6.17 PBE Cycle

This mega post was last Updated on 8/18 with the 8/18 PBE Update
( With the release of patch 6.16 to live on August 10th, we started the new 6.17 PBE cycle. )

Previous PBE Cycles in 2016
[6.1] [6.2] [6.3] [6.4] [6.5] [6.6] [6.7] [6.8] [6.9] [6.10] [6.11] [6.12] [6.13] [6.14] [6.15] [6.16]

Below you will find a comprehensive list of new content, balance changes, and whatever else  is included in the current PBE cycle! Be aware that these changes are extremely tentative, there is a possibility that things you see below will be changed or even reverted prior to the live patch.

( Note: As the cycle continues, some images may be outdated! )

(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

Table of Contents

New Skins

Three new Arcade skins are debuting in 6.17 - Arcade Ahri, Arcade Corki, and Arcade Ezreal!

Arcade Ahri

1350 RP
[tails cycle color automatically!] 

Here's Riot LoveStrut with a bugs & feedback thread on Arcade Ahri:
"PLAYER 1 SELECT: Arcade Ahri 

“If you’d like to play with me, you’d better be sure you know the game.” 
There are no cheats or strats that can stop Arcade Ahri from getting what she wants, especially in the video game world. Arcade Ahri has Spirit Rushed her way into her favorite game, so hold onto the heart capsules you have left! You never know when they’ll be charmed away~ 
Arcade Ahri will be 1350 RP* and includes: 
  • Brand new model and textures! (AND THE TAIL, IT CHANGES COLORS!)
  • All-new VFX! (Pixelated orbs, pixelated hearts, pixelated everything!)
  • All-new SFX! (16-bit, enemies gettin’ hit~♫)
  • New recall! (Arcade Ahri takes game immersion seriously. ;]) 
We always love the feedback and feelings that you cuties provide! Any bug reports and thoughts help guide us toward ways to make these skins even more awesome, so please keep 'em coming! <3 

Arcade Corki

1350 RP

Here's Riot Time Wizard with a bugs & feedback thread for Arcade Corki:
PLAYER 3 SELECT: Arcade Corki 

The letters "CRK" have topped the scoreboard for ages. None have been able to outplay this veteran pilot! 
Some say he's been zipping around since the 8-bit days, but one thing is certain: Corki is proud to put the "old" in "old school." 
Arcade Corki will be 1350 RP* and includes –
  • New model and textures!
  • All-new particles!
  • All-new sound effects!
  • New recall and updated animations!
  • A ship with turn tech and BARREL ROLLS!
As always, we look out for all bug reports and feedback, so please feel to share your thoughts and/or questions in this thread! 
*Prices on PBE are subject to change."

Arcade Ezreal

Here's Nurse Flan with a bugs & feedback thread for Arcade Ezreal:
"PLAYER 2 SELECT: Arcade Ezreal

Arcade Ezreal has teleported into a video game world! He's picked out his favorite abilities and is going for that high score! Watch out, Arcade Ahri! 
Fun Development Fact: 
That is the actual model of the old, old Dragon in the Recall! It has been shrunk down and texture pixelated to match the "retro" arcade theme! 
Fun Arcade Ezreal Facts:
  • Completely new model! (so JRPG!)All-newVFX! (we love our pixels!)
  • All-newSFX! (digital pew-pews!)
  • New recall! (it's over 9000!)
  • Set to be 1350 RP (pricing always subject to change) 
We'd love to hear your thoughts and feelings on the new Arcade Ezreal as you take a first look at this in-progress skin! The feedback and bugs you leave here will help us get a better idea of things we may still have to take a look at. :] 
See you on the Rift!"

New Summoner Icons

Four new arcade themed summoner icons are now on the PBE to go with the new skins!

Another new icon was added, no details on availability yet.

New Ward Skin

New skins and icons now enough? A new arcade themed GAME ON Ward skin has also been added!

640 RP

Arcade Login Theme

New Login theme up featuring Arcade Ahri!

Sion Skin Splash Art Updates 

Following NidaleeTristana, and Trundle in earlier updates this year, today's update includes new Sion skin splashes - updated art for HextechBarbarianLumberjack, and Warmonger Sion!

