Red Post Collection: Dominion Retiring on February 22nd, Jhin Community Creations, Fearless on Wolf Spirit, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection includes the announcement that Dominion will be retired on February 22nd, a Jhin community creations round up, Fearless discussing Wolf Spirits and Emergent Behavior,  a grab bag of posts from Meddler, a round up of recent red tweets, and more!
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Retiring Dominion

Riot announced today that they will be retiring the Dominion game made on February 22nd. Check out the full announcement from L4T3NCY below, as well as mention of an exclusive summoner icon that will be distributed to players with over 100 match made  (no co-op) Dominion wins!
"We launched Dominion more than four years ago as an alternative game mode designed to challenge players with fast-paced skirmishes, capture-and-hold gameplay, and different skills to master. Back then, we truly believed the mode would introduce new players to League of Legends and provide current players with an experience as captivating as Summoner’s Rift. As League continues to evolve, our vision for the core game becomes more and more refined, and, after years of learning, it’s clear today that alternative game modes work better in short cycles rather than as standalone queues. 
We want to support game modes delivering consistently engaging and competitive experiences. Fewer than 0.5% of players actively play Dominion and we’re aware some number of even that small population is still bots. We haven’t been supporting Dominion, and we’ve trapped ourselves in a vicious cycle where the queue isn’t large enough to warrant major attention, but falls prey to bugs and periods of imbalance from the introduction of new champs and items (which then drives down the size of the queue, and so on). 
In the absence of our attention, matchmaking and game quality in Dominion varies wildly based on daily engagement. Because of how matchmaking works, the longer someone looking to play Dominion waits in queue, the wider the pool of potential foes the matchmaker can pull from -- with such a small population, Dominion games can match up widely divergent skill levels after long enough queue times. Unhealthy queues that force players to endure long waits with fluctuating match quality ultimately creates an overall poor experience -- one we take responsibility for. 
We might have been able to break out of that downward spiral with more dedicated resources, but we chose Summoner’s Rift as the core League of Legends experience with its depth of gameplay, match pacing, and path to mastery. When it comes to the resources required to keep Dominion permanentand solve the inherent design problems and give it ongoing live balance support, we’ve consistently devoted them to Summoner’s Rift and related features because we felt they’d improve the overall League experience more.
For players who’ve made the Crystal Scar their home over the last four years, we’ll be taking a snapshot of the queue today just before this post goes live. Then we’ll give out an exclusive, never-to-be-reproduced Summoner Icon to anyone with over 100 wins in matchmade Dominion games (not including Co-op vs AI). You can expect the icon to land in your account within two weeks of this announcement! We know this doesn’t ease the sting of losing the mode you’ve spent thousands of hours in. But if you want to stick around and join us on the Rift, we feel you deserve a way to show off your domination. 
We’ve learned a lot from Dominion and the costs associated with maintaining a fully separate game mode with balance changes, bugfixes, and item updates. We’re considering other ways to use the Dominion map (as a featured game mode, for example) but nothing is set in stone. We’re retiring Dominion to focus on our vision for League moving forward: we’ll concentrate on the core League game while supporting alternative experiences which deliver consistent, competitive gameplay with healthy queues and appropriate matchmaking (ARAM and featured game modes are good examples of this). We’re permanently disabling Dominion and removing the Crystal Scar from custom games on Monday, February 22."
As a reminder you needed to have 100 matchmade Dominion wins (not including co-op vs ai) PRIOR TO THE ANNOUNCEMENT in order to be eligible for the summoner icon!

When asked about a featured game mode rotation queue, L4T3NCY commented:
At the very least,in place of Dominion,can we get a Featured Game mode rotation Queue?
I like this idea. Always have. Something we'd certainly consider."

As for why they can't keep the queue up in customs only, L4T3NCY noted:
Getting rid of Crystal Scar in Customs makes zero sense. If you want to get rid of the matchmaking queue then fine, do so but leave the custom games option up for anyone who wants to goof around on the map.
Unfortunately, keeping Dominion available in Custom games still has the same cost as being a matchmade queue. :/ We have to ensure all champions work with capture points, items, etc. 
The art on the map is also far behind what we'd consider the 'quality bar' for League nowadays. It would be a herculean SRU level effort to bring it up to parity (when we could better spend that time/resources doing something awesome on SR instead)."

