Red Post Collection: August 20th Patch Update, Final Boss Veigar teaser, Gnar concept art, and more!

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[ Updated: Added in information on the August 20th hotfix! ]

This evening's red post collection features as teaser for the upcoming Final Boss Veigar skin, gypsylord with context on the recent Gnar PBE changes, grumpymonkey sharing Gnar concept art, and more!
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August 20th Patch Updates

A hotfix has been pushed to live containing the following changes, all of which have been added to the 4.14 patch notes.
  • BUGFIX: Targeting is now more reliable in cases when units are stacked on top of each other
  • BUGFIX: Resolved Spectator Mode choppiness that appeared after using time controls to jump forward or backward in the match
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where Kayle was unintentionally gaining too much attack speed per level
  • BUGFIX: R - Last Breath now properly applies CC to Alistar, even when Alistar is ulting
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a rare bug where Sona's auras were refreshing indefinitely with too many nearby allies
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a UI bug where allies with togglable or multi-cast ultimates (ex. Karma's Mantra, Maokai's Vengeful Maelstrom) would see their ult buttons light up when shielded by Sona's W - Aria of Perseverance"

Final Boss Veigar preps for the ultimate battle

While Final Boss Veigar is still powering up on the PBE, Riot has published a little teaser for him:
"They DARE to mock me?! I’m the final boss, the whole reason they exist! 
Claiming there’s a height requirement… Do they realize who they’re dealing with? My power is unimaginable! I’ll rip apart the very source code of this pitiful game."

For a better look at this upcoming skin and the other content currently on the PBE, check out this post!

[PBE] Context on Gnar changes

In the 8/19 PBE update, Gnar received a few tentative changes to his base stats, Q, and R.

After the excitement went out, gypsylord tweeted out a few words about what we can expect for Gnar in  the upcoming 4.15 patch:

[1] "Working on a collection of Gnar "buff-fixes" for this patch. Stuff like boomerang reliability. Will post later in week when they're locked"
[2] "Gnar numbers changes (like the R ratio increase) on PBE are experimental. Likely to revert many of them as people are still learning the guy"
[3] "Glad to hear it. Primary goal for this patch is going to be bug fixes and feel improvements."

Gnar Concept Art

Speaking of Gnar, grumpymonkey also shared some of his early concept art!
"Here is an early Champ exploration of Gnar I did in collaboration with Edmundo Sanchez, Lead concept on champ team."

Pantheon R Indicator Fix

When asked about the current bug that  causes an enemy Pantheon's ultimate's indicator to be the same color regarless if he is an ally or enemy ( as it should be green for ally and red for enemy ), Meddler noted it is being fixed in 4.15:
"Fixed in the next patch"

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