Hextech Sion

Barbarian Sion

Lumberjack Sion

New Chroma assets added

New sets of assets for upcoming chroma for Arcade Miss Fortune, Cottontail TeemoWarring Kingdoms Xin Zhao High Noon Yasuo, and  Shockblade Zed are included in this cycle.
These come along with changes to availability and pricing, including individual purchase, more options per new chroma, and windowed IP sales. Context post on Chroma returning available here.

Arcade Miss Fortune


Cottontail Teemo


Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao


High Noon Yasuo


Shockblade Zed

Champ Finder feature testing soon. 

Here's Rayven with a request for feedback on a new champ finder feature being tested on the PBE:
"Hey PBE Folks! 
In the middle of a team fight or after a Blitz pull, it can be tough to keep track of your champion. We're working on a small feature which displays a self-only visual effect when you press and hold spacebar (or whatever your "center camera" hotkey is set to). 
We’re looking to get feedback on our current approach, so on PBE, this feature will be on by default for all players. Very interested to hear your thoughts on visual quality, readability, and usefulness. Is it too loud? Does it get in your way? Do you not even notice it? 
It'll be available soon, so try it out and let us know what you think."
This new option can be found under Notifications in the Interface tab.
 and when enabled, centering the camera puts an indicator around your character - circle below and arrow above.

Hexakill Twisted Treeline changes now up for testing 

Here's Rabid Llama with more info on the changes to Hexakill: Twisted Treeline changes that are now on the PBE! [Removed in the 8/15 Update]
"Hi folks! 
Hexakill Twisted Treeline is coming back in 6.17, and I wanted to talk about some changes we’ve worked on since last time it showed up. We like to make tweaks to our returning modes from time to time to make sure they keep feeling fresh.
So, Twisted Treeline has a problem when there’s twelve people jammed into it - its bases are tiny, cramped, and all but un-crackable. If frequently led to one team “winning” at 15 minutes, but only managing to actually cross the finish line after 40 minutes. That whole time, the losing team was trapped, and could only dream of seeing the world past their base steps. We took a two-pronged approach to this - on the one hand, reduced snowballing means the defending team often has a fighting chance to come back, and on the other, a team with full map control can use the stronger Altar buffs and more frequent Vilemaw spawns to finish the game off more quickly. 
We also felt that there wasn’t enough of the fun, brawl-y, teamfight-y action going on, so we’ve updated map objectives to lead to more of these twelve-man throwdowns, as well as handing out more gold and XP so that you aren’t stuck at level 2 forever. 
For a little more detail: 
A Fighting Chance 
  • We’ve increased passive gold gain and added some passive XP gain, in an attempt to curb snowballing somewhat. The team that’s ahead is still ahead, but the losing team can still come back. There’s no reduction of gold or XP, either, so you’ll just be richer in general. 
Go Punch Each Other 
  • We’ve removed the front towers in each lane, so it’s back to the “old” TT layout, which makes ganks better and make it possible to roam without conceding tower damage. We cut the Altar lock time in half, so they’re up to be contested more. 
Objectively Better Objectives (okay it’s totally subjective) 
  • The two-Altar bonus has gained some new stuff. On top of beefier minions, you also get a faster Recall and immunity to Vilemaw’s web-vacuum attack. Go fight the spider! Speaking of which, Vilemaw respawns faster - if you’re way ahead, you’ll be getting Vilemaw-buffed minions consistently to smash down the enemy base sooner rather than later. 
Free Updates Are The Best Updates 
  • Regular ol’ Twisted Treeline got some love in 6.14, and we get to reap the benefits! Items got changed up, and jungle camps give better rewards, so taking a jungler is (hopefully) a more valid strategy, which means securing Vilemaw will be that much easier. 
So yeah! Give it a spin, and then let me know if you think we’re hitting the goals, or if we missed the mark. Bug reports for the mode are also always appreciated :) 
As for specifics on these Hexakill: Twisted Treeline changes:
  • Altar lock time reduced to 45 seconds from 90 seconds
  • Inner turrets removed, now sit there webbed.
  •  2 Altar bonus now grants empowered recall and immunity to Vilemaw's web attack

Nexus Siege changes now up for testing on PBE!

