Team Fnatic changes - nRated out, Yellowstar to support, Puszu as the new ADC

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EU LCS contenders Fnatic have announced a set of roster changes - nRated, the support, has been benched, Yellowstar is moving from ADC to support, and Puszu, a new player to the team, is coming in as ADC. 
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Here is the announcement, taken from the Fnatic website.
"Fnatic is sorrowful to announce that the League of Legends botlane will undergo some changes. In the following video, Team Manager Harry Wiggett and Bora 'YellOwStaR' Kim explain the situation which have led to the decision and give you an insight on what will change in the team. 

As you are aware, this is a huge change to the team and something you may not have expected, Although, be assured this is this decision was made unanimously. It is very sad to let go such a dedicated player but it was inevitable. Yet, we all wish him the best for the future.

The re-vamped Fnatic lineup will make their first appearance in Week 4 of LCS. The team will face off against top caliber teams MeetYourMakers, Alternate and Lemondogs.

To all our fans we want to add that all our lives have changed with LCS and we are doing this as our job now. There is not only the pressure of playing video games as a real job, but also showing satisfying performances week by week to make you guys proud. We want to be on top of the table at the end of the Season - that's why we decided to make changes.

Harry Wiggett ( Team Manager )
Today we make a change that a lot of fans may not agree with. We have been in this situation before and it has paid off dearly. I hope that everyone trusts that this decision is for the benefit of the team and will help make us as good as we possibly can be.
First and foremost I'd like to thank Chris for his efforts within Fnatic. He was a crucial part to our return to the scene after a drought in Season 2. He can be very proud of what he achieved with us, we are very thankful to him for everything he did for the team. 
You may be wondering who Puszu is, or why we chose him. He is a top tier soloQ player who happens to be free from studying or any big commitment, so he was able to come to our Gaming House right away and start playing with the team, as our ADC. With YellOwStaR now on support, the bot-lane of Fnatic is completely different now and this will be noticeable.

I also want to make it clear that Puszu is a temporary substitute for Fnatic, who will play for us until Martin "Rekkles" Larsson turns 17 and is able to play LCS. We hope you respect our decision and will continue to support us, we are your Spring Split Champions and will be back in top form. 
Christoph "nRated" Seitz ( Former Support Player ) 
The decision of my former teammates hit me hard and I didnt expect it at all. I'm trying to find words to describe what goes on in my mind but I barely cannot. It was their decision and they will have to handle the results, at this point I can only say that I'm a free agent now so anyone that wants to approach me should do so. I hope I'll be around still and best regards to anyone that supported me in this hard time. Farewell Fnatic. 
Johannes "puszu" Uibos ( New ADC )
When the guys contacted me I was really surprised, since noone in SoloQ expects the current LCS Split Champion to ask you to play for them. I have been duoing with the players in the past already and it was fun. I can't wait to play in front of a crowd though as excited I am, I would probably be really nervous aswell.

After I was invited and I was travelling to the airport, I still thought it was a long dream and I would wake up every time now. When I arrived in the house everybody was as nice as you think they would be, they welcomed me well. I appreciate this opportunity and couldn't be more glad about it, I will try to do my best and enjoy this experience! 
Paul "sOAZ" Boyer (  current Top Laner )
It's really sad we had to come to that, but we had to make a choice, we want to make a step ahead and be more professional/serious than before even though we did 1st place in the first split of LCS, we were slacking a bit and this season of LCS is much harder than the first one. It's been a really good time playing with Chris and I wish him the best for his future."

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