7.21 PBE Cycle

This mega post was last Updated on 10/19 with the 10/19 PBE Update
( With the release of patch 7.20 to live on October 11th, we started the new 7.21 PBE cycle. )

Previous PBE Cycles in 2017
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Below you will find a comprehensive list of new content, balance changes, and whatever else  is included in the current PBE cycle! Be aware that these changes are extremely tentative, there is a possibility that things you see below will be changed or even reverted prior to the live patch.

( Note: As the cycle continues, some images may be outdated! )

(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

Table of Contents

New Skins

Three new skins are now on the PBE! Death Sworn Katarina, Death Sworn Viktor, and Death Sworn Zed are new in the 7.21 PBE cycle:

Death Sworn Katarina

1350 RP

Here's KateyKhaos with a bugs & feedback thread for Death Sworn Katarina:
"Let the bloodshed begin! 
Without mercy, Death Sworn Katarina sacrifices the living in service of the Reaper. 
  • New models and textures - Katarina is enrobed in unearthly garb, and hold accompanying blades!
  • New VFX - Teal and pink spectral particles!
  • New SFX - Spooky and spectral SFX, as well as VO processing!
  • New animations - New recall animation, and new hair animations! 
Death Sworn Katarina is now available to play on PBE! As players who experience this content firsthand, your constructive feedback is appreciated. Feel free to leave it in the comments below! If you have any questions, you can also drop them below and I'll do my best to answer them! ^-^ 
Death Sword Katarina is set to be 1350 RP.
* Prices are subject to change.

Death Sworn Viktor

1350 RP
Here's KateyKhaos with a bugs & feedback thread for Death Sworn Viktor:
"Join the glorious evolution. 
Death Sworn Viktor returns from the grave to fulfill his vision of a world where the living kneel to the dead. 
  • New models and textures - Dark and mysterious!
  • New VFX - Ghostly blue and green particles!
  • New SFX - Macabre, spectral SFX!
  • New animations - New recall animation and modified animations on several spells! 
Death Sworn Viktor is now available to play on PBE! As players who experience this content firsthand, your constructive feedback is appreciated. Feel free to leave it in the comments below! If you have any questions, you can also drop them below and I'll do my best to answer them! ^-^ 
Death Sworn Viktor is set to be 1350 RP. 
* Prices are subject to change."

Death Sworn Zed

1350 RP

Here's KateyKhaos with a bugs & feedback thread for Death Sworn Zed:
"Cut the last breath from them. 
With great bloodshed emerges a great horror from the netherworld: Death Sworn Zed.
  • New models and textures - A haunting new look for the Master of Shadows. 
  • New VFX - Ghoulish blue and green wispy particles!
  • New SFX - Ghastly, spectral SFX!
  • New animations -New recall animation and modified animations on several spells! 
Death Sworn Zed is now available to play on PBE! As players who experience this content firsthand, your constructive feedback is appreciated. Feel free to leave it in the comments below! If you have any questions, you can also drop them below and I'll do my best to answer them! ^-^ 
Death Sword Zed is set to be 1350 RP. 
* Prices are subject to change."

New Chroma

Five new chroma for Battlecast Urgot are now on the PBE!

Battlecast Urgot


New Ward Skin

A Death Sworn ward skin is now on the PBE:

Death Sworn Ward

New Summoner Icons

Four new Death Sworn summoner icons are now on the PBE: 

A new runes themed summoner icon was also added:

A new summoner icon and matching emote were also added. Inferring from the file name (GL_Emotes_China_Masters_League.png) this looks to be a regional icon for a server in China for Diamond 1, Master, and Challenger players. No further details are available.

New Emotes

Three new general emotes are now on the PBE:
More new emotes for the updated leveling system are also now on the PBE! The file names correspond with levels 40, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, and 175.

Two new emotes themed around blue essence are now on the PBE as well:

Runes Reforged Continued Testing

[Note: As of the 10/19 PBE Update, the Runes Reforged system has been removed from the PBE to prepare for Patch 7.21's release to live. Expect it back next cycle for more testing!]

