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Patch 8.16 is on the way and the official patch notes have been posted!
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Here are the full Patch 8.16 notes (be sure to check regional editions for slight variations!):
Welcome to Patch 8.16, the one where we buff up a few tanks, and some champions who have been terrorizing the Rift get taken down a peg.

First, we've noticed that tanks are struggling on the Rift. We don't want to put power into their itemization, so we're taking this opportunity to add some baseline power into their kits. Then, there's a few outliers who need to be kept in check, like Aatrox, Fizz, and Tryndamere.

Also, we're launching a two patch alpha playtest of Nexus Blitz, a new experimental game mode. It'll launch soon after the patch, so get out there and blitz the enemy Nexus!

 Mattias "Gentleman Gustaf" Lehman Paul "Aether" Perscheid

Patch Highlights

Nexus Blitz Alpha Test

We'll be kicking off a four-week alpha playtest of Nexus Blitz, a new experimental game mode, soon after the patch. Head to the alpha announcement for all the info!



E passive healing against non-champions decreased. Charges granted on learning E decreased. R cooldown increased at early ranks.
We've mostly gotten Aatrox's power level to a good place, but we still need to trim a bit of his laning strength to prevent him from being so much of a bully.

E - Umbral Dash


R - World Ender

COOLDOWN140/130/120 seconds  160/140/120 seconds


W damage ratio decreased. R damage ratio decreased.
The Fizz buffs last patch overshot a bit, so we're pulling back on some of his newfound damage.

W - Seastone Trident

ACTIVE DAMAGE RATIO0.6 ability power  0.5 ability power
ON-HIT DAMAGE RATIO0.4 ability power  0.35 ability power

R - Chum the Waters

GUPPY DAMAGE RATIO0.9 ability power  0.8 ability power
CHOMPER DAMAGE RATIO1.1 ability power  1.0 ability power
GIGALODON DAMAGE RATIO1.3 ability power  1.2 ability power


Q base damage increased at later ranks. Q damage ratio increased.
Hecarim is pretty weak currently, but we want to be careful about how we buff him. A bit more extended dps should help him shine in the mid-game without making him into a one-shot monster.

Q - Rampage

BASE DAMAGE55/90/125/160/195  55/95/135/175/215
DAMAGE RATIO0.6 bonus attack damage  0.7 bonus attack damage


Base magic resist decreased.
Orianna excels at keeping enemies at range with her ball range and the crowd control it brings. We want to make sure that when her opponents do close the gap, they have a better shot at the kill.

Base Stats



Attack damage growth decreased.
The only thing faster than Valor's movement speed is Quinn's burst, and the two combine to give her opponents little time to respond even if they see her coming.

Base Stats



Health and armor decreased.
High mobility and durability has always been a tricky combination in our game, and Rakan has become a dominant pick on the back of his. We're toning down Rakan’s durability in the early game to make him vulnerable in more matchups.

Base Stats

HEALTH510  480
ARMOR36  33


Movement speed decreased. W cooldown increased at early ranks. R wall no longer grants vision.
Taliyah's ability to shove and run around the map is putting too much pressure on other lanes. We're also trimming some hidden power from her ultimate.

Base Stats


W - Seismic Shove

COOLDOWN12 seconds  16/15/14/13/12 seconds

R - Weaver's Wall

REMOVEDVISIONWall no longer grants vision


Q base damage decreased at later ranks. Q damage ratio increased at later ranks. Q attack damage sap duration decreased.
Trundle's dueling potential is too high, even if he isn't building damage.

Q - Chomp

BASE DAMAGE20/40/60/80/100  20/30/40/50/60
DAMAGE RATIO1.0/1.05/1.1/1.15/1.2 total attack damage 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 total attack damage


E cooldown increased at later ranks.
This buff has made Tryndamere too sticky, so we're reverting it.

