[5.2] Tristana Champion Update

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"Locked, loaded, and ready to rocket!" Patch 5.2 is here and with it comes the Tristana champion update!
Continue reading for more information, including a look at her updated visuals, voiceover, and skins!

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Tristana, the Yordle Gunner*

1350 IP or 585 RP
[Old Tristana  vs New Tristana]

Her ability visuals have also all been updated!
Rapid Fire (Q)
Rocket Jump (W) blasting off!
Rocket Jump (W) landing 
Explosive Charge (E) in flight.
Explosive Charge (E) applied to an enemy champion
Explosive Charge (E) exploding 
Buster Shot (R) in flight
Buster Shot (R) exploding and knocking back

Here's a quick preview of Tristana's visual updates and new ability vfx in action!

[*Note: Tristana will be receiving an updated splash art in the very near future but it was not complete in time for 5.2]

Ability Changes

For specifics on her balance changes coming along with her update, check out the 5.2 patch notes!

Besides number changes, the most significant changes are for her Explosive Charge (E) and Rocket Jump (W).

While the passive remains unchanged, Explosive Charge (E) has a brand new active and can be used on both champions AND towers:
"Active Ability: Tristana throws a grenade charge on a target enemy. After 4 seconds, the charge explodes and deals area-of-effect physical damage."
Stacking Charges: Every basic attack against a target with Explosive Charge adds an additional stack that increases Explosive Charge's final explosion damage by +25%, stacking up to 4 times (+100% damage). If the target already has 4 stacks and is attacked, the Explosive Charge will detonate immediately. 
Talk about Explosive Deja Vu: Using Rocket Jump onto a target with maximum Explosive Charge stacks will detonate the charges immediately 
Demolitionist Tristana: Explosive Charge is castable on towers and has a larger explosion radius than on a unit

Here's a look at  Explosive Charge (E) being thrown, at one stack, two stacks, three, stacks, four stacks, and exploding:

and here is  Explosive Charge (E) on the tower and then exploding with an increased radius!

To go along with this, her Rocket Jump (W) also gets increased damage when landing on a target with Explosive Charge (E) on them:
"Talk about Explosive Landing: Rocket Jump gains +20% increased damage for each stack of Explosive Charge on the target (this goes up to +100% for the base charge + 4 stacks)"

Here update also comes equipped with an explosive new set of ability icons!


In addition to her title change to "the Yordle Gunner" from "the Megling Gunner", Tristana also has an brief new lore entry:
"Greatness comes in all shapes and sizes, as proven by this diminutive, cannon-wielding yordle. In a world fraught with turmoil, Tristana refuses to back down from any challenge. She represents the pinnacle of martial proficiency, unwavering courage, and boundless optimism. For Trist and her gun, Boomer, every mission is a chance to prove that heroes do exist."


Her update also includes an new voiceover, which clocks in at over five minutes of  dialogue!

As you may have heard, the new voiceover also includes oodles of special interactions!

Unique Taunts for enemy champions:

  • "Anyone ever tell you you're a littly clingy?"
  • " *snort* Is that gun full sized??"
  • "Try to keep up, old timer!"
  • "You're not the only yordle who knows how to fly, Corki."
  • "When you find the right gun you only need one"
  • "Aw Veigar! You're cute when you're angry!"
  • "Oh, Veigar! Tell me about your "diabolical plan!""
  • "Watch where you're exploding Ziggs!"

Unique Jokes for enemy champions:

  • "Hey, specs. What's cookin'?"
  • "Nice suit Rumble! What do you call it?"
  • "Eyes on the enemy, Rumble."
  • "Um.. Teemo... are these mushrooms your rations or your ammo?"

She also has unique VO lines when purchasing Blade of the Ruined King, The Bloodthirster, Guardian Angel, Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, Mercurial Scimitar, Statikk Shiv, and wards!

If you'd like to hear these lines individually but can not locate them in the video above, the LoL Wiki maintains a swell page with each clip available for preview!

Updated Skins

Each of Tristrana's six skins have also been updated with her new look, with Rocket Girl and Firefighter Tristana having their own unique vfx!

Buccaneer Tristana

520 RP

Guerilla Tristana

975 RP

Rocketeer Tristana

975 RP
Rocket Girl Tristana also has her own unique vfx!

Firefighter Tristana

Legacy Skin
Firefighter Tristana also has her own set of unique water vfx!

Earnest Elf Tristana

Legacy Skin

Riot Girl Tristana

Wanna shoot something? Check out these links for more information!

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