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Today's red post collection is blooming with information on the upcoming  Spirit Blossom event that includes new skins & cosmetics, event pass, missions, the return of Nexus Blitz through August 24th,  a new Spirit Bonds mini game to build relationship with champions& gain favor, and much more! Also included is Legends of Runeterra's new patch notes & Spirit Blossom Festival as well as new VALORANT patch notes.
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Spirit Blossom 2020 Support Articles

With the event kicking off in 10.15 with a new batch of skins, check out these articles from Riot Support on the Spirit Blossom event, the Spirit Bonds champion missions & more! Look for the Spirit Blossom event, starting July 22nd and running through August 24th!

Spirit Blossom 2020

"A breeze dances across the forest floor. Bells beckon with a lilting note, each sound an invitation… and a promise. And there! Can you hear it? A whisper through the trees. Laughter like petals surrounds you. Old traditions make way for ancient magics, and in their wake the spirit realm begins to bloom. Welcome to the Spirit Blossom Festival. 
Born from the mystic power and history of Ionia, the Spirit Blossom Festival will honor those who have passed, and the event will enchant the Rift from July 22nd, 2020 at 1:00 PM (PDT) until August 24th, 2020 at 12:59 PM (PDT). Though it is a time for reflection, the Festival is also a time for celebration. Embark on new missions, dress for the occasion, and interact with your favored champions like never before. Though the blossoms will fade after the 24th, you’ll still be able to use tokens earned during the event until September 8th, 2020 at 11:59 PM (PDT)
Sweet and swift, Lillia leaps onto the Rift just in time for Spirit Blossom on July 22nd, 2020. Don’t let her appearance catch you off guard, however. This bashful bloom is cultivating her confidence, wielding the magic of dreams to protect her forest home. 
Looking to bring this dear deer into the Rift? She has her own special bundle just in time for the Spirit Blossom Festival. The Bashful Bloom Bundle contains both Lillia and her Spirit Blossom Skin for 1837 RP
Spirit Blossom, like any proper holiday, will have multiple ways to make the most of the event. First, there's the Spirit Blossom Pass for 1650 RP. It comes with 200 Spirit Blossom Tokens and 4 Spirit Blossom Kanmei Orbs. 
If you’d like to get up to a bit more mischief, we're also offering the Spirit Blossom Pass Bundle for 2650 RP. Aside from the other items mentioned in the Pass above, the Bundle also includes Spirit Blossom Teemo. The Swift Scout is feeling extra mischievous, so he’ll come with a special icon and border! 
You can purchase both the Event Pass and the Bundle throughout the duration of the event. 
While the Spirit Blossom Event Pass doesn’t have Weekly Win missions, purchasing the pass will give you the opportunity to earn up to 1000 Tokens through Spirit Bonds, which we discuss in detail here
Before you attempt to pull one over on the spirits, remember that you can’t cheat death or the system. Buying the Spirit Blossom Pass doesn't mean you get extra tokens and orbs if you then buy the Spirit Blossom Pass Bundle!  
Any Ionian would say that the Spirit Blossom Festival is unlike anything else in Runeterra, and we’d have to agree. After all, when else would you have the chance to seek the friendship of the spirits? You'll be able to earn favor with each champion in a number of ways, including missions. Both with and without the Spirit Blossom Pass, you’ll be able to strengthen your bonds and learn what secrets the Festival holds. 
Milestone and Token Missions are just some of the ways to celebrate during the Spirit Blossom Festival. Be sure to learn all you can about Spirit Bonds and the special opportunities they provide by heading here 
You can repeat Token Missions as many times as you want for the duration of the event. For those who purchase the pass, tokens are added directly to the pass. If you do not have the Spirit Blossom Pass, tokens will be added to the Token Bank. 