Here's Riot Stephiroth with more information on a set of NEXUS SIEGE changes that are now testing on the PBE:
"Hewwo, Summoners! \o 
We're back again with another round of Nexus Siege, with some bug fixes and QoL updates! 
We heard a lot of feedback while the mode was live that certain champions like Gangplank felt really bad because they do not generate currency at an increased rate. So, we've made the following changes! 
  • Gangplank now generates Silver Serpents passively!
  • Thresh now gets 2 stacks for every 1 soul
  • Nasus now gets 6 stacks per minion ( 12 per Cannon Minion) 
We also have a round of bug fixes available for this run!: 
  • Champions with screen-tint (Rengar while ulting, Zilean while ulting, etc) should no longer have their screen tinted in the 2nd round if they ult during round-swap!
  • Nexus Siege games should now be spectate-able via the Buddylist drop down! :) So spectate your friends and trash talk them!
  • Remake should now be enabled for Nexus Siege! You should be able to remake within the normal guidelines during the first round only. 
------------------ Still in Progress Fixes ---------------------- 
  • All Items (Elixirs, Gangplank Upgrades) in the shop should reset properly on round-reset! Once this fix is in, you'll be able to buy/not buy those things appropriately. 
As always, if you have any bugs or feedback, please submit a comment below or submit a report via the Bug Reporting Tool
Thanks for all your help <3"


  • Dark Star Thresh appears has received changes to his latern toss to distinguish it from Syndra's orbs:

  • While we know Yorick's large scope champion update is coming up in the near future, a lone "Yorick_E_Cone" file was added in this cycle - notably a different type of cast indicator vs his current pre-update E!
  • New "NA 2016" Summoner's Rift decorations added.

Balance Changes

Remember *: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical or experimental changes. Be aware that what you see below may be lacking context or other changes that didn't make it in or were implemented in an earlier patch this cycle! These are not official notes.

  • Ranger's Focus (Q) duration lowered to 4 seconds from 5
  • Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) damage lowered to 200/400/600 from 250/425/600

  • Moonfall (E) now displaces 250 units up from 150. **

  • Whirling Death (R) 
    • Mana cost decreased to 100 at all ranks from 120
    • Cooldown lowered to 100/90/80 from 110/100/90

  • Agony's Embrace (R)  
    • Cooldown lowered to 120/100/80 from 150/120/90

  • Rising Spell Force (Passive) now scales up to 10/12/14/16% per stack at levels 1/6/11/16 from 10% at all ranks. **

  • Base HP lowered to 540 from 580
  • Remove Scurvy (W) mana cost increased to 80/90/100/110/120 from 60/70/80/90/100
  • Cannon Barrage (R) 
    • Cooldown increased to 180/160/140 from 160/150/140
    • Damage per wave lowered to 35/60/85 from 50/70/90

  • Bodyslam (E) cooldown increased to 16/15/14/13/12 from 12 at all ranks
  • Explosive Cask (R) now has a fixed travel time
    • "Also Gragas has a fixed travel time on his ult on PBE. This means when you point blank it, you see the barrel lob up for 0.55 seconds."**

  • Thundering Blow ( Hammer E) mana cost lowered to 40 at all ranks from 40/50/60/70/80/90
  • Transform: Mercury Hammer (R) next attack now has  40% bonus AD scaling instead of 40% AP scaling.

  • Deadly Flourish (W) 
    • AD ratio lowered to 50% from 70%
    • Damage to minions and monsters increased to 75% from 65%
  • Curtain Call (R):
    • [tool tip no longer mentions "If canceled early, Curtain Call's cooldown is refunded by 10% for each unused shot."
    • Base damage lowered to 40/100/160 from 50/125/200
    • Damage increase based on % health target is missing increased to [2.5% for each 1% health missing] from [2% for each 1% health missing]
    • [Tooltip now mentions total possible damage..]

  • Super Mega Death Rocket! (R)
    • Minimum damage ratio increased to 15% bonus AD from 10%
    • Maximum damage increased to 150% bonus ad from 100%

  • Pocket Pistol ( Umounted Q ) [vs live tooltip now specifies that shots vs epic monsters restore 2.5 courage.]

  • Brutal Strikes (W ) 
    • Cooldown lowered to 12 at all ranks from 14
    • Passive Armor increase increased to 15/20/25/30/35% from 10/15/20/25/30%

  • Black Shield (E) [range increased to 800 from 750]

  • Command: Shockwave (R) 
    • Cooldown lowered 110/95/80 from 120/105/90
    • Mana cost lowered to 100 at all ranks from 100/125/150

  • Base movement speed increased to 345 from 340
  • Steadfast Presence (W) passive's armor and mr bonus increased to 15% from 12%.