L4T3NCY continued, addressing the "chicken & the egg" analogy for Dominion doing poorly vs poor support on Riot's side:
"Couldn't agree more that LoL needs some better options for "shorter game modes". We do what we can with Featured Game Modes when they release. 
I want to address the "chicken & egg" analogy for Dominion support here as well. The large majority of players immediately bounced from the mode even when it was first released, preferring Summoner's Rift gameplay instead. The "capture & hold" style of gameplay didn't translate well into a MOBA and players voted strongly with their time: they spent it in SR instead. 
We certainly could have spent the time & resources to design out the problems and mitigate floors in Dominion, but we recognised an already better experience existed in SR. It had more strategic choice, clearer game-state and a wider variety of satisfying roles. The team chose to double-down on SR instead of splitting between both SR and Dominion. At that point we should have clearly communicated this to you guys, which we didn't. That sucked and it's our bad. 
Dominion's map shape + capture & hold gameplay was going to have diminishing returns for design time spent on it: and players still just wanted to play SR. I believe League is in a better place today for the time and effort we spent doubling down on SR, rather than splitting focus on Dominion."

When asked about the fate of Twisted Treeline, L4T3NCY noted no plans to retire that game mode:
You know, some people play only dominion, because Summoner'$ Rift is full of toxic people and they don't like twisted treeline... Also people play hide and seek there...
We currently have no plans to remove Twisted Treeline. It is several folds healthier than Dominion is. <3"

Meddler Grab Bag

Next up is a grab bag of posts from Meddler on champion masteries, Jhin's interaction with attack speed, and more!

When asked if they have plans for more additions to the mastery tree, Meddler commented:
"We'll be continuing to work on the mastery system throughout the year, both balancing existing masteries and adding new ones (next addition likely being Expose Weakness returning as a tier 1 Ferocity keystone). As far as the resolve tree goes I don't feel it's in a terrible place at present, we're seeing some use of all the tier 3 keystones and a number of champions that are heavy resolve users are in pretty impactful spots power wise. It could certainly do with some more options at the Tier 1 and 2 keystone levels though, particularly since some of the existing options there are a bit too niche. 
Additionally resolve's not going to be the right choice for every tough champion. It should generally be appealing to both tough champs who want to double down on their defense and squishier champs looking to get a bit of defense from somewhere. It's a tree that should be appealing to tanks and juggernauts, but it's not intended to be their 'official' tree, so if some of them feel better served in other trees that's all good."
[Expose Weakness debuted during 6.3 PBE cycle but didn't got to live in 6.3!]

He continued:
"The tier it's at has a really low power budget, somewhere around the 110g mark from memory. For its budget I feel it's a reasonable option. It's not going to be particularly noticeable, but little is with that little power in it."
Meddler also commented on how attack speed slows will interact with Jhin:
"Quick follow up on this - current plan is to have attack speed slows reduce the bonus AD Jhin gets from bonus AS, but not reduce his base AD below that. That's less impact on Jhin's auto attacks still than AS slows against other champions, Jhin's also getting reduced ability damage from AS slows though unlike most others. It's possible that'll still leave Jhin to resistant too AS slows, if so we'll reassess. Inclination is that that should put those debuffs in around the right spot against him though."
When asked about the Katarina Q buffs currently on the PBE, Meddler commented:
"We think there might be some room for small changes to her so we're trying out some light stuff. She does still have some issues with excessively binary, hard to respond to performance though as you say. I expect we'll want to make more significant changes someday (long term) as a result."

Wolf Spirits and Emergent Behavior

In light of recent issues in OPL, Fearless of jumped on the boards to discuss the wolf spirit smite interaction when using [this trick] to pull the spirit to the other side of the jungle.
Let’s talk about the wolf spirit.
As a default, we want to allow - and encourage - players to find new and surprising ways to play the game. On the flip side, however, we’re always watching for game health issues with emergent gameplay; is this the only way to play? Does it come with meaningful tradeoffs? Is there counterplay?

In the case of the Wolf Spirit, the ability to send the spirit on a long and silly journey across the river by smiting the wolf on the opposite side of the jungle has been known to us sincebefore release (that is, almost a year and a half ago). We viewed this as a strange but very high cost trick for the jungler - specifically because they would also require very specific compositions (Syndra, Tahm Kench, or Blitzcrank). This was further confirmed in our mind when we saw a few videos, a little discussion, and then nothing thereafter. So we kept it!

Fast forward almost a year, and in patch 5.20 we introduced leashing changes in the form of ‘patience’ where it became a lot easier to pull off this trick. We saw some players trying it out and wanted to see how much adoption would pick up - particularly in organized play - before we acted. And… we didn’t see it picked up anywhere once again. So we decided to keep it, again.

