4.13 PBE Cycle

Last Updated on 7/26 with the 7/26 PBE Update

( With the release of patch 4.12 on July 16th, we started the new 4.13 PBE cycle )

Previous PBE Cycles

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Below you will find a comprehensive list of balance changes/game additions for the current PBE cycle.
These new changes and additions are relative to what things currently are on live servers and are


(They often do not represent the final changes that get pushed to live servers.)

Balance changes for this cycle (so far) can be found at the bottom of this page

New Content list for this PBE cycle:

  • Sona Model/Texture Updates
  • Launcher and Client Page Updates

    7/16 PBE Update
    • Sona's Yellow Tips
    • New Summoner Icon
    • "Tantrum" Resource Bar

    7/17 PBE Update
    • Debonair Ezreal and Debonair Vi
    • 33 Splash Art Changes

    • More Sona Updates

    7/21 PBE Update
    • In-Client Match History Updated

    7/22 PBE Update
    • Arcade Sona Updates

    7/23 PBE Update
      • Debonair Ezreal and Debonair Vi Updates
      • Sona Icons

      • Team Builder MMR
      • Sona & Thresh Changes

      • Debonair Ezreal and Debonair Vi Splash Arts

      ( Note: Some images may be out dated! )

      (Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

      New Debonair Skins

      Today's patch includes two new skins - the handsome Debonair Ezeal and the dashing Debonair Vi! Both skins seem to be only model / texture updates ( as is the norm with 750 RP tier skins ).

      Debonair Ezreal

      750 RP
      While model viewer shots are usually not great, this one shots the different in his face well!

      Debonair Vi

      750 RP

      Debonair Ezreal and Vi Loading Screen Images

      Sona Texture / Model Updates

      To go along with her gameplay changes, Sona has received work in progress updates to her textures and model! Her Base, Pentakill, and Silent Night skins have all been updated.

      Before we get in to far, Ququroon reminds us:
      "We're still working on it, so there might still be a few changes during the PBE cycle. Same goes for the skins."
      He continued, noting her yellow hair tips will be back soon:
      "For everyone commenting on where Sona's yellow tips are... She's hitting the salon now. She just needed a fresh coat of dye."

      Now with 100% more tattoo and her keyboard now has a shiny metallic finish

      Silent Night

      Muse Sona

      Guqin Sona

      Arcade Sona's textures were also updated, changing up the colors a bit.

      Arcade Sona

      Arcade Sona also has her pixelated vfx back, updated to go along with her new gameplay changes.

      Here's another quick look at her new ability effects on the new model.

      Images below do not reflect Sona's model updates to her hair from the 7/16 patch

      To go along with her rework and updated textures / models, Sona has new ability icons!

      Sona Passive Indicator Now Grey while charging

      While minor, Sona's new passive indicator is now GREY while charging and colorful when your powercord is ready to be used.

      Here's a brief video of the three updated skins, including another preview of her gameplay update's new visual effects! Take note of the power cord effects and Pentakill Sona's new metal finish!


      [ Official ] Vayne Bug Fix Context

      RiotJag with info on a Vayne bugfix that went out, resulting in some compensation buffs:
      "Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that we put out a bugfix on PBE for Vayne where her Tumble had a higher bonus AD ratio while she had Final Hour active. Since we wanted to fix the bug without actually reducing the power of the champion, we compensated by increasing the bonus AD she gets for Ulting, making this mostly a power-neutral change, not a buff or nerf. 
      As an aside, she's getting some small AS per level buffs. Nothing huge, but a few more Silver Bolts procs never hurt anyone."

      [ Reminder ] Headhunter Caitlyn is still on the PBE

      As it is coming up a lot, I just wanted to remind everyone that Headhunter Caitlyn is still on the PBE being worked on.

      Riot Ve1vet with a bit of context on the delay:
      "Cait isn't canceled, just delayed a bit due to the model/texture changes. The splash has to have parts of it re-painted to accommodate those changes. NO WORRIES xD!"

