Spirit Blossom Lillia Teaser

Posted on at 8:08 AM by Aznbeat
Following the sets over the last week, another Spirit Blossom teaser is up on Riot's social media! A short video for Spirit Blossom Lillia is now on the LoL instagram!
Continue reading for a closer look!

Spirit Blossom Lillia Teaser

"No matter where I go, their dreams find me..."

This video was posted on the LoL Instagram story!


The LoL Poland twitter provided a higher quality image:

As noted in the in-client Spirit Blossom hub, look for more on July 22nd!

In case you missed the previous social media teasers in this style, check out:

 You can also find in-game previews of Spirit Blossom LilliaTeemoThreshVayne, and Yasuo in our 10.15 PBE coverage!

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