Red Post Collection: Patch Rundown - 5.2, Firecracker Jinx Q sfx bugged, ricklessabandon on Katarina changes, and more!

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[UPDATE: Check out FREQUENCIES - Riot's new 46 minute documentary on the music of LoL - Trailer - Full Doc. - Prono Page.]

This morning's red post collection features a look at the 5.2 Patch rundown, ricklessabandon with an update on the Katarina changes he mentioned last week,  Riot Katey Khaos commenting on Firecracker Jinx's bugged Q sounds and Sweetheart Annie, and much more!
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Patch Rundown - 5.2

Patch 5.2 is out on live and Scarizard, Morello, and Voyboy are here with discussion on the changes in the latest installment the Patch Rundown!

"Join Scarizard, Morello and Voyboy as they discuss the latest changes hitting League. "
 Check out the patch 5.2 notes for more information!

ricklessabandon on his tentative Katarina changes

When asked about the previously mentioned and tentative Katarina changes that that he tweeted about last week, ricklessabandon noted that they will not be testing them on the PBE and have decided to go in a different direction for Katarina.
[1] "actually, we got enough testing internally so those won't be hitting pbe now! decided to not go with that direction"
[2] "if you mean the changes i hinted at the other day, we aren't going with that direction now :3 "

Firecracker Jinx Mini-gun sound bugged

On the PBE and in the SkinSpotlight's preview video, several have noticed the upcoming Firecracker Jinx skin is missing the unique sound effects for her mini gun.

Riot Katey Khaos tweeted out that this is a bug and, while it won't be fixed for her release during 5.2, it will be added back in very soon.
"Firecracker Jinx not playing new mini-gun sound is a bug! It won't be fixed for release, but we'll be adding the sounds back in!"
On reddit, she continued:
"Hey, that's my tweet! 
Yup, as stated this was a bug, and is something that will be corrected! 
Please note that she will not have the sound when she is initially released."

Sweetheart Annie Not being Released in 5.2

As you may have noticed in the 5.2 patch notes, Sweetheart Annie - a new skin from last PBE cycle - will not be coming out during the 5.2 live cycle!

On Twitter, Riot Katey Khaos noted:
"She'll still be coming out, but closer to Valentine's Day! :)"

She'll also be joined by the recently revealed Heartseeker Varus, who is now on the PBE for testing.

Music of LoL Q&A Coming Soon

Following the release of "Music of League of Legends - Volume 1", Riot Good King mentioned that the team will be hosting a Q&A on Thursday to answer more questions on the project and the future!
"The team is definitely excited to keep working on music; calling this album Volume 1 was a conscious choice for sure. We'll be doing a full Q&A on Thursday (more details incoming soon) too! In the meantime, we also have Thresh on the League of Legends Soundcloud:"
Click here to check out the free album!

Additional Context on 5.2 Fizz Changes

Speaking of 5.2, phroxz0n jumped on to reddit to offer a bit more context on the 5.2 Fizz changes, explaining:
"Hey guys,

So the addition and removal of % damage buffs to Fizz and Ahri were unrelated. The Ahri change was because we wanted to move her more into the kite-mage (instead of assassin) direction and the Fizz change was to make his 100-0 gameplay more reliant on landing ultimate (a reasonably hard to land and dodgeable skillshot). The Fizz change was also notably not in response to the DFG removal.

The most frustrating thing when facing Fizz is seeing him miss a fish and then 100-0'ing you with his basic abilities. This wasn't helped by the previous 1.7 AP ratio on WQ (with Lich Bane) providing extremely high damage for the limited counterplay that it has.

The old W having its usage tied to the Q makes it relatively brainless (you would never use Q without using W if it's up). Now being smart about using your W, hopping in and out of fights, executing people with a WQ auto (or W auto Q) and essentially being a trickster makes his kit much more interesting.

We want to make the game a good experience for both the Fizz player and the opponent and thus create that tension and fun moment to moment gameplay."