      Here's a few up to date screen shots of Headhunter Caitlyn to hold you over.

      Skins splash Update - Numerous Splash Changes

      Here's Riot Silver with info on the 32 ( 33! ) splash updates, from outdated offenders to splashes from different regions, in today's PBE update.
      "Hey dudes and dudettes! 

      Wanted to jump on here to let you guys know about some skin splash changes headed to PBE. Specifically, we're replacing the splash art for around 32 skins (For right now, no bases). Some of you may recognize these splashes from other League of Legends regions. 

      We're constantly seeking to improve LoL across the board, and splashes are no different - as you may have noticed, we've been concentrating on base splash updates in recent patches. As with other art assets, a lot splashes in League have aged over time. We 100% want to improve all of this out-of-date content, but for now a lot of our work is focused specifically on updating base champion splashes. 

      This led us to seek out stopgap measures for showing love to some of the most out of style splashes where we already have better alternatives available (cough...Grandma Lux). To reiterate, this is a temporary step focused on, right now, only the worst offenders. 

      Let us know what you think! 


      Why didn't you do this sooner? The art style for these splashes was a bit different from our visual target, and we didn't want to create a long-term rift in our splash content. However, due to the amount of time and resources we need to bring these splashes fully up to our visual target, we have reconsidered some temporary solutions for these splashes. 

      Why didn't you change X splash? We specifically picked splashes that met the goals of this small update, so there could be several reasons: 

      1. We feel the current splash is of higher or comparable quality (We’re looking for instances where there is a noticeable upgrade.)
      2. Alternatives are too drastically different from current splash or in-game model (we're looking to improve overall cohesion in addition to just visual quality.) 

      What if I don't like X splash? Let us know! The goal here is to improve, not detract 

      Why are these only skin splashes? This change is a stopgap for a few skins while we focus hard on updating base splashes to our current style target. These splashes are a bit more sensitive given that they're more highly visible (e.g. minimap icons, champion select, etc...). In general, we're looking to err on the side of caution where there's a very clear quality increase with little risk of confusion.

      • Noxus Hunter Anivia
      • Red Riding Annie
      • Rusty Blitzcrank
      • Goalkeeper Blitzcrank
      • Desperada Cassiopeia
      • Siren Cassiopeia
      • Mr. Mundoverse
      • Tango Evelynn
      • Minuteman Gangplank
      • Dreadknight Garen
      • Alien Invader Heimerdinger
      • Blast Zone Heimerdinger
      • Nightblade Irelia
      • Aviator Irelia
      • Commando Jarvan IV
      • Silver Kayle
      • Viridian Kayle
      • Sorceress Lux
      • Chosen Master Yi
      • Candy Cane Miss Fortune
      • Pharaoh Nasus
      • Snow Bunny Nidalee
      • Leopard Nidalee
      • Ravager Nocturne
      • Forsaken Olaf
      • Glacial Olaf
      • Ruthless Pantheon
      • Noxus Poppy
      • Frozen Shen
      • Hextech Singed
      • Black Belt Udyr
      • Curling Veigar"
      and here are the 32 updated splashes, including an extra one for Chrome Rammus!


      Name Tag Display

      In an earlier patch this cycle, the option to change your name tag display - either showing you the usernames of your allies any enemies or just their champion names - was added!

      Patcher & Landing Page Visual Refresh!

      REVERTED - looks like it isn't coming in 4.13

      As mentioned last week, the patcher and the client's landing page has received a visual refresh! Have feedback on the updates? Be sure to swing by the PBE comunity mega thread!


      Example of launcher on my desk top - it is not full screen.
      Task bar Icon

      Landing Page

      Remember, this is only the landing page and top bar, the other pages / menus are not updated.

      Launcher and Client Frame Update Reverted on 7/24

      Seems like the new Launcher and the client's top frame has been reverted, although the new landing page is still there. No official word yet on these.

