9/9 PBE Update: Additional WC Emblems & balance changes.

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A small update containing balance changes, new World Championship emblems, and updates to the instant feedback system has been pushed to the PBE!
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(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

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Additional WC Emblems

Joining the original batch, new emblems  for EDG, Invictus Gaming, KT Rolster, and paiN gaming have been added now that they've qualified for the 2015 World Championship. As a reminder, these are a type of in-game display of a teams logo but we have no release details yet!

The accompanying 2015 World Championship summoner icons for these teams have not been added yet.

Instant feedback updates land on PBE

Here's NeuroCat with details on the instant feedback updates now on the PBE!
"Hey all, 
We’ve shipped out a suite of new features on the PBE. Earlier this year, we tipped our hand on what’s in today’s release, so skim that post for the big ideas. It all boils down to upgrades to instant feedback, League’s automated system for detecting, punishing, and (one day) rewarding certain behaviors in League: 
In-client reform cards 
Until now, reform cards were sent via email to offending players. Now they’ll appear in-client, delivering context on the punishment and displaying the chat log that triggered the punishment. Pushing reform cards into the client ensures players receive the information they need to understand the punishment and change their behavior for the better. Since the vast majority of you won’t ever receive a reform card, here’s what one looks like:
Chat restrictions 
Instant feedback began with two-week and permanent bans because the negative behaviors spurring them (homophobia, racism, sexism, death threats, and excessive verbal abuse) are both overwhelmingly rejected by the community and hard to mistake. After crunching several million games worth of data over the last few months, the instant feedback system’s now ready to help reform more mild, but persistent negative behaviors with chat restrictions
Intentional feeding bans 
Intentional feeders ruin games, so the behavior nets players two-week bans, and can escalate to permanent bans if it continues. Through a ton of in-game metrics, chat logs, and even historical play patterns, we ensured the system understands the difference between intentional feeding and being crushed by a Riven main in solo queue. You shouldn’t need to worry about just having a bad game. 
Like with all new feature launches, the whole player behavior team will hand-review the first few thousand cases to make sure everything’s working right."


Balance Changes

* Remember *: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical changes. The changes you see below may be lacking context or other accompanying changes that didn't make it in - don't freak out! These are not official notes.

  • Ravage (E) damage reverted to 70/110/150/190/230 from 50/90/130/170/210

  • Powder Keg (E) bonus damage to champions changed to 60/90/120/150/180 from 40/50/60/70/80
  • [NOTE: Still a nerf vs the live value of 80/110/140/170/200.]
  • Powder Keg (E) armor ignore lowered to 40% from 50% 
  • Fracture (E) slow changed to 30/35/40/45/50% from 25/35/45/55/65%
  • [NOTE:  the live value for this is currently 45/50/55/60/65%

Check out THIS PAGE for a comprehensive list of the new content in this PBE cycle or catch up with the individual update links below !

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