VU Team's future

When asked about the future of the VU team and what sort of future projects the team might try once they've scratched the majority of names off their list, IronStylus replied:
Just a few years from now, when you've worked through all the champions needing anything between Sion and Alistar-level work, what would you want the VU team to be doing? What do you think is likely to happen to you guys once the big projects are done? Will the team be scaled down and keep doing small projects or will you expand and do other kinds of things? Would you ever consider to start doing "character progression"-relaunches, for example? Or will you just start all over again? 
//Best regards, a Fan.
I'll walk off into the the road, thumb out, like Bill Bixby from the Incredible Hulk TV show.

..that too old of of a reference? Shit..

But seriously, good question. I think this team has an interesting aspect of it. It basically has (generally speaking) a point of "mission accomplished". There will most likely be a single champion that's the last out the door. I have a board next to my desk that the team has assembled with every champion's portrait. They fall loosely into 'what we did last year', 'what we're gunna do this year, mos' def', 'what we would like to do this year' and 'prime targets of opportunity'. Below that is the backlog, and below that is the safe zone. I don't know the exact numbers, but it's interesting to see, very slowly, each of the champions rise to the top of that board. Won't it be cool when we have more VU's under our belt than we have champions left to do? I'm pretty stoked that that's even a possibility. Sure, maybe we'll get to a point where say Model + Texture updates are the bare minimum to qualify as acceptable content. I guess I could see that as a benchmark.

We face a lot of challenges from different directions when approaching a VU. We might have an idea for a character model change, but the rig/animations stand in the way of us executing in a timely manner. Or maybe we have a really big thematic/story question mark above one of the champions. It can be a challenge executing if we have to do a tear-down. That really leans on the ideation and pre-production process, as well as crosses paths with anyone working on greater questions of story and IP.

Many of these factors are why we try to plan and scope accordingly. Big, medium and small projects all at once and staggered when possible. The team has also had it's mission statement and purpose change and grow. We used to be about "getting the ugly out of the game", but now we focus quite holistically on the health of a champion as a complete package. Balance and gameplay do their thing, but we handle major overhauls especially if they have art/narrative dependencies. All of this is exciting when we take on a project, but it can be a lot to manage.

Some characters we do push off because we haven't answered some real hard questions about them at a core level. For example, even Leona. Right now she's fine in terms of fidelity, but does she exemplify her aspect of Targon? Well, I'll go ahead and say no. We created her before we had even a slight understanding about what Targon is, what it would become, and what it could later be. She's far down on that list because her fidelity is fine, and we also haven't dug into Targon to ratify it as something we can start developing form language or motifs from. I think we're closest with someone like Diana. She probably generally fits into what we might use as a springboard for greater Targon, but not Leona, to say the least of Pantheon.

As those narrative components solidify we might pull from the lower buckets and bring them up. If we said, "BOOM! THIS IS TARGON!" tomorrow, maybe we'd throw her into pre-production. Similar for anyone who really exemplifies the faction/region to which they belong. Many of these characters which are older now have modern compatriots we can compare against and dirive new designs from such as Caitlyn (Vi, Jayce), Irelia (Yasuo, Karma) etc. I think that's where we get into "character progressions" as you've said.

I'll also get into some personal feelings here as well.. this is me speaking very close to my heart and just for a goal that relates back to something I felt I left unfinished a while ago. This isn't a reflection on any team I've worked with, or anything approaching criticism, this is solely a feeling I have as an individual looking at a lofty goal or benchmark.

Quinn and Valor weren't the easiest of projects. There was a fair amount of misalignment throughout the process and I'm definitely to blame for my chunk of it. It was rough in each part of the pipeline. Ideation, pre-production, production, release, etc. This is no one's "fault", this is just the thing about iterative fast-paced game development. Sometimes stuff just happens. No one is at fault. This is just observation from 20/20 hindsight.

That said, Quinn and Valor were the last champions I worked on with the Champion team. That's a little bittersweet. After that "Team Diana", who worked on Q&V, sort of went our separate ways to different corners of our disciplines and onto other teams in some cases. I think we all learned a lot from that experience. I think now we look back on it and say we wish we could have executed differently. Not "better", but differently.