      In- Client Match History Update

      The in-client match history has been updated to now show the items purchased in each match. Clicking on the individual match still takes you to the external match history site, this update just shows additional information in a  longer window instead of the live version  where half of it is eaten up by an explanation of the new match history system.

      Live vs PBE

      Team Builder Matchmaking Adjustment

      Team Builder queues on the PBE now have a matchmaking adjustment icon that reads:
      "When you try a new role of champion, Team Builder adjusts matchmaking automatically. These adjustments decrease as you gain experience."
      This was one of the features announced when Team Builder was launched but was noted it would not be included with the initial release.

      New Summoner Icons

      A new summoner icon for the OGN team Bigfile Miracle has been added.

      Role Icon Gift

      As you may have noticed a few people mention, the role summoner icons ( which we saw several patches ago in an earlier cycle ) seem to be earned some show. No real details yet.

      Since it's been a while, here are the 6 icons for the different roles: MageFighterMarksmen, Tank,Assassin, and Support.

      [ I will reiterate: These icons were in an older patch and have now started to pop up for users on the PBE. No other details on availability or how exactly you earn them yet ] 


      A new "Tantrum" texture for the resource bar ( where you normally see Energy, Mana, or even Mordekaiser's shied )

      "Ascension" Files

      More of 'em - no details on what they are but they are labelled as something for MAP 8 ( which is Dominion / Crystal Scar ).

      SPECULATION: Could be a new featured gameplay mode, could be nothing, could be something else. You should probably manage your expectations accordingly and remember these are just data mined files.

      SRU Mini Map Update

      The mini map for the Summoner's Rift Update has been updated!

      Balance Changes

      * Remember *: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical changes. The changes you see below may be lacking context or other accompanying changes that didn't make it in - don't freak out! These are not official notes.


      • Concussive Blows ( Passive ) passive trigger damage lowered to 32 (+8 per level ) from 38 (+12 per level )
      • Stand Behind Me ( W ) mana cost increased to 50/55/60/65/70 from 30/40/50/60/70
      • Glacial Fissure ( R ) his four second slow field's slow duration reduced to .25 seconds from 1.5 seconds
      • Glacial Fissure ( R )  knock up time reduced to 1/1.3/1.5 from 1.5 at all ranks
      • Glacial Fissure ( R ) slow field amount reduced to 40/50/60% from 60% at all ranks
      • Base attack range lowered to 500 from 550
      • Neurotoxin ( Human Q ) range decreased to 500 from 625***
      •  [ Context: now targets from hit box to hit box instead of center to center. Pwyff hascommented this makes the range reduction closer to 50 UNITS not 125 UNITS ]
      • Cocoon ( Human E ) missile width decreased to 55 from 70
      • Rappel ( Spider E ) range decreased to 700 from 925*** 
      •  [ Context: now targets from hit box to hit box instead of center to center. Pwyff has commented this makes the range reduction closer to 100 UNITS not 225 UNITS ]
      • [ ***ContextPwyff dropped off additional context on these changes, saying:

        "Quick thing on the Elise changes: they've also been modified to judge distance from edge of hitbox to edge. The TLDR is that some abilities judge distance from the center of the champion (like dead center) and then draw a straight line to the dead center of their target. That's center-to-center distance.

        Hitbox to hitbox takes into account champion size (average is like... 65 units? 60 units?) as it goes right from the edge of the champ hitbox. Basic attack ranges us edge to edge distance.

