Red Post Collection: Patch 10.21 skin release corrections, 10/14 Bugfixes, 10.22 tentative changes, & more

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[UPDATE: Info on new social sign-ins addedFAQ here.]

Today's red post collection includes a tentative 10.22 changelist from Scruffy, a correction for the release dates of the upcoming patch 10.21 skins, bugfixes for Evelynn and Umbral Glaive that went out on 10/14, a look at the latest LoR patch & cosmetics, and more!
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Tentative 10.22 changes

As we've grown accustomed to, Scruffy hoped on Twitter to share a tentative changelist for 10.22 including Annie, Ashe, Brand, Jinx, and Nasus - expect these to hit the PBE soon!
"With 10.22 we have a bundle of small champion adjustments coming:

 -Open up loved but unviable roles for Annie/Brand 
-Slight modernizations for old spells for better feedback and usability 
-Slight satisfaction increases with better visualized mechanics"

10/14 Hotfixes - Eve W & Umbral Glaive

The 10.21 patch notes have been updated with otfixes for Evelynn's W and Umbral Glaive were pushed to live on October 14th!
"10/14/2020 Evelynn and Umbral Glaive Bugfixes 
W - ALLURE BUGFIX Fixed a bug where cursed jungle monsters that are then expunged after 2.5 seconds would not be charmed
Umbral Glaive
JUNGLE PLANTS BUGFIX Fixed a bug where destroyed jungle plants would not respawn for the remainder of the game if the player has Umbral Glaive purchased"

On twitter, Scruffy also commented the Umbral Glaive bugfix will be in the Worlds build:
"We just shipped out a micropatch that fixes the Umbral Glaive bug that destroys Summoner’s Rift plants. 

This is also going into the Worlds build for the rest of the tournament."

Social Sign-In is Here

Riot's game logins are being updated with new Social Sign-In options! Check out this article from the Riot Games site.
"We’re rolling out optional social sign-in integrations for all of Riot’s games. This means that soon you’ll see some social platform options when you log in or create an account. You’ll also be given the option to link to an existing Riot account when you try to sign in using a social sign-in method for the first time. Linking your accounts will give you another choice for signing in to our games in the future.

The social integrations will include:
  • Google Sign-In (available on desktop and Android)
  • Facebook Login (available on desktop, Android, and iOS)
  • Sign in with Apple (available on desktop and iOS)

Google Sign-In is being rolled out selectively to players starting now, and we aim to have all social sign-in integrations launched to players by October 29.

For more info on this change, what info you’ll need to provide, and other frequently asked questions check out your local Player Support page."

As mentioned at the end of the article, check out the FAQ for more details!


"Splash art da Kai'Sa K/DA ALL OUT Edição de Prestígio! 🎤💎✨"

  • Riot Xenogenic tweeted that they will be increasing the amount of free mission tokens available during Worlds 2020, making it so the Clash mission isn't required to hit 400.
"They did, but we've heard all your feedback and are adding tokens to the final free missions in Worlds so you get 400 from playing the free mission experience - then 10 more if you do Clash, and 10 more if you watch Worlds live. 

The final mission rewarded 10 previously, now 30"
  • KateyKhaos tweeted a correction to the 10.21 patch skin release dates, noting that the Odyssey skins & Hextech Kassadin will launch on October 15th and the three Tales from the Rift skins on October 22nd.
[1] "Patch notes correction:

 Odyssey skins will be available on October 15th. 
Pumpkin Prince Amumu, Bewitching Elise and Little Devil Fizz will be available on October 22nd"

[2] "Hextech Kassadin will also be available on October 15th."
  • RiotSwimbananas tweeted that Odyssey Kha'Zix will be the next League Partner Program chroma!
  • Following 10.21, Mort tweeted out that there is no hotfix TFT balance changes planned for the week but they'll be keeping an eye out for a B-patch next week.
"To make expectations super clear. There is not going to be a hotfix this week. 
We're going to monitor how the weekend goes, see if the meta shifts and counters develop. If it doesn't, we'll B-Patch next week. But really want to give players time to adapt and find the counters."

"Learn more about K/DA and their upcoming ALL OUT EP in this very special edition of SHARP magazine.

Read through over 16 dedicated pages about Ahri, Evelynn, Kai’Sa and Akali, and how the pop group sensation renewed their ambitions since the launch of their electric 2018 debut single, POP/STARS. Discover how K/DA staged their comeback with THE BADDEST, the first song of their new and long-awaited EP, and meet Seraphine, their talented new collaborator.

This special edition of SHARP also includes a special quiz to prove to yourself and your friend that you are a real BLADE!"


Other Games

Legends of Runeterra
  • LoR's Patch 1.12 Notes are up! The new Monuments of Power expansion patch features new champion cards for Soraka, Shyvana, and Tahm Kench, a new type of card called Landmarks, 40 new cards, new cosmetics, a new lab, and much more!

Here's a look at the new cosmetics previewed in the patch notes, including new emotes, a spooky new board, ranked reward icons, a ferocious new infernal drake guardian, card backs, and bundles.

"The apex of competition in Legends of Runeterra. Exclusively for the best of the best. And supported fully in-game. 1024 players on each server shard will be able to compete for pride, glory, and a cash prize."



  • The Worlds 2020 Event is running now through November 9th! Check out new Dragonmancer skins, chromas, missions, and more, and look for Odyssey content in Patch 10.21!

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