As it turns out, however, the lack of adoption of was only artificially true. Due to an unfortunate falloff in communication, we weren’t aware that pros had been banned from using the cross-map Wolf Spirit, despite expressing a strong desire to do so. Combine that with the current high community awareness, and we’ve got new facts on the table.

Given how obtuse this trick is to access (for now) and how much demand there is to use this at more organized levels of play, we’re recommending that the Wolf Spirit behavior remain treated as an exploit for competitive play. In 6.4 (unless testing and validation extend that), we’re going to investigate how we can preserve some of the unique play of a ‘spirit across the river,’ but with real support, balance, and clarity.

We understand that this has been very painful for players, and apologize for the confusion in how we handled the situation.

When asked if players could be punished for doing this on live, Fearless noted:
"Definitive answer: No. If this gets out of hand, we'll fix/disable stuff to keep the environment fair."

When asked about the earlier miscommunication, he noted:
"That was our position before we understood that pros hadn't been able to use the behavior freely. It was a known behavior, and we had intentionally not changed it. We are adjusting based on new information."
Fearless continued:
"We believed it was allowed in pro games, but due to miscommunication, the behavior was banned for pros. 
Now that we better understand the strength of it, we need to either change it or remove it, and we'd rather support the emergent gameplay."

Here's a brief video demonstrating the trick on 6.3 live environment:

As of the 2/10 PBE, a change has been put in that makes it so that the wolf spirit watches the area from the side of the river smite was used in.

On reddit, Reinboom shared:
"We're trying a change on the PBE now where it requires crossing the river to get the bonus."

As for future plans, Reinboom noted she'd like to try a different direction in the future:
"I've been interested in trying a version where it actually patrols and loops through the jungle. Also, replacing the ping with an "I found something!" howl. 
That's not something I can immediately jump on trying out at the moment though, sadly."

ricklessabandon on Soraka

With a large set of Soraka Q and W changes currently on the PBE, ricklessabandon popped on reddit to reply to questions regarding further changes for Soraka's E and why her new Q design doesn't restore based on umber of targets hit:
"ah, so quick answers on those two things:
  • re: equinox - there are certainly reliability issues with equinox, and there's actually a lot to explore with this spell, but since i'm already making significant adjustments to the gameplay loop between starcall and astral infusion we decided to keep the changes isolated to those two abilities for the 6.4 patch. i would like to look into it as follow-up work though since the way the spell works betrays expectations in quite a few scenarios. so 'no' for 6.4 but hopefully soon after.
  • re: multi-hit - part of the reason that alignment is binary is due to the model for starcall. the spell is supposed to be part of an 'engine' that soraka is intended to keep running if she wants to heal her team through a lot of damage. that engine is intended to force soraka into interacting with the enemy at some level so that she contributes to moments of engagement and feels some amount of personal pvp tension when going through her decision tree(s). that said, there are diminishing returns on that tension/risk, so i don't feel that starcall/alignment needs to have a scaling risk vs reward model—i don't think that any of the 10 players in a game gain enough from a scaling paradigm to offset the cost of needing to play around it and warrant its inclusion. regarding your concerns with soraka being able to stay alive without the multi-hit, i think some of it comes from specific mechanics and their tuning (my next iteration should help) and the rest might just be part of the intended weakness to dive/all-in that soraka will have when in a decent balance state."