E - Spinning Slash

COOLDOWN13/11.5/10/8.5/7 seconds  13/12/11/10/9 seconds


Q base damage decreased. Q damage ratio decreased.
Wukong's burst damage is too high for a champion who has both a dash and invisibility to reduce the amount of time opponents have to respond.

Q - Crushing Blow

BASE DAMAGE30/60/90/120/150  10/40/70/100/130
DAMAGE RATIO1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5 total attack damage 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 total attack damage


Passive damage decreased at all ranks. W damage ratio decreased.
Zoe should do less damage when she doesn't land her skillshots.

Passive - More Sparkles!

BASE DAMAGE LEVELS 1-612/15/20/25/30/35  10/12/16/20/24/28
BASE DAMAGE LEVELS 7-1048/53/67/73  34/40/46/52
BASE DAMAGE LEVELS 11-1479/86/93/100  60/68/76/84
BASE DAMAGE LEVELS 15-18109/117/126/135  94/104/114/124
DAMAGE RATIO0.325 ability power  0.2 ability power

W - Spell Thief

DAMAGE RATIO0.55 ability power  0.4 ability power


Tanks haven't been feeling so hot in recent patches, so we're taking this opportunity to put more durability into their kits.


E passive now scales with bonus armor and magic resist.

E - Tantrum

NEWBONUS DAMAGE REDUCTION3% bonus armor + 3% magic resist
BASE DAMAGE REDUCTION2/4/6/8/10 (unchanged)


W cooldown decreased at later ranks.

W - Eclipse

COOLDOWN14 seconds  14/13/12/11/10 seconds


W base shield decreased slightly early, increased at later ranks. W maximum health scaling decreased at later ranks. W duration and cooldown decreased.

W - Titan's Wrath

BASE SHIELD65/70/75/80/85  60/70/80/90/100
SHIELD SCALING9/11/13/15/17% maximum health  9/10/11/12/13% maximum health
DURATION10 seconds  6 seconds
COOLDOWN18 seconds  12 seconds


W bonus resists increased.

W - Defensive Ball Curl

BONUS ARMOR50/60/70/80/90%  60/70/80/90/100%
BONUS MAGIC RESIST25/30/35/40/45%  30/35/40/45/50%


W health gain increased.

W - Soul Furnace


Tahm Kench

Q slow duration and cooldown decreased. W duration decreased at later ranks. W cooldown significantly increased. W mana cost decreased. W cooldown now halved on enemy Devour.

Q - Tongue Lash

SLOW DURATION2 seconds  1.5 seconds
COOLDOWN6 seconds  5 seconds

W - Devour/Regurgitate

DEVOUR DURATION4/4.5/5/5.5/6 seconds  4 seconds
ENEMY CHAMPION DURATIONHalf ally duration (unchanged)
COOLDOWN14/13/12/11/10 seconds  28/25/22/19/16 seconds
NEWYUMMYCooldown is halved on enemy cast
COST90 mana  60 mana


Burst Runes

The high burst damage present in the rune systems has overall warped lethality and game pacing, so we're pulling damage out of the worst offenders.

Summon Aery

Base damage decreased at early levels. Base shielding increased at early levels.
BASE DAMAGE15-40 (at levels 1-18)  10-40 (at levels 1-18)
BASE SHIELDING30-80 (at levels 1-18)  35-80 (at levels 1-18)


Base damage decreased. Damage ratio decreased.
BASE DAMAGE50-220 (at levels 1-18)  30-180 (at levels 1-18)
DAMAGE RATIO (AD)0.5 bonus attack damage  0.4 bonus attack damage
DAMAGE RATIO (AP)0.3 ability power  0.25 ability power
COOLDOWN50-25 seconds (at levels 1-18)  25-20 seconds (at levels 1-18)


Movement speed conversion into adaptive stat decreased.
ATTACK DAMAGE9.6% bonus movement speed  6% bonus movement speed
ABILITY POWER16% bonus movement speed  10% bonus movement speed

Cheap Shot

Base damage decreased at early levels.
BASE DAMAGE15-40  8-40

Sudden Impact

Lethality and magic penetration decreased.


