Red Post Collection: Update on EU server problems, more on tentative Rengar changes, and CertainlyT's next champion.

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This morning's red post collection features an update to the EUW/EUNE lag situation, Scarizard small update on Rengar, and CertainlyT addressing a few Lucian issues & revealing when his next champion will be out!
Continuing reading for more information!

EU/RU/TR server probles update
Following up on his post from yesterday, Riot tmx has another update on the EUW/EUNE server problems:
"We are continuing to monitor the in-game lag issues that a lot of you have been experiencing recently. As announced yesterday, we know the root cause and we’re working with our network provider in order to mitigate the issues as soon as possible. Unfortunately, they just informed us today that their critical maintenance may not be completed until next week. We’re continuing to explore ways to resolve this as quickly possible. 
We have identified some ways to temporarily improve the player experience over the next few days. We have looked at disabling Spectator Mode for 2 largest shards in Europe, which did mitigate some issues. However, we feel this may not be enough—at this point we are considering lowering the server cap, which could result in login queue. The advantage to this approach is those logged in will have smoother game play. We’re also working with another alternative provider in order to have another link set up. This solution takes time though and we don’t believe this can be complete before the weekend. This issue is absolutely our number one priority, and most of the network engineering, operations and live production teams are working together to get it resolved. 
Problems appear only during the peak, but we know how frustrating it is. We’re trying to avoid disabling the ranked queues (entering into compensation mode) as we know how important it is for you to play. However, we also don’t want you to lose points because of our technical difficulties, so this situation is quite hard to manage until the new gear is in place. 
I hope I’ll have some better news for you tomorrow—until this is resolved we will provide daily updates. 
We do apologize and will continue working until this is resolved. I'll post another update tomorrow."
As for the comment on trying not to actually have to disable ranked, he elaborated:
"There are different opinions all around: disable or let them play. There is no clear win here, either of the situation is negative. I personally think we should disable and compensate for any lost games, however, by doing so, we're closing ranked queues for at least 1.5-2hrs daily in a peak. As previously pointed out -- this lag doesn't affect the entire playerbase. We're monitoring the amount of lagging servers/games and jump in with compensation whenever we feel it's over our quality thresholds."

Rengar Updates
( Note: This is an on-going discussion on future Rengar changes. Be sure to read up on the previous comments here: 1,2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)
Scarizard delivered a few more updates on this tentative Rengar changes, this time noting how his new R iteration is working out and reverting the W back to giving armor and MR:
"Quick Update: 
Xelnath played him in the jungle and got like 1 bajillion kills (I think the final end score was 15/7/8?) building BTN, BT, Trinity Force, Infinity Edge and Berserker's Greaves. They ended up losing to a few misplays, but so far judging by his in-game performance (and the screams of 'oh god' from the other members of Live Design) it seems like he's still 100% capable of dealing damage. 
W Mechanic is back to Armor and MR from AD Reduction - this hurts his early clear, but we decided that it's actually pretty necessary for him especially now that he takes slightly longer to kill.

Sprint/Stealth ult is working out pretty well, going to play him myself later today from a Toplane position and begin working on that since jungle seems like it's working fine (insofar as a bruiser-utility guy with strong laneganks or as an assassin), so i want to make sure that Toplane Rengar is still pretty strong."

CertainlyT on Lucian ultimate and his next champion
CertainlyT popped into a forum thread earlier to address some summoner complaints about Lucian's ult being cancelled by snares and roots even though it isn't.
"Good news, bad news: 
The Culling is not cancelled by snares/roots. I wonder if you are conflating Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy with snares, Amumu's effect also prevents attacking.

This seems odd to me, since the Culling is a spell. I'll talk to Zenon about it."
He continued, responding to someone else complaining that Lucian's ult was cancelled by silence effects - which CertainlyT denied.
"Silence also does not seem to interrupt The Culling. Where is everyone getting their information? I'm admittedly testing on a more recent build, but don't see any changes to his spells checked in that would allow for this."
CertainlyT also replied to someone noting that there are some weird interactions when Lucian "locks in this direction" for the Culling and other direction facing interactions ( such as Cass R ).
"You are right -- this interaction is buggy.

We just had a meeting on this today ("meeting" here means a conversation in the design pit where everyone works) -- Lucian's ult doesn't actually lock his facing for the purpose of our game engine, so yes it messes with Cassiopeia's Ult, as well as Mocking Shout and Backstab. We are not going to fix it for 3.11 because it requires re-writing some of our oldest, dustiest game code to account for animations but will hopefully have a fix in as soon as is possible. Note Skarner also "lies" about his facing when he is ulting (and maybe Caitlyn while moving from Yordle snap trap?), so we'll finally be able to fix that interaction as well."

He also fielded a question on when his next champion would be coming out, which he announced it should be after the NEXT champion - which is being done by gypsylord!
"My next champ will be storming Summoner's Rift directly after our next addition to the League. GypsyLord's second champ stole the spot ahead of me."

This drew gypsylord into the conversion, replying:
Which lead CertainlyT to reply:
"No (tm)? You've jinxed us."
and then gypsylord to comment:
"Yeah I suppose exact dates are still up in the air."

While this banter my seem harmless, I personally feel as something else is up - maybe hints at an upcoming champion  - Up in the Air? Storming? Jinxed? Maybe I'm just reading into this too much ;)

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