5/7 PBE Patch: Updates to Item Sets

Posted on at 4:44 PM by Moobeat
A small patch has been pushed to the PBE.
Continue reading for more info on the updates to custom item sets, a small selection of balance changes, and more!

Updates on Item Sets
Here is the information taken from tonight's PBE community posting, compliments of RiotBahamut:
After reviewing your feedback, we’ve made some big changes to Item Sets. We’re still working on it (for example, you are not yet able to stack items), but we’re ready to make it available again on PBE so we can start another cycle of discussion.

What’s new?
-Page Management:
--The drop down menu has been replaced with a full list so you get a broader overview of all your Item Sets.

-Map and Champion Associations:
--You now have precise control over which champions and maps your Item Sets can be used with.

--When you get into a game, you’ll only see the Item Sets relevant to your current game, ordered by their specificity.

As with everything we bring to PBE, we will continue to iterate based on your feedback. Don’t forget to report any issues you encounter. 

TPA Shen and Mundo sounds updated

Nothing too exciting but these two TPA skins have had some sound changes. TPA Shen now has an appropriately "thudy" sound to his autos and TPA Mundo has a clanky metal sound since he wields that big ole Trophy.

Heroic Charge fixed

Poppy's Heroic Charge has been recoded by FeralPony and should now be much less buggy!
"I have recoded Poppy's Heroic Charge spell from the ground up for this patch. The goals of this are to improve the charges detection of terrain and eliminate a few nasty edge case bugs where Poppy can stun enemies inappropriately even if missing terrain. All numerical elements of the skill should remain the same (cooldown, range, mana cost, damage etc) 
There is one currently known bug of charging enemies on a glancing strike can cause the enemy to stop and be stunned but Poppy will continue charging. I'll be fixing this tomorrow morning for our next PBE push.

I'd like to shoot for getting it out next patch, but I'd like feedback from folks on how it feels first to be confident in going ahead with the change. If you guys could give it a go and see if you find any wonkiness with it that'd be greatly appreciated. Checking the feel of the ability versus the Live version especially would be very helpful. Thanks guys!


Balance Changes

  • Pale Cascade ( W ) tool tip now reads that the shield is increased by the same amount, falling inline with CertainlyT's comments that the shield will now stack instead of refresh.
  • Consume ( Q ) now reads "Reptiles" instead of Lizards.
  • The previous changes Flame Breath ( E ) and Dragon's Descent ( R )  have been reverted. She is now currently the same as she is on live servers.
  • Elastic Slingshot ( E ) reverted to what it is on live.
  • Let's Bounce! ( R ) damage has been increased to 140/210/280 (+.4 AP ) from 100/150/200 (+.25 AP) 
  • Let's Bounce! ( R ) enemies hit more than once now take half damage again.

Interested in the other changes from this PBE cycle?

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