10/12 PBE Update: Skin Bios & Tentative Balance Changes

Posted on at 3:19 PM by Aznbeat
The PBE has been updated! As we continue the 8.21 PBE cycle, today's patch includes new skins bios, balance changes, and more!
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(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and subject to change - what you see below may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers at the end of the cycle! Manage your expectations accordingly.)

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  • The K/DA Ward has been renamed to "Pop Music A-ward"!
  • A handful of skin bios were added this cycle, including bios for Steel Legion, Infernal, Trick or Treat skins, and more! Check out these examples:
Little Devil Teemo: 
“…and a great sign shall appear in the heavens, the light of the world fading from human memory, as all the evils once locked away rise again upon a wicked throne—the true lord of darkness seated thereon. Every living thing will know his laugh, and be drowned in sin.” Teemo 16:3
Bewitching Janna: 
It's Janna's favorite season once again—when dark spirits rise from the earth, and hidden troves of candy are enjoyed by all. Don your best disguise and ride into the night, for the witching hour is upon us!
Count Kledula: 
This blood is MY blood. This candy is MY candy. Who sent you here?! You're not real ghosts! I'm Count Baron Double-Marquis Lord Duke Kledula… AND I'LL TEACH YOU NOT TO TRICK-OR-TREAT ON MY LAND!"
  • Pumpkin Cat ward skin spotlight:

  • Trick or Treat Ekko chroma spotlight:

Balance Changes

NOTE*: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, & experimental changes. Be aware that what you see below may be relative to other changes earlier this cycle! These are not official notes.

[Bugged changes - Full changelist for next week from BelugaWhale]
  • Second Skin (Passive) 
    • Caustic Wounds damage lowered from [4-10 based on level] to [1-7 based on level]
    • Caustic Woulds per stack damage lowered from [1-5 based on level] to [.75-5 based on level]
    • Caustic Wounds damage cap against monsters lowered from 400 to 300

Context & Notes

1)  BelugaWhale noted a corrected changelist for Kai'sa, noting what was on the PBE was a bug:
"Hey guys, updating this thread with where we are at now. Goal is to weaken her against tanks by a significant margin, without significant change to damage vs squishies. Don't think a champion whose kit grants such high target access to pop squishies to also just default winning when shooting tanks, especially considering she gets her pick of the litter on defensive carry items (Banshees, Zhonyas, GA, Mercurial). Sub goal is to push her towards crit / AD builds if she wants to kill tanks, and AP heavier builds if she wants to pop squishies faster. 
  • Proc Damage :: 15% + (3.75% per 100AP) Missing HP >>> (20-62.5 to 80-250) (+22.5-90% AP based on target % missing health)
Heres the math for you. Green = more damage than live, Red = less damage than live
Early game (Level 6) comparisons vs a squishy target with 1000 max HP and a tankier target with 1200 max HP https://imgur.com/1Ia6dFb 
Mid game (Level 11) comparisons vs a squishy target with 1500 max HP and a tankier target with 2100 max HP https://imgur.com/SPHtxpZ 
Late game (Level 16) comparisons vs a squishy target with 2000 max HP and a tankier target with 3500 max HP https://imgur.com/PpOv6Fl"
Check out [THIS PAGEfor a comprehensive list of the new content & changes currently on the PBE as a part of this cycle or catch up with the individual update links below !

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