Spirit Bonds: Champion Missions & More
They say the Spirit Blossom Festival represents a thinning of the veil between our world and the Spirit Realm. Keep your wits about you! Cross over to the other side, and you would have to place your trust in the spirits there to guide you home. Some are playful, others conniving, but each has a story to tell for those that are willing to listen. Special missions have manifested for each of the Spirit Blossom champions, though there’s more than one way to earn their favor. It’s tricky business, communing with the spirits, so be sure to check out our full article on Spirit Bonds here
Content Costs 
  • Spirit Blossom Teemo - 1350 RP
  • Spirit Blossom Lillia - 1350 RP
  • Spirit Blossom Vayne - 1350 RP
  • Spirit Blossom Yasuo- 1350 RP
  • Spirit Blossom Thresh - 1820 RP
Don’t forget that you can coax Lillia onto the rift with her special Bashful Bloom Bundle, which contains both her and her Spirit Blossom skin for 1837 RP
If you’re looking to get the most out of the Spirit Blossom Festival, then the Festival Bundle will let you celebrate in style. You can have every Spirit Blossom champion and their event skins for 12756 RP. Already familiar with some of the champions? You’ll receive a discount based on the champions you already own. If you own them all, the bundle will be 10610 RP. 
Each of the Chromas coming out for this release cost 290 RP each, but note that some can only be found as part of one of the bundles listed below:

  • Spirit Blossom Thresh - (Sapphire, Cat’s Eye, Pearl, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Emerald, [Loot Only] - Night Blossom, [Bundle Only]: Ruby)
  • Spirit Blossom Vayne - (Citrine, Tanzanite, Rose Quartz, Obsidian, Pearl, Emerald, [Loot Only] - Night Blossom, [Bundle Only]: Ruby)
  • Spirit Blossom Yasuo - (Sapphire, Cat’s Eye, Pearl, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Emerald, [Loot Only] - Night Blossom, [Bundle Only]: Ruby)
  • Spirit Blossom Lillia - (Sapphire, Citrine, Amethyst, Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Obsidian, Emerald, [Loot Only] - Night Blossom, [Bundle Only]: Ruby) 

  • Spirit Blossom 2020 Akana Ward Skin - 640 RP
  • Spirit Blossom 2020 Kanmei Ward Skin - 640 RP 
Border Sets are a way to get those lovely aesthetic perks for your favorite champion.

  • Spirit Blossom Thresh Border Set - Skin, Ward Skin, & Border Icon
    • With Champion - 3130 RP
    • Without Champion - 2690 RP
  • Spirit Blossom Teemo Border Set - Skin, Ward Skin, & Border Icon
    • With Champion - 2512 RP
    • Without Champion - 2220 RP
  • Spirit Blossom Lillia Border Set - Skin, Ward Skin, & Border Icon
    • With Champion - 2707 RP
    • Without Champion - 2220 RP
  • Spirit Blossom Yasuo Border Set - Skin, Ward Skin, & Border Icon
    • With Champion - 2707 RP
    • Without Champion - 2220 RP
  • Spirit Blossom Vayne Border Set - Skin, Ward Skin, & Border Icon
    • With Champion - 2660 RP
    • Without Champion - 2220 RP 
You'll also get a discount depending on if you own any (but not all) of the champions in the Mega Bundle, so don't worry if the amount looks a little different. 

  • Carry Me! - Mission Reward
  • Tee Hee! - Mission Reward
  • Hiya! - Mission Reward 
Nothing says a festival quite like souvenirs, or in this case, loot. If you manage to get your hands on a Kanmei Orb, it will contain 1 random Skin Shard and a 4% chance to drop a Kanmei Grab Bag. What’s in the Grab Bag you ask? Well, that’d be telling… Just kidding! Open a Kanmei Grab Bag to reveal 3 skin shards of Superior quality (975 RP) or greater and 3 skin shards of Superior quality (975 RP) or less (excluding Mythic and Limited skins). If that wasn’t enough, your Gemstone and Mythic Skin Permanent drop rates will be multiplied by 1.5. 
You can always increase your odds by using all your spiritual energy to summon luck to your side… Or you can simply purchase more chances to win. Whichever works best. 

