2/25 PBE Update: Super Minor Changes

Posted on at 10:05 PM by Moobeat
Edit: Celestine Soraka's splash art got altered a bit too. Added that in the post.

The PBE has been updated with another tiny patch containing more small balance tweaks and other assorted, minor changes/fixes. Hopefully these minimal changes mean we are edging closer and closer to a live release.

Continue reading for more details, including small tweaks  to Celestine Soraka's splash art, Sona's icon, and more.

Celestine Soraka Splash Art Tweaked
The splash art for the new Celestine Soraka skin got tweaked just a little bit. the glow coming from her weapon is slightly different and it looks like a filter has been put over the whole thing.

Sona Icon Change
Sona's icon got zoomed in a bit.

Thresh Ult Tool Tip update.
In addition to the lone balance change below, Thresh's ult has had it's tool tip updated for clarity. The end now reads  "An enemy cannot be affected by multiple walls simultaneously". The simultaneously part is what's new; how exciting.

Balance Changes:
Changes to Previous Changes
( Relative to previous changes in this patch cycle )
  • Base damage decreased to 52 from 55.5

Miss out on a previous update from this patch cycle or need to refresh yourself on a previous set of changes? Here is a list for your convenience!


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