Red Post Collection: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: Oct 10 & 12, /Dev: Up Next for Nexus Blitz, & More

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Today's red post collection includes Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for October 10th and 12th, a /Dev update on Nexus Blitz, a new Ask Riot answering ranked questions, and much more!
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Table of Contents

Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 10 

Here's Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for October 10th, with thoughts on removing the Jungle funneling penalty, popularity of different queues, and more:
Hi folks, 
Usual Disclaimers 
These posts will often contain talk about future work we're doing, or planning to do, that isn't yet guaranteed to ship. The nature of the work could change or, depending on what we discover, projects mentioned may get delayed or even stopped. If you'd like to see a Tweet whenever a new one of these posts goes up: 
Removal of the jungle funneling penalty 
As mentioned when it was introduced one of our goals for preseason is to remove the jungle funneling penalty (Monster Hunter). That penalty was added to discourage funneling both jungle and lane farm onto one champion without interacting much in either position with the enemy. 
Our current belief is that two of the preseason changes should reduce the appeal of funneling enough we can remove Monster Hunter without an explicit replacement: 
  • Bounty scaling - Bounties will now be scaling somewhat off minions/monsters killed, not only off champions killed. That means that focusing farm so heavily on one champ becomes a bigger risk, with greater payout for the enemy if they can shut them down, given better options against funnel strats.
  • Barricade (temp name) gold - Being able to gain rewards from pushing on a tower even if you can't take it down entirely makes leaving a lane uncontested a higher price to pay. That also reduces the appeal of funneling play in most circumstances. 
We're still testing whether the combination of those two things should be enough. Looks hopeful so far though. 
How popular are the different queues? 
Something I thought it would be good to share was a look at how popular the different queue types in LoL are, both from an overall perspective and looking at how they vary region to region. Chart below showing a % breakdown (hours played in each mode) in early September for a few regions with different habits.
Looking at the regions shown:
  • Overall - None of the regions, whether those shown here or the others not listed, is highly representative of the overall average. Every region has at least one queue in which they're noticeably divergent from average play rates.
  • Korea - Korean players like solo queue a lot more than those from other regions, with low play in normals as a result. They play average amounts of ARAM, but have low interest in other modes compared to players elsewhere (e.g. Nexus Blitz or most RGMs we've run in the past).
  • NA - NA Players play less Flex than almost every other region. They're bigger fans of non SR modes, with the most Nexus Blitz play of any region and nearly the most TT play (EUW has slightly more TT games).
  • Brazil - Brazil's a newer region and so players there follow a couple of trends we see on newer servers, with more normal play and Co-op versus AI than average and less ARAM. 
Some small item/rune changes in 8.21 
We’ve got some small adjustments to a few items in 8.21, bit of context: 
  • Essence Reaver - Cutting 200g off the cost as short term help. Might have something larger for it later in the year, want to make it a better regardless now though.
  • Edge of Night - Cost reduction by 200g as well. No current plans for changing its functionality, think we’ve definitely got it overpriced though.
  • Time Warp Tonic - We’re looking at different possible ways to nerf TWT, given the amount of health/mana restoration it’s offering is excessive. Current version in testing is a change where instead of offering increased duration and MS during the duration it instead gives some restoration up front, doesn’t change duration at all and still gives the movement speed."

When asked about the state of Zoe, Meddler commented:
"Changes we were testing a few patches back haven't worked out overall, pulling back on those. Will be looking at some simpler changes potentially in the next patch or two, can't make any promises about what or if something will ship though yet."

When asked about how blind pick and draft pick compared, Meddler commented:
"Depends enormously on the region. NA from memory for example has a even (ish) split, while some regions have much more play in blind. Tends to be somewhat associated with amount of play in flex queue too, with regions with higher flex play rates generally showing lower normal draft, suggesting the two are heavily overlapped in terms of how many players tend to view them."

When asked for his thoughts on the popularity of Twisted Treeline, Meddler replied:
"We had a chat recently about our different queues. Issue of whether we should replace TT with something else did get raised, given its play rate ranges from extremely low in regions like NA and EU to effectively non existent in most other regions. We concluded we should still keep it despite that, though I expect we'd want to revisit that if things changed (e.g. if it's play rate declines further). 
For reference, Dominion was substantially lower in play rate again than current TT when we made the call to remove it."