  • 1 Kanmei Orb + 16 Spirit Blossom Tokens - 250 RP
  • 10 Kanmei Orbs + 1 Bonus Kanmei Orb + 160 Spirit Blossom Tokens - 2500 RP
  • 25 Kanmei Orbs + 1 Kanmei Grab Bag + 400 Spirit Blossom Tokens - 6250 RP 
Event Shop 

  • Spirit Blossom 2020 Event Prestige Points Icon + 100 PP - 2200 Tokens
  • Spirit Blossom Teemo Prestige Edition + Icon & Border - 2000 Tokens
  • Spirit Blossom Thresh (Night Blossom) Chroma + Icon Bundle - 300 Tokens
  • Spirit Blossom Vayne (Night Blossom) Chroma + Icon Bundle - 300 Tokens
  • Spirit Blossom Yasuo (Night Blossom) Chroma + Icon Bundle - 300 Tokens
  • Spirit Blossom Lillia (Night Blossom) Chroma + Icon Bundle - 300 Tokens
  • Spirit Blossom Thresh Icon + Border - 250 Tokens
  • Spirit Blossom Vayne Icon + Border - 250 Tokens
  • Spirit Blossom Yasuo Icon + Border - 250 Tokens
  • Spirit Blossom Teemo Icon + Border - 250 Tokens
  • Spirit Blossom Lillia Icon + Border - 250 Tokens
  • Kanmei Orb - 200 Tokens
  • Spirit Blossom 2020 Icon - 50 Tokens


  • LL Series 1-6 Egg - 300 Tokens
  • LL Series 1 Egg - 600 Tokens
  • LL Series 2 Egg - 600 Tokens
  • LL Series 3 Egg - 600 Tokens
  • LL Series 4 Egg - 600 Tokens
  • LL Series 5 Egg - 600 Tokens
  • LL Series 6 Egg - 600 Tokens


  • Mystery Emote - 60 Tokens
  • Random Champion Shard - 50 Tokens
  • 3 Keys - 180 Tokens
  • 1 Key - 60 Tokens
  • 1 Key Fragment - 20 Tokens
  • 100 Blue Essence - 10 Tokens
  • 10 Blue Essence - 1 Token

The serenity of the forest hides the jubilant chaos of this magical game mode. See what events await you in the woods from July 22nd, 2020 at 11:59 PM (PDT) till August 24th, 2020 at 11:59 PM (PDT). You can read more about the return of Nexus Blitz here."

