Red Post Collection: Few posts on Jinx, discussion on a "Thanks!" smart ping, and more!

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Reminder: After the original announcement, patch 3.12 maint was pushed back. Check here for more details.

Today's red post collection features a few tidbits on Jinx - including mention of what's up with her tattoo's being on conflicting sides - now that she's been properly teased, more Rengar discussion, boourn's discussing the idea of a "good job!" or "thanks!" smart ping, and a way for you to leave Teemo a voicemail!
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Jinx Bits

Following Jinx's exciting teaser, a few reds popped up on the forums and the community platform to talk about her!

RiotRunaan commented on the new Jinx Spoiler , responding to criticism that the text doesn't really sound like it's told from Vi's perspective.
"The idea behind the teaser's tone was to speak to the gravity of Jinx's crimes - if it's enough to get under Vi's skin, she must be a serious threat. That intent aside, though, it's definitely a good note - without a lot of context or build up, some of Vi's voice and character can seem lost. Thanks for the feedback. :)"

 As for Jinx's tattoos not matching the correct arm when compared to the pool party poster image of her, Riot Zephyreal commented:
"Since the tintype is a camera-original positive, most tintype images appear reversed (left to right) from reality."

Either that or this is a drawing by Piltover law enforcement, and someone there messed up =P"
For reference, here's a side by side of the Pool Party image and Jinx's wanted poster.

RiotTeaTime, one of Riot's concept artists, also posted on twitter sharing her excitement that her champion concept has finally been revealed!
"116, or JINX, is officially teased!! My little baby is all grown up now and joining the league of legends *sniffle* :')"

Similarly, gypsylord, Jinx's gameplay designer, also tweeted out:
"Jinx! Prepare yourselves..."

More on Rengar - Jungling and level scaling

( Note: This is an on-going discussion on future Rengar changes. Be sure to read up on the previous comments here: 1,2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11, 12, 13)

Following up on yesterday's update, Scarizard responded to a summoner concered about keeping up in level's as Jungle Rengar now that his empowered abilities scale on level.
Originally Posted by arwingflyer98

I really like the way the rework is going (it's unfortunate that it was delayed...), but what concerns me is the part where Rengar's Empowered abilities scale based on level. I find it to be a challenge to keep up in levels with Jungle Rengar due to the difficulty of getting successful ganks early game, but maybe that's just me. Making the Empowered abilities scale based on level looks like it'll be harder to get back up if you're not doing so well in-game, let alone the fact that Rengar isn't really good for making comebacks. This makes Rengar seem even more like a "either-fly-or-die" champion, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's why Rengar's getting reworked, along with the Ultimate/passive issue. 
Maybe I shouldn't be sticking the old Rengar capabilities with the new Rengar, but is there any sort of information that could assuage my, and anyone else's, concerns? I see Zenmetsu Saseru's beat me to expressing opinions on the change, and I agree with the fact that mechanical feel could yeild a different result, but again, I'm not totally convinced that's the case.
Hey arwing, 
So i understand your concerns about Jungle XP, but what i can say is that one of the systems that we're working on (that demands so much testing Rengar is delayed) along with Vision and Support priorities is XP curves for junglers mid/late game. I can't really talk much more about it (and this thread wouldn't even be the place to do it) but rest assured that this is something that's on our radar, and should help this problem that you have :D 
In general, the purpose of Champion Level scaling is that on Live, you rarely 5-Point a spell that you haven't already maxed. Maxing Bola for Harrass? Double Bola them for 480 base damage and 2x the AD Ratio. Maxing Roar or Q? Double-tap those as well. This isn't to say that there still aren't strategic reasons you'd want to Root or Heal with a Q Max build, but it's often overshadowed and in some cases flat out wrong due to the massive advantage of doubling up on a skill you already have.

This should make you feel much better about in-combat W2'ing instead of following up with that Q you maxed, because the damages are similar enough and based on level to where you aren't choosing 'Do i Q2 or W2 and lose X damage?' Now it should be clear 'Do i want 3 Ferocity to chain, a Heal to end the trade/sustain, or a root to escape/engage?' with the damages being similar enough that you don't mind about the damage loss."

What if we had a "Thanks" and other positive Smart Pings?

boourns, a UI designer, popped up on the forums to respond to a summoner's idea of implementing a "good job!" or "thanks!" smart ping to the game as an easy way to send a positive message to a team mate. He noted:
"We did experiment with a thanks ping and other positive messages while developing smart ping. Ultimately we decided to keep the system focused on gameplay actions with small vocabulary so that it was easy to pick up and use.

I think there's room to make it easy to send these kind of messages, especially since we could always display them in the right language for places like the EU. Not sure we would go the route of expanding the smartpings system. We might do something like the menu'ed chat system you see in other games. It would be great to encourage positive communication and do it in a way that keeps one hand on your mouse. It's something that the player behavior team is always interested in, although I don't know if they're specifically working on something for this."

Bonus: Leave a message for Teemo!

A mysterious phone number was shared on the official League of Legends twitter account earlier today.
By dialing 208-398-3366 - or "208-39-teemo" - you'll be treated to a message by one of the League's favorite champions and you'll have be able to leave him a voicemail after the beep. Be nice! ~(8|:)

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