Rune Reforged, the new combination of runes and masteries into one new system, continues testing on the PBE this cycle - including runes themselves, the runes panel, the client run inventory and editing UI, base stat and jungle tuning, & more.
First up, here is a document that we will be keeping updated with rune changes throughout the cycle, due to the massive amount of information.

[Check out the Runes Effect and Value Listing here!]

Check out the gallery below for a look at what the new Runes UI looks like:

 Loading screen frames have also been adjusted to accommodate for the new Runes system.






And here's Riot Sparkle with Runes Reforged bugs & feedback thread:
The new Runes are now on PBE! We're going to have an extra long PBE cycle for Runes so that we can gather your feedback and make changes. Please expect bugs, missing assets and weird numbers! 
Runes currently includes the following experiences: 
The Inventory 
Accessed from the "Runes" tab under Collection and dedicated to browsing and organizing (soon TM) created pages in the client. 
The ability to create, edit and delete new pages from the inventory or from champion select. Includes "line mode" and "grid mode" (grid mode pictured below) as well as short and long tooltips. 
Loading Screen
Updated assets showing teammate and opponent keystones and secondary Paths 
In Game
Yeah there's a lot here.
  • Runes (Keystones and normal runes, VFX and audio additions where important)
  • Runes panel
  • Base stat adjustments
  • Jungle tuning 
Runes do not yet include:
  • End of Game adjustments
  • Spectator mode adjustments 
Known Issues
(It is also a known issue that my formatting is bad) 
  • Editing: 2 clicks are required on a secondary Path to display the bonus stat.
  • Editing: Re-selecting secondary runes requires clicking the specific rune to de-select it and open up options (in both Line and Grid mode).
  • Editing: Open primary Path drawers sometimes close when selecting a rune in a different drawer.
  • Editing: The secondary Path icon stopped showing up in its home circle at 
  • Loading Screen: Currently shows both Primary and Secondary path instead of just keystone & secondary path. Also looks butts. 
  • In Game: Pinging the Runes UI does not properly display runes UI
  • In Game: Runes icon for bonus stat is small and squished in the bottom right 
  • Champion Select: The champion select dropdown has a pretty annoying bug we're working on where it's not properly switching equipped pages. Double check that you have the right page by opening the editing panel and using the dropdown within that as well so you don't end up in game with the wrong page. 
If you have feedback, questions or comments about runes please leave them below! The team will be monitoring this thread for your help catching bugs and iterating on all of runes. For in game feedback, it's very helpful for us if you also provide a screenshot of your in game runes panel AND the time your game ended (see example image below) as well as any details you think relevant. 

Riot Fearless also posted a thread on some testing they will be doing on rune pages, in Runes Reforged and Rune Page Limits Testing:
"Hey friends! 
We’re going to be changing up some elements of how Rune pages work shortly after they arrive back on PBE. We’ll be looking at how players use the pages they have, and what tensions different numbers of pages put on champion select for different queues, selection orders, etc. Some of the exploration will be to limit PBE accounts to the states most players experience on live. To do this, we’ll be running some experiments on the number of unlocked pages each user has and making some changes that help mimic the average player experience. 
PBE isn’t a perfect representation of the Live experience. Players have infinite RP and IP to purchase the maximum amount of rune pages, and are generally playing to test rather than playing to win, so there’s less pressure to optimize choices. However, it is one of the few windows we have to experiment with these sorts of dials, and your feedback will be invaluable to helping us make sure we’re building a great experience on Live. We’ll likely be moving through different tunings rather quickly, and apologies in advance if there’s some confusing changes or frustration. 
Estimated Timeline for PBE changes: 
~10/11 - Around this time, we’ll restrict the number of editable pages to just 2 (preset pages do not and will never count towards this number) in order to mimic the common player experience on live. This is irrespective of how many pages you own. We’ll be surveying and monitoring sentiment. 
~10/13 - As long as we get enough days on PBE with the 2 page iteration, we’ll be moving forward with a 3 page iteration to see the effects of increased pages on either Friday, October 13th or Monday, October 16th. On 10/19, we’ll be turning off Preseason changes again to ship 7.21. 
~10/24 - This will be the final cycle of Preseason change will on PBE. Tune pages will no longer be restricted and your editable pages will reflect the amount of pages you own. Some time during this cycle we’ll add 15 seconds to the finalization phase (this is after champion selection and when the client says “choose your loadout”) on every queue.