Spirit Bonds FAQ

"The Spirit Blossom Festival brings with it the chance to forge new bonds and interact with champions channeling the spirits from beyond our world. Allow your relationship to flourish by earning the favor of these mystical champions. Engage in conversations and complete missions to allow your relationships to take root. As an outsider, the nuance of the Festival and the world of spirits may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry. We’re here to be your spirit guides during this most magical event. Want to learn more about the event? Head over here
On the eve of the Ionian festival, the veil between our world and the Spirit Realm is at its weakest. Cross over, and you can talk to the spirits there! You must enlist their help to venture back to the world of the living, so be sure to talk to any spirit you see on the Spirit Bonds’ map. Be sure to click on their lovely faces to begin your interaction. 
We aren’t playing a trick on you when we say you have to click on the champion's faces to begin interacting with them. You will not earn favor with any champions you haven’t spoken to yet. 
You’ll then be given the opportunity to learn more about each champion through dialogue. The more you get to know them, the truth of these mysterious spirit’s intentions will be revealed to you. The more favor you earn, the stronger your bond will become, and you’ll unlock Episodes to progress a champion’s story. 
You can earn favor in multiple ways, and while most can be earned by winning and losing in matchmade games, you can also earn favor by completing certain tasks to impress the champions you wish to develop deeper bonds with, as well as playing in the revamped Nexus Blitz. We’ll be going deeper into what those tasks might be, so let’s take a closer look at the paths you can walk down with your favored spirit. 
You will only gain favor with champions you’ve spoken with, which you can do by clicking on their faces on the map. No conversation started means no favor earned, so It’s time to socialize some spirits lest you miss out on any valuable interactions. 
You can play as any champion and still earn favor with any of the spirits that you’ve begun interacting with. You’ll build your bonds with both wins and losses, as the spirits value all experiences mortals may endure. Consider playing as a specific Spirit Blossom champion to increase the missions you can complete simultaneously (such as winning a game in Summoner’s Rift with Spirit Blossom Ahri). 
You can earn favor by honoring a champion simply by playing as them, as well as playing with their Spirit Blossom skins! For example, if you wish to earn some extra favor with the Nine-Tailed Fox, then you'll be able to play as Ahri. Just remember that playing as a champion will only earn bonus favor for that champion. 
All the spirits who’ve chosen to participate in the Spirit Festival will have unique tasks you can complete in both League of Legends and TFT (we’ll cover Nexus Blitz a bit further down). If you’ve been doing the Ahri-math up to this point, this means you can earn up to 13 favor with Ahri by surviving a Summoner’s Rift match without dying. 
You won’t be able to earn favor through these champion-specific tasks during Co-Op or versus AI. You’ll still be able to earn favor through wins, or by selecting a champion with a Spirit Blossom Skin, for example, but Co-Op and AI matches won’t fulfill the requirements below. 
You may have noticed that things look a bit different in Nexus Blitz. Now a lush Ionian forest, what better stage to set for the Spirit Blossom Festival. Naturally, you’ll earn some added favor by playing NB. You’ll earn 3 bonus favor by completing a Nexus Blitz specific task for the associated champion alongside the 1 or 3 favor you earn by losing or winning respectively. That’s a lot of good vibes if you play your champs right. Learn more about all the changes coming to Nexus Blitz here. 
Besides getting to know them? You earn rewards of course! In this case, progressing through a champion’s episodes as you gain favor will grant you tokens and an icon depending on how far you progress. Though you begin your interactions at Rank D, you’ll find favor will strengthen your bonds as you delve deeper into each champion’s tale. You’ll be able to earn favor with ten separate champions during the Festival. 
When the moment finally arrives that you achieve an S-rank bond with a champion, you’ll progress to special missions tied to the Spirit Tree. This magical entity grants unique spirit petals, which you can then give to an S-rank champion. 
The choice to bestow a petal is the ultimate symbol of your efforts, and through this gift you’ll be granted an unbreakable bond, along with a unique emote! 
However, the petals are as rare as they are meaningful, and you will not be able to give this prize to every champion, so choose your relationships wisely. Your progress to earning a spirit petal is known as Spirit Petal Growth
The amount of Spirit Petal Growth needed for a spirit petal:
  • 50 spirit petal growth for the first spirit petal you can gift
  • 110 total petal growth for the second petal you can gift
  • 180 total petal growth for the third petal you can gift
  • 250 total petal growth for the fourth petal you can gift (Premium Pass only)
  • 320 total petal growth for the fifth petal you can gift (Premium Pass only)
Once you’ve fostered an S-rank unbreakable bond with a champion, you may be able to journey back to the mortal realm with your newly forged memories to bolster you, but like every good fable the end is really only the beginning. If you achieve an even higher rank, don’t be surprised if your new companions stop by to bid you a safe journey for whatever adventure awaits. These final interactions will occur during Spirit Blossom’s conclusion at the end of the event."