Patch Chat with Playtest - Patch 6.3

Next up we have the first in new patch discussion series with the Riot playtest team!
We are Riot’s Playtest Team, a group of high ranking League players whose job it is to play the hell out of things (lane tests, competitive testing, etc) and give actionable, objective feedback to designers. Between us, we have experience as pro players, casters, coaches, analysts, and esports journalists. But above all, we are enthusiastic players of League of Legends, with an average of 3673 hours of gameplay each, and that’s just on our mains. If League of Legends were a 8-5 job, we’d be starting our 16th month on the job! 
Every two weeks, we’re going to be hosting a discussion here on the state of balance on the current patch. Take this opportunity to ask us any questions about the state of the game because, as we said, it’s our job to analyze it from all angles. 
This week, we’re going to discuss sleeper picks on 6.3, whether they’re the result of direct changes or a shifting landscape, or are simply champions that have remained underplayed despite strength in recent patches. 
Let’s start with someone who’s been strong the last few patches but hasn’t seen much play. Feel like sometimes your team just holds you down? Try Nautilus; he’s used to carrying a heavy weight and making it look easy! 
CJ’s Untara has been rocking Nautilus in the top lane; check out CJ Entus’ Week 4 games vs Longzhu Gaming for more! 
Nautilus Top - Mattias “Gentleman Gustaf” Lehman 
Grasp of the Undying means it’s a good time to be big and beefy up top. Trundle, Dr. Mundo, and Tahm Kench all had their time in the spotlight before the nerf hammer brought them down to size. Who will rise to take their place? Malphite has remained rock steady as the second-highest win rate top laner (behind the explosive Graves), and the second-highest play rate top laner (behind Fiora). 
But what about a top laner nobody has noticed lurking beneath the waves? Nautilus smashes both Malphite and Fiora, while taking on old favorites like Dr. Mundo, Gangplank, Gnar, Jax, and Riven. He enables ganks with a ridiculous four CC abilities, and scales well into teamfights thanks to his initiation potential and heavy peel. He still loses pretty hard to Graves, but let’s be real, we’re all banning him anyway. 
On the itemization front, a perfect storm has been brewing. Sunfire Cape got an armor buff in 6.1 and a buff to minion damage in 6.3, giving Naut an easy first buy choice. Additionally, the Iceborn Gauntlet preseason changes allowed him to itemize for damage, tankiness, and heavy CDR all at the same time. Add Boots of Swiftness and your opponents will be left with nothing but a sinking feeling as they try to escape. 
If you do happen to run into a Nautilus top lane, don’t try to out-CC him. Instead, pick a champion who will outscale him in 1v1 fights, and force him to lose split-push duels against you. Garen, Darius, Trundle, and Nasus should all do the trick with their sustain and relentless damage. 
Runic Echoes 
Runic Echoes gave a number of junglers a hearty bump, but other than Elise and Nidalee - the usual suspects - and a surprise visit from AP Udyr, most AP junglers remain underpicked. 
Diana Jungle - Trevor “ThEntropist” Thernes 
Despite a nearly 5% win rate increase with the release of Runic Echoes, Diana’s play rate still hovers at about 4%. The additional Movement Speed and burst damage from the Runic Echoes proc gives her huge snowball potential, and once Diana gets ahead, she eclipses the competition. With her fast and healthy clear she is able to get level 6 quickly and safely, at which point she has incredible ganks and dueling potential. 
The thing that Diana does best in the jungle is farm. She is able to almost keep up with solo laners farm due to her near instant camp clearing. When you’re not ganking, you should be speed clearing your camps because this will give you a level edge versus the other jungler, and allow you to seek them out and duel them. 
With this large farm advantage and her great dueling potential she has the potential to carry games unlike most other junglers. On the other hand, if she doesn't 
Jungle Fiddlesticks - Mattias “Gentleman Gustaf” Lehman 
For me, League of Legends is all about outsmarting my opponent, whether it’s baiting somebody into a duel I know they can’t win, arriving just in time to turn a gank into a countergank, or dying to a four-man gank bot lane while my team sneaks baron. If you want to play mind games, nothing beats the feeling of surprising your opponent by flying over a wall and turning a bad teamfight into a perfect crowstorm. Fiddlesticks is the type of jungler that can put the game on his shoulders or throw the whole game for his team. But with great responsibility comes great power. 
With exception of the Runeglaive days, Fiddlesticks has consistently maintained a high jungle win rate. Despite the Runic Echoes change, Fiddlesticks’ pick rate remains low, but his win rate is back to terrifying levels. 
Watch out for knockbacks! Nothing feels worse than setting the perfect trap only to have it denied by a pesky Alistar. 
Duskblade of Draktharr 
Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t touch on AD Assassins, who are getting a brand new item: Duskblade of Draktharr, giving them access to new burst and tank-busting ability. 
Dusk has some serious pain points and counters, however. QSS and Zhonya’s both mitigate high amounts of damage against Dusk, just as they do vs Zed’s Death Mark, and assassins who itemize into Dusk should find their scaling falling off as they progress into the late game and find more and more of their damage mitigated by Zhonya’s, QSS, and growing shields coming from supports. 
All AD assassins use Duskblade reasonably well, but the two biggest threats are Zed and Talon 
Zed - Blake “Ex Shepherd” Soberanis 
I play Zed because killing other players is fun. Ult in, drop my damage, dash out, and walk away while my target dies to Death Mark like the badass ninja that I am. Zed is the end of the alphabet, and I am the end of your time on Summoner’s Rift. So watch out for Duskblade because now Death Mark comes twice. 
Sure, Zed nerfs hit live at the same time Dusk does, but 5% less Death Mark damage isn’t going to stop me from killing you. 
Zed benefits heavily from the Duskblade proc thanks to the damage amp on Death Mark. Either the Dusk proc will be amplified by Death Mark, or Death Mark will be amplified by Dusk proc. Either way, he ends up gaining more damage from the Duskblade proc than any other champions. Minor nerfs will be following him onto live as a result, but players who time their use of Duskblade well should be able to account for this. 
Talon - Ben "Cezium" Burkhardt 
Don’t forget about Talon, though. With a 53%+ win rate over the last 3 patches, the release of Duskblade is almost secondary to his consistency, but nobody ever complained about too many good things. 
His laning phase is weak, but Corrupting Flask allows him to sustain through the early game and pick up the items he needs to pick off squishy carries and supports. 
Honorable Mention 
Jungle Gragas - Scott "Sickoscott" Hong
Gragas' early clear was a big reason as to why he hasn't been picked lately. With the 6.3 buffs he may make it back into viability and find a place in both solo and competitive. 
What do you think? Who are your sleepers for 6.3? Tell us below in the comments and feel free to ask any questions you have for Playtest Team at Riot, whether they be about balance or what exactly our job is! We will be around for the next few hours and will try to answer as many questions as possible. 
Ben “Cezium” Burkhardt
Adam "Afic" Cohen
Isaac “Azael” Cummings-Bentley
Shawn “I Am The IRS” Currie
Miles “Daydreamin” Hoard
Scott “Sickoscott” Hong
Mattias “Gentleman Gustaf” Lehman
Nicholas “Drecker” Shapiro
Nicholas “Nickwu” Smith
Blake “Ex Shepherd” Soberanis
Trevor “ThEntropist” Thernes"
Check out the boards thread for even more discussion!

