This Week in eSports: LCS Week 3, Two members of NiP released, TSM's new coach, CLG back to Twitch, and more!

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Another week has past and we're back with your weekly eSports recap following the 3rd week of the LCS!
[Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! Check here for spoiler free NA and EU posts!]

Continue reading for a the current LCS standings, CLG's return to , news on two of NiP team members being releases ,and much  more!


  • [NA] The third week of NA LCS wrapped up earlier this evening and here's the standings: 
  • The NA LCS  returns for week 4 on Saturday, June 14th!

  • [EU] The third week of EU LCS wrapped up Friday and here's the current standings
  • The EU LCS returns for week 4 on Thursday, June 12th! 

  • [NA CS] Here's how the current Challenger Series is shaping up for North America:

  • [EU CS] Here's how the current Challenger Series is shaping up for Europe:

Team News & Roster Changes

  •  [ NA ] Through Twitter, Reginald has confirmed Team Solo Mid is bringing on Locodoco as their new full time coach. 

  •  [ NA ] Michael "Odee" O'Dell, the owner of  Team Dignitas, has been fined $1000 for a violation of the LCS Ruleset Sectio 10.2.9: "A Team Member may not engage in any activity which is deemed by the LCS to be immoral, disgraceful, or contrary to conventional standards of proper ethical behavior.". The official statement on LoL eSports reads:
    "In late May, O’Dell was observed using offensive and vulgar language on a popular online streaming platform. We hold LCS owners to the same standards of sportsmanship and respect that we ask from players and consider this a clear infraction of that standard.
    Additionally, to prevent his outburst from being censored by the moderators, O'Dell threatened to block press access to the team. This behavior is unprofessional, and unbecoming of an LCS owner."

  • [ EU ] niQ has officially joined Gambit Gaming as their starting mid laner after playing with the team for the first several weeks of the EU LCS.

  • As a direct result of this, both players have been released from Ninja in Pyjamas and the team will immediately start "searching for suitable replacements"
  • Alex Ich, who recently joined NiP after leaving Gambit Gaming, offered his thoughts on the situation over on his facebook. 

  • [ EU CS ] The H2k-Gaming organization has officially acquired the team formerly known as Cloud 9 Eclipse. Under the new name, H2k Gaming will be continuing it's way up the EU Challenger Series bracket. 

  •  [ KR / China ] ViCaL, the former coach of Korea's KT Bullets and Arrows, has announced he will following InSec in Zero to coach the Chinese team Star Horn

  • [ China ]  World Elite, one of the top teams in LPL, has recently picked up Q, an ADC player. 

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