Base damage decreased. Cooldown decreased.
BASE DAMAGE20-60  10-30
COOLDOWN20 seconds  10 seconds

Summoner Spells


Cooldown decreased.
In patch 8.6, Heal was crowding out other options in mid lane, so we lengthened its cooldown. This pushed both marksmen and mid laners onto teleport (which has had a much more notable impact on the meta), so we're reverting the Heal nerf.
COOLDOWN270 seconds  240 seconds

Summoner Level

You can now show off your summoner level and borders on banners in game lobbies.

End of game lobby

BRB BATHROOMWhen playing with a premade group, the status of each player will display above the “Play Again” button


  • Players are no longer blocked from creating custom games if they have dodged from champ select.

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

The following skins will be released this patch. Grab the League Displays app for full-res splash!

Your Shop Returns!

Personalized discounts are back from August 16, 2018, at 11:AM PT – August 30, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. PT.

Points of Interest from the 8.16 PBE Cycle

Here's a brief look at many of the new things included in patch 8.16. This coverage includes preview screen shots and video taken during the 8.16 PBE cycle and may vary slightly from what is pushed to live.

New Skins

Mecha Aurelion SolMafia Braum, and Cosmic AsheLulu, and Xin Zhao will each be available sometime during the 8.16 PBE cycle:

Mecha Aurelion Sol

1350 RP

Mafia Braum

1350 RP

Cosmic Queen Ashe

1350 RP

Cosmic Enchantress Lulu

1350 RP

Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao

1350 RP

New Chroma Sets

Along with the new skins comes sets of chroma for each:
  • Cosmic Enchantress Lulu - 5
  • Cosmic Queen Ashe - 5
  • Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao - 5
  • Mafia Braum - 8
  • Mecha Aurelion Sol - 7

Cosmic Enchantress Lulu
[5 total]

Cosmic Queen Ashe
[5 total]

Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao
[5 total]

Mafia Braum
 [8 Total]

Mecha Aurelion Sol
 [7 total]

New Summoner Icons

Six new summoner icons will also be available with each corresponding skin - Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao Icon, Cosmic Queen Ashe Icon, Cosmic Enchantress Lulu Icon, Aurelion Smol Icon, Mafia Braum Icon, Mecha Aurelion Sol Icon

New Emotes

Three new emotes featuring Jinx will be available sometime during the patch - "Aww Yiss", "Wahaha" and "So Lame".

Experimental Mode - Nexus Blitz

Here's SpaceNorth with a rundown of the Nexus Blitz alpha, coming to live for testing in 8.16:
"Starting sometime in patch 8.16, we'll be live playtesting a new experimental mode: Nexus Blitz. The test will run for four weeks and everyone can participate—no invitation needed. If the community loves Nexus Blitz, we'll keep developing it after the alpha ends, but we need your input to make that call! 
Welcome to the (double) jungle