  • Tunnel (Burrowed E) cooldown increased to 26/24/22/20/18 from 20/19.5/19/18.5/18
  • Void Rush (R) cooldown increased to 180/140/100 from 150/110/70

  • Wind Slash (R) 
    • Minimum damage increased to 100/150/200 from 80/120/160
    • Maximum damage increased to 300/450/600 from 240/360/480

  • Ricochet (W) bounce damage now 50/55/60/65/70% from 60/65/70/75/80%
  • On The Hunt (R) passive's attack speed on W decreased to 30/45/60% from 40/60/80%

  • The Box (R) cooldown lowered to 140/120/100 from 150/140/130

  • Pillar of Ice (E) cooldown changed to 22/20/18/16/14 from 23/20/17/14/11

  • Tumble (Q) bonus physical damage increased to 30/40/50/60/70% AD from 30/35/40/45/50% AD

  • Phenomenal Evil Power (Passive) stacks granted for champion take down increased to 5 from 3

  • Vault Breaker (Q) cooldown now 16/14/12/10/8 from 18/15.5/13/10.5/8


The following content has been testing on the PBE but will not be going to live in the patch.

8/18 PBE LCU Alpha Update - Champion Ban Quotes

The PBE LCU Alpha has been updated, including new quotes that play when a champion is banned in draft!

Here's a short preview video - note that new champions have unique quotes and older champions reuse an existing quote. Unfortunately a few champions are missing. Warwick also uses a quote that we haven't ever heard before - curious!
Remember eventually  there will be volume sliders to adjust these and other sounds in the client update.

A clubs tab has also been added to the profile page.

[PBE LCU Alpha] August 3rd date - Draft Available

Draft mode is now enabled on the PBE LCU Alpha. More info. 

[PBE LCU Alpha] August 2nd Update - Shop Available

The PBE League Client Update Alpha has also been updated and the shop section is now available for testing - although it appears to essentially just be the same set up and assets as our current shop (which had a visual update not that long ago!)
Remember-  the PBE LCU Alpha is open to all PBE testers, see [this thread] for more information on how to get started with testing as well as known issues and updates! Sign ups for the LIVE LCU Alpha (not PBE)  can be found here. The Live LCU Alpha is usually updated a few weeks after the PBE LCU Alpha, just as the normal live / pbe server relationship.

7/22 LCU PBE ALPHA Update

The PBE's league client update alpha has been updated to include the individual champion pages on the Collection tab! At the moment only the overview and skin tabs are available, the ability pages and story pages are not yet available.
In addition to the champion's role, name, title, and a short lore entry,  there are a few other champion details mentioned:
  • Damage  - "The champion's tendency to deal physical, magic, or mixed damage."
  • Style - "The champion's tendancy to deal damage to enemy champions using basic attacks vs abilities."
  • Difficulty
  • Circular visualization of champions strengths (starting at top and going clockwise):
    • Damage - The champion's ability to deal damage to enemy champions.
    • Toughness - The champion's ability to absorb damage from enemy champions.
    • Crowd Control - The champion's ability to apply harmful effects like slows and stuns to enemy champions.
    • Mobility - The champion's ability to move quickly around the map using blinks or dashes. 
    • Utility - The champion's ability to grant beneficial effects like shields, healing, or movement speed to allied champions.
Here are a few more examples:

The PBE LCU is open to all PBE testers, see [this thread] for more information on how to get started with testing as well as known issues and updates! Sign ups for the LIVE (not PBE) LCU Alpha can be found here.

Patch History for this cycle:

8/9 PBE Update
    • New Skins
    • New Summoner Icons
    • New Ward Skin
    • New Chroma assets added
    • Champ Finder feature testing soon

    • New Chroma Preview Videos
    • Hexakill Twisted Treeline changes now up for testing 

    • Balance Changes

    • New Chroma up for testing
    • Skin Updates

    • New Arcade Ezreal Splash Art
    • Summoner Icon Changes
    • Nexus Siege changes now up for testing on PBE!

    • Arcade Ahri and Ezreal Skin Updates
    • Dark Star Thresh Skin Update

    • Arcade Login Screen

    • Sion Skin Splash Updates
    • New Summoner Icon
    • Arcade Ahri Skin Updates

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