When asked for his thoughts on Zilean, Meddler commented:
"Theme and gameplay are distinct, though also quite niche in their appeal. Wouldn't look to substantially change either though. Counterplay can be a bit limited at times, but not critically so. 
Visually he holds up ok. Showing his age a bit, pardon the phrase, but not to the same degree as other older champs. 
Wouldn't prioritize any major work for him as a result."

Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 12 

Here's Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for October 12th, including thoughts on a scrapped update for Miss Fortune's VO, and some 8.21 bugfixes:
"Hi folks, 
Usual Disclaimers 
These posts will often contain talk about future work we're doing, or planning to do, that isn't yet guaranteed to ship. The nature of the work could change or, depending on what we discover, projects mentioned may get delayed or even stopped. If you'd like to see a Tweet whenever a new one of these posts goes up: 
Back when we were recording the VO for Gun Goddess MF we also looked at a VO update for MF's base VO, given we had voice actresses for all the required languages in the studio already. As you'll have noticed we didn't end up going through with that though. Wanted to share some details as to what happened there. 
We recorded a lot of lines for a new MF VO set and put them into internal testing. Reaction was unexpectedly poor to it. To get a wider read we then reached out to Rioters who've played a lot of MF (mains or former mains generally) to get their thoughts. 
Feedback was really split, with different people having different takes on who MF is. We then put that new VO into research labs with a number of regular players who came in to visit our campus, some of whom were MF mains, some of whom weren't. Once again we saw some really contrasting feedback, in particular the distinction between "spunky, playful" versus "bad ass, bounty hunter". We believe that reflects in significant part that our portrayal of MF has changed over the years. Her presentation in some of the newer stories for example is more the bad ass version. Her current VO, given its age however is more the flirty, fun earlier take on the character. 
Between that disconnect over who MF is, and some sadness at moving to a new voice actress from some play testers we concluded it didn't make sense to use the new VO. That was a disappointment, given it felt like a great opportunity to update a well loved champ with a very limited set of lines. It was a case where the downside felt larger than the upside though. We'll hopefully take another swing at updating MF's voice at some point, starting with a better definition for MF's identity to base a script and performance off. 
Couple of notable bug fixes in 8.21 
I normally avoid talking about specific bug fixes given there are a lot in any given patch. Wanted to touch on a couple today though, given they're topics I've seen a number of questions on, the Zyra one especially. 
Zyra - Got a fix for an issue where plants would get stuck trying to attack untargetable non champion enemies (e.g. Azir Soldiers or Orianna ball) and therefore be unresponsive when it came to attacking actual targetable enemies nearby. 
Yorick - A bug fix for the Maiden to address cases where, while she's still following Yorick, she wouldn't always recall when he did. Mainly an issue in the jungle. Doesn't affect cases where the Maiden's no longer following Yorick."

Meddler provided an update on Lissandra's passive:
"Yeah, been working on some clarity and relevance issues this week. Been testing some changes as a result. Fairly confident they've addressed those problems while keeping the whole freeze your enemies on kill so they slow then explode thing."

Meddler noted when Preseason changes would hit the PBE:
"Preseason, so 8.23 in November."

When asked whether we would see a VS. event next year, Meddler replied:
"Not sure yet. We won't always do each event every year, want to give room to both try new types of event and let events breath a bit so they feel fresher when they come back (e.g. Pool Party skipping a year). 
When we do do versus it's likely it'll always be with champs that have some reason to be rivals. That could mean in lore rivals like Yasuo/Riven or Rengar/Kha'Zix as you call out. Or it could be rivalries playing on other themes. Things like fire versus ice with Brand/Anivia, light versus darkness with Nocturne/Lux, small versus large with some Yordle and Cho'Gath etc (these are just examples, not promises)."

When asked about the state of Ashe, Meddler commented:
"Balance is reasonable, gameplay is fairly healthy (though does suppress immobile melee a bit much, resulting in a mobility versus slows arms race). 
Appearance and audio are pretty middle of the pack IMO, so certainly wouldn't take time off champs showing their age a lot to work on Ashe instead."