Reav3 on Champion Updates

Reav3 popped on to the boards again to comment a bit about the champion update team in a thread where someone was asking if Mordekaiser will ever be on the receiving end of a visual update:
"The champion update team IS bigger then it was before. I think that you will find the time between Poppy & Taric to be much less of a gap then previous VGUs. Mordekaiser will most likely require a full VGU in the future, though there a few champions that probably need it more at the moment, like Taric & Yorick for example."
When asked about Pantheon specifically, Reav3 noted:
"Pantheon is a interesting case. While I can see him getting a full VGU in the future, at the moment he is probably a really good candidate for a roster project whenever we get around to updating Divers."
He continued:
"I think in a couple years champions like Irelia/Pantheon will probably be in the same boat as champions like Yorick/Taric are now. We aren't quite there yet though as there are other champions that need it more right now."
Reav3 continued:
"By same boat, I mean that in the state of the game 2 years from now, they will look/play more dated then they do currently. 
That's why I mentioned that he could be a good candidate for a roster project right now. But that depends on when we get to Divers. If we don't get to Divers soon then he might be closer to needing a VGU at which point we would pass on a roster update for him. Even if we do Divers it isn't guaranteed that he would be chosen, just that he would be on the table. 
We passed on Swain for the Mage update specifically because he needs a full VGU rather then a roster update."

As for terms like "Divers" and such, he also noted there will be a dev blog soon to clear things up:
"Correct, these are all Divers. Xin Zhao and Diana as well. I realize this is a bit confusing at the moment. Statikk will be releasing a blog sometime before the Mage update going into detail about what all the subclasses are and what there functions are."
As for when on that dev blog:
"It is still pretty soon. I was just saying it would be sometime between now and the mage update. Hopefully much sooner then the mage update :)"

When asked about the upcoming mage update and if it will include any champion visual updates, Reav3 noted:
"We aren't planning on doing VU's for the roster projects. We want to hit a large amount of champions at once and VU's take a significant amount of time and resources. There will be new FX and anims for some abilities though, but no model updates."
As for seeing updates like Miss Fortune VU or Gangplank update creep in, he continued:
"This answer may be a bit long so bear with me.

I wouldn't say that we will NEVER do VUs again, we may still squeeze a few in here and there where appropriate.

The reason we have decided to do less of these is that we have gotten very positive player feedback from our large VGU's (Sion/Poppy level.) In the past we have been pretty slow at delivering these. We have decided to dedicate a large majority of our art resources on Champion Update to VGU's going forward. Any time spent of the smaller VU's would delay are large VGUs.