Nexus Blitz is a fast-paced (~15 minutes) experimental mode designed for those of you seeking fresh ways to play League and low-pressure fun. It emphasizes exciting and surprising moments over intense competition, while still rewarding the skills you've learned from other League modes, like Summoner’s Rift. 
In this 5v5 mode, each team consists of a duo jungle who share gold/XP along with three laners who flex across two halves of a split lane. The compact map makes for constant action, and a roulette of map-wide, mayhem-inducing events—like King of the Hill, snowball fights, or Bardle Royale— amplify the frenzy even more. 
Winning an event unlocks one of several powerful team-wide rewards, like a base cannon that shoots you halfway across the map or a one-time Guardian Angel. 
Additionally, racking up killstreaks lights you on fire, giving you tons of damage and shorter cooldowns but making you more vulnerable to damage in return. Champs on fire are worth a TON of gold to their enemies if ever they're shut down. 
Nexus Blitz also brings back some classic items from League's past. Jump to the primer below for a list of those, or keep reading for some more info on what to expect from the alpha (and experimental modes in the future). 
What exactly does alpha mean? 
It means Nexus Blitz isn't a polished, complete game mode. As a work-in-progress, you can expect reused models, textures, and music from elsewhere in League. At this stage, even the gameplay is up for iteration and development! 
Don’t take that to mean we won't be paying close attention to the state of the game. In fact, it's the opposite. Lots of champions and runes have had their numbers tuned to fit Nexus Blitz's pace of action—in particular, stacking mechanics on abilities like Nasus's Siphoning Strike and activation timers on runes like Magical Footwear have been sped up. 
We'll be aggressively patching Nexus Blitz across the four-week test to keep up with you and the global community of players who will define the first ever meta. These mid-patch updates could run the gamut from balance adjustments all the way up to new events and rewards, so make sure to check our weekly dev corner threads on the Boards every now and then. 
Which also means your feedback is crucial. We need you to play and tell us what you think about pretty much everything, from the core game loop to ideas for additional mechanics to map visuals and theming. If you see potential in Nexus Blitz, this is your opportunity to help shape its development! 
Beyond Nexus Blitz: Experimental Modes
Nexus Blitz is the first of its kind, but it won’t be the last. An experimental mode is basically a gameplay prototype designed to deliver a different kind of experience than Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline, or ARAM. We're looking for something that could last a while—maybe even as a permanent addition to League. By sharing experimental modes with players early on, they’re also a great way to test the water and get an initial community response before delving into additional months of development for a final version. 
Experimental modes won’t happen super frequently. At most, you’ll see a couple in a given year. We’re designing them from the ground up instead of customizing and modifying existing modes, and the vast, vast majority of the League team is still focused on SR, with a much smaller group working on experimental prototypes. 
We’re very excited to share the first of these modes with you, and hope you have a blast playtesting Nexus Blitz. 
Nexus Blitz Primer 


  • Syndra's in client bio was tweaked:
Old: "Syndra is a fearsome dark mage with incredible power at her command. As a child of Ionia, she disturbed the village elders with her prodigious but reckless use of magic. They sent her away to be trained under strict supervision, but she quickly surpassed her mentor and discovered he was restraining her powers. Betrayed and disgusted by such cowardice, Syndra eliminated her teacher and struck out to destroy all who would try to limit her potential, dark spheres in hand." 
New: "Syndra is a fearsome Ionian mage with incredible power at her command. As a child, she disturbed the village elders with her reckless and wild magic. She was sent away to be taught greater control, but eventually discovered her supposed mentor was restraining her abilities. Forming her feelings of betrayal and hurt into dark spheres of energy, Syndra has sworn to destroy all who would try to control her."
  • Karma's in client bio was also tweaked to match her recent bio update:
Old: "No champion exemplifies the spiritual traditions of Ionia more than Karma. She is the living embodiment of an ancient soul reincarnated countless times, carrying all her accumulated memories into each new life. With this insight, she serves as a spiritual beacon to her people, bestowing boundless wisdom and healing in times of crisis. Despite being blessed with power that few could comprehend, she rarely uses her magic for destruction, as it always comes at a considerable cost-- both to her, and to the land she holds most dear." 
New: "No mortal exemplifies the spiritual traditions of Ionia more than Karma. She is the living embodiment of an ancient soul reincarnated countless times, carrying all her accumulated memories into each new life, and blessed with power that few can comprehend. She has done her best to guide her people in recent times of crisis, though she knows that peace and harmony may come only at a considerable cost-- to her, and to the land she holds most dear."
  • As noted by Riot Stellari, the SSG Xayah and Rakan loading screens (both normal and signed) have been updated to fit better when they are together on the loading screen:
"Update on the SSG Xayah & Rakan load screen. Splash artists did a tweak to align them better when they load-in together. There's a version floating around we couldn't do because they're off center when loading alone, and other places in game. This will be live in patch 8.16"
SSG Xayah [New / New Signed Version]
SSG Rakan [New / New Signed Version]

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