PBE Shyvana changes not making it into 3.7

Posted on at 1:33 AM by Moobeat
It looks like Shyvana players will have to wait just a tad longer for the PBE changes previewed last week. Here is Xypherous with the news that he has pulled them from the upcoming patch 3.7.
"I just pulled this from the 3.7 patch.

While we want to do things to Shyvana - she just isn't testing well enough for us to be confident in shipping her in 3.7. We know that 'E' feels lackluster and that her 'R' could be cooler, we're just playing around with what specifically."

For reference, here are the most current PBE Shyvana changes that, as mentioned above, will not be making it into the next live patch.

  • Flame Breath ( E ) damage lowered to 80/110/140/170/200 + .6 AP down from 80/125/170/215/260 +.6 AP.
  • Flame Breath ( E ) tool tip now claims to apply cinders for 5 seconds instead of the 15% armor reduction. Shyvana's auto attacks against targets with Cinders deal an extra 2.5% of their max health as magic damage.
  • Flame Breath ( E ) now passes through all enemies in its path.
  • Dragon's Descent ( R ) now lists that she brings the first enemy champion she contacts to her landing destination.

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