End of Season Rewards 2018

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"Time tick-ticks away." With the 2018 season ending on November 12th, we have more details on the end of season rewards including Victorious Orianna  & chroma for gold+ in multiple queues, end of season missions rewarding the Victorious Porianna icon,  ranked icons & honor rewards, and more!
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From the End of Season Rewards 2018 article & countdown -
"Be Victorious
2018 Rewards 
Victorious Orianna takes the stage for the end of the 2018 season! Climb your way to the top and earn ranked rewards that get better the higher you go. All ranked players at Honor level 2 or above earn rewards. The season ends on November 12.

If you’ve reached Gold+ in any ranked queue, this is your show. Your gilded weapon twirls through enemies too distracted by your sashays to dodge. Glide through the Rift as Victorious Orianna and recall in style. Reaching Gold+ in two or three ranked queues unlocks up to two bonus chromas for the skin.
Each week from now until the end of the season, a new mission for Ranked will unlock. Complete all four missions and earn the flufftastic and beautiful Victorious Porianna icon.
Show a 2018 ranked icon in your profile. You’ll get an exclusive icon for each ranked queue you play this season.
Decisive shotcallers, tilt-proof playmakers, and top-tier teammates earn an honor ward skin for finishing the season at Honor level 3 or higher. We heard you loud and clear last season, so this year you’ll get ward skins for each Honor level you passed as well as the one you reached.
Players at the top of the ladder get to carry teams in a 2018 Challenger backpack. We’ll deliver these to the top 200 Solo/Duo, top 40 Flex, and top 10 Twisted Treeline Challenger players in every region.
As part of the improved designs of Ranked 2019, rewards for season ranks get a big upgrade. On top of the visual buff to ranked crests, your previous season’s rank shows up in more places than ever before, including the lobby. Find out more later this year.

The season ends on November 12th. Look for more information on these rewards & additional previews soon!

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