/Dev: Up Next for Nexus Blitz

Check out this new /Dev blog on Nexus Blitz - "Nexus Blitz is coming back for a 2nd test with new events, improved visuals, and—as always—mayhem."
"It’s been about a month since the last time you catapulted from base into a surprisingly rowdy scuttle crab race during the live alpha test of Nexus Blitz, our first experimental game mode. 
Over the last few weeks, we’ve been poring through all your feedback and analyzing data from every region with playrate graphs that look like abstract impressionism. We’re no art critics, but the interpretation is pretty clear: Nexus Blitz showed some promise, so we’re bringing it back for a second test run, targeted for patch 8.24! We’re here today to talk about the common themes we saw in your feedback and chat about what we’re looking to change for round two. 
But I thought Nexus Blitz was gonna be permanent? 
Nexus Blitz was a smash hit for some players, which is a great sign. On the flip side, there were some clear shortcomings in the mode that meant we didn’t end up seeing the sustained levels of engagement that would’ve moved Nexus Blitz directly into becoming a permanent feature. Fortunately, we’ve identified a few focus areas where we can make some significant improvements based on alpha feedback. The purpose of this second test is to see if our updates hit the mark for players who decided the first version wasn’t their cup of tea, as well as for players who never took the mode out for a spin during alpha. 
Speaking of those things we want to update… 
The idea behind experimental game modes is to get a design we think might have potential in front of players as soon as possible, which means limiting how much polish we put into the visuals. However, we heard from many of you that the map wasn’t just a work-in-progress—it was a distraction. We don’t want your eyes to fight with the map to figure out what’s going on, so we will: 
  • Clean up some of the roughest visuals. The edges of the map and the base area are some of the biggest offenders here.
  • Improve clarity in areas you where spend the most time. Improving the quality of the map in high-traffic areas, like the base, should make it easier to tell at a glance exactly where you are and what important map elements and objectives are nearby. 
As we’ve mentioned before, if Nexus Blitz is fully launched after this test, we won’t just refine the map—we’ll give it a new, unique visual and thematic identity! 
A big part of Nexus Blitz’s appeal is that it has much faster-paced gameplay in comparison to League’s current permanent modes. But when you combine that with the aforementioned unpolished art and less-than-ideal clarity around events, it sometimes felt unclear what you were supposed to be doing. We think we can retain Nexus Blitz’s high-octane gameplay while giving you a clearer path to success if we: 
  • Build in relatively calm periods. We aren’t adding SR’s laning phase, but we want teams to have somewhat-lower-intensity periods to take stock of the game state. We think getting a chance to plan your next move will help the 5v5 mosh pit that follows have a clearer purpose.
  • Improve event clarity. We’re exploring ways to make it clearer which event is happening and what you should be doing to win it. Improvements here could be anything from tooltips to HUD elements to audio cues.
  • Improve map clarity. The clean-up mentioned in the previous section should help here too.
Less frustration, more fun. Got it. Here’s our not-exhaustive to-do list: 
  • Add new events and rewards! Because variety is the spice of life and Nexus Blitz is a spicy mode.
  • Change or remove frustrating, boring, or unbalanced events and rewards. You’ll probably always have favorites based on the champion you’re playing, team comp, or personal definition of fun, but no option should feel consistently bad to encounter. We’ll also continue tuning event spawn locations, and we also want to make the system a bit smarter in terms of which events and rewards are active at different points in the game.
  • Keep working on balance. Nexus Blitz alpha launched with a preemptive balance sweep, and we shipped a bunch of balance hotfixes throughout the four-week test. Going back over the numbers, balance was actually quite solid for our first run out of the gate—there were champs across all classes worth taking, and the vast majority of champions were able to jungle with a synergistic partner. We’ll have another balance pass ready to go for our second test, informed by alpha test data and supported by the pacing and event work we mentioned earlier.
  • Improve matchmaking, especially for the first few games. We’ll be able to start players off closer to the MMR they’re likely to settle at after many games of Nexus Blitz. This should reduce the number of blowout games for new entrants as well as players who are hovering around the average MMR level. 
Nexus Blitz was designed for non-competitive fun, and being able to play whatever you want is a big part of that. That said, we get it’s not super fun to run into the same champs over and over, or to constantly deal with a champ that’s frustrating to play against. We tested bans in OCE for one weekend at the end of alpha to observe what would happen and are exploring other potential ways to solve the staleness/frustration problems. We haven’t made a final call yet, so the answer to the bans question is a noncommittal “maybe” for now. 
Well, you actually said “Give us ranked.” Unfortunately, ranked is about as far in the opposite direction as a feature can go, relative to Nexus Blitz’s goal of being a fun-first, lower-stress mode. On the other hand, ranked isn’t the only way we can give you stuff to do across multiple games, and we’re looking into what we can pull together in time for test two. 
Longer term, we think there’s lots of space for progression and recognition systems that don’t currently exist, whether in Nexus Blitz or another Experimental Mode entirely. Like map theming, though, those ideas will take a ton of time to build out, so we want to make sure we’ve got a real winner on our hands before we dive in. 
Your chance is coming! We hope you’ll give the new and improved mode a try when it returns in patch 8.24 at the end of the year (and tell your friends if you think they should check it out)."