PBE Signups are OPEN! 

Here's Riot Banfhammer with more on PBE Signups coming back!
"Hey PBE comrades, 
It’s about time to get some fresh blood in here to join the dedicated veterans. 
PBE sign-ups have been closed while we’ve been working on tech and feature upgrades. Well, that’s done! Let’s open the floodgates so that players can get their hands on upcoming content and share all that juicy feedback with us. 
What’s changing? 
  • New folks, when you register you’ll need to link your PBE account to your main account.
  • The system will check that your main account doesn’t have any current player behavior restrictions or bans.
  • You must be at least Honor level 3. Learn more about sign-ups and the PBE here.
  • Current PBE players do not have to re-register or tie in accounts. Just log-in like normal and welcome the new folks!
  • New accounts will be brought to level 30, loaded up with Riot Points and Blue Essence. This could take up to an hour to show up after you set up your new summoner name. 
  • The infrastructure has gotten a major overhaul and now we’ve got brand new stable servers. This is a North American server. Players outside of North America may experience higher latency. 
What isn’t changing?
  • The devs working on the content you are testing are generally English-speakers. You should expect this to be the main language developers will be using on the forums.
  • We love your feedback, whether it’s about a bug you experienced, audio-visual quality, or just the general feel of content. PBE feedback helps put concerns on our radar before new changes hit live.
  • Beta content isn’t going to be perfectly polished, so you may encounter some gnarly bugs. We appreciate your support in helping us get it right. Learn best practices about reporting bugs here
Are you still reading this? 
New players, get over here to sign up! (You can select a different language in the corner).
Do you have general questions about how PBE works? See PBE FAQ here."
For a full FAQ on the PBE, make sure you check out this link!

RiotBanfhammer commented, reminding everyone to make sure to have your region set correctly before you try to sign up:
"Heya, let's make sure you're on the correct region page. If you're LATAM North, you should be able to use this one https://pbesignup.na.leagueoflegends.com/es_MX/pbe 
LATAM South https://pbesignup.na.leagueoflegends.com/es_AR/pbe 
Disculpe el problema"
As for how long it could take to see the blue essence and RP fill to your account, RiotTantram verified:
"It can take about an hour for your account to get deck out."

Asleep/Drowsy Teaser on PBE

A new teaser has surfaced on the PBE! At the start of a game on the PBE, there is a chance for a bubble to launch out and leave a circle that when walked into will put your champion to sleep briefly! Champions who move into the circle are marked as drowsy for a short duration before falling asleep and surrounded by butterflies.

[Be aware this does not trigger every game!]

The PBE strings referencing this were originally added in the 10/19 revert patch and reference both ASLEEP and DROWSY as unit status.

This follows the the bubbles, butterflies, and sleep reference in the recent Champion Roadmap: October 2017, implying this is an in-game teaser for the next new champion!
It’s been a long time since we had a new mage (and even longer since we released a new burst mage). With this in mind, we’ve redirected some time to creating a new burst mage with the tools to approach a fight from… interesting angles. We also wanted to take this chance to do something a bit more playful and bubbly as opposed to the dark and serious champions we’ve done recently. The new mage will have unique abilities that haven’t been seen before in League, so hold onto your summoner spells and don’t fall asleep, because change is coming… cataclysmic change. Also, sparkles!"

