Red Post Collection: Update on 3.9 whereabouts, small tease on Lucians's W, and SGU's death animation.

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Got the post LCS blues? Let's turn the frown upside down with a red post collection!
Continue reading for more information on the status of patch 3.9, another small tease about Lucian, and an update on SGU's death animation.

Patch 3.9 WHERE!?
Damiya dropped off an update on when patch 3.9, and thus Spirit Guard Udyr, will be hitting live servers.
"So I figured I'd tag in here since I was the original source of the July 6th rumor (I replied to a guy asking if it'd be out before vacation with an "Outlook positive" magic 8ball image).

That's not quite happening, and with the holiday weekend it looks like the soonest y'all can expect to see Spirit Guard Udyr will be early next week"
She continued:
"Sorry folks, I wish I had better news. In truth, I just wanted to make sure people didn't hang around holding their breath. Wrangling software can be a tricky business sometimes, and everyone in the office is committed to making sure that 3.9 provides a great experience, even if that means waiting a little longer."
As for the reason why, she explained:
"Pesky bugs in my precious codes, mostly. 
Basically we needed to have a perfect build all cooked up and ready to deploy before the weekend but that didn't work out as planned. There's an incredible amount of risk in trying to release something on a weekend; what if things go wrong? Weekends are our peak time and, while any downtime is unacceptable, downtime during the weekends is catastrophic.

Now add in a 4 day weekend in the US and well, it's just not something where we want to gamble with your access to the servers. Believe me, I can't wait to go super goku turtle hairdo with the rest of y'all, but protecting the integrity of the live service over a holiday weekend is always very important "

Small Tease about one of Lucian's Skills
ZenonTheStoic had another small Lucian tease to send out, this time talking about how you target one of his skills.
"I'll give you the targeting paradigm of one basic spell--Q, W, or E. Choose wisely!"
He continued:
"Since OP didn't post again I'll go with who was first to answer, DevilsRun.

Lucian's W is ground targeted. It's a skillshot."
He also commented:
"Let's say his weapons leave his hands. Also, what a lot of people have theorized might be in his dance is actually in his bluepill animation.

Enough teasing for now! :D Happy 4th everyone."
Custom Death Animation for SGU
As a follow up to these statements, Riot Dudebro announced that players can expect custom death animations for the upcoming ultimate tier skin Spirit Guard Udyr.
"Hey Folks,We hear ya we'll be adding a custom death for Spirit Guard Udyr. Unfortunately, it won't make it for launch but soon after(targeting the following patch).

Thanks for being an awesome community!"

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