Ask Riot: Ranked Edition

Check out this week's new Ask Riot - "Wood tier, position ranks, placements, resets, and AFK players."
"Since we’ve been talking about Ranked 2019 so much, we’re kicking off a few special editions of Ask Riot so you can get all your Ranked questions ironed out. Keep ‘em coming! 
Why is it Iron tier instead of Wood tier? 
Once we figured out how many tiers we were going to add, we went through a pretty exhaustive process in terms of figuring out what to name them. 
The top tier was pretty straightforward—Grandmaster felt like a natural extension of Master. On the other hand, the lower tier was tricky because we had a few goals going in. First, we knew we wanted to put it below Bronze so it could be a starting point for new players. Second, we wanted it to be a metal to match the other tiers around it. Third, it had to be a name that would work for every language. 
Wood is pretty iconic, especially in the west, but not really in a good way. Some players might think it’s funny to be Wood IV, but a lot of other players—especially new players—might end up feeling alienated, and we don’t want that. It also wasn’t a metal and raised concerns for a number of our other regions, so we decided to pick something a bit more… neutral. 
After considering Wood, we narrowed down our search to Copper or Iron. The team felt both names were worthy of someone on a competitive journey, but in some languages the translation for copper is… well, unideal. For example, in Japanese, the translation sounds identical to “kappa” which is a creepy-looking demon/imp creature, and in Korean it sounds similar to another word that loosely means “this stinks.” On the other hand, Iron works out pretty well in every language, so we ended up going with that. 
It feels like new accounts are placed in mid-silver. I feel this contributes to a large scale gap within the silver tier. Will Riot change how accounts new to Ranked are placed into the system?

Yes, we are working on changing how new accounts land in Ranked. We have always seeded people in at the “average player” skill, because otherwise the meaning of a rank would slowly drift as new accounts entered the system (many of them smurfs). We’re working on detecting and moving players to their correct skill faster without causing that drift. This lets us start people in easier games, which should make a better experience for new players; it’s also why we can start new players at Iron 4 this coming season. These improvements will also help us reduce the amount of collateral damage a smurf inflicts before they get to their correct rating, so that should make match quality better for everyone. 
In the recent dev diary for Ranked, position ranks weren’t mentioned, has that idea been thrown out?Nope! We’re using our recent videos and dev blogs to focus on specific parts of the Ranked system so we can explain them in depth. Next up we’re going to talk about splits and rewards, and closer to the start of the season we’ll detail the ins and outs of position ranks. 
You didn’t ask for it, but here’s a quick recap on position ranks: We announced the feature back in April knowing that it would take some refinement before we could bring it to you on live. We got a ton of feedback about the problems we needed to solve and recently announced we’re going to do a preview of position ranks for a few regions in the first split of the new season. From there, we’ll figure out how to roll it out more broadly. 
Our goals for position ranks are to give you better matchmaking than you’ve had in the past and be way more transparent about your skill in any position you choose to play. At some point, we may also want to reward players who have broad mastery of the game, whereas right now we’re pretty much incentivizing specialists. 
We’ll give another update soon, but in the meantime feel free to keep hitting us up with your feedback and input so we can make next season as good as possible. 
With new placements and new tiers coming, how will the Ranked reset work? Hard or soft? 
Ranked resets at the start of the year will be slightly different. Because of the changes to the game during League’s preseasons, season start still feels like a good place for a soft reset. However, we want to be more transparent about how you are reset. If you were ranked last season, your initial seeding after your first provisional game will put you no lower than 5 divisions below that rank. Plat 1 will remain the highest starting rank, and you can now be placed there after your very first provisional game, meaning you can streak into Diamond before your placements are even over. 

Will changes be made to how Ranked handles afk players? It feels bad for the 4 people who stay. Will there be more penalties for afk players? Adjusted LP losses for the rest of the team? Adjustments to remake?