        So while these range changes seem significant for Elise (they're still significant, don't me wrong), there's accounting for roughly ~100 units that are being added onto this as a result of shifting from center-to-center to edge-to-edge. If it's a Cho'gath it's sort of a weird buff (at least for Q)."
      UpdatePwyff clarified "Pulled some numbers on the Elise changes, going from center-to-center to edge-to-edge hitboxes is roughly +75 range. So the range changes could be considered roughly a 50 range reduction on Q and a 100 range reduction on Rappel.]
        • Hate Spike ( Q ) base damage lowered to 30/45/60/75/90 from 40/60/80/100/120 
        • Hate Spike ( Q ) AP coefficient now scales per rank .35/.40/.45/.50/.55 from .45 at all ranks
        • Hate Spike ( Q ) bonus AD coefficient now scales per rank .50/.55/.60/.65/.70 from .50 at all ranks.
        • Hate Spike ( Q ) mana cost lowered to 12/18/24/30/36 from 16/22/28/34/40

        • Barrel Roll ( Q ) now deals 70% damage to minions
        • Drunken Rage ( W ) mana cost increased to 30 from 0
        • Drunken Rage ( W )  damage reduction now lasts for 2.5 seconds  down from 3 seconds
        • Drunken Rage ( W ) cooldown changed to 8/7/6/5/4 from 8/7.5/7/6.5/6

        • Buckshot ( Q ) enemies hit with multiple bullets now take 40% damage from each additional bullet, up from 35%
        • Collateral Damage ( R ) initial damage increased to 250/400/550 from 250/350/450
        • Collateral Damage ( R ) explosion damage increased to 200/320/440 from 200/280/360

        • Rampage ( Q ) mana cost reduced to 24/26/28/30/32 from 24/28/32/36/40

        • Tailwind ( Passive ) range increased to 1000 from 800 
        • Howling Gale ( Q ) has been reworded and now specifically mentions how powerful the spell gets as it charges. 
        • Howling Gale ( Q ) maximum knock up time is now 1.25 seconds for full charge up from 1.
        • Howling Gale ( Q ) cooldown now starts as soon as it is cast.


        • Righteous Fury ( E ) AP ratio on both parts increased to .25 from .2 
        • Intervention ( R ) cooldown lowered to 100/90/80 from 110/95/80

        • Base HP lowered to 400 from 440
        • Health per level lowered to 87 from 88
          • ContextKog'Maw's Health per level on live is 84. This is a nerf to a previous change. ]
        • Caustic Spittle ( Q ) MR/Armor shred changed to 12/16/20/24/28 from 20/22/24/26/28

        • Ice Shard ( Q ) cooldown lowered to 6/5.25/4.5/3.75/3 from 6/5.5/5/4.5/4
        • Ring of Frost ( W ) AP ratio down to .4 from .6
        • Frozen Tomb ( R ) slow increased to 30/45/75% from 20/30/40%

        • Distortion ( W ) mana cost lowered to 80/85/90/95/100 from 80/90/100/110/120

        Lee Sin
        • Base HP Regen Per Second increased to 1.65 from 1.25
          • [Context: This brings his Base HP5 up to 8.25 from 6.25]
        • Safeguard ( W 1 ) shield duration lowered to 2 seconds from 4 seconds
        • Cripple ( E 2 ) no longer lists that it reduces attack speed ( which was 20/30/40/50/60% )

        • Relentless Pursuit ( E ) no longer lists it reduces slow effects
        • Relentless Pursuit ( E ) cooldown increased to 18/17/16/15/14 from 14/13/12/11/10

        • Glitterlance ( Q ) no longer lists it's minimum slow decay % AP ratio of .13 AP
        • Whimsy ( W )  movement speed duration lowered to 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds from 5 seconds at all ranks
        • Whimsy ( W ) mana cost lowered to 65 at all ranks from 65/70/75/80/85

        • Illumination ( Passive ) base damage lowered to 10 + ( 8 x level) from 10 + ( 10 x level )
        • Illumination ( Passive ) now has a .2 AP scaling up from 0!
        • [Context: This was a change that was actually in an earlier PBE update but I missed it. Sorry!]