Crafting Spirit Blossom 

Here's Riot Cashmiir with an editorial on Spirit Blossom - "How worldbuilding brought Spirit Blossom to Runeterra."
"Editorial note: May your past joys bloom and your present sorrows wilt. Welcome to Spirit Blossom! Every Tuesday for the next four weeks we’ll be dropping a behind-the-scenes look into Spirit Blossom, including worldbuilding, Spirit Bonds, the animated short, and sound design. 
Spirit Blossom started as a simple pitch: What if we draw influence from spiritual folklore to create a League skin line? As the team started by looking for inspiration in films, anime, and folklore, it soon became clear that this skin line could be much more. 
Folklore is deeply tied to history and tradition—it's a way for people to connect and share stories across generations. What would that look like in Runeterra? 
The idea blossomed, and soon, other teams wanted in on the unique new thematic set in the world of Runeterra. Flash forward to today, where we have handsome human Thresh, actual fox Ahri, and even more annoying flute-playing Teemo. There’s also an in-depth look into their characters through a visual novel, a shiny reskin of Nexus Blitz, new Legends of Runeterra Guardians, new champions, and... a lot more. 
But how did it begin? Where did this idea come from? And who do we have to thank for yet another Ahri skin
All’s Fair in Love and Thematic Development 
The thematic development team is made up of writers, artists, and producers who handle multiverse worldbuilding, aka creating alternate universes like Star GuardianK/DA, and Odyssey. They work with the rest of the skins team to create new thematics, reinvigorate old ones, and explore new ways to look at champions. 
Every few months they hold a meeting where anyone at Riot can share an idea, and that’s exactly where the seed for Spirit Blossom was planted. 
Spirit Blossom’s initial pitch was to take spiritual folklore and apply it to League. Champions would take on somewhat familiar spiritual archetypes, and that would be that. But when the concept artists shared some early exploratory art, the team realized they could push the idea further. 
“We were driving on the idea of creating a badass, surreal experience for players,” says associate art director Jon “Riot DrPh8” Buran. “We’ve sort of dipped into the spirit world theme before with Blood Moon, but that was dark, twisted, and blood cultish. We wanted Spirit Blossom to be elegant, whimsical, beautiful, and unnatural.”
The team initially started with a world defined by absolutes: There were good and evil spirits. The good spirits sort of just existed, living in this beautiful world for all eternity. But the evil spirits lived up to their name. Like, really. At one point players would witness an evil spirit feast on the flesh of some unfortunate new resident of the spirit realm. And while that certainly was an interesting take, good versus evil was something we’ve already done. 
“We didn’t want this to be another versus event, so we had to make sure there was no overarching tension in the spirit realm,” explains thematic development narrative lead Jared “Carnival Knights” Rosen. “It was important that this world and its inhabitants had a blue-and-orange morality, rather than black-and-white.” 
This blue-and-orange morality led to the version of the spirit realm we have today. The two sides of the spirit realm aren’t necessarily in conflict. Instead, they coexist in a world in which they’re inherently connected. It’s a balance between peace and passion, and the spirits all exist somewhere on that spectrum. 
Each one is never truly good, and never truly evil. 
The more peaceful spirits, or the kanmei, have found peace in the afterlife and reside in the spirit realm for all eternity doing... well, whatever they want. Then there are the more passionate spirits, the akana. Unlike the kanmei, they haven’t found their peace and obsess over the choices—or mistakes—they made in their lives, causing them to take on a more obsessive and chaotic nature. 
For a while, the world of Spirit Blossom was designed to be an alternate skin thematic, like Star Guardian or PROJECT. But eventually, a new idea took root: What if we made Spirit Blossom canon Runeterran lore? 
We Canon Now 
We’ve recently tried matching the release skin for new champions with a thematic that makes sense for their character. Aphelios is a Lunari, so he received a Nightbringer skin. Sett’s a punchy guy, so he got Mecha Kingdoms. Lillia’s literally a flower from Ionia, so hers is Spirit Blossom. 
“Originally Spirit Blossom was just going to be a skin thematic for Lillia and the other champions, but people really liked what the team had created,” says Carnival Knights. “We were discussing ways to make the event a bigger deal because more teams kept joining in—people were working on other Spirit Blossom content, Legends of Runeterra, and so on. That’s pretty much why we decided to make it a canonical thing within Runeterra. It just kind of... happened.” 