We have to handle this very carefully to avoid creating perverse incentives around leaving games. Otherwise we might end up doing more harm than good by creating abusable loopholes. For example, you can imagine a scenario where someone on your team might want to try to get you to rage quit if they think it can save them from LP loss. 
We want to ensure that there are meaningful consequences for not trying in games. Specifically for Position Ranks we have a system to track your performance over multiple games in a position. If you are performing very poorly, going afk, or trolling in those games then then you will get higher splashing LP losses for your other positions when you lose. Leaver Buster will remain in place as well, so this combination of LP and LeaverBuster penalties should be more effective than today. 

Thanks for reading this week’s Ask Riot. Have a question? 
Head over to Ask Riot and sign into your League account. Check out the Pro Tips, then ask away. 
We promise to read every question, but we can’t guarantee they’ll all get answers. Some questions may already be answered elsewhere, and some won’t be right for Ask Riot. This isn’t the best place to announce new features, for example, and we might skip conversations on issues we’ve talked about in depth before (though we can clarify individual points). 
We are listening, though, so keep asking. We’ll make sure your questions are heard by the Rioters working on the stuff you’re curious about."

Feel Like a League of Legends Pro Player with Super League 

Here's SandalwoodGrips with more details on Super League:
"It’s Worlds time again for League of Legends, but players don’t have to limit themselves to watching the World Championships on Twitch. Thanks to Super League, players of all skill levels can get a taste of the professional scene. The Super League City Champs competition allows everyone to feel like a pro, complete with a broadcast on Super League TV. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Silver or Gold player, or you’ve ranked up to Platinum, Super League City Champs offers a unique and amazing experience! 
The League of Legends City Champs tournament is the perfect opportunity for players and fans to experience what League of Legends is all about: coming together as an organized team and dominating Summoner’s Rift. The fourth season of City Champs is set to kick off soon, where the top local players from 16 cities across the United States will battle it out on the big screen in front of fans and friends, experiencing a taste of life in the NA LCS. 
We’re talking team logos, team uniforms, fans, and bragging rights as you fight for the pride of your hometown. Sixteen cities will enter, but only one can be the crowned the best of the U.S. Playing League in the privacy of your own home is one thing, but can you stand the heat on stage when all eyes are on you? Let’s find out. 
The best part? City Champs isn’t limited to just Challenger and Master players. There are tiers for everyone, from Platinum to Bronze, so gamers of all skill levels can take part. 
Current champions Chicago Force have built quite a legacy, winning all three seasons of City Champs so far. But don’t be intimidated. No one is unbeatable. Think you’ve got what it takes to finally defeat Chicago Force? Now’s your chance to prove it.

The tournament kicks off with online qualifiers three times a week between October 21 and November 14 during the following times: 
  • Wednesdays @ 6 PM - 9 PM PT / 9 PM - 12 AM ET
  • Saturdays @ 10 AM - 4 PM PT / 1 PM - 7 PM ET
  • Sundays @ 5 PM - 11 PM PT / 8 PM - 2 AM ET 
The best part about the Super League City Champs competition is that you don’t have to be a Challenger or Master-level player to compete. If you’re a Silver player, there’s a league for you. Stuck in Gold? Don’t worry, you’ll be able to compete like a pro, against players around your skill level. You can jump into as many tiers as you want, as long as you fall into one of these categories: 
  • Tier 1: Gold and above
  • Tier 2: Platinum and below
  • Tier 3: Gold and below
  • Tier 4: Silver and below 
If players meet the following requirements, they’ll be able to qualify for their City Club team: 
  • Players must complete at least 15 games within a tier and within a role.
  • Players can switch tiers and roles as many times as they like, as long as they meet the first requirement in order to qualify for a team.
  • After that, players will need to attend an In-Person Qualifier, where they will meet up with their fellow combatants. It’s here where you’ll experience the camaraderie that comes with competing together on Summoners Rift as a team. 
More than just a competition, City Champs is a place to build friendships. Allies forged in the fire of combat will work better as a unit, with the ultimate goal of achieving glory and experiencing gameplay that you won’t find anywhere else. 
So what are you waiting for? If you ever wished that you could be on the LCS stage, or watched by millions at Worlds, then get on board with Super League City Champs to experience a day in the life of a pro player. It’s only $40 to enter, and who knows, this might be your first step to esports superstardom. Sign up today!"

