2/16 PBE Update: Dominion summoner icon, Soraka Q/W revert, and more tentative balance changes

Posted on at 10:56 AM by Moobeat
[NEWS ALERT: 2016 World Championship and  2016 MSI  venues announced!]

The PBE has been updated! As we continue in the 6.4 PBE cycle, today's update includes the Dominion retirement summoner icon and an assortment of tentative balance changes for Xin Zhao, Kog'Maw, Masteries, Muramana, and more!
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(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

Table of Contents

New Summoner Icon

The exclusive Dominion retirement summoner icon has been added in today's update! .
 To earn this icon, you needed to have  100 qualifying Dominion wins before the announcement on February 10th

Balance Changes

Remember *: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical changes. The changes you see below may be lacking context or other accompanying changes that didn't make it in - don't freak out! These are not official notes.

  • Charm (E) [SmashGizmo noted Ahri's Charm will not interrupt dashes anymore.]

  • 90 Caliber Net (E) cooldown lowered to 16/14.5/13/11.5/10 from 18/16/14/12/10

  • Attack speed lowered to .558 from .665**
    • [**NOTE: phroxz0n commented on reddit this was just a low number from a play test. Kog's attack speed instead be lowered to .625 in an upcoming PBE patch.]


Xin Zhao
  • Battle Cry (W) 
    • Attack speed bonus reduced to 40/45/50/55/60% from 40/50/60/70/80%
    • AP ratio reduced to .4 from .7

Boots of Swiftness
  • Movement speed reduced to +60 from +65

  • [NEW EFFECT] Grants 1 maximum mana every 8 seconds.*

  • [NOTE: Unfortunately changes are NOT FUNCTIONAL in today's update! Will be fixed tmrw.]
  • [CONTEXTRiot Wrekz noted they are "Changes to Muramana are not an Ezreal nerf, they are accessibility improvements to remove management gameplay from an item." More here.]

  • Unique Toggle changed to Unique Passive - Shock.
"UNIQUE Passive - Shock: Single target spells and attacks (on hit) on Champions consume 3% of current Mana to deal bonus physical damage equal to twice the amount of Mana consumed.This effect only activates while you have greater than 20% maximum Mana."
      • Bonus damage now only vs champions.
      • No longer a toggle.
      • Effect only activates when you have more then 20% maximum mana.

Mercury's Treads
  • Tenacity increased to 30% reduction from 20%

Runic Echos
  •  Movement speed reduced to 7% from 10%

[NEW] Expose Weakness  (Ferocity, tier 2)
  • [NOTE: This new mastery is back for more testing after it's original debut in the 6.3 PBE cycle.]
  • "Damaging enemy champions causes them to take 3% more damage from your allies"

Warlord's Bloodlust (Ferocity, tier 6)
  • [REWORK] Effect changed to: "Gain increasingly more Life Steal based on your missing health against champions (up to 20%). Against minions gain 50% benefit"
    • [NOTE: This has non-linear scaling. Reinboom noted:
      At 10% missing health, it gives you about 1% LS.
      At 50% missing health, it gives you about 8% LS.
      At 80% missing health (or... just past) it gives you 20% LS.] 

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