That meant the world needed to be fleshed out to fit in Ionia. The team eventually landed on the concept of a Spirit Blossom Festival. The festival signaled the blossoming of an actual spirit blossom flower, and is a time for Ionians to commune with their deceased loved ones, celebrating their peaceful passing into the afterlife, or mourning their inability to rest. 
Narrative writer Michael “SkiptoMyLuo” Luo explains that Ionians have different traditions and rituals with the flowers. “The most prevalent is to place it on the tombstone of a deceased loved one. If it blossoms, that means they’re at peace, and their spirit appears allowing you to speak with them for a little while. But if the flower wilts and nothing appears, then that’s a sign the spirit has been corrupted or cannot rest in peace.” 
Cool, great. We now know the lore behind the festival. But how the f*&^ do we make these skins? To figure this out, the team decided to draw some further inspiration from Ionia. 
“We spend a lot of time exploring the different champions who could belong to a skin line,” says Riot DrPh8. “A lot get cut, which is a little bit sad, but we don’t view this as time wasted. Showing as many champions as possible populates the world in our minds. It helps us view it as a real place.”
Ionia is an inherently spiritual place. There are spirits within the rocks, the trees, everywhere. This is where the team found inspiration for the Spirit Blossom skins. Each champion’s skin embodies things like nature, salvation, heroism, atonement, obsession, hate, despair, loss, temptation, and death. 
“But Riot, this doesn’t make any sense. You literally just said Spirit Blossom is canon lore. Is Thresh a hunky spirit now? I thought he was from the Shadow Isles.” Yeah, you’re right. This won’t work. 
“The Spirit Blossom skins represent the oral traditions and plays around this holiday in Ionia. So the festival itself is canon, but the skins are folklore,” says SkiptoMyLuo. “You’re going to the Spirit Blossom festival to commune with your loved ones. But you might also go see a play with the Spirit of Obsession fighting the Spirit of Salvation. People get dressed up. It’s a celebration.” 
The idea is that the skins are costumes that could theoretically be bought at the festival. Thresh just represents the Spirit of Obsession... with some purple body paint and a nice outfit. 
Bringing the Blossom to Players 
“If Spirit Blossom as an event—the skins, rewards, gameplay hours, cinematic, everything—was put into a gift box, our publishing team would be responsible for designing and packaging that gift box in an elegant way,” says publishing creative director Anton “Riot Manton” Kolyukh. “We tried to design a visual style that honors the source material, but also blossoms outside of those bounds into something original and interesting for Eastern and Western audiences.” 
And that’s when visual designer Craig “Riot MrParkinson” Parkinson got started. 
“Words like whimsical, spiritual, beautiful, unnatural, and mystical were being repeated a lot, so I used that to create references initially,” Riot MrParkinson explains. “Spirit Blossom is all about the afterlife, and this ethereal world where it takes place. I noticed that Yasuo’s art had folklorish patterns on his shirt, so I used that to create some geometric patterns and shapes. I combined that with natural textures, brush strokes, and colors. And that’s where we ended up.” 
If you’re interested in learning more about the visual design process for Spirit Blossom, check out the deep-dive.

The Future of Ionia 
So there it is. Spirit Blossom. It’s not an alternate universe. It’s an in-lore thematic with folklore skins. And we hope you love it. Oh, and there’s one more thing you should know... 
“This year’s Spirit Blossom festival is particularly special,” says Carnival Knights. “The war with Noxus ended very recently and there are lots of battlefields that haven’t been properly scoured. Those Ionian war dead haven’t been properly buried. So across all of Ionia there’s an influx of azakana.” 
Wait. What are azakana? Where else have we seen that word…
“Azakana are sort of parasitic minor demons, as they’re not full demonic entities like Evelynn or Fiddlesticks,” Carnival Knights explains. “They hone in on a single person or spirit’s fear or shortcoming, and just absorb the negative emotions until they kill the host. Then they become a full demon or move onto another host that has a more rich flavor, so to speak.” 
“It’s kind of this horror undertone of the whole festival,” Carnival Knights continues. “The azakana are growing in number, and there’s a chance that in the very near future Ionia will be overrun with demons. No one outside of the Kinkou Order is dealing with them.” 
If only there was someone who would."

For a deep dive on the Spirit Blossom imagery and color design, check out the Riot Games blog - Complementary Visual Design in Spirit Blossom!


"Even the wind has a path."

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