Jinx Champion Teaser - "Mayhem everywhere you look"

Posted on at 11:14 AM by Moobeat
Here is the lore teaser for our upcoming champion JINX, told from Vi's perspective.
"The name’s Vi. I’m an enforcer. And this is my town - Piltover. They call this place the City of Progress - or they did until she showed up. 
Her name is Jinx. That’s what they call her, anyway. No one knows who she is, or where she came from. This scrawny pain in the neck shows up one day, firing heavy guns in the air. And laughing – always with the laugh. I can’t stand her. 
Everything changed the day she arrived in town. They might as well call it the City of Crime. Panic among the people. Chaos in the streets. Mayhem everywhere you look. 
The worst part is: none of it makes any sense. Ask her why she’s doing it, and she’ll give you a million different reasons. But the only one that matters is: 
She’s having fun. 
Piltover is just a plaything to her. She’s enjoying the time of her life, and she doesn’t care who gets hurt. 
Well, I’m here to shut down the party. 
It doesn’t matter what she wants. I don’t care what her sob story is. I’m gonna put her away for a long, long time. And right before I do, I promise you: I’m gonna wipe that stupid grin off her face. 
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This wanted post was also shared on the official League of Legend's facebook:
"Murder, unprovoked Assault, Disturbing the Peace, Public Indecency, Murder Again, Unauthorized Property Recoleration, Unflattering Impersonation of an Officer, Reckless Hexplosive Detonation, Destruction of the Peace, Really Petty Larceny, Exorbhant Weapon Size, Some More Murders, Inciting Mass Hysteria, Making Fun of the Peace, Aggravated Jaywalking, Forging of Official Wanted Posters"

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