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This week has been a long one for eSports fans - full of super weeks, team changes, and amazing plays from the regional league events.
 Caution: Spoilers after the jump! Continue reading for a recap of important eSports news, an reminder on who will be coming to the S3 World Championship, and current league standings!

Season 3 World Finals:

  • Here's a breakdown of where all the teams for World Finals are coming from:
    • China - determined by LPL season standings. (2 spots)
    • Europe - determined by EU LCS playoffs at Gamescom 2013. (3 spots)
    • North America - determined by NA LCS playoffs at Pax 2013. (3 spots)
    • Taiwan - determined by Taiwan Regional Finals. (1 spot)
    • Southeast Asia - determined by Southeast Asia Regional Finals. (1 spot)
    • Korea - determined by OGN/NLB circuit points. Here's a list of the current breakdown. (3 spots)
    • International Wildcard - determined by regional finals + tournament at Gamescom 2013 (1 spot)

Current Standings:

  • China - TBD - September 7th
    • Qualified:
      • OMG 
      • iG
    • Currently on track to be qualified:
      • Positive Energy
      • Royal Club tied with Team WE

  • Europe - TBD (Gamescom 2013) - August 21st
    • Qualified:
      • Lemondogs
      • Gambit Gaming
      • Ninjas in Pyjamas
      • EG Raidcall
      • Fnatic
      • Team Alternate

  • NA - TBD (Pax 2013) - August 30th
    • Qualified:
      • Cloud 9 HyperX
      • Vulcun Techbargains
      • Team SoloMid
      • Counter Logic Gaming
      • Team Dignitas
      • Curse Gaming

  • Taiwan - TBD - August 29th
    • Grand Finals
      • Taipei Snipers (Advantage due to winners bracket)
      • Gamania Bears

  • Korea - TBD - August 28th
    • Current Leaders:
      • NaJin Black Sword - 500 pts. (knocked out of OGN Summer 2013)
      • MVP Ozone - 420 pts. 
    • Regional Finals - September 4th
      • CJ Entus Blaze
      • CJ Entus Frost
      • KT Rolster Bullets
      • SK Telecom T1

  • International Wildcard - TBD - August 21st
    • Brazil - paiN Gaming
    • CIS -
    • Latin America - Lyon Gaming
    • Turkey - Dark Passage
    • Oceania - Team Immunity

North and South America

  • North American LCS wrapped up this week - the top six teams are qualified for the North American Regional Playoffs at Pax 2013 while the bottom two teams (Velocity eSports and Team Coast) are sent to the NA Season 4 Relegation. Visit this page for VODs from NA LCS Week #9.

  • ESL Pro Series Season VII finals are tonight (August 18th). You can check out the stream here (or VoDs later when the games end).  Brackets can be found here.

  • Keyd Team won first place in the first Solomid Brazillian Invitational after defeating CNB e-Sports Club 2-0. 

Final Standings:

Numbers are off due to tiebreakers.


  • European LCS wrapped up this week - the top six teams are qualified for the European Regional Playoffs at Gamescom 2013 while the bottom two teams (Meet Your Makers and SK Gaming) are sent to the EU Season 4 Relegation.Visit this page for VODs from EU LCS Week #9. (When they're available)

  • Nzq, Nicker, Shushei, ORO h7, and Quiet joined Pulse eSports

Final Standings:

EU LCS had to play six "overtime" games to break up all of the ties. This is why some of the numbers are off. SK and MYM are bottom two and relegated. 
The actual standings are:

China/Korea/Southeast Asia/Oceania

  • The LoL Summer Lesson series continues with:
    • Score (KT Bullets) and imp (MVP Ozone) giving helpful hints and tricks to the AD Carry role! Check it out here!
    • Madlife (CJ Entus Frost) and Mata (MVP Ozone) teaching you how to be a godlike Support! Check it out here! English subtitles will be available on August 19th

  • Mineski was picked as the Philippines representative for the SEA Regional Finals even though they came in second place to Exile. Exile was suffering from visa/travel issues and could not attend.

  • SEA Regional Finals finished with Mineski securing the upset against Singapore Sentinels for a spot at the Season 3 World Finals

  • GPL Summer wrapped up with ahq e-Sports Club securing the first place spot with a 24-4 record. 

As always, feel free to leave any eSports questions you may have for me in the comments below!

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