We have also decided not to do the medium scope projects like Fiora/Shen in favor of our large VGUs. This is why the roster projects won't have any model changes, since our character art team will primarily be focused on big VGUs. We want to get these big VGU's out at a much quicker pace then in the past. There are still a lot of champions that don't need big VGU's and those will probably show up in roster projects.
TL;DR: Less VU's and GU's and more VGU's, Small GP updates will be in roster projects"

Lunar Revel Shirt now available 

While the 2016 Lunar Revel legacy content has come and gone, the new Firecracker Jinx and Panda Annie Lunar Revel t-shirt is now available in the Riot Games Merch store!

Click here to visit the merch store:

Porofolia wraps up!

Porofolia has wrapped up on the BR LoL page and that means the last batch of the adorable art of poros dressed as champions!

Check back on the Porofolia website  to see all the poro art from the other days or check last year's site from a similar event for even more poro action!

Alternatively, [click here] for 1920 x 1080 gallery of this year's poros or [click here] here for last year's poros.

Jhin now available for 6300 IP!

It's been a week since his release and Jhin's price has been reduced to 6300 IP!

Check out our release announcement for more information on JHIN, THE VIRTUOSO!

Jhin community creations

Last up we have Jynx with  batch of Jhin community creations!
"While Jhin brings his cruel vision of art to the Rift, the community has paid tribute to The Virtuoso with their own beautiful creations. Don’t forget to click the artists’ names to enjoy even more of their art! 
Aths-Art and Beverii  
 CKibe and Destr 
Glaesii and h0nga   
Inaborg and Kaerru  
Konnestra and Naheht  
Neo-TK and sabre_grove  
vurdeM and winsterpin  
yarwood and Yosukii  
Have more Jhin creations? Please share them in the comments below!"

Just Support Things 

Next up, here's Riot Arie with a set of humorous gifs for all you support players out there!
(Header image by Narehop)
From bot lane turf wars to game-winning ults, playing support is full of highs and lows. Think we missed any? Rep your support pride and share some of your favorite support moments in the comments below! 
“Accidentally” kill-stealing
Video by Domics and Jomm
Saving your carry… over and over again
Video by by Adriano Rohner and Ricky St Jones
When someone actually thanks you for saving them
Video by Scurb
Remembering to actually use your active items
Video from A New Down
When your ward fades right as mid pings MIA
Video by Scurb
When the enemy is coming down to gank but you’ve got vision
Video by Domics and Jomm
Support battle!
Video by Nevercake
Rolling a support champ in ARAM
Video by Crazy Boris"

Odds and Ends - Twitter Round up

Last up we have a small collection of recent and interesting tweets from various Rioters!

Gypsylord noted that patch 6.3 included a set of Jhin R fixes:
"We r shipping some improvements to Jhin's R jittering in 6.3-Should fix the problem for a number of players, if you still get it let us know"
ManWolfAxeBoss has noted that he has a "crazy town" tentative Urgot change headed to the PBE on 2/11:
"Crazy town Urgot change coming to PBE tomorrow. Fear bomb..."
He also noted a small Rumble E change:
[1] "Also on PBE right now: Rumble gets half the CD on E refunded if he doesn't fire the second harpoon. "
[2] "It's pretty awkward so I'm changing to an ammo system today. Should see it tomorrow."

Riot TimeWizard noted that the new bots seen on the PBE will only be appearing on intermediate difficult Summoner's Rift co-op vs AI queues and will not be available in custom games! 
[1] "the bots in 6.3 and in 6.4 won't be available for custom games on live. Only in co-op vs ai/SR/intermediate queue" 
[2] "previous bots are staying the same. I'm only referring to the new bots (7 in 6.3, 12 in 6.4)."
[NOTE: For 6.3 this included Gangplank, Jhin, Olaf, Teemo, Volibear, and Yasuo and. 6.4 is set to include  Ahri , Akali, Fizz, Heimerdinger, Jinx, Katarina, Nami, Nocturne, Orianna, Pantheon, Riven, Vayne ]

SmashGizmo also dropped some extra context on the 2/10 PBE Fiora E cooldown changes:
[1] "some extra stuff on Fiora, the E cooldown now doesn't start until after you've attacked twice or the buff falls out."

[2] "the E CD change is just in place to offset this for the standard use-case, which we're not trying to nerf."

[3] "we're just trying to remove the case where Fiora primes her E in a brush to effectively cheat a lower CD."

Finally, ricklessabandon tweeted a few things to look forward to in the 2/11 update:
"in the next pbe update: 
- soraka iteration 
- ashe cleanup 
- additional malphite change 
kat, viktor, and sivir changes will be the same."

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