Balance Changes

NOTE*: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, & experimental changes. Be aware that what you see below may be relative to other changes earlier this cycle! These are not official notes.

[Preseason Note: Runes and all associated balance changes are testing on the PBE for an extended period of time. Most of these balance changes will be here for the cycle but will not go though until Preseason. Preseason balance changes have been pruned out of this post, check this document for a full list of reverted changes this cycle!]


  • Conquering Sands (Q) damage lowered from 70/100/130/160/190 to 70/95/120/145/170

  • Blaze (Passive) 
    • [New Effect] "If Brand kills an enemy while it is ablaze he regains mana."

  • [Context] Z-Drive Resonance (Passive)
    • [New Effect] "Damage in doubled versus monsters (Max: 600)"

  • Demon Shade (Passive) minion damage no longer resets passive cooldown.

  • Colossal Smash (Passive) AP ratio increased from 40% to 70%
  • Winds of War (Q)
    • AP ratio on windblasts increased from 75% to 90%
    • damage lowered from 60/95/130/130/165/200 to 50/80 110/140/170
    • % of max health as damage on tornado increased from 2% to 3%
  • Shield of Durand (W)
    • [Changed Effect] First cast effect changed - "Galio starts to charge, gaining 20/25/30/35/40 (+8% MR)(+5% AP)% damage reduction from Magic Damage and 50% of that amount as Damage Reduction from Physical Damage. While charging, Galio slows himself by 30%.
  • Justice Punch (E)
    • AP ratio increased from 70% to 90%
    • damage changed from 100/140/180/220/260 to 100/130/160/190/220

  • Parrrley (Q)
    • Gold plunder increased from 2/3/4/5/6 to 3/4/5/6/7

  • Defensive Ball Curl (W)
    • Bonus armor gain changed from 20 (+50/55/60/65/70% total armor) to 20 (+50/60/70/80/90% total armor)
    • Bonus magic resist gain changed from 20 (+50/55/60/65/70% total MR) to 10 (+25/30/35/40/45% total MR).

[Changelist from Riot Repertoir]
  • Base MR lowered from 32.1 to 27.1
  • MR growth lowered from 1.25 to .75
  • Armor growth lowered from 4 to 3
  • Fury of the North (Passive)
    • Resist Bonus increased from 20/60/100 to 20/70/120
    • Linger Duration changed from 1/2/3 to 2
    • Cooldown changed from 15/12/9 to 12
  • Permafrost (E) damage lowered from 40/60/80/100/120 to 20/30/40/50/60

  • AD growth increased from 3.2 to 5
  • Tiger Stance (Q) AD ratio increased from 120/130/140/150/160% to 120/135/150/165/180%
  • Phoenix Stance (R) AP ratio increased from 45% to 60%

[Changelist from Riot Repertoir]
  • Echoing Flames (P)
    • Leg Cooldown changed from 30/25/20/15/10 at levels 1/6/9/11/13 to 30/20/10/5/2.5
      • Per-leg cooldown is no longer reduced by the cooldown reduction stat
    • Damage per leg lowered from 4.5/5.25/6/7/8% of target's Max Health at levels 1/6/9/13/15 to 2/3/4/6/8% at levels 1/6/9/11/13
    • Corrosive Charge (Q)
      • Mana Cost changed from 35/40/45/50/55 to 50 at all ranks
      • Time before detonation lowered from .85 at all ranks to .5
    • Fear Beyond Death (R)
      • Missile Speed increased from 2100 to 3200


    Ardent Censer
    • Unique Passive 
      • attack speed lowered from [20% - 35%] to [10% - 30%]
      • additional damage lowered from [20 - 35] to [5 - 20]

    Archangel's Staff, Manamune, Tear of the Goddess
    • Unique Passive - Mana Charge rate of occurrence increased from 2 times every 8 seconds to 3 times every 12 seconds.

    Frozen Heart
    • Armor increased from 90 to 100

    • Unique Passive - Mana Charge max mana granted increased from 4 to 5

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