seeing as how it’s probably the 3rd largest salt mine I’ve ever excavated, I figured we’d give a little advanced notification. 
    I’d also like to cunningly make use of everyone’s eyeballs as a reminder that we’re definitely not into applications that provide measurable player advantage. The cheating we’re targeting here is primarily comprised of modifications that take actions on your behalf (affectionately called scripting), and that’s our least favorite type of mojo. It’s probably been said before, but this is meant to be a fair videogame and you shouldn’t ever have to go digging for add-ons just to stay competitive. 
    We've got a lot of work to do in preventing this behavior from occurring in the first place, but rest assured, the banhammer won't stop swinging until the message really sinks in. 
    TL;DR - Bans for days. Stop scripting. Thanks!"

    Meddler & Scruffy Grab Bag

    Next up we have a small group of posts from Meddler & Scruffy on Heimerdinger and Banner of Command, Kassadin's Force Pulse, and Fiora's E animation:

    When asked if there were any specific plans for Heimerdinger in preseason, Meddler dropped off a few comments including preseason plans for banner Command.
    "Oh, hey, good to talk to you again! Hope LeagueFest treated you well? 
    We don't have any specific plans for Heimer in pre-season. Banner of Command I can talk about a bit though. Current plan is that some form of Banner of Command will still exist, just without the aura. I'd expect its stats to be about as appealing to Heimer as the current ones are. That could still change of course, we're still partway through pre-season development, that's where we're up to now at least though. 
    In terms of split push that's a style of play we do want in the game. When we've made it pretty ineffective the game's lost a fair bit of strategic depth. At the same time though we're constantly trying to find ways to make sure it's an interactive and interesting approach. Some types of split push hit that well (e.g. a champion you can send one of your team to duel who you'll fight or be able to catch like Nasus), some don't (e.g. champs who'll just disengage and never engage with you like Shaco often does, or champs who constantly push, rather than having windows you can take advantage of). 
    Improved visibility on Heimer's passive, at least for the Heimer player, seems like a great addition. We'll add that to a backlog of work and probably get it in at some point. Probably Heimer only healing text and visual effects on a heal every 5 seconds or something rather than a constant aura effect (same gameplay, just with a bit more concentration and visual support). 
    Regarding healing towers that's something we've generally wanted to avoid, given its potential to lead to long, stalled out games. It's a really unique space, so would be cool to find the right way of delivering on it, would want to make sure we had a fair bit of time to try different directions if exploring that idea."
    When asked why Kassadin's Force Pulse (E) needs to be charged to use,  Meddler explained:
    "It's mainly a way of giving Kass increased access to his E in busy team fights versus in solo situations. 
    As a secondary benefit it also has some soft impact on which enemies Kass is a good choice against, though overall other factors are more important in determining which lanes are good/bad match ups for him."
    Meddler continued:
    But that doesn't matter because it already has a standard cooldown anyway. 
    You could have it do something different that makes more use out of the same idea, like an extremely low cooldown version (1 or 2 seconds) to give Kassadin some insane teamfight AoE 
    Or have spell casts not be required to cast it, but instead simply reduce the cooldown, (then increase the cooldown to compensate of course) 
    One of those would make it so Force Pulse feels like Kassadin benefits from the stack mechanic, rather than it being a power gate.
    Yeah, it's a power gate. We could make a number of changes that would make it feel better, be more effective when used well. The issue there is that we don't have room to buff Kassadin. His core thing is his repeated blink, that has to sap a lot of power from the rest of his kit in compensation."
    When asked why Fiora's  E does not use her default critical strike animation, RiotScruffy commented:
    "I remember we specifically didn't use the crit and made a special "E second hit" anim to make it flow better - get that 1 2 3 feel when you use it well. 
    Feedback is feedback though, so I'll take another look at it in game and see if there's a good reason to change it to crit."

    Legends Rising Season 2: Episode 4 - Endurance

    Episode 4 of Legends Rising season 2 is out - check out ENDURANCE:

    "The season is not turning out as Chawy had hoped. After AHQ faltered in the Spring Playoffs, losing to Flash Wolves and missing MSI, Chawy finds himself in fighting to retain a seat within AHQ’s starting lineup. Meahwhile, Rekkles is given a new hope as Fnatic's former captain YellOwStaR rejoins the roster and Smeb has a rocky start to his summer split. Will the new developments derail their progress towards Worlds? 
    Legends Rising Season 2 follows six of the game's greatest pros through the hard work and sacrifice necessary to achieve greatness, in a six-part series. Do they have what it takes to become a legend?"

    Worlds 2016: On-Air Team

    The 2016 World Championship is starting up later this month and Riot has revealed their on-air team for the event:
    "In a few weeks, 16 top teams will begin the journey toward the Summoner’s Cup during the 2016 World Championship. Our English language broadcast team will be on-site to cover all of Worlds 2016 action as the tournament travels across North America.

    Here’s the on-air team that’ll be narrating and breaking down all the international clashes:

    Play-by-play Commentators
    • Daniel “Tsepha” Drakos
    • David “Phreak” Turley
    • Devin “PiraTechnics” Younge
    • Julian “Pastrytime” Carr
    • Max “Atlus” Anderson
    • Trevor “Quickshot” Henry
    • Rivington Bisland III
    • Richard “Pulse” Kam

    Color Commentators and Analysts
    • Aidan “Zirene” Moon
    • Chris “PapaSmithy” Smith
    • Clement Chu
    • Indiana “Froskurinn” Black
    • Isaac “Azael” Cummings-Bentley
    • Jake “Spawn” Tiberi
    • James “Stress” O’Leary
    • Joshua “Jatt” Leesman
    • Martin “Deficio” Lynge
    • Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels
    • Nick “LastShadow” de Cesare
    • Sam “Kobe” Hartman-Kenzler
    • Zack “Rusty” Pye

    Interviews and Hosts
    • Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere
    • James “Dash” Patterson
    We’ll have guest spots for pro players, coaches, and former pros to join us at the analyst desk throughout Worlds 2016.

    Tune in on Thursday, September 29 at 4:00 PM PT to catch the opening ceremony followed by North America’s Counter Logic Gaming vs. Europe’s G2 Esports. Don’t miss a chance to join us in San Francisco,tickets are still available for the Group Stage.

    /ALL Chat | Go Back to School With Triton Gaming

    Here's a new /ALL CHAT with the crew visiting University of Califonria and Triton Gaming Expo!

    "All Chat heads to the University of California at San Diego and hits up the first ever Triton Gaming Expo, organized by UCSD’s uLoL club. We join UCSD student Lulu as she explores the expo, checks out the tournaments and artists’ alley, and hangs out with Triton cosplayers. 
    Want to learn more about events and clubs on your campus? Register for uLoL!"


    To round out tonight's red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!
    • The 2016 Worlds Pick'em is available now through the 29th! Earn summoner icons and more by participating and guessing correctly!
    • Riot is currently in the process of distributing their 10 year anniversary gifts to players! Look for Riot Kayle (or a mystery gift if you already own) and a poro summoner icon to hit your account soon if you've played a game in the last 60 days or before September 19th! Please note that they may take up to a week (September 23rd) for everyone to get! Keep up with distribution here.

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