Season 3 World Champion Finals - SK Telecom T1 vs Royal Club

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EDIT: VODs up!

The Season 3 World Championship culminates this week with the Grand Finals! The action starts on 10/4 at 8:00 PM PDT // 11:00 PM EDT // 05:00 CEST!
The finals feature the remaining 2 teams - Korea's SK Telecom T1 and China's Royal Club - competing in best of 5 match to claim the Summoner's Cup!

Continue reading for a details run down of the finals including team info, schedules, and VODs once available!

( Please be aware that this post WILL BE UPDATED as soon as VODs come up. VODs and any other pertinent info will be posted once available! )

Season 3 World Finals


Stream Links:


SK Telecom T1 vs Royal Club
8:00 PM PDT // 11:00 PM EDT // 05:00 CEST
VODs: Game 1 // Game 2 // Game 3 // Game 4 // Game 5

As always, be encouraged to check out for more information, including WC rulesprizing, and more!

Riot has also prepared several promotional videos, check 'em out!

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Also, be sure to come say hello to the S@20 Team if you will be attending the Finals in person! Just look for Moobeat's glorious beard! We'll also be posting pictures of the event once we're back home!

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