It’s On: The Real Players Behind the Legends 

Here's SandalwoodGrips with more details behind the "It's On" series of videos put out recently:
"If you’ve seen the “It’s On” shorts, then you know they combine traditional hand-drawn animation with League of Legends. But something you might not have noticed is that that each one is based on the true experiences of actual League players. Here’s a look at the real characters behind the scenes of League’s animated adventures. 
Doublelift: Unstoppable 
“Unstoppable” captures the highs and lows in the storied career of Doublelift, a long time veteran in the professional League of Legends scene. Famously, Doublelift’s career began when he left home as a teenager to pursue his dream of playing professionally. He has always been known as a talented ADC player, but he struggled early in his career to deliver results for his teammates. Doublelift’s “empty trophy case” was once a favorite meme of League players everywhere. 
The meme met its end in the 2015 NA LCS summer finals, when Doublelift earned his first championship trophy with Counter Logic Gaming against TSM. Doublelift delivered a commanding performance, earning a rare pentakill with Jinx in Game 2 of the finals. Unstoppable pays homage to the moment when Jinx fires her rocket at Yasuo (played by TSM’s Bjergsen in Game 2). 
Doublelift continued to find success with each of his teams, qualifying every year to compete at Worlds. But he made a devastating mistake in 2016 in Berlin. After TSM won a teamfight against Samsung Galaxy, Doublelift’s Lucian rushed SSG’s midlaner Crown, whose Viktor instantly killed Doublelift. This infamous miscalculation cost TSM the game and arguably its chance at making it to quarterfinals. 
In the aftermath of the loss, Doublelift took a hiatus from the LCS to focus on streaming. The future of his pro career was uncertain as his hiatus stretched to the end of the split. After immense speculation about whether Doublelift would ever return to pro play, he finally rejoined TSM (and was subsequently traded to Team Liquid) and has won every consecutive split in the NA LCS since his return. The animation’s finale celebrates his game winning play with Jhin in the 2018 Spring Finals
Now Doublelift heads to Korea with Team Liquid to represent North America at Worlds, where they will have the opportunity to compete against the world’s greatest players. 
SoloRenektonOnly: Solo Darius 

“Solo Darius” evokes the feeling of single-handedly crushing your top lane opponent. Wielding the Hand of Noxus is SoloRenektonOnly, one of League’s most recognizable Twitch streamers. He is a Diamond summoner who plays top laners of all kinds, but carries games with Darius and (of course) Renekton. 
Lilypichu & sleightlymusical: Duo

“Duo” connects a famous League pair - Lux and Ezreal - with another famous pair of League content creators: Lilypichu and Albert Chang (also known as sleightlymusical). Lilypichu is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer who has been making League content for years and is well known for her musical talents and cute hand drawn illustrations. Albert is also a YouTuber and streamer who creates epic music video covers and performs sleight-of-hand illusions. Together, they duo queue in League and in real life. 
Just One More

“Just One More” evokes the universal experience of slogging through an all-night losing streak in order to end on a win. After combing through all the games played in North America we found the valiant five-person team that lost the most games in one night. That legendary record was achieved by a group of close friends in Chicago who tanked eight games in a single evening. Amazingly, they still play together (and lose together) quite regularly. 
Have a favorite League story? Let us know in the comments below!"

Quick Hits

  • If you've noticed in game text on the UI smaller than usual, MapleNectar noted this was a bug and was being looked into:
"This is actually the result of a bug :( We're working on getting a fix out asap since it definitely wasn't intended."
"Help 💥 us 💥 break 💥 Clash! Grab your crew because this weekend there's a one day, 4-player bracket with rewards for the legends that dive in. More here 👉'
  • Through routine behavior checks, sixteen players and coaching staff from eight teams across five regions were found to have exhibited various levels of negative behavior in KR solo queue.
  • As described below, twelve players are being issued formal warnings for negative behavior, which includes griefing or toxic language in chat.
  • Danil “Diamondprox” Reshetnikov of Gambit Esports is being fined $1,000 for negative behavior based upon his actions and his prior disciplinary history in the LCL.
  • Seunglok “TheShy” Kang of Invictus Gaming is being fined $1,000 for negative behavior, including intentionally feeding and toxic language.
  • Yeonsung “iloveoov” Choi, the head coach of Afreeca Freecs is being fined $1,500 USD for negative behavior, based on both the frequency of reports and his prior disciplinary history in the LCK.
  • Jian “Uzi” Zihao is being fined $2,000 for griefing his teammates and intentionally feeding and for doing so on an account that did not belong to him, either through account sharing or through a purchased account."


To round out this red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!
  • Worlds Pick'em is back! While group stages are now locked, knockout stage brackets open October 17, so make sure to check back then! Check out the article for full details on dates, prizes, and more!

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