Champion Update: Nunu & Willump, the Boy and his Yeti

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"I'll bring the snowballs, you bring the fight!" - Following the recent gameplay trailer, Nunu's champion reveal page is now available!
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From the official update announcement:
"They’ll be the greatest heroes ever… one day! After Nunu discovered the fearsome monster of legend was just waiting for a good snowball fight, he and Willump became the best of friends. Now they roam from one adventure to the next, their imagination running wild and wintry magic making it real—unaware that they play with the power to save the Freljord.


Damaging enemy champions, large monsters, or structures increases the attack and movement speed of Willump and a nearby ally for a few seconds (prioritizing the ally with the highest attack speed). 
While Willump hears the Call of the Freljord, his basic attacks cleave the immediate area for a portion of the damage.

Willump takes a bite out of an enemy, dealing true damage to monsters and minions or magic damage to champions, and heals himself. 
The heal is increased significantly when Nunu & Willump are low on health.

Willump starts rolling a snowball that grows in size and speed. Crashing the snowball into a wall, enemy champion, or large monster damages and knocks up nearby enemies. Reactivating the ability sends the snowball forward in straight line, damaging and knocking up minions in addition to champions and monsters. 
The damage and duration of the knockup increases with the size of the snowball.

Nunu rapidly flings up to three volleys of snowballs for a few seconds, damaging champions and monsters and marking them Snowbound. Enemies hit by all three snowballs in a volley are briefly slowed. 
When Snowball Barrage ends, all Snowbound enemies near Nunu & Willump are briefly rooted.

Nunu & Willump sap heat from the area around them, gaining a shield and increasingly slowing enemies as they channel. Enemies still in the freezing zone when it reaches absolute zero take massive damage, increased based on the length of the channel. 
Absolute Zero can be cancelled early, and channeling from brush or fog of war won’t reveal Nunu & Willump.

Nunu & Willump traverse the wilderness in a flurry of snowy magic and yeti fur, locking down objectives and keeping watch for fellow adventurers. Make quick meals of jungle monsters with Consume after crashing into the camp with the Biggest Snowball Ever! Keep on rolling as you roam between lanes, pelting the bad guys with a Snowball Barrage to slow them down so Willump can have his turn. Once they’re nothing but slush, follow the Call of the Freljord to take yeti-sized chunks out of the nearest tower. 
If you’re ready for the best snowball fight of all time, combine a frosty Snowball Barrage with your ult for an avalanche of disruption. Absolute Zero creates an icy no man’s land no foe can cross, protecting friendly folk by zoning the not-so-friendlies. When the snow finally settles, take a final chomp with Consume to slay a legendary beast and become true heroes to all the land.

  • Stick around after ganking to take an early objective with Call of the Freljord. Willump and another ally will both get the attack speed boost, so be sure to wail on the tower a bit before rolling off to your next adventure.
  • Ganking with the Biggest Snowball Ever! is a cool move, but once you get the hang of handling, it’s also the fastest way through the jungle. With practice, you can round corners without slowing down and crash into camps to clear multiple monsters at once.
  • Try channeling Absolute Zero right after using Snowball Barrage. Fling a volley of ice to mark enemies Snowbound, then use the slow from your ult to keep them snowed in while your E winds down, ensuring they’re rooted in place for the big freeze.

Nunu & Willump Base Splash

Demolisher Nunu

Grungy Nunu

Nunu Bot

Sasquatch Nunu

TPA Nunu

Workshop Nunu

Zombie Nunu

For more on Nunu, check out his gameplay trailer!

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