Quinn and Valor to me (lol.. Valor, to me!) represent something I've left unfinished. Something that I want to approach with fresh eyes. Something that I now have more clarity on and I think have a more rounded understanding of. They're really near the bottom of the list. There are much worse offenders in terms of theme, art and design. She's far down the list. However, as that list churns, she's going to inch up. I sort of see it as this weird destiny thing that it's possible that the last thing I work on for ChampUP is Quinn and Valor, setting right the things I did wrong, giving them the respect they deserve.

I was just listening to the new Music of League of Legends and there's an extended version of Quinn and Valor's theme. I got shivers. It's so good. It's touching, then rising, then triumphant then serene. I want to listen to that over and over and go back and ideate with that music surrounding me. I want to find the oomph. I want them to get a second chance.

One funny thing, the site hasn't been updated since Quinn and Valor were released. I often look at that site for quick reference for the old champion models. So, any time I launch the site I see Quinn there. It's so funny that she's where those updates stop. To me, every time I see it, I think to myself, "You and me have unfinished busy, young lady".

Anywhoozle, that's a lot of romanticizing. But hey, even dreamy goals are goals.

Whichever way we do it, it'll take a while. We're not half-way through yet. Lot's of work to be done.

You're not rid of me yet :)"

When asked if this means Quinn changes are in the works, he clarified:
"No, that's the thing, no changes are in the pipeline. She's way down in the backlog or safe zone for now."

As for if the team will ever revisit older VU's, he noted:
"Honestly I don't see us going back in a lot of cases. There's only a certain amount of change this engine is capable and we're pushing it. For this platform, the advancing of technology probably doesn't factor in too much in our case, but that's just a guess. I couldn't see us realistically going back in to fix, say, Annie, Twitch or Yi. This is why we do a lot of model update VU's. Changes are we're not going to be able to really do a Sion on some characters. But that's ok. If we were ALWAYS going to do Sion level VGU's then we'd never release anything."
Given his affinity for armored ladies, IronStylus also replied to a question on if he contributed to the new Marauder Ashe and Inquisitor Sivir skins on the PBE:
"Nah, I only contribute here and there with Skins now if they need my help (mainly when there's a Leona or Diana skin in the pipe..). They did an awesom job with these. Shout-out to RiotPenguin for a number of these skin concepts. 
That said, I'm working on a different armored (small) lady and a different armored (fabulous) guy ;)"

Security Reminder

Riot Frosthaven has also posted up a security reminder regarding facechecking links and alleged free stuff:
"So I just wanted to put a reminder out there that not everything you see on the internet is real (surprise!), and that typically most free offers regarding RP or skins or what have you are probably scams. If it isn't or, it's best to stay as far away as possible and report the source quickly!
This public service announcement has been brought to you by Draven's headband, and sponsored in part by our very own guidelines and good practices for account security!"

What's Your League of Legends Origin Story?

Phreak also  jumped on the boards to share how he got into League of Legends all those years ago and to ask summoners "What's your League of Legends origin story?" -
"The strangest coincidences end up having the largest impact on your life. For me, the biggest pairing is the story of how I ended up giving League a second chance.

I first heard about League before it ever came out. As a broke college student, I was pretty excited about the idea of a free-to-play MOBA, so I was following its development pretty closely. I remember signing up for the closed beta, waiting to get an invite, and when one finally did come, sharing the extra beta codes I got with my friends.

Problem is, League was ugly in early beta. I tried it, it was fun, but man was it an eyesore, so I put it down pretty quickly.


A few months later, one of my Rioter friends messaged me, asking me to give the game a try, telling me League had been updated, and it looked a lot better now. Boy it sure did. Thankfully, my old Warcraft 3 team’s manager’s college roommate and I met each other at a random gaming convention years ago. He was doing gaming media coverage at the time, recognized me from his roommate’s team, and we became friends.

Man, I was so close to missing out on everything League had to offer. But thanks to stumbling into someone I hadn't even heard of before, I ended up falling in love with League of Legends (hooked over five years now), working for the best gaming company in the world, and landing an absolute dream job. Thanks random chance!

So what’s your League of Legends origin story? What got you in? What got you hooked?"

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