        • Base movement speed lowered to 335 from 340
        • Ebb and Flow ( W ) cooldown increased to 10 seconds from 9 seconds

        • Undertow ( Q ) cooldown reduced to 7 from 8 seconds
        • Vicious Strikes (  W ) increased healing from all sources changed to 1% for every 2% of health missing from 1% for every 2.5% of health missing.
        • Ragnarok ( R ) cooldown lowered to 100/90/80 from 120/100/80

        • Tremors ( R )  now has a range indicator when you hover over it on your ability bar, nothing else about the spell has changed.
        ( The tool tip is a little messed up ) 
        • On The hunt ( R ) movement speed bonus reduction time increased to 2/4/6 seconds from 2/3/4 seconds

        • As mentioned above, the work in progress rework and all changes we saw last PBE cycle are back and Sona has received updates to her textures!
        • To recap on the changes that have been worked on during the last cycle, here's an up to date Sona change list based on Fearless's three PBE community posts ( 123 )
        • Base armor increased to 15 from  12
        • Base HP lowered to 353 from 380
        • HP Per Level increased to 77 from 70
        • [Context: To save you the math, this means her HP is lower for levels 1-3 and higher for levels 4-18. You can find a full changelist for her current rework here.]

        Passive - Power Chord:
        • Q Powerchord amplification down from +100% damage to +50% damage
        • Minor tooltip update to reflect rework changes. now states "what song Sona last activated" instead of "what Song Sona is currently playing"
          Q - Hymn of Valor
          • Creates a 350 unit aura that lasts for 5 seconds.
          • Sona and allies touched by the aura get 20/30/40/50/60 (+0.25 AP) bonus magic damage on their next auto attack. Buff lasts 3 seconds
          • Each ally Sona tags with the aura increases the duration of the aura by 0.5 seconds
          • Damage lowered to 40/80/120/160/200 from 50/100/150/200/250 
          • Cooldown increased to 8 seconds from 7 seconds
          • No longer grants persistent AP and AD aura
          • Mana cost increased by 10 at all ranks (55/60/65/70/75) Mana cost back to 45/50/55/60/65
            W - Aria of Perseverance
            • Initial cast heals Sona plus the lowest health nearby ally for 20/40/60/80/100 (+ 0.2 AP) heath. This heal is increased by 1% for each 1% missing health of the target.
            • Creates a 350 unit aura that lasts for 3 seconds.
            • Sona and her allies touched by the aura get a shield that blocks 35/55/75/95/115 (+0.2 AP) damage that lasts for 1.5 seconds
              • Each ally Sona tags with the aura increases the duration of the aura by 0.5 seconds
              • Cooldown increased to 10 seconds from 7 seconds
              • No longer grants persistent MR and Armor aura
              • Mana cost increased by 10 at all ranks (70/75/80/85/90)
              E - Song of Celerity
              • Initial cast grants Sona a boost of 13%/14%/15%/16%/17% + (7.5% for every 100 AP) move speed. This decays down to the amount Sona grants to her allies.
              • Creates a 350 unit aura that lasts for 3 seconds
              • Grants allies touched by the aura 10%/11%/12%/13%/14% move speed for 1.5 seconds.
              • Each ally Sona tags with the aura increases the duration of the aura by 0.5 seconds
              • Cooldown increased to 12 seconds from 7 seconds
              • No longer grants persistent move speed aura
              • No longer grants allies % move speed on cast
              R - Crescendo
              • Ranking up Crescendo increases the strength of Sona’s auras
              • +10/20/30 magic damage for Hymn of Valor
              • +10/20/30 extra shield for Aria of Perseverance
              • +2%/4%/6% move speed for Song of Celerity
              • Crescendo has new VFX that more accurately show the affected area of the spell

              • Dark Passage ( W ) shield value increased to 60/100/140/180/220 from 60/95/130/165/200
                • Context: Remember the shield was nerfed in an earlier patch to only shield Thresh and one ally down from everyone in range. ]
              • Dark Passage ( W )  now shields Thresh and up to one ally from all nearby allies.
              • The Box ( R ) now lists "no damage" on remaining walls once one is broken, down from half

