[ Updated ] NA LCS Summer Split Week #4

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Update: The day is done and VODs have been added!

Week four of the NA LCS Summer Split will feature EIGHT games played over the course of a single day - July 4th! The action starts at 11:00 PDT // 14:00 EST // 20:00 CEST.
Continue reading for schedules, VODs ( when available ), and more!

The LCS teams returning from the Spring season to participate in the summer split are TSM Snapdragon,CurseCounter Logic GamingVulcun TechBargainsTeam Dignitas, and Team Coast ( formerly GGU ). Fresh from earning their spots in the Summer Promotion tournament, both Velocity eSports and Cloud 9 HyperX ( formerly Quantic Gaming ) will be making their first LCS appearances.

The Summer Split will continue over the next 9 weeks with each of the eight teams playing a total of 28 games each. An easy to read, advanced schedule can be found here.

After week three, the current LCS standings sit with Cloud 9 at the top with a 8-2 record and Velocity Esports bringing up the rear with a 2-8 record.
This week's LCS, which will all take place in one day, features each team playing twice for a total of 8 games.

This week's games will also be played on patch 3.8.

Day 1:  Thursday

Curse vs Vulcun
11:00 PDT // 14:00 EDT // 20:00 CEST

Velocity vs TSM
12:00 PDT // 15:00 EDT // 21:00 CEST

Cloud 9 vs Dignitas
13:00 PDT // 16:00 EDT // 22:00 CEST

CLG vs Coast
14:00 PDT // 17:00 EDT // 23:00 CEST

Curse vs Cloud 9
15:00 PDT // 18:00 EDT // 00:00 CEST

TSM vs Coast
16:30 PDT // 19:00 EDT // 01:00 CEST

Velocity vs CLG
17:00 PDT // 20:00 EDT // 02:00 CEST

Dignitas vs Vulcun
18.00 PDT // 21:00 EDT // 03:00 CEST

Riot has also release more promotion videos on the LCS players, this time touching on how they chose their names!

Additionally, we also have a video covering Elementz transition from player to coach.

As always, be sure to check out lolesports.com for more information on teams, advanced scheduling, and more! Be sure to check back on Saturdayfor the continuation of the EU LCS!

Miss one of the previous weeks of LCS? We got you covered.

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