Red Post Collection: Miscellaneous Red Comments & News on LoR & Valorant

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Today's red post collection includes miscellaneous red comments from across the web, as well as news on Legends of Runeterra & VALORANT!
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"We're backing away from dodge penalty increases. Hearing your feedback about the reasons that make you want to dodge convinced us that we can get more value hitting those issues first. The team is refocusing on reducing game ruining behavior and matchmaking improvements. 
Worth noting - we have discovered a misconfiguration in the dodge timers that we are still planning on fixing. This will allow the system to correctly escalate penalties for players repeatedly dodging as it has in previous years. 
We're always working to make the game better together with you (the community), and by sharing our plans early we can react and pivot to positive or negative feedback we get from you all. We're committed to staying as transparent and open with our future goals."
  • Riot Scruffy provided the Patch 10.8 patch preview changelist:
"10.8 Patch Preview with changes. 
Not 100% final, but almost done.
He later tweeted a small update, adding:
[1] "Small update for 10.8 preview
-Pulled back on Trist changes - E bonus AD ratio 50-130 >>> 50-150
-Lux changes not shipping this patch" 
[2] "There were some Lux adjustments on the PBE, trying to buff support without buffing mid. They just weren't ready to ship so not in 10.8."

  • Riot Zimberfly tweeted out a list of voiceover lines from the Ascension gamemode that will soon be added to various champions!
"Hey everyone - we have heard your requests for Ascension voice lines make their way onto Summoner's Rift, and we won't let ya down. I've teamed up with a writer to give many lines new homes in 10.9 for Azir, Cassiopeia, Renekton, Sivir, and Xerath. Proposed Azir changelist:"
He continued, adding:
[1] Please note that for a line to be considered it must meet the following criteria:
1. It must make sense for the champ's narrative and be lore accurate
2. It must sound sonically cohesive with the rest of the lines
3. It must have full localization coverage (no languages missing)
[2] You may notice Nasus is conspicuously absent from the list. Unfortunately his English Ascension VO was never fully completed for misc 2014 Riot small indie company reasons. Sorry gang. Everyone else though, right? 
[3] Please feel free to offer your suggestions as well! I'd love to hear them. Just be aware that we're targeting 10.9 so I can't do TOO much pivoting/iteration.
  • Riot Mort commented on how TFT Mech Pilot item merge rules worked:
"Quick update. 
The item merge rules were miscommunicated a bit (my mistake). 
They are in fact: Thieves Gloves on Board > Full items on Board > Thieves Gloves on Bench > Full items on Bench > Components. 
Sorry for any confusion!"
  • Riot Xenogenic commented on Fiddlesticks Eternals after his recent rework:
"Fiddle's new eternals are currently (quietly) running in live games so we can gather data around how often they increment. We have to get that data before we can tune the milestones. 
The goal is to activate them in the next patch (10.8)"
"As we look forward to the conclusion of an unexpected, resilient and unpredictable LCS season so far, we’re happy to announce that the 2020 LCS Spring Split playoffs and Finals will be broadcast on ESPN in addition to our existing channels. 
Spring Playoffs will be broadcast live on ESPN2 and the ESPN App starting on Wednesday, April 8 at 1PM PT. 
  • Round 1:
    • April 8 at 1PM PT – 100 Thieves vs. TSM – ESPN App
  • Round 2:
    • April 11 at 1PM PT – Evil Geniuses vs. Cloud9 – ESPN2
    • April 12 at 1PM PT – FlyQuest vs. Winner of April 8 Match – ESPN2
  • Finals weekend:
    • April 18 at 1PM PT – 3rd place matchup - ESPN2
    • April 19 at 1:30 PM PT – Finals Championship – ESPN2  
All matches aired on ESPN2 will be available on demand in the ESPN App immediately following competition. 
We’re excited to welcome new and existing fans on their channel of choice as we crown a brand new LCS Spring champion. 
Download the ESPN App here and Playoffs will continue to be available on Lolesports, Twitch, YouTube."

Other Games

  • Legends of Runeterra
    • Quinn & Valor have been announced for LoR! Check out the trailer:
    • Card Previews (check the LoR Twitter for a look at the gorgeous full art on these!):
Quinn (level up)
Blinding Assault"
[2] "Greathorn Companion
Grizzled Ranger
Greenfang Warden
Loyal Badgerbear"
    • Braum Champion Showcase:
    • VALORANT Closed beta begins in EU/NA!
"The VALORANT Closed Beta is beginning in Europe, Canada, United States, Turkey, Russia and CIS countries. Make a Riot Games account, link your Twitch account, and start watching VALORANT streams to get in." 


  • The Galaxies 2020 event is running now through April 27th, including new skins, chromas, missions & rewards, loot, and the return of One for All for the duration of the event! Check out our post for a loot at the new content, or the FAQ for the full details!

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