              • Rocket Jump ( W )  slow duration now 1/1.5/2/2.5/3.0 from 2.5 at all ranks
              • Explosive Shot ( E ) dot damage lowered to 80/125/170/215/260 from 110/150/190/230/270


              • Base damage increased to 49 from 46

              • Attack speed per level increased to 4 from 3.1
              • Final Hour ( R ) bonus AD increased to 30/50/70 from 25/40/55

              • Context: R bonus AD Increased as the result of a bug fix. More info here ] 

              • Chain of Corruption ( R ) cooldown decreased to 110/90/70 from 120/105/90

              • Void Rift ( W ) initial blast width increased to better match the second explosion ( ~22.5 increase ) 
              • Life Form Disintegration Ray  ( R ) range increased to 1550 from 1500
              • Life Form Disintegration Ray  ( R )damage increased to 350/475/600 from 300/450/600 (live values are 500/700/900)
              • Life Form Disintegration Ray  ( R ) AP ratio increased to 1.5 from .6
              • Life Form Disintegration Ray  ( R ) slow reduced to 15% from 20%
              • Lifeform Disintegration Ray ( R ) now lists the slow stacks up to 5 times
              • CONTEXT: Remember Vel'Koz received changes in multiple patches so far this cycle! See this thread byRiot Repertoir for more on this cycle's set of changes. ]

                • Wind Wall ( W ) tool tip no longer lists that he builds a % of his maximum flow on each dash, down from 3/6/9/12/15%.

                • Mega Inferno Bomb ( R ) cooldown increased to 120 at all ranks from 120/105/90


                Fizz Source ]
                • Q - CD increased by 1 second at all ranks
                • E - CD increased to 16/14.5/13/11.5/10 from 16/14/12/10/8


                Banshee Veil
                • Spell shield unique passive now refreshes after 40 seconds up from 25

                Blackfire Torch
                • Unique active cooldown increased to 90 seconds from 60 seconds.

                Chalice of Harmony
                • Magic resist lowered to 20 from 25.

                Deathfire Grasp

                • Unique Active cooldown increased to 90 seconds from 60

                Entrophy ( Aram / Domininon )
                • Active reduces movement speed and deals true damage over 2 seconds, down from 2.5

                • Gold per 10 reduced to 2 from 4
                Frost Queen's claim
                • Gold per 10 reduced to 2 from 4

                Lich Bane, Sheen, Trinity Force
                • Unique Passive - Spellblade now has a tool tip listed cooldown of 1.5 seconds from 2 seconds.

                Nomad's Medallion
                • Mana regen per 5 reduced to 5 from 7
                • Now grants +10 movement speed

                Rylai's Crystal Scepter

                • Health reduced to 400 from 500
                • AP increased to 100 from 80

                Spirit of the Ancient Golem,  Quill Coat, The Lightbringer, Hextech Sweeper, Grez's Spectral Lantern 
                • Unqiue active that makes a ward now named "Hunter's Sight" rather than having no name.

                          Talisman of Ascension
                          • Health regen increased to 15 from 10
                          • Cooldown reduction decreased to 10% from 20%
                          • Now grants 20 movement speed

                          Summoner Spells

                          • Exhaust now reduces "Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 30%, Magic and Armor resist by 10, and damage dealt by 40% for 2.5 seconds" from "Damage dealt by 50% and attack speed and movement speed reduction by 30%"
                          • Damage dealt reduction reduced to 40% from 50%
                          • Now Reduces armor and magic resist by 10 
                          • Heal amount now 75 ( 15 x level )  so 90 ( level 1 ) - 345 ( level 18 ) from 95 - 475

                          TTL Jungle Mobs

                          Wolves [?]
                          • Small Wolf damage increased to 20 from 16.
                          • Small Wolf crit chance lowered to 0 from 25%
                          • Large wolf damge increased to 40 from 28
                          • Large wolf crit chance lowered to 0 from 25%.

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