The Great Atlas Feedback mini-contest!

Posted on at 5:56 PM by Dr. Frank
BEEP BOOP summoners! Dr. Frank here with a cool opportunity for you!
As you may have heard, Prof Fridays & I are working hard on a third edition of The Great Atlas - Surrender at 20's compendium of quick reference champion primers! During our experiments, we thought " what would be better than involving the fans in the making? Shaping the Atlas to suit their tastes and likes!" and now we're ready to take in your feedback! 

Continue reading for more info on how to participate on this mini contest of brainstormitude!!
You guys like the new logo? BEEP
That's right folks, the Winner and 5 more Runner-Ups will have their ideas implemented on the 3rd Edition of The Great Atlas AND their beautiful names featured in the Atlas's credits section.

In order to participate :
  • Tweet us your idea - Make sure to mention @Ciscogabriel & @ProfFridays followed by the hashtag #IDEA and then your entry, otherwise we might miss your wonderful idea!
  • Utilize Disqus and post your idea on the comment section below. Make sure to sign-in using a real account so we can contact you afterwards in case you're the creative winner. In which case, don't forget to tag us, @Dr. Frank & @Prof. Fridays followed by the same hashtag #IDEA (I also hate using hashtags out of twitter, but it will make easier searching for those posts using ctrl+f).
Once you've entered:
  • Either of us, that is either the Prof, or myself will make sure to message you back if the idea or something very similar is already taken.
  • Think of something else?? Submit another idea! You can submit as many ideas as you can. So don't be afraid of spamming us with your imagination.

We will pretty much accept ANY sort of FEEDBACK as an entry, including, New Features for the atlas, or Fixes to the current ones, Advices, Sections, or anything else you can think up - seriously guys, go nuts and be sure to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! Also, please try to stay as clear and as concise as possible with your ideas. Winners will be hand selected by the staff.

Here's an example of how an entry should look on twitter or on DISQUS: 

Jayce - The Banana of Tomorrow

Thresh - The Banana Warden
Even if you don't enter, please  follow both of us, @ProfFridays & @Ciscogabrielfor updates on Atlas/S@20/LoL related stuff and other shenanigans, make sure to ask any questions over there, we will gladly make sure to answer any doubts.

Good Luck!

-Dr Frank.

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